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Chapter 26- Fallen Angel

The white haired woman rolls her eyes and wags the spoon in my direction. She goes back to stirring the yummy smelling pot before answering to me.

“Child, ain’t no reason to get all dramatic with me. This ain’t a soap opera you can call me Selene. I was never no grandma to you. I am sorry for that child.”

I ignored her response and hugged her. She was stiff at first but then warmed up to my hug. She pulled away and pointed to a stool for me to sit in. Placing a plate of peppers in front of me, she goes back to stirring the pot.

“Poor child, I told you father that he should’ve educated you. But your father is a stubborn man. He gets that from me,” she winks. “ Doesn’t matter you can still learn the basics while I’m here.”

“Gr- Selene,” I corrected myself when she raised an eyebrow at me. “ I already tried a fire spell in the shower.”

“Really? Were you tired afterwards?”

I shook my head, Selene went into a bag on the counter and pulled out a bundle of something.

“Lit it.” She says, handing it to me.

“Woahhh Selene. I know you don’t want me viewing you as a grandma, But I still don’t think you should be handing me weed.”

Selene threw her head back and laughed. “Child, this white sage and lavender. I ain’t giving you none of that. Weed to witches is like dairy to a lactose intolerant person.”

I nodded and focused on the bundle in my hand. I imagined the tip of it getting warmer and warmer till smoke came out of it. I muttered the ignis, the bundle of sage lit up. Smoke gracefully came out of the lit tip. Selene took it out of my hand. She waved it around my body before waving it around hers. She then walked around the kitchen before setting it down in an ashtray.

“You’re a natural, unsurprisingly. I was a High Priestess.”

“You were a High Priestess? I thought that they did five centuries of serving before stepping down.”

“Are you saying that I don’t look old as dirt?” She joked turning off the stove. “No, the goddess released me early so I could have your father. I didn’t know at the time but I played an important part.”

Placing a bowl of spaghetti in front of me, Selene sat down next to me.

“I heard you found your mate,” she starts.

“Both of them,” Selene’s eyes widened.

“This is accelerating faster than I expected.” Selene whispers.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing child, why don’t you finish your food. We have a long day tomorrow.”

I inhaled the delicious spaghetti, muttering some hawts when it burned my mouth. I offered to help clean up but Selene waved me off telling me she had it. I climbed the stairs, thankful I didn’t have to pretend anymore. I slipped into the shower, washing the day remains off me. After the shower, Rider called me.


“What’s up with you needing time? Is that just for Rider or…” He trailed off.

“Both of you guys. Fuck the whole supernatural world excluding Lulu. This has happened all fast Rider, I need time.”

“But Merc-,”

“No Rider. Please just give me this.”

“Fine, but I want to talk to you at least once a week.”

I sigh knowing Rider wouldn’t budge on this. “Fine, I’ll talk to you next week.”

I hit the discount button before flopping on the bed. I let my breathing get slower and slow till I drifted off.

I was back in the meadow again. The wolf was standing in the middle of it. He slowly padded his way to me before shifting. The man wasn’t as rugged as the wolf looked. He was actually pretty handsome if it wasn’t for the cruel look in his eyes. He had a jagged scar on his neck, like some cut off his head then reattached it. His sandy brown hair was combed back.As he got closer I could sense the aura of darkness and sin. Not the good kind of sin either. His hands were stained by guiltless murders. His very presence should have repelled me away. Instead I saw myself walking towards it. My very soul was calling to his, my body yearned to be touched by his. This was The Dark King.

“Selene,” he breathes out. “Oh my Selene. Your appearance might slightly change and change over the centuries. But I recognized my beloved.” He caresses my check.

A new found energy is struck into me. I slapped his hand away.

“The beloved that you killed. Your love was a poison,” I spitted out. It was my voice but it was not mine.

“Still my little warrior. My love was not a poison but a drug to you. You could never get enough of it. Among other things,” he sent out a wink.

“Drugs turn into poison or have you forgotten Zagan?” His name was painful to my body.

“So the memories are coming back? Hmmm you are accelerating faster then expected my love. You better be ready,” he leans in and whispers in my ear. “Because I’m not going easy on you. I know what you’re capable of. And you know what I will do to get to you.”

He kisses my forehead and I’m sent back to my regular dreams.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go back to an easy sleep after meeting Mr.Creepo or thou shalt not be named. After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours, I gave up on the idea of sleep. Thankfully I smelt the perfume of coffee so I just went downstairs. Sitting at the breakfast nook was Rowan and Selene. Neither of them noticed I was there so I decided to do some eavesdropping.

“She’s progressing faster than expected Rowan. Doing a fire spell and not feeling any tiring effects is not normal.” Selene whispered to Rowan.

“Tell me about it she touched raw Fennel and wasn’t burned.”

Selene shook her head and sighed. “This just means we have less time to teach her before he finds her. If he hasn’t already.”

Deciding I heard enough, I walked into the room. Selene and Rowan both stared at me like I grew two heads.

“What? Is something wrong?” Starting to worry I looked behind me to see if someone was behind me.

“Your red strip it’s white now.” Rowan said slowly, like she was trying to defuse a bomb.

“What!” I shouted touching it like I could see colors by feeling them.

“We have other things to worry about Mercy. We’ll worry about the hair later.” Selene slid a bowl of biscuits and gravy towards me.

“Here eat up, you need all the energy you can get.”

“Can I get a cup of coffee?”

“No, we’re practicing magic.”

I pout going back to eating the yummy food. Rowan pats my head and laughs.

“It’s alright Mercy. You can have a huge cup after we’re done torturing you.”

“Wait who said anything about torture?” I yelped out.


1221 words, I'm doing my little happy dance. How do you feel about Mercy's meeting with The Dark King? Did you know that Zagan means falling angel? That's why the chapters name is fallen angel.

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