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The young couple is unware of the conspiracy against them by their parents who are business partners.. The young man's father has already arrange his marriage to another, whose family owns a business, when merged with theirs will bring their shipping business to the top.. When they find out about the plot would the battle between their families drive them apart or bring them closer together.? Lets journey with them as they fight for their own identities and building their own empire!

Sabry Singh
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Chapter One

Third Person POV

The girl stood outside the entrance of West Side Mall constantly looking anxiously at the watch on her left wrist and the parking lot in front of her.

It's the lunch hour rush, but she seems unaware of all the hustle and bustle around her. Her alluring grey eyes focused only on the parking lot as she awaits the one for whom her heart beats.

Looking at her watch again, she frowns as a sadness starts to seep up her flawless face.

Without trying, she stands there alone, a beauty to behold to all the eyes that fell upon her as they pass her by.

Suddenly her countenance lifted up when she sees a black four by four parking a few yards in front of her. The smile that cause the dimples on both her cheeks to deepen.

She could not hide her joy as the driver slid out of the vehicle, looked around, until his eyes rested on her.

Natasha's POV

Jase strode towards me with a goofy smile plastered on his face and his hair looks like he has been running his hand through it on his drive here. He also does that when something is bothering him, causing me to frown with concern.

With purposeful strides he looks so handsome, his six pack barely hidden under the white dress shirt and navy dress pants that he wore, missing his tie and jacket.

It just melts my heart knowing that he is all mines.

I was busy checking my man out when he got to where I was standing he wrapped his arms around me, leaning down he kissed the top of my head and whispers softly

"Checking out the hot guy at the mall again?"

Blushing, I shoved my head into his chest under his arm. he pulled me closer as he led me further into the mall shielding me from people hustling in and out of the mall. Keeping me close still, we walked into The Parrot, a pub that served lunches.

Upon reaching the entrance Jase greeted the security "afternoon".

"A pleasant afternoon, sir, ma'am." the security responded politely as he opens the door for us.

Feeling offended "ma'am? ma'am? oh my gosh, Do I look like a ma'am?" I whispered shout to Jase as we entered the pub.

Smirking with a mischievous glint in his eyes, Jase ran his eyes over me pretending to check me out. I slightly nudge him with an elbow to his side.

Chuckling, he led me to the dimly lit area to the back of the pub, while signaling a waiter. Finding a booth, Jase placed his hand on my lower back and gently guide me into the long seat sliding in beside me.

Sliding further in, he pulled me back to him and leaned down with one hand around me he use the other to lift my face upwards, crashing his lips on mines.

"Uh.. um" before we could fully satisfy our primal need for each other the clearing of a throat interrupted us.

As we drew apart, I lifted my head to see a waiter beside our table, staring uncomfortably to the side,

Realizing he had our attention he smiled at us politely, as he address Jase while his eyes lingered on me, with a smirk.

'Good afternoon, Sir, Miss. I am Keston, I will be your server today. Are you ready to order" he politely ask.

Following the waiter's eyes on me, Jase draws me closer clutching me tighter around my shoulders.

He looks at me and states "I'm ordering" without waiting on a reaction from me he continues "I'm ordering pal, eyes on me." the waiter quickly averted his eyes from me to Jase. "We'll have a chicken salad, two beef burgers special, one coke, one water and two beastly cold beers" he finish.

I looked at him with raised eyebrows and a questioning look. Shaking his head with a 'not now' look he turned his attention back to our waiter. "We'll have the water and the beers while we wait on the food" he abruptly ends his conversation with the waiter.

"Yes sir" the waiter mutters softly before walking away.

Turning back to face me "Okay what's going on?" I asked him quickly. You were abrupt with the waiter a.."

He interrupted me quickly by placing a finger on my lips to silence me. "Sorry about that but I didn't like the way he was staring at you. I have a problem with." He shrugs calmly.

Still confused I asked "So what's bothering you"

Quickly raising his eyes to meet mines he simply shakes his head and mutters "Nothing."

"Okay so why all this food? are we expecting someone?" I persisted

"Patience sweetheart, patience" he says looking at the wall behind me.

"Excuse me Sir. Your drinks" A different waiter stood in front of us with our drinks on a tray.

Jase shifted to allow the waiter extra room to place the beers and water on the table in front of us.

"Oh my God Jase, they sent another waiter. It's your fault" I accused him.

Grinning he said "Next time he'll know to keep his eyes off you." he retorted.

Suddenly I heard a slap on Jase back and looked around. I smiled seeing Jase best friend from his college days sliding in the seat in front of us. Jase pushed one of the beers in front of his friend Nathan.

Now I am totally concerned with the both of them having lunch and drinking beers.

Nathan works at the law firm that handles all the personal and corporate businesses of Jase and my family.

"Why are you here" Staring at Nate, I got straight to the point.

Nate exchanges a confused expression with Jase and I clearly did not miss Jase shaking his head. Nate turned to me with a half smirk on his handsome face.

"What? So my best friend can't buy me lunch" I mean it is long overdue. When was the last time I hung out with you guys?" he ask me weakly.

"Uh.. Sunday... you spent the night Saturday because both your arses were totally drunk." I started, then continued "I made you breakfast and lunch and give you enough food to last till Monday night. So come again" I retorted.

Staring angrily at the both of them, I placed my elbows on the table "let's start again." I smiled politely at Nate. "Why are you here?" I firmly asked this time.

Jase leaned back on the backrest, picked up his bottle and chugged it till it was empty.

Nate and Jase stared at each other. Before I could open my mouth the waiter appeared with our lunch.

"Saved by the waiter" Jase mutters. Looking at him angrily he refuse to meet my eye and address the waiter instead.

"She'll have the chicken salad and cokes and the rest is for us" he pointed at Nate then himself.

When the waiter was finish laying out our lunch, Jase said "we'll have four more beers"

Now I was angry and concerned, but mostly angry. I stamped my foot under the table causing the table to shake. "What the fuck is going on with you two?" I shouted a bit too loud.

Without answering me they both started eating their burgers, leaving me to my own thoughts. With my hormones constantly acting up these days, I lowered my gaze to hide the tears that shimmered against my lashes and pulled my salad in front of me picking at the food.

They were drinking and eating, the waiter returned with the beers. I know that something is wrong and I don't have the patience to hear it because I know it's not good news.

Why else would they being drinking alcohol at this time of the day?

Frustrated, I pushed my plate aside gathering my handbag, only obstacle, Jase fucking Sinclair. Looking up, Jase was busy eating and drinking while Nate was drinking his beer.

Without looking at me, Jase asked "Where are you going?"

"Work" I said flatly "You came late, so now I'm late for the office". I muttered flatly,

"You have the balance of the day off " he used the same tone with me. "Now sit your pretty ass down and eat.


Without so many starts and hindrances I tried the first chapter again. I know it's long but I will try to shorten the balance.

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