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Chapter fourteen- Flashback

*Flash back*

A year ago

Pulling into my driveway I saw my mom’s car and a couple of cop cars parked near my house. Rushing into the house, I see my mother crumpled up on the couch.

“Mom! What’s wrong? Are you alright? Where’s Dani?” I kneeled in front of her.

“Miss Hart,” the officer started. “It seems your brother has ran away.”

What? Not Dani, he would never.

“Are you sure? This doesn’t seem like Dani.” How dare they suggest that Dani would even think about leaving us.

“We are, he left this.” The officer handed me a note.

Mom and Mercy,

I have to go find dad. I received an email from him saying he was in trouble. (Don’t even bother trying to find it. We all know I’m the tech genius here.) I don’t know when I’ll be back. But I’ll email every month to check in. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be safe. Always.

Love with my all

Daniel Tucker Hart.

*Flashback over*

“He was good at sending the emails. We could never trace them but he usually sent two to three a month. My mom was crazy trying to reach my father to see if Dani was actually with him. But he never answered the attempts at contact. My mom went crazy trying to protect me. Not letting me leave the house after 9 or having me call her every thirty minutes I was out. Rumors weren’t that bad, none were about me. Just why Dani left,” I took a deep breath. Trying to have the air cleanse my body from the memories.

“But then Dani didn’t check in. I thought he was late, so I waited a week. But one week turned into two and then two weeks turned into a month. By then we actually filed a missing persons report and the whole state was looking for Dani.”

“You can stop if this is too much for you,” Rider grabbed my hand.

“No no I need to talk about this.” Pulling out the last saved strength I had I continued with the story.

“We didn’t hear from him for six months. I was coming home late, my mom was working late like usual. She’s been doing that to hide from the wisp of Dani.”


Six months ago

The living room light was on but my mom’s car wasn’t in the driveway.” Maybe Dani came home! The thought of that had me rushing to the front door. Call me an idiot but I just wanted my brother back. The front door was unlocked.

“Dani,” I called out. “It’s me Mercy, I missed you.” I turned and closed the door. I heard a click behind me.

“Lock the door Mercy,” a low voice said from the staircase. I locked the door, turning slowly I saw Dani with a gun in his hand. He pointed it at me.

“Dani, why do you have that gun? Where have you been! Everyone has been worried about you.”

“I’ve been where dad’s been. The email was fake. Dad didn’t write it, some people who wanted dad did.” His head twitched and slowly walked towards me.

“Now sister, you’re going to walk into the dining room. Don’t try anything funny, I won’t hesitate to shoot you.” He didn’t sound like carefree Dani. His voice was all monotone and stiff. I wasn’t moving fast enough for Dani. He whipped the pistol across my face. I fell to the floor.


“I told you to move bitch.”

I got up and walked into the dining room. Dani pulled out a chair for me and gestured for me to sit. He sat across from me and still pointed the gun at me.

“Don’t talk, you talk and I’ll shoot you. Nod if you understand.” I nodded blinking out the tears in my eyes.

“Good. You asked what happened and it is simple. I met some very bad people looking for dad. I was beaten and tortured, they were trying to lure out dad. He wouldn’t come and save me. His own flesh and blood. Oh how I paid in blood, the blood drained thick,” he licked his lips and pulled at his hair.

“Finally dad contacted them. Saying that he wouldn’t risk his life for the wrong child. That’s when I knew that was my baby sister,” he sneered. “I wasn’t special enough to get saved.”

“Those people,” he continued. “Were monsters. Mercy the monsters are real.” He saw my confused face and laughed.

“You’ll understand soon enough. They’ll come for you like they did for me. They were going to kill me you know? But their leader found a better plan. I’m supposed to take you to them.” He got up and started pacing.

“I have no choice, their orders were clear. There’s no other way around it.” he mumbled to himself.

“Dani, you don’t have to do it. You have a choice.” I didn’t know how these people were but I wasn’t about to find out.

“You don’t understand! I have no other way around it. I can feel the call of their orders already singing. You have to stop me Mercy. Stop me.” Dani wailed out.

I got out my seat, Dani whipped in my direction.

“Stay there! Do not get any closer!” I froze. He walked towards me and grabbed my shoulders, shaking me.

“Do not let them get you! Do not let the monsters in! They are all real, the stories are true! Promise me Mercy. Promise meeeeee”

“D-dani I promise! Just please let go!” I was sobbing. He was scaring me. Dani saw the fears in my eyes. He let go and took a couple of steps back.

“I’m sorry sis, I’m your big bro. I was supposed to protect you. Instead I put you in danger.” His eyes cleared, he looked like the before Dani. “I love you, make sure you remember that. Tell mom I love her.” He brought the gun to his face and put it in his mouth.

“Dani no you don’t have t-”


The sound of the gunshot filled the walls of the house. Echoing back and forth. Dani’s body crumpled. I rushed towards his body and screamed his name and shook him. I screamed and screamed until the police kicked down my door. They had to pry Dani from my arms. I didn’t stop screaming until the police drugged me.

*Flashback over*

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