The Alpha’s Twins

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Chapter 14

Layla hadn’t seen Hunter in three days. She had stayed away from the pack house and had decided to just stay home and give him some space to get his mind right. Layla woke in the morning and stretched before getting up with a sense of determination. She would go up to the pack house today.

When Layla entered she heard yelling. Her curiosity got the better of her and she wandered to the back of the house where the pack offices were. She saw Ryann standing outside the Alpha’s office listening to the fight going on inside.

“What is going on?” Layla asked as she walked up.

“Oh gosh, Layla! Thank goodness!” Ryann threw her arms around her friend, glad she was there as backup. “They’ve been going at it all morning.”

“Jace and Hunter?” Layla asked in disbelief.

Ryann nodded, “I’ve been afraid to go in there.”

Layla frowned and straightened herself, “I’ve got this one.”

Layla walked into the room to see the twins yelling loudly at each other. The tension in the room was thick and she knew it wouldn’t be long before it got out of hand.

“Do you mind?” Layla shouted over their yelling, “There are people on the pack grounds trying to get on with their day.”

Hunter and Jace turned to her with angry faces before softening. “Layla? What are you doing here?” Jace asked in surprise.

“Well I came to see Hunter, but I guess I’m here to break up your little spat,” Layla replied sarcastically.

“Leave us Layla, we have pack business to speak about,” Hunter growled as he turned back to Jace.

Layla had had enough. “Hunter Beckett you stop it right now before I smack you.”

Jace chuckled at her bravado. She turned to Jace, “You too! You two are the Alpha and Beta! Is this really how you plan to lead our pack!? Get your heads out of your rears and get it together. The pack deserves more.”

Layla turned back to Hunter, “And I deserve more!”

Layla stormed out of the room and out of the pack house. When she had imagined what life would be like finding her mate, she imagined happiness and days spent together. She didn’t imagine him moody and distant.

After Layla had calmed down she decided she would go to the pack house for dinner. When she walked in she could feel the heaviness in the house.

“Layla...” Jace said quietly as she entered the kitchen.

“Jace.” Layla replied coldly.

“I’m sorry, you were right. I need to focus on the pack. Thanks for yelling some sense into us,” Jace said with a guilty smile.

Layla crossed her arms, “Us?”

“Us...” Hunter said from behind her.

Layla turned around with a glare. She had a hard time keeping that face when all she wanted to do when she saw Hunter was kiss him.

“I’m sorry Lay.” Hunter looked to the floor.

Layla softened and wound her arms around his waist, “Thank you. Now take me upstairs and show me your new place.”

Hunter smirked, “Yes ma’am.”

When they walked through the door Hunter crushed his lips to Layla’s. He kissed her feverishly, making up for the last week of abscense.

“I missed you..” Hunter whispered.

“I missed you too,” Layla breathed heavily.

Hunter laid her down on the living room couch and kissed her lips, trailing down her neck and making Layla moan softly. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. Hunter growled before getting up and answering it.

“The Alpha needs you downstairs.”

Hunter huffed, “Tell the Alpha I’ll get there when I damn well please.” He slammed the door and walked back over to Layla who had already adjusted herself and was standing.

“Where were we?” Hunter smiled.

Layla pushed him away, “We were headed downstairs because the Alpha needs us. It’s not like we were going any farther after what you just said. After all of this you’re still fighting it.” Layla walked past Hunter and out the door, irritated at her mate.

Hunter scowled as he followed her down.

“You sent for me Alpha,” Hunter said through gritted teeth as they entered the dining hall.

“Hey! The warriors have requested that we join training tomorrow, is that okay?”

Hunter scowled, “You couldn’t have texted me that?”

Jace stood with a frown, “And we have a new family arriving any minute and I thought you would like to be here as Beta, unless I’m mistaken.”

Layla threw an elbow into Hunter’s side. He flinched before nodding, “Yes Alpha.”

After welcoming the new family everyone retired to their rooms. Hunter once again disappeared quickly without so much as a goodnight. Layla was just about done with his grumpy act and so she made her way up to the Beta’s quarters to say goodnight.


Layla walked around in the apartment only to find it empty. “Odd...” she mumbled before heading home.

As soon as he could leave, Hunter made his way outside and to the edge of the woods. He could feel his wolf pacing and he was having a hard time keeping control because he was constantly angry. Without even caring about his clothes, Hunter shifted and broke off into a sprint.

I’m done with this! I refuse to be Jace’s little lap dog!

Hunter could feel his wolf growl and he knew he felt the same. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. His brother wasn’t supposed to get everything. Hunter had been his referee for years, taking care of the problems Jace caused because he was such a tool. Nothing had changed, as Alpha he was still a tool. But now he was a tool with power.

I won’t be his lap dog...

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