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Mercy Hart was a normal teenager until that day her brother came home after being missing for the last year. The words he said to Mercy changed her life forever. But Mercy refuses to believe them until Jax Hudson, the boy with the smile and the all the mysteries. Came and bulldoze her mundane world into pieces. Now she's forced to come to terms that all the things that go bump in the night are real..... And she is one of them. But which one is she?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1- The Wrong Nicknames are the Best Ones

Chapter 1- The Wrong Nicknames are the Best Ones

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust” -The wasteland

It was raining, just my luck to sneak out of third hour for a smoke break to be pummeled with rain. It wasn’t even the third day of October and the weather had already gone to shit. Which isn’t surprising in my town. But usually it takes a little longer. My dad used to say that early bad weather was a warning for a bad year.

“Doesn’t matter,” I thought. ” I’ll just hide somewhere.”

Being a 17 year old girl is hard, but its more harder when you constantly have to escape from reality. I pull out my pack of cigarettes and lit one of them. Yeah I really need to stop this bad habit. But to be fair I’m still on my first pack. Inhaling the toxic sludge that my lungs demand to be filled with, I look out at the road. There’s two teens crossing the street to get to the doughnut shop.

Idiots, they’ll have detention faster then they can say keep the change. Everyone knows Lums keeps a record of the students who go in. I take another hit of my cancer stick before deciding I’m going to put it out. Before I squish it under my shoes. A voice disturbs my little bubble of peace.

“Don’t waste a perfectly good cig.” A husky voice says behind me.

Fuck better not be Mr. Staple he’s always a hard ass about these things. Spinning around its not Mr. Staples, but a boy. Well not a boy he looks like a man..... A really good looking man, he has wavy black hair and green eyes. His lips look full and soft, very kissable. And that body I scan down. He’s lean but muscular, to sum it up he’s trouble with a capital T.

Don’t go there Mercy, you don’t need anymore trouble.

“Here you can have the rest,” I held it out but he looked like he was in a trance. ” Don’t worry I don’t bite.... Hard.”

That broke whatever spell he was in. He took the cig and gave me a heart stopping smile before taking a long drag. Yep, he was trouble.

" So whats a cutie like you doing skipping class you don’t seem like a skipper.”

He was right about that the old me would never even dreamed of skipping class. But that was before everything happened. I thought of my answer before replying to him.

“Tired of all the bull crap that goes on in there,” I tilt my head towards the direction of the school.

“Unfortunately for you Kitten bullshit is going to happen everywhere you go.”

" So they keep telling me, and my name isn’t kitten.”

“Then what is it Kitten?”

“Mercy Hart”

"Mercyy,” he rolls my name around his name, he gives me another heart stopping grin. “Hmmm I like it, it suits you.”

“Thank you mister..... Oh wait you seem not to have a name so I guess you’ll have to go as Doggy for now on.” I have a short fuse when it comes to about anything.

" Ohhh she’s feisty too, I like that. As for my nickname I don’t approve of that one but i have a few other D nicknames you can call me.” He sent over a wink after expelling a cloud of smoke.

I blush all over imagining what they are, curse my not tan enough skin. And the lack of innocence.

" And she blushes. I’m Jax Hudson, you may of heard of me.” He adds all cocky like.

Oh I heard of him, he’s new to the school and already has all the girls fighting over him. And from what I also heard he doesn’t mind it either. Not like I would mind it either if it was the other way around. Sadly the one person who tried to make moves on me was the creepy senior guy in freshman year. I doubt even he would try now.

"Nope I haven’t,” I decided to lie. Just to help his ego, you can never be to careful about these things.

He smirks knowing that I’m lying more than a sinner talking to God.

“Lunch is next period, do you wanna skip out and get some real food?” My heart stopped, did he just ask me to lunch? I couldn’t get my mouth to work, he smirked again seeming to be enjoying my slowness.

God Mercy don't stroke his ego any more. Act like this doesn't effect you. My inner voice always looks out for number one. That is me not being a simp.

" Don’t worry..... If you’re worried about your virtue being attached when we get back it will be. Unless,” he continues. “You don’t want it to be.”

That snapped me out of my stupor. His cockiness is getting out of hand. I need to shoot it down a few pegs. “Please like my virtue was even endangered being around you.” I went to walk back to the school’s entrance. Jax grabbed my hand. I felt sparks and tingles where his hand touched mine. He seemed not to be bothered by it, must just be me.

“Wait, please I just want to feed you. No ulterior motives, I swear.”

“Did you just try to use a ‘Down To Earth’ quote on me?” I was shocked.

“Just wanted to test your movie knowledge. Also I might be trying to put moves on you. So can I take you to lunch?”

I sigh this guy was relentless. Figuring that this was probably going to my only chance to not eat school trash, I caved in.

“Fine but I’m paying for my meal. Got it?” I hate anyone paying for me.

He gives me that smile again.

“Yes ma’am.”


Hi guy’s I wasn’t going to do author’s notes in Inkitt but I thought you guys would wanna hear my opinions and stuff. I also love feedback so tell me if I made grammatical mistakes and Comment! I love hearing your opinions on the chapters.

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