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Chapter 29- Old Man Blues

In the in-home movie theater was Rider, Reed with a mini attachment. The mini attachment sensed Reed’s resentment towards me and in turned glared at me. Lulu just flopped down on the leather recliners. I sat next awkwardly between Jax and Rider.

“What are we watching again?” Reed’s mini attachment said.

“The Notebook,” Rider said deadpan.

“No we’re watching The Conjuring. Some scary shit,” Jax dimmed the lights as he said it.

The movie started playing and I tried to ignore the fact I was between them. But it was hard, they both instinctively rested one of their hands on my thighs. They shot glares at each other. I took both of their hands off and gave them a pointed look.

Jax P.O.V

I’m really not in the mood to have a fight with Rider. But he keeps laying his hand on my ma- I mean our mate. Mercy revealing that she has two mates opened up a whole can of worms. Everyone knows that Alpha’s can’t- no won’t share their mates. Rider knows this and won’t back the fuck off. I saw his hand slid onto her thigh. I was about to rip it off when Mercy took it off and looked at both of us.

Knock it off Rider

What? You worried she’s going to choose me over you? His voice rang through my head. The thought of Mercy choosing him had my wolf growling in anger.

She said for us to give her space. I reminded him

He snorts, Like you were doing a good job on that.

Going back to the movie, it was just getting to the scary part. Mercy kept squirming around. Her face looked green and she was sweating. Leaning over I whispered in her ear.

“If you want to stop watching the movie, tap my hand three times. She tapped my hand three times. Grabbing her hand I took her out to the back patio. She sat on the chair and took a couple of shaky breaths.

“Hey, what’s wrong Kitten?” I kneeled down in front of her so I could see her face. She had tears going down.

“T-the movie just reminded me of the night with Dani,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry Kitten, do you want to talk about it?”

She shook her head, her hair falling into her face.

“Co-could you just hug me for a little bit?” I awed at that for a minute and got to work. Placing her on my lap I cradled her while she took shaky breathes. I stroked her hair telling her it was okay. I swear when I find the bastard that took hold of her brother. He’s going to wish that he was dead.

I looked into Dani's capture on pack land's and if anything seemed suspicious. The only thing that seemed to pop out was that we received an anonymous check the day Dani died. It was an offshore account, somewhere in the Caribbean. I'm having some friends from another pack check it out. I don't want to tell Mercy until I have all the facts straight.

Looking down into my arms I see the sleeping Kitten. I carefully carry her back to the house. Passing by a very angry Rider. I can only assume his ass of a dad called.

Riders P.O.V

Mercy and Jax leaving didn’t bother me. I would love to be the one comforting her right now but she’ still pissed at me for the club thing. What was bothering me is the fact that Reed’s chick Heather wouldn’t keep her hands to herself. Every couple of minutes her hand would inch closer to my belt. I couldn’t remove her hand because it would be obvious what she was doing. Not that Rider would care, he loves to pick the girls with the lowest morals.

I finally had enough of being molested when she got closer to my crotch area. Jumping up I asked if the group wanted more popcorn. Lulu handed me her bowl, taking it I headed and went to the kitchen. The popcorn kernels popping blocked the sound of footsteps approaching. In the kitchen was a leaning Reed.

“Wassup bro?” He was probably going to bitch about the chick.

“You and Mercy are mates?” Disgust was laced in his voice.

“Yeah? It’s a miracle halliehugh.” I shook my hands up in the air sarcastically.

“To the human? Oh Dad will be disappointed.” I rolled my eyes at that, the old man was always a little speciest.

“She’s a witch. One that can burn all your clothes. I wouldn’t speak about her like that.”

Reed popped a handful of popcorn in his mouth and chewed thoughtfully.

“Still a human. But don’t worry maybe the goddess will give you a second mate when she rejects you for Jax.” He took the bowl and left. My mood soured like milk.

As if my brother summoned him my old man called.

“Hello Dad,” I sighed, running my hands through my hair. This was going to be fun.

“Your brother tells me you found your mate.” He states, goddess he still sounds like a prick even though he’s thousands of miles away.

“Yes I did. She has two mates.”

“Two? Who else is she mated to?”

“Jax Hudson.”

He paused for a second before responding.

“Well this is a good thing. An alpha like Jax needs a strong wolf. Not some weak human.Tell Jax that he should reject her and find a real Luna. We’ll leave the weak ones to the regular wolves. I have to go son.” He clicks off before I can say goodbye.

Ladies and gentlemen meet my asshole father. My old man and Reed think that Reed’s going to be beta. But Rider has already chosen me. Dropping off the popcorn to Lulu I head up to my room. I can hear the bed creaking from Reed’s room. Sighing I turn my stereo so I can drown out the noises.


Okay the fact that Rider's dad just dissed Mercy. Im about to throw some hands for real. Anyways here's another update, I wrote it while I was in class. My finger's were just begging to type out some words.

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