The Alpha’s Twins

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Chapter 24

Layla woke in the morning with a stretch and a smile. She changed her clothes and walked out to the training fields to see Lead Trainer Mitch setting up the friend, “Hey Coach!”

“Coach?” Mitch asked curiously.

“Sorry, it’s habit. It’s what they called the lead trainer in Blue Moon.” Layla chuckled.

“Oh okay, well good morning Luna,” Mitch smirked.

“Oh gosh, please call me anything else,” Layla blushed.

“You been keeping up on your training?” Mitch asked.

Layla nodded, “Yep, I was apprentice to Trainer Carson for the year I was gone.”

“Good, good.” Mitch smiled.

As they continued setting up the field Jace walked out to the training ground. “What are you doing here?” Jace scowled.

“Training, what does it look like?” Layla asked, attitude dripping from her voice. If he was going to be a jerk she was going to fight him every step of the way.

“You’re Luna, you aren’t apprentice trainer anymore,” Jace said coldly.

“Like hell I’m not!” Layla yelled, “You’re saying a Luna can’t train or help teach the warriors?”

Jace glared at Layla with anger in his eyes, “Go back to the house Layla.”

“No!” Layla glared at him defiantly.

“Layla I swear if I have to drag you back the house kicking and screaming I will!” Jace hollered.

Layla looked at him with an evil grin, “Okay I’ll make you a deal. We spar, if I win I get to keep training. If you win I’ll go back to the house without a fight.”

Jace scowled, “No deal. Go.” He pointed up to the house.

“Why not Jace? Afraid a little Luna will beat you?” Layla taunted.

Jace looked at her suspiciously before removing his shirt, “You’ll go without a fight?”

“Cross my heart,” Layla said as she made an X over her heart.

“Okay then,” Jace said before stepping forward and throwing a punch in Layla’s direction. Layla dodged his advances and managed to land a hard shot to his chest sending him backward and out of breath. Jace growled and lunged toward her. He got her a couple times but she ultimately was able to block his hits. He blocked hers as well until Layla managed to break free of him and land a right hook to his cheek. Jace fell and looked up at Layla with shock and a little bit of admiration. She looked fierce as she stood above him with fire in her eyes as her chest heaved from the long fight.

“You done?” Layla asked as she offered her hand.

Jace pushed it away and stood up, running his hand along the tender spot on his cheekbone. “Fine. You can continue training IF it doesn’t interfere with your duties.”

Layla smiled before jumping on Jace with a smile, “Thank you.”

Jace pushed her away and walked back to the pack house. He knew he could have finished the fight and probably won but he couldn’t deny she had given a good fight and he wasn’t sure if he could have actually beaten her. She was a strong fighter and he knew he’d be a fool not to have her helping with the warriors.

After the morning’s training session with the warriors Layla showered and changed before going down for breakfast.

“Layla!” She heard her name yelled from across the dining hall. Layla looked to see Tasha walking toward her. “My dear, I’m so happy to see you!!” Tasha hugged Layla tightly.

“Tasha, how have you been?” Layla smiled as she hugged Jace’s mother.

“I’m okay. Is it true you’re my Jace’s second chance?” She asked with hope.

“Yep,” Layla replied.

Tasha gave a long sigh, “I don’t think you understand how happy that makes me. Maybe you can bring my son back. Since Ryann...”

Layla hugged Tasha, “I’m going to try, but he’s been hurt so badly, I don’t know if I can help.”

“You were his best friend, if you can’t then nobody can.” Tasha said with a smile, “Don’t think I didn’t notice how you changed him when you first moved here.”

Layla smiled as she thought about the jerk she used to know. How Jace spent his days teasing her or sleeping with every single she-wolf in the pack. Layla knew she could bring her friend back if he would let her.

Just then Jace walked in, “Black Ridge Pack. I’d like to present your new Luna, Layla Whitten. Let’s try and help her make the transition to Luna smoothly.”

The pack clapped and cheered, happy that their Alpha had found another mate and that they had a Luna again. “Welcome Luna!” They all hollered through the dining hall.

Layla smiled brightly, “Thank you! If there’s anything you need, please don’t hesitate to come to me or Alpha Jace.”

Jace gave a tight smile before leaving the room again.

Layla walked up to the counter to get a plate before realizing Jace hadn’t eaten, “Does Alpha Jace not eat?”

The pack cooks shook their head, “Not with the pack. He takes his meals in his office.”

Layla frowned, “Thank you. From now on he will be eating in here with the pack.”

The cooks looked at each other hesitantly before nodding to their Luna. Layla smiled and sat down to eat. Even though his food never came, Jace didn’t come out for breakfast. Layla grumbled as she took a plate to his office. She tapped on the door before walking in.

“What?” he muttered.

“Your dinner, Alpha,” Layla said sarcastically as she set his plate on the desk.

Jace hummed in acknowledgment and Layla stood until he looked up at her. “Can I help you?” Jace asked, his tone cold.

“As a matter of fact I’m here to inform you that you will no longer be receiving your meals in here. If you want to eat you will join the pack in the dining hall.”

Jace stood up with a scowl, “So you think you can just come in here and start ordering everyone around?”

Layla shrugged, “No, just you.”

Jace was about to speak when Layla turned quickly and walked out of his office. Jace sat down at his desk, irritated that he had to have a second chance mate and that it was the one person that could affect him.

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