The Alpha’s Twins

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Chapter 21

Jace stepped out onto the balcony attached to the Alpha’s quarters and stretched. It had been a month since Layla disappeared and a few weeks since Hunter had been seen. Ryann wouldn’t tell him where Layla went, just that she was safe. He was frustrated his best friend couldn’t have confided in him. That she had let herself be alone with her fears and thought the only solution was to run.

Ryann stepped outside with a cup of coffe and handed it to Jace with a kiss, “Good morning love.”

“Good morning,” Jace smiled as he wrapped his arms around his mate. “How are my two favorite people doing?”

Ryann rubbed her little belly, “We’re good, no nausea today so I’m definitely thankful for that.”

Jace smiled, “Want to help me shower?”

Ryann shook her head with a smirk, “No, I have things to do this morning and you have that meeting with the head warriors.”

Jace glared sarcastically, “FINEEEE.”

After his meeting with the head warriors he decided to join them down at training. It had been a while since he got down and dirty in the training field.

“Alpha! Nice of you to join us!” The lead trainer hollered as he saw Jace approach.

“Hey Mitch. Mind if I join today?”

Mitch nodded with a smile before calling over their best warriors. “Who wants to take a few shots at our Alpha this morning.”

All of the men smirked and yelled for a turn. Jace smiled, “One at a time ladies, you’ll all get a turn.”

After a few hours of training Jace headed back to the pack house to shower and return to his work.

“Hey love,” he said as he entered the house and saw Ryann walk down the stairs.

“You’re super gross,” Ryann laughed as she struggled out of Jace’s arms.

Jace laughed, “I have a bunch of work to do now that I spent so much time at the training grounds.”

“Well, go get it done and I’ll see you at dinner,” Ryann smiled as she walked through to the kitchen.

“Okay, love you,” Jace winked.

“Love you too,” Ryann said as she left him to go sit outside for a bit.

A few hours later Jace was startled by a blood curdling scream. He sprinted out of his office toward the crowd of people in the back of the house.

“What is going on?!” He yelled. As he pushed through the crowd of pack members he could smell the blood in the air. Someone had been hurt. The crowd parted to let Jace through.

Jace’s knees buckled and he collapsed to the floor as he caught the sight of his mate. He couldn’t breathe. This wasn’t happening.

“Ryann...” he managed to whisper.

He knelt on the ground and held his love in his arms as tears streamed down his face. Her neck had been broken and she had been scratched up badly, he could tell that she had been attacked by another wolf and when he held her close he caught the scent of her attacker. Hunter.

He yelled at the air as he held the lifeless body of his pregnant mate in his arms. Jace’s mother broke through the crowd and cried loudly at the sight of her daughter in law. The pack members all dispersed, crying in mourning for their Luna and the pain of their Alpha. Jace sobbed into Ryann’s neck as his mind tried to deny the fact she was gone. When the pack doctor arrived he wouldn’t let go. He gripped her tight. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t breathe. His mate was gone, pup was gone. Finally he was able to calm himself and let go and Tasha held her son as the pack doctor took Ryann’s body away.

Jace was taken up to his room, his face stained with tears and his body in shock. Tasha sat by him as he sat on his bed unable to move.

“It was Hunter,” Jace whispered.

“No. No, you don’t know that. It couldn’t have been Hunter,” Tasha shook her head in disbelief.

“It was him, I smelled him on her,” Jace growled.

Tasha cried, “Hunter couldn’t...”

Jace stood and yelled, “He did! He killed my mate and unborn child! He is a monster and I won’t stop until he is found!”

Tasha whimpered, her love for both of her sons conflicting her emotions, “He’s your brother...”

“I have no brother.” Jace stated coldly, determined to find Hunter.

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