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Chapter 31- Dreams and Memories

My mom always said the dreams were the possibilities of the future. But I never believed that. Dreams are what could be, what has been and what is now. Dreams are the hidden messages that only the brain can decipher on a subconscious level. But nightmares are a different story. Nightmares are only what is going to happen.It may be over dramatic but the hidden message is still there. And sometimes in a rare case, nightmares are what happened in a past life. This is why you always take dreams or nightmares serious. Tonight was no exception.

I was inside a dimly lit room. The floors were rough and cold underneath my feet. A sleeping gown pooled around my legs. I was scared but for what I did not know. I also knew I was waiting for a sign.

“Miss,” a voice called behind me. “Come on, time is off the essence.” The voice was a maid. She led me towards a secret entrance. A dim candle lit our way down the tricky turns. As we continued to escape, my sense of dread grew bigger. The secret tunnels didn’t lead directly out of the castle. You had to go through the main hall but we paid off some guards to look the other way. We nodded at the guards and hastily jogged to the back entrance. There were horses waiting for us but they were only a distraction. I threw the bundle of clothing on to the horse and had it run off to the other direction. Thanking the maid I ran into the forest surrounding the area. In a clearing of willows was my love. The plan was solid we would escape from him.

The clearing was more beautiful in the moon’s glow. Killian was waiting for me in the clearing. I ran towards him, he opened his arms and scooped me up.

“My stars have come back to the sky.” He whispers in my ear before giving me a long kiss.

“My love, we need to leave now. They’ll discover that I’m missing soon.” As we turned Zagan greeted us. The maid was in his arms, he gave me a cruel smile before putting a knife up to her neck.

“No! Movere!” I screamed out making the knife fly out of his hands. He shrugs and snaps her neck.

“That’s for you thinking you can run my Queen. Did you really think I wouldn’t know? Especially since I smelled his kind a mile away.” He steps closer and holds out his hand. “Come with me and your lover won’t be harmed.”

“Never.” And I attacked him, he simply threw me to the side. Seeing me potentially hurt Killian charged at him. Killian punched him, making him bleed.

“Oh you’re going to regret that wolfie.” He lunges at him. I went to intervene but feminine hands grabbed me.

“I don’t think so little white witch.”

“Sibil,” I growled out. Sibil was the main reason Zagan was able to capture me. She was my friend and Zagan diluted her pureness making her into Fortuna’s coven most powerful witch.

“This is a fight between mates. As you know you can only have one.” Ignoring her, I paid attention to Killian. He seemed to be winning but Zagan pulled out something silver and Killian fell. I screamed as I felt the bond disappear. Breaking out of Sibils grip, I ran towards Killian.

“Killian wake up,” I screamed. His eyes were unfocused. Muttering all the healing spells. None of them worked, I kissed his forehead.

“Please keep him safe, bestfriend.” I turned towards Zagan. He smiled and shrugged.

“That’s your punishment, you should’ve chosen me and none of this would’ve happened.”

“Be ready Zagan, because when we met again. I’m ending your life, just like how you ended Killians. And,” I added. “I swear on the moon goddess and all that was before her. I will keep coming back till it is done.”

I ran off as fast as my body would allow. Pulling on cloaking spells and grabbing the stashes of amulets I hid. I ran, slowly putting more distance between me and vengeance.

Gasping I peeled out of Rider’s arms. Rider stirred a little bit but didn’t wake. Tip-toeing my way downstairs, I hear hush whispering.

“She’s in danger Sofia! She needs to leave now,” Selene whispers shouts.

“Rider said it was just a silly prank. Your overreacting Selene.”

“It would be if she wasn’t who she is. She needs to leave now, he’s just toying with her. You don’t know what I know. I bet she’s already having past memories resurface.”

“My daughter is not leaving me. I already had Erik leave and Dani killed himself. I will not lose any more of my family.” My mom starts crying.

“You’ll lose her if you let her stay any longer. She can stay till the new year but then she needs to leave with me. It’s for all of our safety. You know he won’t stop till she’s with him.” Selene said gently.

Backing up to the stairs, I shook Rider awake.

“What?” He said groggily.

“You need to go, my mom’s home,” I whispered.

He shook his head and laughed. “Sweetheart we are way past sneaking me out. Your mom knows I’m here and let’s just say you’re in bigggg trouble.”

Groaning, I dragged him downstairs. My mom was already waiting for me.

“Who’s this Mercy?”

Fuck how was I suppose to get away with this?

“Rider Hunter Ma’am. I’m a friend of Mercy’s.” He held out his hand.

“Well Rider I think you should get going. It’s getting dark and Mercy has homework to get to.” I rolled my eyes at that. I hadn’t had homework to do since I was in fifth grade.

“I’ll see you later Sweetheart.” He kisses my forehead. Which makes me blush but I quickly cover it up with a glare.

“The school called and said you got into a fight. With Grace Oak of all people.” My mother said with disbelief.

“She deserved it, saying I killed Dani! I get bullied by her and her friends everyday. I’m sick of it.”

“That doesn’t matter Mercy! You could’ve got suspended, your luckily that I just convinced them it was brought on by this morning’s events. Speaking of that, when were you going to tell me?”

“When you got home,” I lied.

“Sure Mercy, what’s going on? First you’re getting into fights and now you’re running around with your mate’s beta. This isn’t you.”

I was going to say that Rider was my second mate. But Selene shook her head.

“Me and Rider are just friends. After what happened this morning Jax asked him to watch me. And,” I added. “I’m sticking up for myself. I’m tired of the bullying.”

“Okay but you’re still grounded for getting into a fight. Next time report them to a teacher.” She leaves to go make dinner.

Selene watches me with a calculated look. Starting to sweat, she probably knows I was eavesdropping earlier.

“I hope you hit her good Mercy.” She says before turning away.

My mouth drops, who knew that I had such lax grandma?


Granny is a badass check.

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