Perfect Illusion

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Amber Lynn led a charmed life. Parents superstars in the sports world. On the cover of magazines everywhere. American royalty long before Beyoncé and Jay-Z. People envied her. They wanted to date her. Then came college. Hundreds of miles away from home, and away from all her true friends. Including the love of her life. Enter a spunky roommate, an evil Dean, delirious professors, and then a Cinderella story unlike no other. On Halloween night, nonetheless. When she finally feels like she belongs, life bitch-slaps her across the face. Leaving her worse off than when she arrived. Will her new beginning turn into a fairytale, or will her fairy godmother abandon her when the going gets tough?

Romance / Drama
Kali Lynn
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I. She's All That

Nobody new ever showed up in Valor Florida, despite it residing close to sunny Miami, and the home of the most tropical weather paired with the whitest, most pristine beaches.

So, when Amber Lynn waltzed in through the double doors of Downton Hall on the Timberwolf U campus early one Monday morning in the middle of September, all eyes fell on her. From her black, ribbed crop top down to her ripped at the butt blue jeans and combat boots. Eyes trailed up and down her body. Some wide, some slit. Some cut down until there was nothing left. Boys and girls. Didn't matter.

All eyes were on Amber.

And she loved it. Cherished it.

She knew she deserved it.

A smirk on her face, bag slung over her shoulder, she strutted down her personal runway. All her adoring fans, critics and haters alike watched her.

A group of four girls congregated by the string of club posters along the west side of the hall. There stood two brunettes who mirrored one another, both holding a thick stack of textbooks. One adorned a round pair of black rimmed glasses atop the bridge of their nose. Next to the glasses girl stood a golden blonde haired girl, eyes the color of the seas surrounding the small town. Her smile bright, disposition sunny like the state itself. Even down to her flowy sundress. The last girl slammed her purse shut, the green bug bit the girl. She stared at Amber Lynn with envy, gnawing on her bottom lip as she tsked. Her hazel eyes shot daggers towards the new girl, slamming her fist against her Kors bag in a fury.

"Who does that girl think she is walking into this school like that?" Valerie Gillespie, the hazel eyed beauty, asked with acid dripping from her words, spitting them towards the new girl. "She doesn't own the campus."

The girl with the glasses eyed Valerie with confusion, clutching her stack of books close to her thick chest. "Why are you so against her? You don't even know her. Besides, she seems-" Valerie cut her sharp eyes towards the petite girl, causing her to squirm where she stood. "Like a bitch. Total bitch."

The cutesy blonde shook her head with a small smile towards her two friends, readjusting her flower crown atop her straightened hair. "Come on, Alexandra. You don't need to be so afraid of Valerie. It's okay to say she seems like a sweet girl." She pulled the girl into a side hug, nudging her to glance over towards a group of guys on the other side of the hall. "It's because Dylan and the guys are stalking her every move."

Valerie kept her cool, flicking off her longtime best friend with a strained smile. Though her eyes held her immense disgust. "Like I would care whether Dylan Silver gives a rat's ass about that newbie." She began walking down the hall towards her first class of the day, History of Pop Culture. "Besides, I wouldn't be caught dead in an outfit like that. So thanks for the insight, Destiny."

"Um, you wore something similar a few days ago." Destiny laughed at her friend's stank face, linking arms with Valerie first, then Alexandra's cousin, Haley. On the other side of Destiny, Alex walked next to them, Hales forcing their arms to link.

The girls laughed and giggled down the hall. Even past Amber. Though Valerie took the opportunity to send an evil eye towards the new girl.

Amber rolled her eyes, ruffling through her back for her class schedule. She wrote it down to keep from forgetting it. Or sleeping in. Both of which were bound to happen from time to time.

On the other side of the staircase where Amber stood, rummaging through her purse, stood a group of four guys.

Dylan Silver, tapped his foot against the marble flooring, checking his watch, a gift from his father, for the umpteenth time. He shuffled around where he stood, his friends taking too long. If it were up to him, he would bounce that very second. Class started soon. While him and school had a very rocky relationship, up and down like Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay without the toxicity, he found himself on the on-again portion of the relationship. Even if it involved the constant glares 'n stares from Valerie. Not that he cared.

Some patted his back, pointing towards a girl by the stairs. Dylan glanced up to see his basketball and women playing friend, Jesse Gregory. The tall, broad man stood at least two inches taller than Dylan, his chestnut brown hair ruffled around like he got a quickie before class. "Check out the rack on the new girl."

Dylan rolled his eyes, taking off towards his first class, and only class, of the day. However, he only made it a few inches before Jesse yanked him back by his left shoulder, holding him in place while the two gawked at the new girl.

"Who is that?" Ryan McPhee, the shorter golf player with a sixth sense for fashion, piped up from the other side of Jesse.

Tyler Reign, their local overachiever as Jesse dubbed him, poked his head out from behind Dylan's back, laying his hand on the brunet's shoulder. "Woah, the new girl is hot. Definitely your type, Silver."

Dylan groaned, rubbing the right side of his temple with his index finger. Though his eyes never left her. The new girl. With flowing auburn hair and heart shaped, kissable lips. Eyes sharp, crystallized like two diamonds in the sky. He felt his chest tighten at the sight, his breathing caught in his throat.

"You know, you should go talk to her, Dylan." Tyler's voice caught itself running low as his eyes trailed around him. No sign of his friend, Dylan Silver.

Until his eyes caught sight of a scene playing out over by the stairs. There stood their resident slacker genius leaning against the stone staircase railing, chatting it up with the new girl.

See, colleges may be a time to expand one's horizon, mingling with people they might not otherwise. But Timberwolf U was a small college, almost a local secret. And it was for quite sometime. Until some sprouted in the water in Valor, causing many of the kids to grow up to be stellar athletes. They congregated to Timberwolf for college, putting both their basketball and football programs on high alert to the rest of the NCAA schools. Despite not having many resources to scout all star players around the world, few students would join to be apart of their now celebrated athletic program, but also for one of the highest rated education programs in the country.

Even with all that, new students rarely showed up part of the way through the first semester. In time for the annual Kappa Beta Alpha fraternity party in the upcoming days.

"So, you're new here?" Amber's eyes shot up from her handwritten class schedule for the upcoming days to spot a handsome stranger leaning against the end of the staircase, hand close to the metal railing. His amber eyes struck her, along with his cashew colored hair. His voice was what she dubbed a 'bedroom voice', raspy and quiet, though still able to command attention no matter the situation. His grin small, though so enticing all the same. Amber found herself drawn to him, not that she would show it, of course. She chased after no man.

They chased after her.

"What makes you think that?" She shook her schedule around right above her leather shoulder bag, stuffing it back in her bag before he managed to snatch it from her.

Inches away.

The mysterious man shrugged, lessening the gap between the two. He placed a hand against her hip, his grip loose against it. Though his finger brushed up against the small of her back. She flinched.

"Are you-"

A loud voice from atop the stairs broke him off midsentence, commanding both of their attentions. "Miss Lynn, glad you could make it." The middle aged lady in a pants suit motioned for her to follow, so Amber began the tentative journey up the tall flight of stairs.

"Wait, what's your name?" The man shouted up after her.

She turned around, offering him a teasing smile, showing off her perfectly straight, and whitened, teeth. "Amber."

"Dylan," he shouted after her, though it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. She didn't turn around. He watched her sway her hips the entire way up the stairs. "My name is Dylan."

Before Dylan turned around to rejoin his friends, he noticed some peeking out from the top of her jeans where her black, flannel vest didn't cover. A large bruise.

Jesse, Tyler, and Ryan all ran up to join their friend, with the first two patting him on the back paired with their own sets of congratulations.

"Do you know who that is?" Ryan asked in a high pitched excitement. His brown eyes grew wider than saucers, jaw dropped to the floor.

Dylan eyed him with confusion. "Amber Lynn? The new girl?"

Ryan shook his head. "She's more than a new girl. Her mother is Heather Lynn, the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. And her father is-"

"Jason Lynn, former linebacker for Dallas and Pittsburgh." Dylan gasped, followed by the rest of his friends.

Ryan seemed to be in a swoon daze. "Heather Lynn."

The other three boys gasped once again. "Jason Lynn." Their own chorused voices matched Ryan's dreamy tone, though much louder than the shorter man.

I didn't think she could get any hotter, Dylan thought to himself, walking up the stairs towards his business class. He didn't know how he would concentrate since thoughts and daydreams of Amber kept clogging up his brain.

His mind needed a nice, cold shower.

Preferably with a certain someone.

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