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Chapter 23- Reincarnated

“And the heart that is soonest awake to the flowers is always the first to be touch’d by the thorns.“-- Thomas moore

It was snowing heavily Friday morning. Not that I was surprised, I knew Jax had something to do with it. I tugged on my thermal legging and a chunky sweater. My mom walks in while I’m digging in my closet.

“What are you looking for Mercy?” She sat on my bed and locked around.

“My winter coat and snow boats, I have plans today.” I said finally emerging from the closet victoriously.

“Alright I was just coming to tell you your grandma will be picking you up tomorrow. I’m leaving for a trainee day tomorrow.”

By grandma she means Selene. I don’t have a lot of memories of her, my mom never got along with her. Dad was the only thing keeping the peace between them, that’s what Dani said anyways. After he left we didn’t go see her, she just sent letters and cards to us. There hasn’t been one since I was ten. When Dani disappeared she sent a charm bracelet with a note saying it would protect me. I haven’t touched it since.

Pulling into the driveway of Howling Cliffs. Rider was waiting for me at the doorstop.

“Jax is on border control,” he explained. “Follow me. We have a special meeting spots for witches.

I nodded and followed him to a groove of trees. There was no snow touching the groove. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with the gentle warmth of the sun. A creek bubbled somewhere in the distance. Rider stopped me.

“I can’t go any further.” He grabbed my face and placed a kiss on my forehead. I stood there stunned, watching his figure disappear into the cold winterland.

“Mercy!” Rowan shouted, hugging me. She was wearing a cloak made of different patches.

“Hey Rowan,” nervousness seeped through my tone. She noticed my wary expression.

“Don’t worry Mercy, you’re our sister now. It’s just the High Priestess of North America.”

“What! I thought you said I was just meeting Elders. Not the queen of Witches!”

“Be at peace my sister,” a gentle voice called out. Behind Rowan was a nymph like woman. I say nymph like because she had pure white hair flowing down her back. Her looks were ethereal and dainty. I didn’t need to be a witch to know that her presence held power.

“Greetings High Priestess.” I bowed down like Rowan.

“None of that my Sisters, we have much to discuss.”

Leading us further into the tree groove we sat down at the base of a huge Willow tree. Silver lights danced around us going through our hair and clothes.

" I am Artemis, the High Priestess of North America and I am honoured to be in your presence, The one who Peers.”

“Why would you be honoured? I’m just an ordinary witch.”

Artemis l laughed. “You’ll realize soon enough once I explain. You Mercy Selene Hart, are a Reincarnation of the goddess Diana’s other half.”

“High Priestess, that’s a fairytale. Something we were read to as children,” Rowan stated.

“Rowan all the fairytales are real, now hush, Mercy needs to hear the story.” Artemiss started weaving the silver lights into a tapstietry.

" Once when the world was young there was a lonely moon goddess. She had her werewolves and witches who she loved deeply. But no one that was like her. After some time she decided to take half of her essence and create an opposite of her. The opposite was a girl named Selene. Selene was not a full god, a demi-god if you would. Even though she was half she had all the qualities a god should have. Enough to think that she would have all the powers of all the supernaturals. Selene and Diana acted like sisters till one day a young werewolf saw her and claimed her as a mate.

Selene had to make a choice either be with her other half or stay in the heavens with Diana. Diana, seeing the painful choice Selene had to go through. Told Selene to go with her mate, that they would be reunited later. Diana, not knowing, had sent Selene to her death sentence.

Not knowing that as soon as Selene touched the mortal land. Her essence would split into three. Selene would find out that she would have two other mates. Accepted the second one but rejected the last one. For he was evil and cruel. The scorned third mate vowed that he would ruin his love.

The Fortuna Coven made him feed on his anger. Twisting him into something more dark. They called him the Dark King. He made it his life mission to kill everything Selene touched. And he did, villages burned, thousands were slaughtered. At this time all the supernaturals were united into a kingdom. We eventually went to war with the Dark King. Selene, as gentle as she was, could not stand the fact that the war was because of her.

So she surrounded herself to the Dark King, hoping that the love he had for her would protect her. It did not, in a blind rage he killed her. She was pregnant with one of her mates’ children. Diana appeared in front of the Dark King and cursed him.

His spirit would live forever in insanity. Selene would be reborn every century and would come to kill him and the Fortuna Coven, who made him what he is. The goddess Eris appeared after Diana left, she promised The Dark King that if he managed to capture Selene’s spirit that he would be greatly rewarded.” Artemis took a deep breath, allowing us to disgust.

“So Mercy has three mates?” Rowan asked finally.

“Yes, the second one would be destined not to have one. But that is not true if The one who Peers is alive.”

“Mercy, you mustn’t tell anyone what you are. Not even your mate, we need to start your training as soon as possible. Your grandma Selene will know what to do.”

“I already know not to tell. High priestess may I ask a question,” she nodded so I continued. “Was the Dark King responsible for my brother’s death?”

She paused playing with the silver lights before answering. ” Your brother’s death was a trap for you. Thankfully you weren’t old enough to understand.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” Artemis sighed realizing I wasn’t going to give up.

“Yes he was, he inflicted your brother with his madness.


Uh-oh I think we have a murderess Mercy now. She’d probably be badass tho. How was this chapter? Do you feel like it was too long? Too short? Let me know, also Rider sooo sweet. I kinda want him as a Boyfriend tbh. Anyways I am slowly editing the chapter names.

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