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Chapter 28-Popcorn

“Well well well. What do we have here boys?” The voice stepped out of the shadows. He moved with deadly force, his skin was pale… By Rider’s face I can tell we we’re both thinking the same thing.

“Who drag the leeches out?” Rider was taunting him. I squeezed his arm and shook my head.

The leader notices me and trails my body. Suddenly I wished for more layers.

“What do we have here? She’s almost passed for a leech, ehh?” He breathed in deeply. “Mmmm but her blood…. It gave it all away.” He bared his fangs at me.

“You better not Erik, that’s the Jax’s mate.” Rider warned him. He pushed me further behind him.

“You mean the mate you just almost had your tongue down? I wonder how he feels about that. Unless,” he adds. “You guys are sharing? Because if you are I wouldn’t mind a turn. Don’t worry I won’t drain her.”

“Back. Off.” Rider growled out his eyes flashing gold. He stepped closer to Erik. Erik gave me a brief smile before throwing Rider into a wall. Two of his goons grabbed him and pinned him. Rider was snarling and trying to get out of the hold. Erik stepped closer to me, I knew this wasn’t going to end well for.

Ignois,” I called out summoning a ball of fire to erupt in my hand. The heat came instantly. Erik paused and laughed.

“Oh so we have a little witch.”

“Yes you do, now let go of Rider before I turn all of you into bonfies.” I flexed my arm making it seem like I was going to throw it.

Erik snapped his finger, the two goons let go of Rider. He pushed both of them away before taking his place besides me.

“Leave Now.” I said as calm as I could.

“I’ll see you soon Little witch.” And with that he and his goons left. I let go of my fire feeling drained.

“Mercy that was a-”

“Let’s just go get Lulu please.”

We were laying in Lulu’s queen sized bed watching some netflix. I was replaying the club nights events.

“So let me get this straight again. You, a new witch, just threaten Erik Williams?”

“Yes but in my defense he was looking at me like I was the last water bottle on earth.”

“Maybe he was thirsty for something.” We looked at each other and laughed our asses off.

“Yeahhh, I’m pretty sure he didn’t want to, you know…” God I hate how innocent I am.

“You mean fuck? It’s perfectly okay to say fuck. See watch me fuck, fuck, fucking.” She progressively got louder with each fuck. I covered her mouth and shushed her.

“Oh stop being a prude. You have two alpha males mates. It won’t be long till you’re screaming their names.” She rolled her eyes and then proceeded to go “oh Rider”.

“Stoppp no more please,” I groaned out.

“That’s what she said… Or what you will be saying.” I was about to hit her with a pillow when the door opened. Standing in the doorway was a Jax.

“Hey Lulu I was making popcorn you want so-” He paused when he saw me laying next to her.

“Mercy can you go get the popcorn please.” I glared at Lulu but went up to get it.

Jax followed me into the kitchen. The popcorn machine just began to start popping.

“What are you wearing?” Jax asked, sounding bitter like.

“A clubbing outfit.”

“You went to a club?”

“Didn’t Rider tell you? I had to ward off some vampires.” I avoided looking at him.

“You what? You know just forget about it. I’ll deal with it later.” He was walking away but I stopped him.

“I miss you, I don’t understand why I do. I feel all empty now.”

“That’s the mate bond for you.” He said curtly.

“Hey what’s wro-”

“Jaxxx what’s taking you so long?” The whiny voice of the girl from the dinner calls out. She was just wearing one of his shirts. My inner bitch clawed out, I answered her before Jax could.

“He’s talking to his mate. You can put your clothes back on and go now. I’m sure someone else can use your services. And,” I added with fake sympathy. “They might give you a little extra!”

Jax covered up a snort. While Amber just open and closed her mouth before gathering up her wits.

“Oh really then what were you guys talking about? Because to me it looked like he was trying to shake you off.”

Oh it’s on hoe.

“We were talking about what best position to get in for our mating.” God I hoped I was making sense here.

“Now please leave, Hoe’s ruin the mood.” I smiled and gestured to the door. Amber huffed and grabbed her stuff. She stormed out of the door, once she was out of sit. I turned towards Jax.

“Why was she here?” I growled out.

“Awww is Kitten jealous?” He cooed out.

I glared at him and made a very rude gesture. He just laughed and grabbed the bowls of popcorn.

“Someone invited her, I was having a movie night with the guys. You and Lulu can come join if you want.”

“Are there other girls there?” Jax nodded.

“Then me and Lulu will join you.”

Amber’s P.O.V

I can’t believe that bitch of a human just kicked me out. And Jax fucking let her! And her claiming that she’s his mate, yeah fucking right. I heard a few catcalls walking back to the other packhouse. I ignored them,I was not in the mood to play. The back of my neck started to prickle. Someone was watching me, turning around I looked all over. I couldn’t see anybody.

“Who’s there?” I called out.

“Me,” a voice whispered behind me.

A hand grabbed me by the neck and turned me around. I tried to kick the person who grabbed me. I was lifted higher so my feet couldn’t touch the ground.

“What do you want?” I gasped out.

“A pawn,” the dark voice whispered.

Suddenly a alien cold force slithered into me. It touched all the hate inside me and fed on it. The man dropped me, disappearing into the darkness. I looked down at my hands to see dark tendrils retreating into my skin. Smiling I got up and walked to my pack house.

Who’s ready for a treat?


Oh my goodness! What do you think happened to Amber? Should we really care tho.... She was trying to steal Mercy’s man.

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