50 Days In Another World

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Rachelle is a well-known science major student studying chemistry, working a part-time delivery-woman in a pizza company nearby her place. One day, she went to deliver a pizza on a certain place wherein no one is around and is alike very suspicious. She entered the house without warning, but she has to face the consequences without knowing it. That's when she came to another world. In another world where no one matches her intelligence, people praises her for being a wise one. She's given 50 days to stay in that world in order for her to come back to her normal world. He met a guy in that world. He wasn't just a normal 'guy' but he is a prince. A prince who would make Rachelle want to stay in that world. But no matter how, Rachelle will come back to where she went. How will Rachelle choose and decide by her own journey? Will she choose to stay? Even though she really has to go back? Or will she go back and abandon everything especially her memories with the prince?

Romance / Fantasy
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First Encounter

It was a brilliant twilight. Sun setting gloaming down the field as it calls off the night while the paddock where I stood was as breeze as the crisp sky.

I wonder where am I.

I was standing at the hinge of the alluring view in equidistant of the meadow. I saw myself right in front of me grizzling in tears. I wasn’t standing in front of the mirror so why?

Why is there a version of me standing quite distanced from afar?

Yes, it was me. That figure of a girl wearing a queer conventional embellish dress was me, immensely whimpering while embracing a man who was also crying holding my embrace deeply.

I never experienced loving someone deeply and enormously, even my own self, I don’t love and like it. But this guy in front of me.

No, he isn’t in front of me. He is talking to a girl.

I would like to go with them but I can’t even move my legs, even my whole body I can’t move them. But this guy is talking the ‘me’ from afar.

I can’t believe this feeling and sight, but he is talking with a girl. And that girl was me.

While seeing them crying and talking...

Wait. Crying? Talking?

Why are they crying? Did something happen?

I can’t hear them nor see their faces. I can only sense their blaring and tumultuous whimpers.

I began crying. I don’t know why. I just cried.

Since I don’t understand what I’m feeling right now, I clutched and held my throbbing chest tightly.

It somehow felt like reality thrashing my own nemesis.


The light seemed to be setting now. All I can focus on is this guy, not myself and the ‘me’. My attention will be on him now. If I would describe this guy, he has a golden hair.

His abominable face was all obscure but I could distinctly see his milky-white skin and his soft flaxen amber hair skimming right back at me. I felt discomfort when I saw him crying because of me.

But, who is he? Do I know him? Why is he hugging the ‘me’ in front of me?

And why are they crying?

“Don’t go please!” the guy shouted.

I suddenly woke up.

Did that dream really make me wake up? Ha-ha. My head is aching. Thinking awhile back then, my back kinda hurts. What is happening?

I am still dizzy and I want to sleep even for just a bit. My eyes are a little wet and is very heavy that I can’t open them anymore.

I really want to go to sleep! Again!

I opened my eyes and impressed with the moment at the ceiling. I didn’t realized it was morning if it wasn’t just because of that dream and this sunlight that spent my face. Fortunately my ringtone woke me up just a sound. The same seemed to be my alarm clock.

“Who’s calling in this early morning?!” I was crushed into the eye as I stuck to my phone.

I immediately packed it when I saw it on the floor. Could it fall as I slept?

I looked at the screen, “Why is sir calling?”

Sir was the manager in my workplace and where I worked part-time. He is the shouter, the commander and the sermon-in-charge from all of us trainees, Including me.

I knew he is going to talk and shout at me when I would answer the call. I wonder if I would answer his call or not.

“Yes, boss?” and I did. I don’t have any other choice but to answer the call. He might even remove me from work when I don’t follow what he wants.

“Damn, Rachelle!”

With the strength of his voice, I was able to get the phone away from my ear. He looked full force and looked like he was shouting at me with all his soul. His voice seemed to be a broken microphone and the stronger one. My spirit just literally woke up even though I was still closing my eyes a little bit from dizziness.

“Where are you?! Damn you! When will you be fined up!? You’re being marked late again! What are you doing there!?”

I yawned and felt again, “Sorry boss. I didn’t know I had slept in a quiet night. It’s so good to sleep boss. Do you know, boss? I have a weird dream---”

“I don’t give a damn! What?! Haven’t you come in?! Were you sleeping?! Do you want me to remove you from work?!”

The desperation. I’m being patient here, you know, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m going now,” I said at the same time. I was really sleeping.

“What?! Don’t you accelerate?! A lot of customers are here now! Speed up! One... Two...” he kept on babbling, I literally have butterflies in my stomach. Your voice, boss, hurts.

“Yes, yes. I stood up,” I said even though I am still sitting.

“Speed up! You have more to deliver!” and he threw down the phone.

Yep, I’m Rachelle Segovia. I am a deliveryman. And because I’m a woman, I’m a delivery-woman. My job is to deliver pizza. Our company is the nearest pizza station from my apartment, and that’s also the reason why I worked there. Yes, because it’s the nearest.

Even though I am working at a pizza station, I had never tasted our pizza.

Prince Claiden sat calmly on his throne while humbly looking at the palace carpet. He couldn’t identify his feelings now whether he is happy or nervous because he had done something forbidden in his own way.

“I wanted to wander outside,” the prince thought.

He stopped thinking when his trusted soldier, Voilden, approached him, “Dear prince, prince Nicholas wants to talk to you,” he said as he bowed his head in front of Claiden. The prince’s expression seemed to be different, apparently not happy with his soldier’s announcement caused him to be fevered.

“Is it time?” he asked himself.

He isn’t really happy with the announcement.

Claiden stood up and hummed himself, “Prepare yourselves, dear soldiers! Don’t follow me even for now!” authorities shouted at all the soldiers standing. The soldiers immediately bowed down and obeyed His Majesty’s command.

Claiden is walking out of the palace, “I don’t like Nicholas’ thoughts.”

As the prince walked out, he met a man riding a white horse, “Here’s the precious prince of Weiden,” the man said and smiled at Claiden.

“What do you need from me, prince of Neilas?” Claiden asked Nicholas with an angst glare at him.

“I’m here to challenge you. Do you agree, Prince of Weiden?” Nicholas boldly requested.

Claiden pulled out his weapon and focused it on Prince Nicholas, “Yes, I agree. And if I win, you will promise to not talk to me again. Also promise me you will not show up here in my kingdom. Ever. Again,” he said.

“I agree. And if I will be the winner, you will promise me, you would give me up your throne.”

Although Claiden was upset, he didn’t regard it instead of agreeing with the prince’s condition.

“But we’re not going to fight here. We will be going to the Mystical Shrine,” Claiden got on his own horse and immediately went to the spot without prince Nicholas.

The Mystical Shrine isn’t that so far away that the two princes quickly went, “Get ready,” Claiden said as he showed his sword.

Together they have assigned their own weapons. Claiden would not allow him to give up the throne that he thought he should win the battle even if it was a selfish decision.

Nicholas in behalf, because he has a deep reason why he needs the throne, he wants to win so he challenges himself against the Weiden prince so he can do what he wants and requests after sitting and conquering the throne.

“Haaaa!!!” They boldly rushed to each other.

Nicholas attacked towards Claiden’s face. Claiden quickly supported himself and blocked Nicholas’ attack with his own weapon that he was not hit.

“My throne and the Weiden kingdom is mine!” Claiden shouted as he kicked and attacked Nicholas in the stomach.

Nicholas was snacked at his kick.

“You probably think so badly? Just give up the throne to spoil and we’re fair. Do you know what happened to Weiden? Do you really know how to bring your own kingdom?” Nicholas said. He attacked his weapon towards Claiden’s feet but Claiden was unsurvived that he was so immediately smashed into the foot.

It was only a matter of time that Claiden didn’t seem to have anything from his wound.

“Be quiet, prince of selfishness!” He also threw his weapon when Nicholas was also hit with his arm.

Nicholas seemed to have none of his wounds and immediately gave Claiden an attack.

They stopped fighting when the door of Mystical Shrine suddenly opened. They looked back together in one direction the reason they could stop fighting.

Their foreheads criticized because they were surprised why the door would open even if no one could get inside in the Mystical Shrine.

“Pizza delivery!” Rachelle shouted not knowing where she is.

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