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Chapter 20- Let Red Cry

Tw mentions of self harm

I woke up to another bad dream. The spot where Jax was sleeping was cool to the touch.

The dream was cruel, I had to watch Dani shoot himself over and over again. Each time he shot himself I could feel the bullet go through me. I kept screaming at him to stop, he just smiled at me, Blood staining his teeth, tiny rivers of blood trailed down his wounds.

“Look at your hand sis,” he told me laughing.

Looking down, I see the heavy burden of the gun in my hand. The metal was so cool that it was burning my hand. Splashing water on my face I look into the mirror. The urge to relieve the pain was calling to me. I grabbed the razor from the secret cubby. Bring the razor to my arm-. I let the red show my tears. I mutter a poem under my breath

Red bubbles up

Gold safety pin reflects in the light

Tears stream down her face

For the promise she just made

Had been broken in a few days

One tear falls and mixes with the red


Shorttt shortttt chapter but very crucial, be prepared.

I also love Corpse’s music.

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oopsies forgot to post the actually chapter.

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