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Chapter 25- Apologies

Jax’s P.O.V

My fist slammed into a tree trunk. Fuck, my own best friend, my future Beta. Betrayed me, letting my mate believe he could be her other half. I’m not doubting that she has a second mate. Mates usually have matching birthmarks on their hips, arms or collar bones. I noticed Mercy had too on each side of her hips. But it couldn't be Riders. He always kept his hips covered because of the lack of the mark.

My wolf demanded more blood for what Rider did to us. But Mercy kept putting herself between us. The memory of what they did keeps replaying in my head.


After doing a shift in border patrol all I could think about was a shower and Mercy. I was heading towards the witches meeting place when I got a mind link from an omega.

What is it? I swear if it something stupid….

I just saw Mercy run out of the meeting place Sir.

I followed the omegas directions to where he spotted Mercy. Rider was with her, Mercy had tears streaming down her face. I started walking faster to her. Then Rider… He kissed her, that stopped me. I was waiting for Mercy to pull away but she accepted the kiss. A pain in my chest burned, I wasn’t hurt. No hurt was the last thing I could be. I was livid, red tinted my vision. It took all my strength to not run up and pull Rider off her. My wolf screamed for control, I walked away slowly. Telling my wolf how we would solve our bloodlust.

Flashback over

By the time I calmed down it was nightfall. I made my way down to Howling Manor. Rider was waiting for me at the front door. My fist connected to his jaw before he could say anything. He didn’t hit back, I went in for another one but he blocked it.

“Mercy’s asleep on the couch. Me and you need to talk, no fists just words.”

I nodded following him into the house. We sat down in the living room, Mercy was asleep on the couch. Her eyes were puffy and red, she was hurting.

Rider’s P.O.V

Jax sat down across from me, I didn’t know who was going to speak first. I had this whole speech planned out about how Mercy being my mate was a miracle. It basically flung out of my head when Jax punched me.

“I’m sorry dude,” I whispered, not wanting to wake up Mercy.

“For filling my mate’s head up with nonsense or for kissing her?” He shot back, anger was still clouding his head.

When we were younger, Jax always had anger issues. He would pick fights with other kids our age over the dumbest things. It got so bad that I remember Jax’s mom had to intervene once. Every time Jax got into a fight she would give out something of Jax’s to that person. The fights have stopped over the years but he still had that anger streak.

“No for not telling you my suspicions,” I said slowly.

“She isn’t your mate!” He whispered, shouted, his eyes flashed gold, I knew I needed to act fast.

I walked over to Mercy, gently rolling her over to her side, I pulled her shirt up a little bit. Just enough so Jax could see her birthmark.

“That doesn’t mean anything. You don-” He stopped when I pulled up my shirt. Showing the same deformed tree leaf that Mercy had. He looked back and forth between the two identical birthmarks.

“Jax… All this time I’ve been keeping this anger towards my brother because he stole my chance of a perfect mate. And now my one wish came true. Look I’m sorry for not telling you what was going on. But I didn’t even think it was true.” I felt tears go down my face.

A hand reached up and whipped them away. I looked up and saw that Mercy was awake. This angel saved me from my destruction. My guiding light, that little minx was awake this whole time.

“Thank you Sweetheart.” She kissed my cheek and looked at Jax.

“Rider could you go? I want to talk to Jax alone.” I nodded and left.

Mercy P.O.V

“I’m sorry about earlier Mercy,” Jax says.

“No you’re not,” I started to say. “Ever since I found out we were destined to be together my life flipped upside down. I’m not saying this is your fault but you were right. I only just learned about this whole different reality a few days ago. I ne-,” I paused to take a breath. “ We’ve been moving too fast.I need time away from all of this. Mates and supernaturals, I need time to get over the real reasons for Dani’s death.” I started to cry.

“Kitten…. Please don’t leave me. I only just got you.” Jax pleads to me. He tries to hug me, I brush him off. Stepping away I continue to talk.

“How can I leave if we were never together? I just need time by myself for a week or two. To just be human.”

I left him rushing out of the room. Rider was outside, wide eyed. I shook my head and mouthed later. I knew if I stayed I would be hurting both of them more. The ride back to my house was silent. Usually I had a chatty driver. Not this time, this driver could sense that I didn’t want to talk. She even offered me a kitkat which I accepted.

There was another car parked into my driveway. The sidewalk was freshly shoveled and salted. My mom never shoveled or salted, she had the single male neighbor do it. I gave my eternal thanks to whoever shoveled it. Otherwise who knows if I would’ve made it to through the door.

Dropping off my keys into the key dish. I heard sounds coming from the kitchen. It sounded like old timey music. Ya know from the 70’s. I could smell the exotic spices of Italy wafting into the hallway. Following the smell of comfort food, I am greeted with a white hair woman. She has my father's eyes.



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