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Chapter 27- The club

Turns out the torture included doing various spells and protective amulets. Selene was following a schedule more planned than a teachers. Selene and Rowan were going to help me make amulets first because amulets contain stored energy and won’t wear me out. They couldn’t help me out directly because the amulet is more powerful to the person who made it.

“Make sure you add to tablespoons of moon water Mercy,” Rowan instructed me.

Adding the moon water, I focused on qualities of being invisible. Selene says it’s helpful to focus on the amulet’s purpose. Currently I was working on an invisibility amulet. When done it would morph into something easy for me to conceal.

“Mercy, how does the Invisibility amulet work again?” Selene questioned me, she’s been doing this on every amulet.

“It will only conceal me for a hour. It can be broken if someone knows that I’m there and if they make direct eye contact with me.” I paused before remembering something else. “It won’t work if I’m asleep either.”

Selene nodded and took a look at my amulet. “Good work Mercy it’s done. And you’re right, that amulet should only be used in emergencies only.”

I nodded and set the amulet aside. It turned into a star pendant. No one else could see it but I knew that I made it work. Selene picked up the amulet and nodded.

"Congrats Mercy. You just made a flawless amulet here."

Rowan handed me a glass of orange juice. I gladly gulped it down, feeling more refreshed after it was gone.

“Are you ready for spells?” Rowan asked me, I nodded my head.

“Let’s begin then,” Selene opened the spell book.

Let me tell you, learning spells is not easy. I stuttered over the dead language tongue otherwise known as Latin. Most spells were forgiving. Others…. Well lets just say they gave me a big F you. But each time I fell down Rowan and Selene were there to pick me back up. They gave me pointers and even signed me up for Duolingo! That’s right, I’m learning how to speak a language from an owl.

“That’s it I’m done.” I said to really no one in particular.

“But we have more to practice,” Rowan said.

“Nope, we’ve been doing this for the whole day. I’m tired and stink from spells exploding on me.”

Rowan was going to argue you with me but Selene shushed her.

“Your right Mercy, you did good today. We’ll wait till Monday before doing more.”

Rowan packed her things up and walked to the front door.

“See you Monday Mercy,” she yelled out and closed the door.

Walking out of the shower, I screamed. Sitting on my bed was a bored looking Lulu. She had a couple of bags next to her. Wrapping my towel tightly across my body. I walked around checking to make sure she didn’t break in.

“Your grandma let me in,” she said unbothered.


“I heard all the drama and I totally agree. Jax is being a total Alpha and moving things too fast. Knowing how sad he is, I thought you want some girl time.”

“What type of girl time?”

Lulu gave me a cheshire smile and pulled out a dress.


“No.” I said for the last time.


We’ve been going at this for the last hour. Not because of the clubbing idea. But because of the outfit Lulu insisted on putting on me. It was a mini skirt and a beautiful crop top. The mini skirt was leather, the crop top was long sleeved but had slits all done it. This outfit left no room for imagination.

“Come on Mercy, you look hot. Would you go if I said Jax was coming?” Her bringing up Jax was so unfair. I sighed looking at my reflection again.

“Fine, let’s do this. But,” I pointed to the thigh high combat boots. “Only if I get to wear those.”

Lulu grinned and we finished getting ready. Lulu wore a skin tight white dress with towering sparkly heels. We both helped each other with the eyeliners. Lulu helped me curl my hair so it was flowing down my back. I straightened hers, by the time we were done it was past nine.

There is only one truly good club around here. But it was so exclusive that hardly anyone got in. Walking towards the entrance of Sin, I felt more confident than ever. The bouncer just looked at us and let us in. As soon as we walked through the door. We were greeted with music pulsing inside. Bodies were on the dance floor shimming to the beat of the music. Lulu pulled me towards the bar.

“Two mystery shots please,” she winked at the bartender. The bartender winked back and handed us blue colored shots. I downed mine wincing at the liquid fire trailing down my throat. Feeling the liquor go through my limbs, I pulled Lulu towards the dance floor.

We found two guys to dance with. I got lost to the music with this beautiful male. He didn’t seem to mind it either. His hands were everywhere but where they were supposed to be. The song changed and suddenly I was pulled away.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Rider demanded.

“Same as you…. Dancing.” I threw him a coy smile.

“With some stranger dude,” Rider grits his teeth.

“And? I can do whatever the hell I want.” I pulled my arm away from him.

“Oh really now?” Rider grabbed my arm and dragged me to a back exit. Rushing outside he closed the door.

“Leave now Mercy. Before I do something about that little attitude you have.”

“Lulu is in there! I’m not leaving without her.”

“What? Jax told her not to come tonight.” He groaned and went back to the door. But before he could a figure moved in front of it.

“Well well well. What do we have here boys?”


What's going to happen? How do you feel about this chapter? I liked it.

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