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Chapter 2- Lunch Secrets

Chapter 2- Lunch Secrets

We drive to a diner not too far from the school. Instantly I know what I want, which is a cheeseburger and fries, yummmm. The waitress takes our order and she mostly pays attention to Jax which isn’t surprising. The weird thing is he’s only looking at me not noticing the many boob pop outs the waitress gives. The waitress taking the hint huffed and left quickly. Jax lips quirked up a little bit. That sneaky little shit! He knew all along the waitress was doing. I was going to say something but Jax beat me to it.

“So Mercy, any plans for college?” Jax stirs the ice cubes in his drink.

" Yeah I’m either going to NYC or Columbia college. You?” I had my heart set on New York since I was in middle school. Really my plan was to send out college applications to any college in the united states. I just wanted to get out of this town.

“Not so sure if I can go to college my dad kinda wants me to take over the family business.” His face frowns at the thought of it.

I nod my head like I understand, I don’t. My moms a dermatologist and my dad’s job is to avoid his children. No matter what he does my mom won’t let me speak ill of him.

" Mer he’s your father, he had his reasons for leaving and you’ll understand when you’re older.” Yeah. Very unlikely. It’s very had to understand why you would avoid your children and never even send a text to them.

“Anyways I heard what happened to your brother, I’m sorry.” Jax voice broke through my thoughts.

It’s been over six months and everybody is still talking about what happened to my brother.

“Yeah he was my best friend,” I look down at my drink.

Not going to cry about, I’m not going to cry about this.

Thankfully the waitress came with our food. I looked at the delicious golden fries and the cheeseburger. This diner always had the best hamburgers. Nothing could ever spoil my appetite for the food of the gods. And yes I understand this must be the most uncultured food ever but it has everything you could ever want.

“Alright before you see me to something inhuman I want you to promise that you’ll still see me the same,” I smile and wink at him.

“Ohhhkay? I promise?”

Needing no more reassurance. I dug into my cheese burger, counting off how many bites I took. Eight bites later and a couple of drinks of my pop, I was done. I beat my record of 10 bites. Jax’s mouth was hung open, his face had shocked all over it. I reached over and closed it.

“You’re going to catch flies if you keep it open like that.”

“B-but you just consumed the burger like it was a skittle. Makes me wonder what else that mouth can do, to be honest.” His eyes turn a little darker. I blush at the impure thoughts that just fluttered through my head.

We start talking about random things. I learned that his favorite color is green. He has five other siblings and he’s the second oldest. I told him that I was the youngest of two and that my dad left when I was little. He told about the time he flushed his mom’s credit cards down the toilet for moving away.There were no shortages of conversation topics between the two of us. I don’t think that I had every laugh that much in months. I think we would’ve been there for another hour if it wasn’t for the waitress.

“You’ve been here for three hours either leave or buy more food.” You can still tell she’s still salty from Jax ignoring her.

I checked my phone, fuck shes right. School was out for thirty minutes which means that I missed the bus. We paid the bill then got into Jax’s car.

“I’ll drop you off home just give me your address.”

I told him my address then began to mess with the radio. Jax looked at me with that smile then looked away. What? I don’t care whose car it is. I’m always the DJ. I finally stay on a radio station when I hear my favorite song on.

“Pushin’ past the limit, trippin’ on hallucinogenics

My cigarette burnt my finger ’cause I forgot I lit it

Rippin’ with my sinners ’cause fuck it, man, I ain’t no beginner”

I sing along, thinking back when my brother showed me the song. Jax pulls into my driveway. I unbuckle my seat.

“Thank you for the ride home Jax,” I handed him a five dollar bill. “Gas money for the ride.” I made a face that I hope came across don’t argue with me. He takes.

“It was my pleasure, if I knew you were going to be singing I would’ve offered sooner.”

I get out of the car and close the door.

“Hey Mercy?”

“Yes Jax?”

“I would love to take you to a movie this Friday. Would you let me?”

I nod my head not trusting myself to speak, Jax Hudson, was asking me of all people to go on a date. I gave him my phone number and walked to my porch. When I looked back across the street there was a wolf. It looked at me with more intelligence in it’s eyes then there should be. I went to go grab my phone. When I looked back it was gone. It disappeared as sudden as it appeared.

I must be seeing things, I thought.

Oh boy how wrong I was.


Oooo I sense some chemistry between them. Can you imagine having five other siblings. I can barely handle 2. Don’t be a silent readers and make sure to like this.

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