The Alpha’s Twins

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Chapter 26

Jace laid in his bed Friday morning unable to find the will to get out of bed. He could feel his wolf pacing in his head. He wanted his mate. But Jace didn’t want anything to do with Layla. He was too angry.

He showered and dressed before heading down for breakfast. Layla was standing at the counter grabbing her plate and when she saw Jace enter she decided to put her irritation aside and be better. She gave him a warm smile before turning and walking to the dining hall.

Jace grabbed his food and made his way in. He didn’t want to eat in here but he knew Layla would annoy him if he didn’t. At least in the dining hall she would leave him alone.

“Good morning Alpha!” Jace’s Beta, Parker, hummed as he filled his plate.

“Good morning.” Jace replied.

“I’m heading out with patrols this morning, you want to join?” Parker asked knowing Jace would say no.

“Sure.” Jace replied.

Parker stopped in shock, “Wait, really?”

Jace nodded his head before walking to the table. Layla was having a lively conversation with Parker’s mate Grace. He sat down beside Layla and began eating his food, pretending not to notice when Layla quieted and scooted away from him. He knew he had made her angry and possibly even hurt her feelings. A part of him felt a little bad, but he didn’t dwell on it.

“Layla,” Jace called out as she stood from the table.

Layla turned around slowly, “Yes Alpha?”

“Is everything ready for tonight?” Jace asked smoothly.

“Yes.” Layla replied before walking away.

Apparently she was more upset than Jace thought. He shrugged it off and finished his breakfast.

Layla spent the rest of the day working to get ready for the pack meeting and dinner. A little while before it started Layla made her way upstairs to shower and he ready for the dinner.

Jace was sitting on the couch in their apartment when she walked in. She ignored him and walked to her room. Layla took a long shower before walking to her closet and decided to wear a comfortable floral dress. It was flattering and made her look really good. She paired it with her favorite tan wedges and grabbed a sweater just in case. She curled her hair and did her makeup, taking a little extra care to make it perfect. It was her first big event as Luna and even though she knew everything was set she was still nervous. Layla walked out of her room to find Jace still on the couch, “Ready?” He asked not even looking up.

“Yep,” she replied with a smile. She was tired of his mood affecting her and was determined to not let it bother her anymore. She decided she would just treat him like she did when she first met him. “You waited?” She asked as they walked down the stairs.

“The Alpha and Luna always arrive to the pack meetings together.” Jace replied.

“Good to know..” she said quietly.

As they entered the pack stood and watched as they made their way to the front of the room. Layla sat in the chair beside Jace as Jace gave the nod to Parker to begin the meeting.

“Welcome Black Ridge Pack! We have a few items of business and then we can all go have some dinner.”

Parker began talking about pack business and random issues and affairs that needed to be addressed. When he was done he looked to Jace for approval to dismiss everyone. Jace gave him a small nod and like that the meeting was over. Everyone made their way to the dining hall for dinner. Layla helped serve the food with the cooks, knowing it was the best way to get to know everyone better. After everyone had their food and were happily eating Layla sat down with a plate next to Jace.

“Great job on the dinner tonight Luna,” Parker said as he shoveled food into his mouth.

Layla laughed, “Thanks Parker. The cooks really outdid themselves on the food this time.”

Grace laughed, “Parker is just an animal when it comes to eating. I really can’t take him anywhere.”

Layla chuckled and she watched the two of them with sad eyes. She hoped someday she would have that.

Jace watched as Layla smiled and laughed and it reminded him of the times in the past when they would talk like that for hours, back when she was his best friend. But he still felt betrayed and angry that she left. Angry that she wasn’t there when he needed her most. And still angry that Ryann was gone.

After making sure everything got cleaned up, Layla made her way upstairs. She was exhausted. As she entered the apartment she slipped off her shoes, fully regretting wearing heels. She ran her hand through her long hair and walked toward her bedroom.

“Good job on the dinner.”

Layla spun around to see Jace behind her, “Uhh.. thank you.”

Jace nodded and walked into his room, leaving Layla stunned at the compliment.

Layla smiled as she walked into her room, happy he had noticed her hard work and that he had actually said something nice to her. For a week it had all been grumbles and harsh words. She went to turn on the light only to find it not working. Layla groaned before walking out of her room and into Jace’s.

“Jace, my light is broken.”

“And?” He grumbled.

That was fast. Apparently his kind words were just a lapse in judgement. “And I’m not tall enough to fix it.”

Jace huffed, “Call Max.”

Layla frowned, “It’s eleven o’clock. I’m not calling Max down here to fix a light bulb.”

Jace shook his head, “Fine. Go get a bulb from the cabinet in the hall.”

Layla smiled and went in search of a bulb. Standing on the bed and using his phone as a flashlight Jace replaced the bulb. Layla flipped the switch and grinned when it came on.

“Thanks.” Layla smiled.

“It could have waited til morning.” Jace grumbled.

“Or you could say ‘You’re welcome Layla, happy to help.” Layla snapped back.

Jace turned to her with a scowl, “But I’m not happy to help. Leave me alone Lay.”

“Fine,” Layla mumbled as she closed the door and headed to bed, tired of this fight.

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