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Chapter 3-Nightmares aren't just for the Wicked

Chapter 3- Nightmares aren’t just for the Wicked

After lunch with Jax, I was pretty tired. I didn’t need to worry about homework because I was half online and half school student. I was already ahead in my classes and there was nothing my teachers could do about. Ha, take that government institutions. I crawled into my warm inviting bed. There I was welcomed into a nightmare filled sleep.

I was in a forest running from something. I don’t know what it was but I knew that it would catch me if I didn’t keep running. I stumbled on tree roots and rocks, the sky looked menacing. The wind screamed in protest, I understood what it meant. You shouldn’t be here. I see a clearing ten feet away, using the last of my strength I lunged towards it. The clearing was filled with flowers. There was a huge willow tree in the middle of it. The sun was shining brightly, giving me the feelings of warmth and safety. I took another step and tripped on a rock. When I lifted myself up, the clearing wasn’t the same. The flowers were all dead and the willow tree looked like gnarled fingers clawing at the ground. And there was a figure near the gnarled tree.

“Who are you?” I call out.

The figure disappears and then reappears right in front me. It’s...... Daniel.

" Daniel? It can’t be you. You’re dead.... YOUR DEAD.”

“Little sis, you didn’t listen to what I told you that night.” It’s Daniel’s voice but it sounds darker. Daniel grabs my shoulders.

“Dani let go of me. You’re hurting me.” I try to move his hands off of me but it’s like a steel grip.

" Mercy you have to listen to me,” the wind howls. ” It’s all true. They’re real. It’s all real.” He starts shaking me.

" Dani, you’re scaring me. Who’s real? What’s all true? I don’t understand.”

Suddenly Dani is away from me again, but isn’t my Dani. Dani has a missing arm and his eyes are red. There’s blood all over his necks and shirts.

“Thereeeeee realllllll. Bewareeeee,” he hisses out pointing to the trees.

" Dani there’s nothing there, what are you talking about!” I should’ve ran.

Dani disappeared again, replacing him was a wolf. The wolf had blood and meat on his muzzle and glowing orange eyes. He growled at me and started to run towards me. I ran away from it but the wolf ran and jumped on me. I could smell the rusty molding smell of blood.

“Soon. You’ll be mine soon” is all that it said before it ripped me into shreds.

I woke up to shaking. My face was covered in tears, looking at my arm I saw a jagged scratch.

“Mercy! Wake up, it’s just a dream.” My mom was shaking me.

I lifted myself up and hugged her crying into her arms.

“It’s okay.. It’s okay.” My mom rubbed my back.


What happened to Daniel? I’ll never tell mwhahaha. Soo this chapter was short but I think it was just enough.

What do yo

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