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Chapter 4- Late night phone blues

“This is where I live-

somewhere between the wasteland and the rain”--Leslie Parrott

After I calmed down my mom left after promising therapy. I took a deep breath and got out of my bed. Looking down at my feet I saw that they were covered in dirt and mud. Was the dream real? No it couldn’t be, I wouldn’t be alive if it was.

I got ready to take a shower. Before getting in I put on Mer Shower Tunes. Dani made it, he was always making playlists for everything. He even made playlist for spaghetti night and taco night. Don’t get me started on the playlist he made when I got my period. He was always goofy, never a serious person. He just couldn’t be. I don’t understand what happened for him to become that person that ni-

No don’t go back there leave it.

Getting out of the shower I look at my reflection. The girl I was seeing wasn’t me. Her skin was to pale. The hazel eyes that could never decided whether they were blue or green were to dull. Underneath were bags from lack of sleep. The only thing that looked normal was her hair. Her ash brown hair, that could never decide if it was curly or straight. Then there’s the streak of auburn that me and my brother both shared. My mom says that it came from our father. everyone thought it was dyed, but no hair dye could get this color. Looking down at my arm I saw the scratch faded to a shiny pink line.

Walking out of my bathroom I check my phone. There was a text from Jax.

What could he want?

Jax: Hey

Me: Hi

Jax: What are you up to

Me: Just woke up from a nap?

Jax: Nap? It’s 2:00 am

I looked at the time, crap he was right.

Me: Didn’t notice. Why are you up then?

Jax: Couldn’t sleep, I have what they call the “Teen Sleep Disorder”

I giggled at that

Me: Isn’t that just called insomnia?

Jax: yahhhhh but gotta make it so the kids can relate

Me: are you alone?

Jax: Oh? Am I about to receive a pic of you in your nightie? ;)

I knew he was joking but I still blushed at the thought of Jax seeing me remotely naked.

Me: No the phone light is hurting my eyes, I was wondering if you would like to call.

God I hate how formal I sound. I never sound like a teen. Without replying to my text, Jax called me.

“Hello?” His voice sounded more husky

“Yeah hi”

" Mercy,” there he goes again rolling my name around in his mouth. ” Tell me why are you waking up from a nap so late.”

I hesitate, should I tell him the real reason I’m up so late. No not yet. Possibly never, I walked around my room before settling in my bed.

“Just couldn’t sleep last night I guess.”

“Hmmmm,” he doesn’t sound convinced.

" Why did you move?” I was curious, another quality of me that I could never contain.

He laughs, ” My family slowly has been moving here after we acquired some land. Me and my parents were just the last to move.”

Ohh that’s why the increase of students has been happening lately.

“Acquire? Sounds like you had to murder someone to get it.”

He gives me another one of his musical laughs. I could almost see the smile that would be on his face.

“Shhh don’t tell anyone or else.” I rolled my eyes at that.

" Yeahhhh like you could kill me. You don’t got the guts for it. You’d probably throw up and be like what have I done? Besides you think I’m too cute for you to kill me. Unless,” I added. “Your into that dead body shit. If you are I most say that gross and you should just like feet.”

" You’re right about that, you’re just too cute Kitten. And no, I have neither the foot or body thing”

“Mhmmm, like you would admit that to me. What’s with the Kitten nickname?”

“Because,” he pauses. ” You remind me of a Kitten. All short and tiny. All hiss no scratch.”

“I’m not tiny. I’m 5′3, that’s average height. You’re just a giant so everyone looks short to you.” I hate being called out for my shortness. Just ignore it like everybody else does. So rude, I swear.

“Kitten I’m 6′3. Admit it you’re tiny.”

“Nope never,” I try to fight a yawn. Jax must’ve had super hearing.

“Kitten it’s okay, you can go to sleep.”

" I’m fine, yawning doesn’t mean you’re tired it just means you need more oxygen.”

“Mmmhmmm,” He doesn’t sound convinced. ” We’ll talk tomorrow. I’ll meet you before school. At the spot we meet at. Goodnight Kitten.”

I could barely say goodnight before the pressing dark took over.


Awww Jax and Mercy are cute! How do you feel about this chapter? I thought . Do you think Jax got som

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