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Chapter 18- Reese's

When I awoke from my nap, my mom was waiting on the couch downstairs. She looked pretty mad for someone who just got home. Before I could start to say anything. She pointed at the chair where I usually get yelled at. I haven’t been in that chair for months.

“Mercy, would you like to tell me where you were last night?”

Shit I’ve been caught

“And before you think about lying. Gracie’s mom already told me that you weren’t with her.” I closed my mouth and decided to tell the truth, maybe she knew about Dad.

“I stayed the night at Jax Hudson place, it’s in Howling Cliffs.”

My mom looked stunned, her mask of anger disappeared and slowly the one of worry was put on.

“Why were you there? Did those things do anything to you?” Disdain coloured her voice when she said things.

“So you know what I am! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I shouted at her, thrusting all of my frustrations on her.

“Your father and I decided to not reveal your heritage to you and your brother. Too many people would be after us if you guys knew. But how do you know?”

“Jax and I are mates,” I blushed at the thought of him being mine.

“What! No way will your father allow this! We were already hesitant to stay here. No way will my daughter be mated to the future Alpha of the Blood Opal Pack.”

“First of all, Dad, if you can even call him that. Hasn’t been in my life since I was two. Second of all I didn’t decide on this. You can’t forbid me to not see my other half.”

“Yes I can and I will. You are not to have any part in the supernatural world.” Her voice told me that what she said was etched in stone. I played the only card that I knew to play.

“I can’t stop being in the supernatural world. I’m The one who Peers Beyond the Veil.” My mother gasped and hushed at me.

“Never say those words again! Who else knows this Mercy? You need to tell me now.”

“Rowan Willow, she’s a pathfinder. One of the Illuminated Coven members.”

My mom seemed relieved after hearing that, but I could see her tense shoulders.

“I need to contact your father. Next weekend we’re going to see your grandmother, Selene. As for that wolf boy. Don’t tell him but stay close to him. He’ll protect you with his life.”

My mother rushed to her room. Leaving me all alone, I looked at the ceiling.

Dani what did you get us into now?

Jax’s P.O.V

After I dropped Mercy off I made a beeline start to my Dad’s office. He knew something about Dani and I intended to find out. Walking into the “law firm” I was greeted by the secretary Jaz. She’s been trying to get with me since my father employed her. Each time I manage to dodge her wandering hands.

“Hello Mr. Hudson,” she purred, attempting to be seductive and sexy. It wasn’t working.

“Hello Jasmine. Is my Father in a meeting right now?”

“No but he wi-” I left before she could finish her sentence. He was not going to hide information about my mate from me.

Knocking on the door once. I opened it and then closed it. My father didn’t even care to look up from the case files. He continued to read it and pointed at the chair.

“What do you want Jax? Some people actually have to work, you know.” It was a weak attempt at a dig.

“Fine then I’ll cut to the chase,” I leaned forward. “What do you know about Daniel Hart? And don’t lie to me cause i’ll know.”

My father sighed and looked up from the case files. In the late afternoon light you could see dark grey growing in with the black. The wrinkles of stress marred his face. He rubbed his temple before answering my question.

“All I know is that he stumbled across our pack land. Knocking around a good half of dozen warriors before we managed to subdue him. He was half insane, claiming that the “Dark One”was alive and well. Screaming that he was coming for all of us. One day he managed to escape our cells while a witch was trying to heal him. I think you can put the rest together,” he gave me a pointed look.

“Why did I not know of this sooner? As future Alpha I should know of all threats that have passed through our pack.”

“I was too busy dealing with the transfers to tell you this. It split my mind.”

I knew that I was dismissed so I made my leave to the door. Before opening the door my father called out to me.

“Jax, if you could keep this away from your mate that would be good. And no this is not a request. I don’t need any more problems caused by you. I already have to deal with that dead Rogue. You are dismissed now.”

“Thank you, Alpha.” I spit the words out at him.

Rushing pass Jaz, I get into my car. Slamming the door I take deep breaths trying to calm myself. My phone dinged, reaching over to grab it. I see that the notification is from Kitten.

Kitten: I have Reese’s, I’m willingly to share.

Me: I’ll be over in five

My phone dinged again and her response made my flooding anger trickle to a small stream.

Kitten: About the sharing, your going to have to fight for the other half.

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