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Chapter 24- The sweetest of Sins

Storming out the groove I ran into the forest. I was wallowing in my pity and guilt.

Dani died because of you. It’s your fault all yours.

The monsters we’re clawing inside me. Whispering the things that hit me the most. Slamming my fist into a tree trunk, I screamed. I screamed until my lungs burned and tears stung my eyes. I heard footsteps approaching me.

“Mercy what’s wrong!” It was Rider’s voice.

“He died because of me. His death is on my hands.” I whispered hoarsely.

“No Mercy, he died for you. He wanted his baby sister to live the best life she could.”

“How do you know! You weren’t there you don’t understand!” I shouted at him. Rider wasn’t having any of that. He pinned me up against the tree.

“Stop,” his voice was low. “Stop letting the pity get you down. My Mercy is a fighter and she’ll get through this.”

“I don’t think I can fight this anymore,” I whispered more to myself than to him.

His eyes darkened and flashed to gold.

“No Sweetheart, you’re not giving up. Not on Rowan, not on the Jax and definitely not on me.” Then his lips crashed onto mine.

I kissed him back fiercely, he ignited a fire in me that I didn’t know I even had. Rider’s hand got tangled into my hair. While I molded my body into his. I nipped at his bottom lip, earning a growl out of him. He kissed down my neck, biting at a spot that sent shivers down my spine. I pull his head back up to my lips and kiss him again. He pulls away and looks at me wide-eyed.

“We can’t, he’s my best friend.”

Reality crashes on to me hard. Jax… Oh god what did I just do?

“I’m sorry Mercy,” he ran deeper into the forest leaving me alone.

I walked back to Howling Cliffs Manor. The kitchen was empty so I walked up into Jax’s room. I heard the shower running so I sat on the bed thinking about what I should do. My mom didn’t raise me to lie and I hated lying. I took in a deep breath and calmed my thoughts.

The shower turned off and Jax stepped into the bedroom wearing nothing but sweatpants. Guilt clouded my mind as I looked at him.

“Hey Kitten.”

“Hey Jax,” I stuck my tongue out at him. Chanting in my head to act normal.

He sat on the bed, texting someone on his phone. Tossing the phone further onto the bed he looked at me.

“Wanna go spare? I want to see more of your moves.”

“Uhh sure,” I couldn’t say no.

We walked to the sparring room. Waiting at the center was Rider. He looked surprised to see me.

“I thought you said Mercy left?” He asked Jax.

“Yeahhhh I lied,” Jax lunged at Rider punching him in the face.

“Jax!” I wedged myself in between them.

“What was that for!” I hissed at him.

His eyes went dark as he assessed us.

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe for pinning my girl onto a tree and kissing her!” He shouted at Rider. Rider just took it and stretched.

“Jax you’re my best friend. It was an accident!”

“An accident huh?” He pushed me out the way and jumped onto him. I screamed at him to stop. I tackled Jax into the ground.

“Stop it!” I shouted at both of them.

“Oh you’re going to protect him! You promised nothing was going on! What happened to that?” He shouted back at me.

“Your dead Rider. Dead.” His eyes flashed gold.

“Bring it on Hudson.”

This was escalating quickly, I pulled out the only card I had.

“Jax stop, I think he’s my mate.”

Jax stopped fighting me and laughed.

“Let me get this straight? Yo- You think he’s your mate? I’m your mate Mercy. You’ve been a supernatural for what? Five days? He’s using you. He can’t have a mate, he was born mateless.” Jax glared at Rider.

“That’s why I was meeting the Elders Jax! They said I might have two mates. You would’ve found that out if you let me explain. They said my other mate would be destined mateless. I feel the same sparks that I get when I touch you, with him.”

Jax pushed me off his lap and stood up. I moved myself so I was in between both of them.

“That doesn’t matter right now. The fact is he kissed my gir-” I cut Jax out.

“You never asked me to be your girlfriend so find another reason to be pissed at him.”

Jax storms out the room. I try to follow him but Rider grabs me.

“No, his wolf is in control right now. Let him cool off and then you can talk to him.”

“But I hurted him,” I feel tears slip down.

“It was bound to happen. None of us knew this was going to happen. We all need to digest this and come back to talk about it.” He strokes my hair while pulling me to his chest.

“You can’t tell no one about me being your mate.” Rider looked confused and was about to say something. “Please, if you do, my life will be endangered, that’s all I can say. Promise me.” I begged out letting the desperation flow out.

“I promise Mercy.”


Woahhhh they finally kissed. How do you feel about Mercy having two mates? You think she should just choose one? Who do you ship?

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