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Chapter 19- In my Lovers Embrace

I was waiting for Jax to show up. My mom left thirty minutes ago saying that she had to do some errands and not to wait up for her. My guess is she was going on a date with one of the new male nurses. It’s none of my business but I wish she would be upfront about it.

I heard a car pull up in my driveway. Putting on my happy mask, I opened the door to see the greek god on my doorstep. I kissed him before pulling Jax into the threshold. He kissed me back with urgent lips. Jax closed the door then pressed me against it. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he ran his eager hand down my sides so he could support me better. I playfully nipped his lips, coaxing a growl out of him. He slipped his tongue in my mouth. I could taste the mintness of his mouth. Jax pulled away, pressing his forehead on mine.

“For now on, I want you to greet me like that Kitten.” His voice was gruff.

I blushed and looked away. I was never the girl to do these types of things. “Can you let me down now? Otherwise the Reese’s cookies I made for you are going to burn.”

The mention of his favorite candy caught his attention. He still kept a hold of me. His face was vulnerable and he had adoration in his eyes.

“You made me Reese’s cookies?” His voice softened and I could tell he felt touched by this.

“Mhmmm I was going to give them to you Monday but I thought you’d like them warm and soft.” I was babbling but Jax didn’t seem to care.

“Thank you Kitten,” he pecked my lips and put me down gently.

Walking into the kitchen, I turned off the beeping oven that we didn’t notice during our heated session. I reached in the oven and touched the cookie pan. Yanking my hand back, I hissed in pain. Jax was over in a second and guided my hand towards the sink. He turned on the cold water and put my hand under the stream.

“Kitten if you wanted me to hold your hand all you had to do was ask.” I laughed because I knew he was trying to distract me from the pain.

Jax grabbed a towel and pulled out the cookies. Setting them down he went into the fridge. He pulled out milk and butter, opening the butter container he rubbed some on the parts where the cookie pan burned it.

“Feel better Kitten?”

I nodded my head. Jax gave me that heartstopping and kissed my hand. I blushed even harder.

“I love seeing that blush Kitten, makes me think about other things I could say to get you even redder.” He winked at me, causing me to blush yet again.

“Try the cookies, tell me if they’re any good. I didn’t have regular sugar so I had to use brown.”

Jax took the biggest cookie there was and bit into it. His eyes widened as he chewed it.

“Twis iz the bewt cowkue ewer.” He said through a mouthful of warm cookie.

“Maybe I’ll make them more often since you like it.” He nodded eagerly, making me laugh.

Putting a few more cookies on a plate. I gestured to him to follow me to my room. He walked inside my room looking around it. It hasn’t changed that much in the last year. Jax walked over to my word wall. The wall was almost covered in sticky notes full of quotes and definitions.

“When did this start?” He nodded towards the wall.

“When Dani disappeared, it was my way of coping through it all.”

Jax nodded and moved on to a posterboard I had filled with polaroids of me and Gracie, ticket stubbs and fortune cookies. I haven’t had the heart to remove the pictures of Gracie. I still hope one day we could go back to friends. He walked over to me and sat next to me.

“Are you okay? You seemed off when you got to my house.” I bumped his shoulder with mine.

“Yeah me and my father got into it. Doesn’t matter now.” His voice told me that he wouldn’t tell me anymore then that.

“Me and my mom fought, it was about you. She’s been hiding the fact that she knew about the supernatural world. I think she actually forbade me to see you.”

“ I’m sorry Kitten. Why does she not want you with me?”

“I think it was more about you being the Alpha of your pack then anything else. She said something about you guys being ruthless?”

He laughed, shaking his head. “Oh yeah we’re the most ruthless pack in the us. That’s why the pack is relocating, we need more room.”

“Can I ask a question?” I was going to approach this subject like you would approach a lion.

“You already did Kitten,” he bopped my nose. “But sure, what is it?”

“W-well I read that your wolf could take over your body. And I was- well I was,” I took a deep breath trying to control my nerves. “IfIcouldmeetyourwolf.”

Jax’s smile slipped his face, he looked shocked. “Are you sure Kitten? I won’t be in control and won’t be able to stop him from doing anything.”

I nodded my head. Jax took a deep breath and his eye’s went blank. Then slowly started to turn gold.

“Hi Kitten,” it was Jax’s voice but also not Jax’s voice.

“H-hi uhh-”

“Storm.” He supplied for me.

“Hi Storm.”

Storm grabbed me by the waist and put me on his lap. He gave me Jax’s heartstopping smile.

“Why’s my Kitten nervous? I won’t bite unless you ask for it.” He winked at me and I giggled hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

“Awww. Did I get my Kitten to blush,” he tilted my face so I could look him in the eyes. “Don’t hide away from me Kitten.”

“O-okay, uhh do you have any embarrassing stories about Jax?”

“Maybe I do but it’s going to cost you.” Storm says through a grin.

“What’s it going to cost me?”

“A kiss.”

I pretend to ponder this for a moment. I leaned over and kissed him. He growled and grabbed my butt. I gasped giving Storm the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. I moaned and pulled away blushing.

“You didn’t say for how long.” I said with a Cheshire smile.

“You got me Kitten. Hmmm lets see, I’ll tell you about the time when he tried to ma-”

Storm stopped and his gold eyes faded back to Jax’s green eyes.

“Heyyyyy he was about to tell me an embarrassing story.”

“I know which is why I stopped him. You’re never going to hear about that story.”

I pouted and looked away. Jax’s expression softened as my pout continued longer. He ran a finger down my lips.

“Don’t pout Kitten, your face should only have a smile on it how about this. I’ll tell you a childhood story. Would that make you happy?”

“Yess,” I said through my pout.

“Okay you better put a smile on tho or else no story.” I smiled and he nodded in approval.

“Let’s see, it was my eighth birthday and my grandma brought me these homemade chocolate cupcakes. She would only make them on birthdays. Me and my siblings couldn’t wait until dinner to eat them. So while my parents were out doing grown up stuff. We snuck into the kitchen and ate all the cupcakes. When my parents found out they were maddd. Because there were about 32 cupcakes. We all got grounded except Lulu because she was the youngest. My grandma got us good,” he laughed recalling the memory. “She told us that one cupcake could turn us into a frog. We all were freaking out yelling that we were turning into frogs.”

I giggled thinking about a young Jax yelling about becoming a frog. I yawned and rubbed my eyes, hoping Jax wouldn’t notice. He did.

“I should probably go now so you can get some sl-”

“No don’t,” I blurted out. “ Can you stay? My mom won’t be home till tomorrow.”

“Alright I will but I might leave early in the morning so you don’t get in trouble.”

I nodded and crawled towards my sleeping spot. Jax took off his shoes and his shirt. He laid next to me, putting me in his arms. I inhaled his woodsy scent as I soaked up his warmth. I fell asleep as he stroked my hair. It could’ve been my sleep filled brain but I swore I heard him say I love you.

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