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Chapter 21- My Best friends Girl

Jax P.O.V

Mercy left on read this morning. Now I wouldn’t have been worried about that but I had an omega check on her and he said she looked drained. He could smell an open wound on her. My hands clenched at the thought of her being hurt.

“Hey dude,” Rider’s hand clamped on my shoulder. “Get yourself together, your eyes have been flashing for the last hour.”

“Mercy is hurt, I swear I’m going to destroy the person who did it to her.” I growled out. The omega next to me looked scared.

“You need to calm down, it was probably an accident. Look I have science with her next hour. I’ll check on her and report back to you. We don’t need you in a fight cause someone said the wrong thing.”

Ididn’t like the fact that Rider was offering to help Mercy out. I knew that there was more to the story then Rider and Mercy were telling. But I wasn’t going to press her. I nodded my head and told him to go. Sighing I went to my next class, wishing the time would move faster.

Mercy P.O.V

I clutched my sleeves as I walked to my third hour. Rider was looking cheery as he sat in the seat next to me.

Please I’m not in the mood to pretend today. I tried to will him to go away but he wasn’t budging. I sat in my seat and ignored him.

“Mercy how are you doing today,” he put his hand on my arm.

I yanked it back and took out my notebook.

“I’m okay. Why are you here? You usually sit in the back.” I tried to keep my voice as emotionless as possible.

" Jax has been worried about you. One of the omegas said that you were hurt.”

“I’m fine as you can see. I gotta go I’m not in the mood for science,” I got up and was headed to the door when Rider grabbed my wrist. I winced in pain, Rider eyes widened. He yanked up the sleeve and saw a bandage.

“Mercy I-,” he stopped and dragged me out of the classroom.

“Please don’t tell Jax,” I was begging as we went through the hallways. He ignored me and continued dragging me out of the school to the parking lot. We stopped at a red car.

“Get in,” he shoved me towards the passenger door. I got in and buckled.

He zoomed out of the parking lot heading towards Howling Cliffs. He didn’t say anything but he was pissed. I didn’t like this situation, maybe I could run out when he parked.

“I will chase you if you try Mercy.”

I slumped into the chair sighing. Rider pulled into Howling Cliffs driveway. Rider opened my door and grabbed my hand pulling me upstairs. He stopped at a door and opened. While he was closing it I looked around for escape options. There were two doors that were probably for the bathroom and the closet. The windows were too high up for me to jump out of. Rider went into the bathroom door and emerged with a med kit. He pushed me onto the bed and went to work. Taking off the bandage on my arm he put this salve on the wound. The cuts closed and turned to a faint pink mark. He stroked the spot on my arm.

“I’m not going to ask because I already know the answer to what that was. I won’t tell Jax either but if I see another one of those I will. And trust me I will be checking. Now go take a nap you look exhausted.”

I nodded not knowing what to say, crawling into the soft sheets I laid down feeling the heavyweight on my shoulder drop.

“Rider,” he stopped and turned around. “Can you stay with me? Please.”

He nodded and slid in next to me. I felt guilty because this is the second time this has happened. But I really needed someone to be with me.

Rider’s P.O.V

Dammit I shouldn’t be keeping this from Jax. Hell I shouldn’t even be holding her right now. Looking at her the eyelashes fanning her cheeks, I can’t help feeling this toward her.

Maybe she’s my mate. No I shook my head, throwing that thought far as possible. I can’t have a mate, Reed took that chance away from me. I’m not saying I hate him for it but it still hurt knowing that only my brother gets to have his other half.

You don’t deserve it the way you’re acting with Jax’s girl.

Jax.. I need to tell him that I took Mercy out of school.

Me: Hey yo Mercy wasn’t doing well. I took her to Howling cliffs

Jax: I’ll be there in 30

Me: Could you get her work? She was worried about it and maybe some grub from that diner?

Her being worried about her work was bull. I just wanted to hold her longer.

Jax: Yeah I’ll get us all burgers

Jax: Thxs bro for helping with Mer, I can always count on you.

That was a sucker punch to the gut. I looked at the sleeping angel in my arms then looked up at the sky.

Goddess what are you doing to me?


Awwwww Rider and Mercy are the cutest everrr. Like honestly I ship them. Remember to comment I love hearing feedback and who you ship!

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