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Chapter 16-Never tell a Soul

“So what am I?” The words tumbled out of mouth. Rowan snapped out of the trace and looked at me. She made a gesture around the room and spoke in latin.

“I put a spell around the room so no one could hear us.” She explained to me then took a deep breath. “You’re a witch.”

“If I’m a witch then why are you silencing the room. Or am I more than just a witch?” I saw the look she gave me after the spell was over. She had fear in her eyes. She didn’t fear me, but more of what I was.

“The Illuminated call witches like you,” Rowan lowered her voice. “The One who Peers Beyond the Veil.”

That sounds like one of the witch titles she mentioned earlier.

“This isn’t a good thing Mercy. If anybody finds out especially the Fortuna Coven. They will kill you. You are the very thing that will disrupt the balance of the good and evil scale.”

“How could I? A witch like you, be able to mess with the scales?” I don’t believe that she must be telling a joke.

She shook her mocha coloured head. “You don’t understand, The one who Peers, is a fracture of the Goddess Diana herself. You are all the supernaturals mixed in one. All their strengths and all their weaknesses.”

“That can’t be true, only the gems and herbs affected me.”

“You have a block to your wolf and vampire side. Don’t worry,” she added like she was reading my mind. “You just have the sight, speed and healing of the vampire. Not any of its dietary needs. But you do have all the wolf factors.”

“How do I have the block?”

Rowan pondered this for a moment. “Your witch grandmother could’ve put the block on you or your father. Your mother is mortal I can sense that in you so she would really have no say in it.”

Rowan reached in her bag and pulled out an old leather bound book. The musty pages scent filled the air. She slid it towards me and packed her things away. Leaving the Valerian and the Lapis Lazuli.

“This book will explain the things you need to know about witches. I can’t go into any more depth about what you are because I am not a high enough rank. I’ll send a High Priestess over in a week or so. Remember Mercy, do not tell anyone about what you actually are. Even your mate Jax, I know you want to but it’s for everyone’s safety. Not just yours. If they ask, say you are a herb witch. That means you can only make amulets and charms.”

“Merry meet, The one who Peers Beyond The Veil.” She does the arm cross and bows towards me.

“Merry meet, Pathfinder,” I try to mimic her bow.

“You’re already a half witch, see you soon new friend.” And with that she disappears in a silver light.

Jax strolls in a few minutes later. He sits down next to me, I can tell he wants to ask how it went. I think I should tell him about what I really am. I can trust him he’s supposed to be my mate.

“She says I’m a herb witch,” I hate having to lie to him but I won’t risk his life.

“That’s good Kitten. How do you feel about all of this?”

“I think it’s a relief to know that the reason I’m different isn’t because of me. It’s because of my genes.” That’s the truth.

Jax gathers me up in his arms and kisses my forehead. I lay there soaking up his warmth and affection. Jax makes me feel safe and makes all the darkness in my mind fade away. So all I’m left with is me and him. I lean up and kiss him. Trying to pour all the apologies I can into his lips.

“What was that for Kitten?” His eyes were wide.

“I just wanted to thank you for coming into my life.” Jax smiles and kisses me.

“I should thank you Kitten. You’re the one who made my bleak life shine with light.”

I lay my head on his chest and stare out the window. I see dark clouds gather in the sky. If only I realized that trouble was gathering in the town I used to call mundane.

Rowan’s P.O.V

Traveling towards the council, I try to clear my thoughts. I requested a meeting as soon as the stone whispered in my ears. Finding out what basically a declaration of war on both sides of the council. Something heavy knocked me into the ground.

I look around at my new surroundings. I was in the middle of a beach.

“Who’s there.” I call out summoning a fireball. I wasn’t as good as the Lightbringers but I still make a bitch run with it’s tail behind it’s legs.

“Those Illuminated, never learn when they’re outmatched.” A dark sinister voice chuckled behind me.

Turning I lost the focus of my fireball. It couldn’t be they died years ago.

Shit I landed into a trap

They saw my face and laughed. “ Yes little witch I’m alive. And you….” They trailed off. “Well lets just say you’re going to wish you were dead. Grab her.”

A pair of hands grabbed me and placed a rag drenched in fennel over my mouth. Before I could pass out I sent a message out to Hecate. I never got to see the reply. The darkness clawed at me until I stopped fighting.

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