I want Her

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He laid his eyes on her that night and she was no longer free, he wanted her more than anything in the world and for Damien Ace he gets what he wants. “You were mine the moment i laid my eyes on you princess and nothing will tear us apart, i can guarantee it.”- Damien Ace This is the same story that is on wattpad but i made a few edits nothing has changed just the story line a bit.

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Where it all Began


Something i always aw as beautiful and lovely, getting the chance to spend the rest of your life with a special person closest to your heart. But now here i am looking at marriage in a different way, the chains of your freedom.

She walked down the aisle with her bouquet of white flowers, beautiful couldn’t describe how she looked like. She was the perfect wife.

As small tears fell down her cheeks she continued to walk down this path, a path that will determine her future. What she wanted more than anything was to go back, to go back and disappear and prevent the actions that lead to this point.

As the alter drew closer to her she stops and looks into the eyes of her future husband, she sees love in them. She sees love in two dark voids. Only a few inches away she stood in front of him, cleaning up her tears he smiled at her. This is what he wants, i have no say in this. Then the ceremony has begun.

The priest began muttering words but all sounded mute in her head, only minutes away from a life without freedom.

“Do you ———— take Angelica Anderson to be your lawfully wedded wi-.”

“I Do.” He spoke interrupting the priest midway.

“And do you Angelica take ———- to be your lawfully wedded husband, to hold forever through sickness and in health.” The priest words hit like a cold bucket of water, it was happening right here right now. I couldn’t move, i was frozen still in time.

“I don’t and I never will!” I spoke as my words echoed through the church, i could finally breath. The crowd grew silent as no sound was heard, picking up my dress i ran down the aisle, there was no time to look back, no time to regret the choice i made it was now or never.


The sound of a gun rang in the holy house, the sound of violence began.

“Now my dear. Be a good little wife and come back here now before someone gets killed, NOW!!” He yelled.

“FUCK OFF!!” I wasn’t thinking clearly anymore, i needed freedom i needed my old life back. Immediately i opened the door but was stopped by the guards, i kicked and thrashed yearning the chance of being free again. I pleaded and cried, my protest were in vein as i was brought back to that dreaded alter one last time.

His grip on me was tight, and he held me closer than ever. Tears streamed down my cheeks and i banged my fist on his chest, just give me one more chance, just one more chance at freedom please.

Now continue, she has no other choice.” He spoke to the priest, the priest was shaking at this point in fear.

“W-well then, I-i now pronounce you h-husband and wif-fe you may now kiss the b-bride.” He stuttered almost every word but it was still valid, the man stared at me with a devilish smirk he inched his face closer to mine.

“You are mine now.He whispered only for me to hear then kisses my lips, the crowd of people applauded but soon it was incoherent for me to hear. It was all broken into pieces, the crowd, the scenery, everything but the man standing in front of me.

His face was dark now, like a shadow had casted over him but he still held that evil smirk. The smirk turned into a menacing laugh, the laugh turned into the sound of the devil right before me.

Until i woke up.

I looked around the room i was in, it was mine, it was normal. I sighed in relief as i felt my body soaking up the sweat it had built. I needed a shower.

My clothes were off me immediately and i stepped inside my cold shower, the water was cold enough to make my skin numb, but i needed it to be colder. I needed the water to wash away that nightmare. God my mind cooks up the craziest scenarios doesn’t it.

I was finally at the point were my body couldn’t take it anymore and i stepped out of the shower, grabbing the nearest towel i dried myself clean. The though of that nightmare still lingered on in my mind, come on Angelica focus on something else.

I entered my bedroom and quickly scrambled to my wardrobe, i had checked the time and found out i would soon be late to my lecture. It was 1:45 pm when i finished getting ready and stepped out of my apartment. The cold air of Los Angeles hit my face as i stumbled a but to get inside my car.

Turning up the heater i soon warmed myself up and started driving to the college campus, it washed too far from where i lived so i was pretty lucky but i didn’t have time for breakfast. I sped up a bit as i saw the entrance to the parking lot, i parked my Honda CR-V in the only available spot and started bookings it to class.

Being almost at the end of the parking lot and having to make my way towards the lecture hall was tiring but i got through it and now im sitting in my seat waiting for my professor to get here. He turned out to be 20 minutes late.

My stomach was already demanding food midway through the lecture, yeah pretty embarrassing but i didn’t know anyone and no one knew me. Welcome to college.

Finally the lecture was over, i scurried out of the lecture hall and almost ran to my car. Survival mode was kicking in and i had to find food now. I drove past cars and made my way inside a nearby Starbucks drive through, i was getting impatient already. I would have gone full karen mode if the person in front of me took longer but i didn’t.

I swear its like the person in front of me is trying to order the whole menu just to piss me off, IM STARVING OVER HERE AT LEAST GIVE ME SOME SYMPATHY!!

After picking up my bacon gouda and my latte i drove home and rested on my couch, i know it isn’t a real breakfast but it was something and i was really craving one.

After finishing my small breakfast i decided to get started on my assignment for today, studying to be an interior designer wasn’t too hard. For the assignment we had to do consisted of designing the perfect home, the professor was care free and let our imagination run wild.

Just to get myself out of my comfort zone i wanted to do a different design than my usual neutrals, i guess i could say I was a but inspired by my nightmare. That guys color scheme was really good, but he still gave me devilish vibes. Just reminiscing it made me shiver up my spine.

I shook my head vigorously and started on my project, dark grey walls with a white accent wall. Almost everything was black and grey some furniture items were white and a but gold which turned out to balance the whole place really well.

Hours had past and my stomach had demanded food once again, i set my computer down and clicked the submit button. I was finally finished, now to go satisfy my stomach. I checked the time and it was 4 in the afternoon, standing up and stretching for a bit i made my way to my pantry and opened it. Bags of finished chips still remained, was that all i ate! I checked in my refrigerator and fridge, empty ice cream boxes and expired milk. Just great now i have to go buy groceries, i swear i went last week or did i forget again.

Never mind point is i need food and soon, since i still have energy I’ll make something for once. I grabbed my purse and slipped on the hoodie i had before, grabbing my car keys and turning off the lights i left and locked my apartment.

Sorta running down the stairs i made my way towards the front and got inside my car, the weather outside was still the same a bit cold but not too cold. Starting up my car and turning up the radio station i started driving towards my nearby target, i turned the volume a little high as one of my favorite songs played. Open Up by Gallant. I don’t know what it is but i can’t seem to get that song out of my head.

“Can i trust that you wont mind, my sanity slipping away, ohh baby why don’t we open up!” I felt bad for whichever stranger looked over inside my car and witnessed me screaming my lungs out for a song.

Finally after straining my throat from singing i made it to target, ah the dreaded place i always come back to with a receipt close to becoming a scarf. I stepped inside and grabbed a small little cart, for once Angelica lets just make this a quick and small trip. I started scanning through the food isle in search of what to make, pasta sounds good but im kinda craving some pizza. I looked at both boxes and decided to grab both since you never know, as i continued walking through the countless isles i somehow sneaked into the snack isle.

It would be such a waste to not grab anything, I’ll only grab a couple since im here anyways. It started off with the oreos then escalated to the chips, then the candy packs, my little car wasn’t so little anymore. Almost filled with snacks of everything kind i could find.

How do i even manage to fit all of these in my stomach and still look skinny the next day, now that’s what i call talent. I pushed my cart down more isles and found my way to the books, perfect.

I started scanning through the small but large array of books, love, nah, cooking, maybe, horror, maybe, fiction, yes, poetry yes. By the time i finished looking through all i had decided on a fictional book and a poetry one. I grabbed the fictional one and reached over for the poetry but stopped as i felt a cold hand against mine.

I quickly took my arm away and looked up at the owner of this cold hand, i stared for what seemed like hours at this man. He was everything on my checklist for the perfect boyfriend, but thankfully i snapped out of it.

“Sorry miss, I didn’t know you also wanted the book.” Oh this guy knew perfectly well that i wanted it, he dares to challenge me to fight for it.

“It’s alright, if you want the book then I don’t mind grabbing another one.” I was lying at this point, true i wanted the book but what i wanted more was some food and i had no time to start a war over a book. Farewell sweet poetic book, gone but never forgotten.

I started to turn my cart the other way out of the isle when i was stopped, the man had come in front of me holding the book in hand trying to stop me from leaving. My small red flags were beginning to ring but i ignored them, it’s a public place he wouldn’t try anything, right?

“Please take the book, i insists. How rude it would be for me to not give you the book.” One thing i didn’t mentioned to myself before, THIS MANS VOICE WAS PURE SILK!!

He had the power to make any girls panties soaking at this point, and he knew it too well. Combined with his looks he was the total eye catching candy for any girl.

“Oh how kind of you, thank you so much.” Come on focus Angelica lets just get home and-

“I’ll give you the book if you give me your number.” He sounded dead serious when he spoke with a little hint of flirt in his tone. He can keep it, because right now the only thing that separates me and some good food are him and that book.

I sighed and turned my cart the other way this time and successfully left the isle and walked away, but this time he followed me.

“Hey wait, don’t you want the book.” He showed the book right in front of me as he spoke.

“Look your a cute guy and all but right now i just really want to go home and im not looking for a relationship right now, so you can keep the book.” I said and continued my walk towards the self checkout. But this man still kept on following me.

“Come on can i just please get your number, look I’ll even pay for the book and everything else you have.” Alright he was pushing the line already, he was becoming way to pushy with the whole ‘give me your phone number thing’. I started scanning all my items and waited for him to take the hint and leave.


“Im sorry but i really just want to get back home, maybe another tine.” I said and in a flash he scanned the book and inserted his card, IS HE CRAZY!! He just payed for everything i had, what was he thinking.

“What the hell, hey that’s my stuff im supposed to pay for it.” I said and he looked over at me with a smirk.

“Well its done now, so why don’t you reconsider giving me your number.” Did he really just do all of that just for my number, i mean it would be rude to not give him my number he fricken paid for all of my stuff.

His phone was held out on his hand and i held my hand open, he eagerly handed it to me with it already on the dial. I typed in my number and handed it to him, he seemed happy when he got back his phone.

“There you have my number, thank you for paying you really didn’t have to do that.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it, well it was nice to meet you goodbye.” Just as quick as he came he left, a bit of a weird predicament but whatever all i want to do now is get back home.

I walked towards the parking lot and thankfully found my car in the sea of parked cars, I placed the bags of food in the passenger seat and started backing out. As im looking at my rear window i see the guy from earlier, smiling. Maybe it was a mistake to give him my number, oh god what was i thinking.

After getting back safely to my house i started cooking up my meal while playing some music, i was starting to get in the zone my phone decides to interrupt me.

I quickly grab it and set the lid over the pasta, i look at the notification and it was a text from an unknown number. I opened it and read what it said.

Unknown: Hello, its me the guy you met at target. I just wanted to see what you were doing and wanted to tell you my name is Damien.” I finished reading and replied.

Me: Im doing pretty fine just cooking and listening to music” I saved his contact information under Damien and put my phone down, getting the done pasta out and waiting for it to cool i got more texts.

“He sure responds fast.” I though and placed the plate of pasta on the table with sauce.

As i continued trying to eat my pasta in piece i was bombarded with more texts, I soon had enough of it and silenced my phone. Nothing was getting in my way of having some food.

I sighed in satisfaction as i finished the pasta and put the leftovers in the microwave for later, i checked the time and started grabbing my stuff for work. Car keys, house keys, phone and wallet were all in my bag as i left my apartment.

Getting inside my car for the third time today i drove over to my work, i worked at a local coffee shop that was pretty busy. I know basic but hey it helped pay the bills. After a couple minutes of driving I made my way to my job and parked my car, stepping inside the shop the smell of fresh coffee hit my nose and woke me completely up. Time to get to work.

Tyung my apron on and fixing my hair into a ponytail i got to work serving orders after orders, the day wasn’t getting too hectic since lunch hour had already passed. A couple orders here and there, nothing i couldn’t handle.

And soon one by one customer started leaving until it was finally closing time, i sighed in relief as i let go of my hair and hung my apron back up in the wall.

“Heyy Angel, me and everyone else are hitting up the club soon care to join us.” My coworkers and closest friend Katlyn came by my side.

“I don’t know maybe another time you know how i get when im drunk.” I said and she huffed.

“When will you ever enjoy yourself for once, you can’t stay all cooped up inside your house. You are coming and that’s final.” She sounded like my mother at this point begging for me to enjoy my high school experience.

I looked around the room of pleading faces from my coworkers, one night wouldn’t hurt. Right?

“Fine I’ll go, just this once so don’t expect me to go so easily the next time.” I said and all their faces lit up.

“Yes thank god she said yes.” They all cheered in excitement as i was shooed off to quickly go home and change.

Looks like the night is still young.

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