The Alpha’s Twins

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Chapter 2

“New girl!” Jace hollered from a distance as he watched her talk and smile with a group of girls. She didn’t answer him so he moved closer with Missy in tow. “New girl,” he said again, this time catching her attention.

Layla turned to Jace with an irritated look, “I have a name.”

“Yeah, but I forgot it,” Jace smiled with a wink.

Layla gave him a tight smile before turning back to the girls she had been talking with. It irritated Jace that she had been so dismissive and pulled her arm to make her face him, “You’re acting pretty stuck up for a new little omega.”

Layla straightened, “I am a gamma. And I don’t entertain alpha pricks who think their charming smiles and titles will earn them my attention.” She glared at him and he stepped forward to say something when Hunter returned with their drinks.

“Is everything okay here?” Hunter asked.

Jace smirked, “Everything is fine. I was just getting to know the new girl.”

“Layla,” Layla corrected him.

“My bad,” Jace raised his hands in defense, “Layla.” He walked away with Missy before turning to face them, “See you around LAYLA.”

Layla took a deep breath, she knew she could get in real trouble speaking to an alpha like that. But she wasn’t about to be stepped on.

“I’m sorry about that,” Hunter said, snapping Layla’s mind back to Earth. “He can be a bit of a tool sometimes, but he’s really a great guy.”

Layla shrugged, “Sure.”

For the rest of the evening Jace had a hard time concentrating on anything but Layla. He had kept an eye on her as she was repeatedly hit on by guys at the bonfire. And she repeatedly turned them down, clearly uninterested. He watched her hips sway as she walked and the way her face brightened when she laughed. She was gorgeous. But she wasn’t his type. So he left early with Missy and they fooled around in the back of his Jeep before heading home.

“You were a douche tonight,” Hunter said from the doorway of Jace’s room. His brother had been a real jerk and he was about to tell him about it.

“It’s late Hunt, go away.” Jace grumbled from his bed.

Hunter jumped onto the bed and sat against the headboard, “She’s really nice. You’re going to have to apologize before mom finds out you how you acted.”

Jace rolled over onto his back, “You going to tell her?”

“Hell no, but you know she’ll find out somehow. She always does,” Hunter replied.

Jace nodded his head, “I swear she has cameras set up everywhere.”

Hunter laughed, “I’m going to have Layla sit with us tomorrow, you better be nice.” He punched his brother in the arm before hopping off the bed and walking to the door.

“Or what?” Jace smirked.

“Or I’ll beat you down at training!” Hunter glared sarcastically.

“Yeah right!” Jace laughed.

Layla arrived early to breakfast the next morning. It wasn't hard considering she and her parents were living in the pack house. She decided to wander a bit around the pack house and get to her know her new home. They would be living here for the next few months until their house was finished. Layla walked through the kitchen and dining hall and into the rec room. She was in awe of all the things this pack had. She walked in and looked at the shelves of movies and books and board games before grabbing a book and sitting down on the couch for a few minutes.

"You're up early, new girl," Jace spoke from the doorway.

Layla raised her head to meet his eyes, "The change in time zones has me a bit messed up. And it's Layla." She looked back down to her book, hoping if she ignored him he would go away.

Jace smirked, "Okay Layla. Why do you act like you're so much better than us?"

Layla's head shot up to face Jace, "I'm not. I just don't like you."

Jace scowled, "Well you should get over that. I've let your attitude slide but if you talk like that around my parents you'll be in for a world of punishment. Disrespecting an alpha is frowned upon."

Layla glared at him, "Well then start acting like an alpha that deserves my respect."

Jace shook his head, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Layla looked back down to her book, "I'm pretty sure you know the answer."

Jace let out a huff before walking back into the kitchen.

"Hey brother," Hunter smiled brightly as he walked into the kitchen.

"Hey," Jace mumbled.

"What's up?" Hunter asked curiously, noticing the darkness in his face.

"The new girl is just annoying," Jace replied before grabbing a plate and sitting at a table.

"Bro, I told you if you were a jerk I'd beat the crap out of you," Hunter shook his head.

"It wasn't me!" Jace said loudly, "She just..."

"Just doesn't fall for your ladies' man charms?" Hunter cut in.

Jace rolled his eyes, "She's not my type."

Hunter laughed, "Have you seen that girl? She's everyone's type."

Jace was about to respond when pack members began trickling in. He shook his head and stuffed half a pancake in his mouth.

Later that day Jace was sitting on a bench necking with Missy, his current fling, when he heard a cough behind them. He stopped to see Hunter and Layla standing behind them.

"Can I help you?" Jace asked sarcastically.

"Mom sent me to find you, something about us joining in on a meeting about pack boundaries," Hunter said before making his way back up the hill.

Jace let out a sigh before making his way up the hill.

"You planning on bringing the new girl to confidential pack business?" Jace asked as they entered the house.

"No, I live here," Layla snapped back, "I was just walking back with you."

Layla watched them walk into the pack offices before making her way to the backyard. She sat in the shade by the pool and thought about the two alpha's that she had met. They were polar opposites. Hunter was kind and fun and happy. Jace was an entitled jerk with a power complex and an obsession with easy women.

Much to Layla's relief the next week involved a lot of new pack member business so Layla didn't have to see either of them.

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