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Chapter 30- I don't want to choose

Waking up in Rider’s bed was very disordenianting. Rider was nowhere to be seen. The journey to the bathroom was filled with stumbles. Bumping into a wall of solid muscles, I found out where Rider was. Looking down it appears that Rider was in the shower. He had the poor towel clenched in his hands.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” Rider’s voice sounded deeper in the morning.My gaze lingered at his bare chest. “You see something you like?”

“Nope, not at all. In fact could you cover that up,” I gestured to all the chest showing. “If I can’t walk around with no shirt on then neither can you.”

“Oh you can walk around shirtless, but only when it’s just me and you.” He grins and winks at me. I threw his shirt at him and went to the bathroom.Lulu was a life saver, she lended me clothes so I didn’t have to go to school looking like a stripper. Walking out I felt self conscious, Lulu style of clothes was definitely not my style.

“Where’s Jax?” I asked Rider.

“He had to go visit some family members, he’ll be back tomorrow.” Rider ushered me to the door while saying this. My backpack was waiting in the backseat.

“I went and grabbed your school stuff for you.” Rider said all shyly. I leaned over and kissed his cheek. He stilled before smiling and driving off. I reached over and turned the radio on. I hate silence, silence holds more secrets then the dead. Pulling into the school parking lot,

I jumped out before anyone could see me with him. I was not going to be confronted by angry exes this time.The hallway was unusually empty. My locker was slightly opened.

I pulled it open and screamed. In it was chopped up pieces of a fox. Blood was dripping down my books. On the door written in blood wa-was.

Arms pulled me away. He led me to class telling someone to clean up the mess.

“It’s okay Sweetheart,” Rider’s voice soothed me. Whisper’s followed me to my seat. I slumped down and looked at my hands. There was blood.

Rider P.O.V

“I found you fucking written in pigs blood.” I was clenching my phone.

“Who the hell would do something like this?” Jax was not a happy camper about this either.

“Must’ve been one of your exes. You haven’t been exactly subtle about being with Mercy.”

“Don’t you fucking blame this on me. You’re the one who was supposed to be watching her.”

Jax was being stubborn as always. “It doesn’t matter, what matters is we need to find out who messed with Mercy and break them into a million pieces.”

“I’ll let the pack know that if they had anything to do with this. They will be exiled, I’m not fucking with anyone when it comes to Mercy.” Finally something we can agree on.

Hanging up, I turned towards the mess of the locker. I had a couple of omegas cleaning it up. Everything in it was trashed but I was still combing through the stuff just in case. Hanging on the lock was blondish hair. Mercy has beautiful glossy brown hair.

“Here take this,” I handed the omega the blond strand. “Give this to our trackers to see if they can find who this is.”

Mercy was looking so good at lunch. She was still pretty shaken up about the locker incident. Her picking at her hamburger worries me, we all know she loves those. The whispers got louder, I glared at the people looking at her with disgust. One girl with a posse walks up to Mercy. This is not going to end well.

“Is Jax not giving you attention anymore?” Her voice drips in fake sympathy. “Cause sweetie there’s better ways to get his attention. You could kill your brother….. Oh wait you already did that.” She flicks her bottle colored hair and twitches off.

Before she could get far. Mercy lunges at her and pulls her back. She punches the one girl in the face.

Oh shit should I stop her.

“Let her get in a couple of more hits,” my wolf says. I was shocked Killian never speaks.

Letting Mercy get a couple of more hits. I pulled her off the poor girl, she didn’t even resist. Mercy spat on the girls head and walked away. Following her to the parking lot.

“You feel better?” I nodded to her hands.

“Why didn’t you stop me?” Her soft voice was full of pain.

“Killian said I should let you get a few more hits in.”

“Damn right I did.” Again cue the shock.


“My wolf Sweetheart, let’s get you home before the security comes and gets you.”

She led me to her room. No one was home so we didn’t have to deal with concerned parents. Her scent was clouding the room in a delicate perfume. You could barely tell a person lived here. It looked like mine, to clean because there’s nothing to do at night.

“Can I meet Killian?” I was going to say no but she gave me a pouty face and I melted.

“I suppose you can but he’s a grumpy wolf.”

I relaxed and let Killian take control. Letting someone else take control of your body was like watching a movie in vr. You could only see what they see and you can do nothing.

“Hello Sweetheart,” my voice said.

“Hi,” she gave him a small wave. She’s killing us with cuteness.

Killian hugged her, at first she was tense but then loosened up. He traced her face with his finger’s. Memorizing each line on her face before stopping at her lips. Leaning in he gently brushed his lips against her before pulling away. She pouted and stole another kiss.

“You’re going to get it Sweetheart,” Killian says while tickling her sides.

“Uncle! Uncle!” She laughs out. Her laughs are exactly what we need. Killian lets me take control and becomes the observer again.


“Yes Sweetheart?”

“Why do I have to choose between you and Jax?”

Freezing, I cursed at Jax for spilling the beans so early.

“Well Sweetheart, Alphas or wolves in general aren’t good at sharing. So you have to choose between one of us.”

“But if the moon goddess chooses us as mates. Why would she make us split ups? We wouldn’t be whole.” She yawn’s, this day has had a toll on her.

“I don’t know Sweetheart. That’s just the way it is.”

“I don wanna choose,” she says sleepily. I pull her closer to me.

“Neither do I. Neither do I.”


Okay Rider and Mercy need to stop being cute right now. Sorry for not posting in awhile, I'll try to work on that. Please comment on what you think so far!

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