The Alpha’s Twins

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Chapter 34

Layla watched Jace fight hand-to-hand for a while before they both had enough and shifted. Layla had forgotten how big and gorgeous Jace's wolf was, with his dark black coat and one white ear. Layla laughed at how nature had made it so you could tell the twins apart.

After the fight Jace walked back to the bench where Layla sat, his chest heaving and his body dripping with sweat. "I needed that, thanks," Jace said as he wiped himself off with his tee shirt.

"No problem. You know you should probably come out daily and train with them. It would make them better warriors having to spar with an Alpha," Layla winked as she poked his stomach, "And it would keep you in shape."

Jace laughed, "Are you saying I'm not in shape?" Jace flexed his biceps at Layla which made her chuckle.

"I'm just saying no wolf should be cooped up in an office all day, no wonder you're always grumpy," Layla said as she stood.

Jace followed her up to the house, "No call then?" he asked as she handed him his phone.

"Nope. Who are you waiting on?" Layla asked.

"I called in a favor and I'm hoping to hear good news. He said he would get back by this afternoon so I still have time," Jace replied as they walked up the stairs to their room.

They both walked to the bathroom and Layla stopped at the door, watching Jace walk through. He turned to Layla, "What's wrong?"

"One shower, two wolves," she chuckled, "I'll wait. You have things to do this morning, you go first."

Jace shook his head, "You go in, I'll wait."

Layla smiled, "Okay." She hopped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. After showering quickly she made her way out wrapped in a towel and walked to the closet. She turned to see Jace sitting in the chair by the window with wide eyes. He had seen her in less, but it made her smile knowing seeing her like that made him a bit uncomfortable.

She walked out after getting dressed to hear the shower running. Layla made her way out for breakfast, knowing he would only be a few more minutes. Suddenly she heard Jace's phone ring. She knew he needed to get that call. She grabbed his phone and walked back across the room and opened the bathroom door.

"Jace?" she called out.

"Uhh... Layla?" Jace said from the shower.

"Your phone is ringing. Do you want me to answer?" Layla said, keeping her face turned away and the phone held out in front of her.

"Crap!" Jace muttered as he quickly turned off the shower and stepped out, dripping to grab the phone. He took it from Layla, trying to not enjoy the immense blush on her cheeks.

"Hello?" Jace answered, keeping his eyes on Layla. Layla turned and looked at him, before quickly turning away with wide eyes when she noticed he was not wearing a towel. Jace chuckled as he watched her leave the bathroom embarrassed.

"Yes, I'm here," Jace said into the phone as he wrapped a towel around his waist.

Jace left the bathroom happy. The call went well. Alpha Thomas said twenty of his soldiers would be here by this afternoon. He dressed and made his way downstairs to see Layla standing at the kitchen island getting her food.

"Have you seen Parker this morning?" Jace asked Layla as he approached her.

"No, but Grace is right there. I can ask her." Layla smiled.

"That's alright, I just have a few things to talk about," Jace replied before grabbing a plate for himself and walking with Layla to the table. They sat across from Grace.

"Good morning Alpha, Luna," Grace smiled.

"Everything set for this evening?" Layla whispered.

Grace laughed, "Yes! So make sure you're here first thing for dinner!"

"Ohhh! What's for dinner?" They heard Parker holler as he walked over to them with a full plate of breakfast.

Grace chuckled at her mate, "I have no idea."

Parker sat down next to Grace and gave her a peck on the cheek. Jace looked at Parker, "Happy birthday man."

"Thanks Alpha," Parker smiled.

"When you're done with breakfast I need you to meet me in my office, we have a few things to go over first thing this morning."

Parker nodded in understanding and Layla gave them a frown.

"What?" Jace asked as he noticed Layla's stare.

"I have a new official rule, no shop talk at breakfast," Layla stated as she took another bite of her pancakes.

Jace shook his head with a smile, "That wasn't shop talk, that was me telling Parker about the shop talk we'll be having later."

"Either way. Eat your food," Layla smirked.

After breakfast Jace and Parker went to his office where Jace told Parker about the warriors staying for an indefinite amount of time until Hunter was either caught or killed.

"We have a couple of empty houses from families who have moved away or moved to a bigger home. We will bunk the warriors in those homes so that they can have their own space. Make sure to tell the caretakers that the houses need to be ready as soon as possible," Jace told Parker.

"Will do," Parker replied, "Is Layla excited for the warriors from Blue Moon to stay? Apparently she was their trainer for a while."

Jace shrugged, "I haven't told her yet. I was planning on telling her after I made all of the arrangements." Jace excused Parker to get everything ready for their guests and he started in on some of his work for the day. He finished just before lunch and decided to take a break and find Layla.

He walked upstairs to find Layla laying on the bed, writing on some papers she had sprawled across the sheets.

"Busy?" Jace asked as he walked in.

"Not at all," Layla smiled as she put her pen down, "Just fixing some details."

"Want to head down to lunch?" Jace asked with a smile.

Layla hopped off the bed, "Definitely. I'm starving."

Jace walked down the hall with her and as they walked their arms brushed against each other, sending shockwaves through Jace and Layla. "Uhh, so I thought I should give you a heads up, I called Alpha Thomas," Jace began, "Twenty warriors from Blue Moon will be joining our ranks for the foreseeable future until we are able to find Hunter."

Layla looked up with bright eyes, "Really?"

Jace laughed, "Excited?"

Layla nodded, "I loved my time there."

Jace lowered his head, making Layla notice the change in his demeanor. "Jace, I'm not going to lie to you and say I hated it there. I regret leaving, knowing what happened here. But my time at Blue Moon made me feel comfortable and safe, something I had lost after Hunter."

"You don't feel safe now?" Jace asked quietly.

"I do," Layla smiled, ""

Jace looked at her with a cocked brow. Layla smirked, "You were a jerk. Now that you're back to being my best friend I feel very safe."

"Mhmm..." Jace grumbled.

Layla smiled up at Jace with bright eyes and before she knew what she was doing she jumped up and placed a small peck on his cheek. Layla walked into the kitchen for lunch, leaving Jace a mess in the hallway.

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