The Alpha’s Twins

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Chapter 42 - The End


Layla and the others stood, mentally trying to prepare themselves. “Is he...” Layla couldn’t even say it.

The doctor smiled, “He’s alive. His injuries were quiet extensive, but all were fixed with some stitches to help with the healing process and a blood transfusion to replace all of the blood he lost.”

Layla sighed in relief, “Thank goodness... can I see him?”

The doctor nodded, “Yes, he’s sleeping now but I’ll take you to him.”

Layla walked into the room and stared at the man in the bed. The large Alpha looked small in that white hospital bed. Layla wiped away a tear and sat in the chair beside the bed. She took his hand gently and kissed it, thankful he was still alive.

Hours later Jace opened his eyes slowly, blinking away the grogginess. He shifted in the bed and looked down to see Layla asleep at the edge of his bed. Her long brown hair falling into her face and her breathing slow and even as she rested. He could feel her breath on his hand that she was still gripping tightly. He smiled as he watched her sleep a while longer.

Layla stirred, her eyes fluttering open and she sat up with a yawn. Her eyes were still half closed when she looked over at Jace, half expecting to see him still asleep. Her eyes widened when she saw him smiling at her with bright eyes, “Good morning sunshine,” Jace teased.

Layla smiled warmly, “Jace...”

He opened his arms wide, beckoning her to him. She stood and gently climbed up next to him on the bed. He winced as he scooted over, making her hesitate.

“I’m okay,” he said, “Come here.” He wrapped his arms around Layla and they sat together taking comfort in the warmth of their mates.

“Hunter is dead...” Jace said quietly.

Layla nodded her head, “Yeah.. he is. I’m so sorry Jace.”

Jace felt his eyes begin to water. “Even though I was angry at him and hated him for what he did to Ryann. He was still my brother. I didn’t want to have to kill him.”

“I know,” Layla said as she rested her head back on Jace’s chest.

“How’s mom?” Jace asked.

Layla shrugged, “I think she’s having a hard time. I should call her and let her know you’re awake and okay.”

Jace nodded and reluctantly let her go to get her phone from the chair. Layla spoke to Tasha for a few minutes before hanging up and sitting beside Jace again. “She is on her way,” Layla said before kissing Jace gently on the lips. Jace growled into the kiss, making Layla laugh. “You just got ripped to shreds and that’s what’s on your mind?”

Jace shrugged, “After having the thought that I might never get to again, you bet that’s what’s on my mind!”

Layla shook her head with a smile, “You’re ridiculous.”

“Maybe, but as soon as I’m out of this bed, we are spending an entire day in our own bed,” Jace winked.

Layla leaned into him, “I think I can get on board with that.” She kissed him again before hopping off the bed.

A little while later Jace’s mom walked into the room with a smile smile, “Hey.”

“Hey momma,” Jace said with a small smile.

Layla stepped out of the room and gave them some time together, taking the opportunity to go home to check on things and grab a change of clothes.

“How are you feeling?” Tasha asked as she moved closer to her son.

“I’m alright. Mom, I’m sorry about Hunter...” Jace said as his eyes began to fill with tears.

“Oh Jace.. none of this was your fault...” she said as she sat beside him and took his hand.

“I tried to get him to just turn himself in, to let us take him and detain him, but he wanted the fight,” Jace said quietly.

“I know. The caring, strong, gentle brother and son we knew doesn’t exist anymore. But it doesn’t mean we still can’t be sad. I know how much your brother meant to you. Twins have a special bond,” Tasha said sadly.

Jace squeezed his mother’s hand, “I miss him. But I’m glad our pack is safe again.”

“Me too,” she replied.

They sat together talking and reminiscing about their family until Layla returned.

“Hey!” Layla hollered with a smile, holding up two bags. “You guys hungry?”

“Starving!” Jace said with a huge smile as he reached for one of the bags. He opened it and the most mouthwatering hamburger smell wafted out. “Oh, bless you Layla.”

Layla laughed, “Let’s eat, then I’ll talk to the doctor about getting you out of here.”

That afternoon Jace and Layla slowly made their way up the steps of the pack house. Jace gave a sigh of relief as he walked through the door, he was glad to be home. He turned to Layla, “Alright Luna, take me upstairs and maybe I’ll let you take advantage of me.”

Layla laughed as she took his arm, “You’re supposed to be resting. How about we take a nap instead.”

Jace frowned, unhappy with her answer. When they made it upstairs and into the bedroom Jace and Layla laid in bed for the rest of the day, napping and talking and holding each other close.

“So, Luna...” Jace whispered as he pulled Layla close, “When are we going to start having some pups?”

Layla laughed, “I think we have time.”

Jace shrugged, “That’s okay, we can just practice making some pups.” Jace smirked before rolling them over so that he was above her. Layla laughed as she kissed his lips. Glad her mate was home and alive. As she laid in his arms she smiled, happily thinking about everything that had led to where she was now.

And right now she was exactly where she was supposed to be.

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