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Chapter 11- Truth and Myths

I changed my mind about saving my strength. I kicked and flailed, trying to get out of his iron grip. Jax just huffed and smacked my ass.

“Stop being a bad Kitten.” I could tell he was enjoying this.

We walked into an office and Jax hurled me into a leather couch. I went to get up but Jax growled at me.

“Do not even think about getting up. Not only have you gotten yourself in trouble but you got me in trouble. We are going to sit here and wait for my father. Then and only then, will your questions get answered.”

He sat down in the chair across from the couch. For a monster he seems pretty okay with me knowing about this. Maybe he already has a plan to hide my dead body. I opted to keep my mouth shut. Unlike Dani, I was going to make it out of this alive. After a millennium of silence Jax’s father came into the room. Following him was Rider and Reed. They sat next to Jax, Reed looked smug.

“So I see you got her back in one piece.” Rider said grinning at me. He looked like we were at a carnival.

“Yeah but I’m pretty sure my family jewels are in pieces now,” Jax grimaces.

Rider would’ve said something else but Jax’s father cleared his throat.

“We can discuss the damages Miss Mercy caused later. Right now we need to explain things to this human. Umm er Unclassified supernatural.” What does he mean supernatural? He can’t possibly believe that I am one of them.

“Miss Mercy,” Jax’s father continues. “ I am Christian Hudson of the Blood Opal Pack. Now you must have a few questions. But before we answer them to the best of our ability. I would like to give you a history lesson about how Supernaturals came to be.”

“ Before the Golden age of Rome and before the start of Greece is when our story takes place. You see the only ‘Supernaturals’ were witches. Witches used to out populate humans. There were only two main covens The Illuminated and Fortuna Coven. The Illuminated practiced white magic or grey magic. Fortuna Coven didn’t they were black magic. There are millions of covens but they all fall under either The Illuminated or Fortuna. You see Mercy,” Christian gets up and pulls out a book. The spine looked like it was bound by hand. The pages were an ageing yellow.

“For Supernatural’s there’s always a counter partner. The tails to the head. The Illuminated created the Werewolves after Diana, the goddess of the hunt and moon, gave them orders. To counter the Illuminated, Fortuna coven created Lycans, our enemy. I’m not saying Werewolves are always good guys nor am I saying Lycans are the bad guys. The-

“What about vampires?” I bursted out.

Christian laughs. “The Fortuna created those and The Illuminated didn’t make a counter partner. They just made the Werewolves equal to the Vampires.”

“That means that you guys have two enemies the Lycans and the Vampires,” I pointed out seeing that it was unfair.

“Lycans are almost extinct. We have treaties and a council to make sure none of us go out. We can’t kill them and they can’t kill us unless they broke a rule in the treaty. Now that that history lesson is over. How much do you know about Werewolves?”

I paused before answering trying to recall my Hollywood knowledge and Wattpad knowledge. “ Werewolves hate silver because it’s deadly to them. They shift once during a full moon. You guys have an Alpha, Beta and omegas. And you guys have a thing called ‘Mates’ that the moon goddess handpicks for you.”

All four of the boys nod their head.

“She’s pretty smart, but we can shift anytime we want. Like how Jax did to protect you from a Rogue. A Rogue is a werewolf kicked out of a pack for a crime. Lone wolves are werewolves who willingly leave a pack or were never born into a pack. And Wolfsbane is also very deadly to us.” Christian sits down back at the desk.

“Mercy,” Jax starts. “ We aren’t monsters. No one would hurt a human. We just have special abilities that make us different. We can’t help it like you can’t help having freckles. And I’m truly sorry about earlier. I didn’t want to expose you to the supernatural world this way.”

“It’s fine Jax…. This is just a lot to take in. I have a couple of questions.”

“Go ahead Mercy,” Jax says.

“The wolf you killed was a Rogue?” All four of them nodded.

“Okayyy and you think I’m a Supernatural?”

“Yes, no Supernatural can have a human mate. Well besides witches,” Rider answers and then his eyes widen.

“What do you mean? I’m someone’s mate? I’m a supernatural?” The questions came tumbling out of my mouth. Then I realized all the answers to my questions. That’s the reason why Jax came onto me the way he did.

“So the only reason you wanted to hangout with me and kiss me was because you have some wolfy claim on me?” I was quoting Twilight but I honestly didn’t care.

“No Kitten I swear it isn’t. The mate bond just drew me to you. But I wanted to hangout and kiss you because you’re an amazing girl.” He walks over to me and hugs me. “ The mate bond was just there to help me find the kindest, sweetest and fiercest person. My other half.” He kissed my lips and I felt the sparks in my veins.

“Can you guys make out later? We have other matters to take care of now.” Jax’s father, Christian, said.

“Yeah I know,” Jax sighs. “ You’re going to have to stay the night Kitten. We have a witch coming in tomorrow to determine your supernatural parentage. We know it isn’t your mom so it must be your father or ancestors.”

I nodded, “I’ll do whatever needs to be done. But I don’t know how your going to pull that one off my mom.”

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