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Chapter 17- Risk it all

I went home after eating lunch with Rider and Jax. I lied saying that my mom wanted to spend time with me. She didn’t, she was at work till 9 today. Jax dropped me off at my house and bee lined straight to my reading chair. I wanted to learn more about the witches and what I am exactly.

Cracking open the book I was hit with the old book smell. I breathed it in deeply enjoying the comforting smell of it. The first page was an introduction on how supernaturals came to be. I skipped that because I already knew the basics of it. The next couple explained the Hierarchy of Vampires.

Vampires are split into two groups. There are the Namia (The promise that life will). The Namia are true bloods, the very first Vampires. They cannot be made unlike the Daraya (to hold/possess). The Daraya are made vampires once humans change into a Vampire.

There is a Council of six original Namia families. Each one rules it’s own distinct territories. There was a seventh family, but that family was killed by remaining families.

The chapter continues to go through the Vampires’ past and how they mate and make Daraya. The next chapter is about Werewolves. I skipped through that one because Jax has already filled me in about that. Finally after what seems a millennium of flipping pages, I arrive at the Witches section. Burying myself more into the chair. I prepare myself for more information about what I am.

Witches seem to have the most complex structure then vampires and werewolves. The leaders of witch goes like this:

High priestess (That’s right only females). : There can only be 7 high priestesses at a time. One for each continent the earth goddess Gaia created. They are the masters of all witch magic (white and gray). And are only replaced after serving five centuries for the goddess of the moon.

Elders: No limit on Elders. Elders are second in command to High Priestesses. Some even train to replace a High Priestesses but ultimately it is the moon goddess decision.

Witch Positions: These are the main groups of witch positions. There are many sub-positions to these. These positions are also for the Fortuna Coven.

Pathfinder: Finds the paths that a person is meant to travel through. They may lead them to good or bad ones. They are also called seers. The oracles of Delphi were pathfinders.

Lightbringer: Warriors of the witches, exceptional in offensive/ defensive warriors.

Soothsayers: Can make charms and even some can compel others to do what they want. The compelling only works if you don’t have a strong will.

Healers: Good in making salves and medical amulets. Most can heal by murmuring a small prayer to the god Apollo.

The one who Peers Beyond the Veil:

There was nothing written after it. I flipped the page and saw that several pages were ripped out of it. Long angry gashes adorned the binding of the book. Sighing, I tossed the book onto my bed.

That’s another dead end

My phone dings breaking my cloudy mood.

Jax: What’s wrong Kitten?

Me: How did you know?

Jax: I could sense that your perfect lips were pouting. Now, stop avoiding the question.

Me: I just got my hopes up for something that didn’t come through that alls

Jax: Maybe I can help. What is it?

My fingers hesitated, Rowan’s warning sung in my head like a siren’s call. Asking him for more reading material wouldn’t hurt. Would it?

Me: Do you have any books about witches?

Jax: Yeah our library is pretty stoked. But what do I get in return? ;)

Me: Well maybe I could show you one of my fancy pajamas? You think that would cover it? Or do you need something more than that?

I bite my lip blushing at the text. I’m not usually like this but Jax brings out my inner vixen.

Jax: Hmmmm, I think that will do…. For now

Jax: I expect you to pay up in person tho Kitten

Me: I will but I can’t guarantee your survival afterwards

Jax: For you, Mercy. I am willingly to risk it all

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