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Chapter 15-What am I?

I cried after releasing the memory that I have hidden for a year. Rider cradled me in his arms and rubbed my back.

“It’s okay. Let it all out,” he said soothingly. I felt my eyes drop down after my tears faded away. I shouldn’t have stayed in his arms but I felt so secure and safe. I would deal with the aftermath when I wake up.

I was woken up to hushed whispering.

“Why is she in your arms?” Jax’s voice broke through the barriers of sleep.

“For the last time! I told you she was crying and I went to comfort her, we fell asleep.” Rider sounded tired.

“Why did she cry?” Jax was getting angrier by the second.

“I had a bad dream Jax,” I got up out of Rider’s arms and sat next to him. “I’m sorry if I kept you up.” I directed it to Rider. My eyes telling him to go along with me. Thankfully he picked up my message and played along.

“I didn’t want to wake you up,” that was true.

“Well next time wake me up okay Kitten?” Jax still looked unconvinced but he didn’t press it.

“We need to get you some food, Kitten. The witch should be here in the next 2 hours.”

“The witch is here. And she has a name.” A silky voice calls behind Jax. He whipped around.

“Rowan Willow, The Pathfinder, greetings.” Jax and Rider fold their arms across their chests and bow.

The girl rolls her eyes. “Please boys, no need for the formalities.” She walks towards me and circles around me. Like a lion stalking its prey.

“This is the mysterious supernatural? And you guys didn’t have enough brains to rule out vampires or werewolves?” She snorted out.

“We just wanted to make sure.”

“Alright I’ll make sure to find out what she is. You guys are dismissed.” Jax looked like he was going to protest but Rowan stopped him. “I need to be alone with her to find out what she is. I do not need Alpha male energies disrupting me. Got it?” I liked her, she wasn’t going to take no crap.

Jax left after telling me that he would be in the other room. I studied Rowan as she studied me. Her skin was a creamy beige. Her hair is the colour of mocha. Her eyes were this piercing goldish brown. She started setting out supplies. Laying out four rocks and herbs and then a small pot with herbs inside it. She lit four different coloured candles.

“What’s your full name?”

“Mercy Selene Hart.”

She nodded. “Your middle name is a witch name. Who picked it out?”

“My father did, he said it was his grandmothers.” I remember asking my mother why I had it.

“So your supernatural side comes from your father.” She said mumbling to herself.

“What does Pathfinder mean?”

She smiles and fingers one of her pendants. “It means that I direct people to their paths or give them advice on their journey. Witches have many talents but usually we specialize in just one.”

“Alright now you’re going to have to grab one of those stones. Tell me if you feel anything when you grab it.”

I grabbed the first stone, it was blood red. Probably a ruby. It just felt smooth and cold, but besides that nothing happened. I shook my head and moved on the next stone. It was a grey moonstone, I still didn’t feel anything. It had this deep blue colour to it. As soon as my hand was near it, I felt it’s call. My body buzzed with energy as I held it in my hand. I felt light and airy, like all my troubles were gone.

“Why do I feel so energized?”

“It’s Lapis lazuli, the witches stone.” She grabbed a herb from the cloth and held it out to me. “Grab this and tell me what you feel.” I grabbed it and hissed as it burned my fingers.

“What is that?” I rubbed my fingers.

“Fennel wards of good witches. Valerian wards off bad ones. But it shouldn’t burn you like that. It should be way more intense and painful. Why doesn’t it affect you?”

“What do you mean? Trust me that hurts.”

Rowan sighed and grabbed the drop herb. She gasped and dropped it again. Showing me her hand which already had red blisters and sores on it. While my hand only had a slight pink to it.

“See what I mean? I need to do a hair test to figure out what witch you are.” She grabbed a couple of strands of my hair.


She seemed unbothered by my pain instead she focused on the pot. Rowan flipped through a book and found the page she was looking for. Setting the herbs on fire she threw my hairs into the fire chanting:

O soror mea de loco superiore mundo.

Salva me inveniet viam sororibus amissi petierunt.

Ostende mihi viam quæ ambulat.

Gratia vobis, et in sapientia mea, ut dirigeret.

Ratione vero eius ostende mihi

The lights in the room flickered as she chanted. She added herbs to the fire that seemed to grow brighter and brighter as she chanted louder. Her hair flew around her face but she seemed unbothered by it. Finally the chanting stopped. And the fire died out leaving a steaming stone. Rowan grabbed the stone and put it up to her ears. She whispered thank you to it. The stone crumbled into ashes as she turned towards me. Her face lit with a little awe.

“Well what am I?”

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