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Chapter 1

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book is under strict editing, for grammar, tense and so on.

The only reason I was standing in front of the mirror so early in the morning meant I was going back to school. I had been dreading the day since schools closed.

My light brown skin seemed to glow from the sunlight peeping from the window and my eyes were a dull purple, meaning I was content and not fully happy. My hair was in a ponytail, like always.

I was in my uniform a navy skirt, white shirt, navy tie and navy Blazer (what a dull uniform if they had made me president of the uniform department I swear I would have put more creativity), and on the Blazer there is a badge, an eagle with a motto beneath it written 'fly like an eagle'. I was really glad for the uniforms because not all of us could afford new clothes everyday.

"Hey!" nothing to pull me out of my thoughts than my bestie, I saw her in her uniform as well and I couldn't help but scream and she did the same. I guess that's our way of saying we missed each other. Dee is light skinned we usually refer to it as 'yellow Bone'. Why? I don't know. She always had her medium sized Afro in different styles everyday.

She was out on holiday with family and me well I don't have family so I stayed in my shack and worked at the club my so called Aunt owns.

"So how was your holiday?" Dee asked.

"Nothing much and yours?" I said looking back at her and instantly regretting my question.

"Ok you can start telling me about your holiday on the way to school or we will be late" I said.

"It's not like we are ever early" Dee muttered and I rolled my eyes.

We got out and I locked the door and Dee started rambling about her holiday, something about going to Mozambique. I was not really paying attention. I was going to a hell hole where my every move is idolized, some people think it's great but not me, I just want to be ordinary. So I do what I do best, I ignore the outside world and focus on my friends. I try not to think of the attention and focus on myself. It may not seem possible to ignore the outside world but I can do it.

We took our last corner facing the school and it was already packed. We were at the gate and all eyes on me this is just great. Look away people, look away.

Since it was a new year this meant new class and new classmates, atleast me and Dee were in the same class we made sure of that.

"Kim, Dee!" I turned around to look at the direction the voices were coming from and I saw my other friends running towards Dee and I. We faced each other with knowing smiles.

Here comes the screams.

I really missed them. We are a group of five Natalie, Chloe, Chantel, Dee and me. My friends are all crazy, in a good way though. We go way back together, we battled dragons, we fought wars and we would travel to the end of the world for each other.

After screaming and chatting we realized we needed to get to our classes. Turned out Nat was going to be in Dee and l's class, Chloe and Chantel in another class.

We were late to the new class and the new teacher wasn't impressed, what a great way to start my first day back at school.

The three of us took our sits and we got into a conversation on how we felt about the movie 'After' by Anna Todd compared to the books. I couldn't help but realize that everyone was looking at the door in complete shock and awe, I looked as well and I saw Tim.

Tim is the most popular guy in school (for all the wrong reasons) he is handsome though. His brown skin was flawless. He has the face of an angel but really the devil is what he is. He had no scars on his face which was surprising and he had a very well defined jaw. He is tall with a body to die for. He clearly was aware of those traits so he was a cocky bastard and he thought he was better than anyone to even talk to them.

The popularity hierarchy in our school was way different from the ones I have read of in novels. The school had no sports whatsoever because no one bothered to even participate. So in place of the jocks as top of the food chain we had gangsters, they carried knives and probably guns and they lived off violence and Vandalism. So since there were no sports which meant no cheerleaders and in it's place were the self proclaimed queens, with only strips of clothes that could easily pass of as belts. We did have the goal oriented students who might be the nerds. Then there were the cool but not too cool, the visible one, the ones that don't fall into any stereotypes, you could either find them in parties or in the library and see nothing out of the ordinary. They fitted and blended in like chameleons. Those people are the smart ones clever enough not to fall into the trap of slutism or nerdism ( just made up those words). Those people are me and my friends.

"Isn't he cute" Nat whispered so that only the three of us could hear, let's just say Nat like the other girls has a crush on Tim.

Finally the day was over, things could have gone a lot worse but the only bad thing I got from the day was getting paired with Tim in a business studies assignment. Me and him both arrived late third class and others had already chosen their partners, Dee paired with Nat. I tried conversing with Tim but the only thing I got back was a stare and a look of boredom, I looked like a fool. I had barely ever seen the guy converse let alone smile but it didn't mean he should just ignore me. It settled it I hated Timothy Storm. I know hate is a big word, but I never try to converse with anyone and when I finally did I got stared at.

"Kim don't forget that we have church choir practice today" Dee said and I nodded. "We should really be on time for once so that the...." Dee totally faded I looked at her and saw that she was looking at something or someone behind me so I turned and I saw Tim.

"Hey, I was thinking that maybe we could start with the assignment tomorrow"

I looked at him as if he just spoke a foreign language and as if trying to figure out if he was jocking or not. What I saw in his face was plain emptiness. I looked around to check for cameras, maybe I was being pranked you never know. But all I saw was a few people trying to catch glances at us. He thought that he would ignore me in class then appear behind me like batman then try to converse?

I then looked at him and what come out of my mouth was totally unexpected "so you can talk?".

His face changed emotion to sad but he quickly recovered, Tim always had an emotionless less face full of nothing but emptiness. "I knew this was a bad idea" he muttered and turned around to walk away, I couldn't help but feel bad I did dislike him but I felt bad.

"Tomorrow sounds great" I said. He looked at me and nodded then he walked away again.

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