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Chapter 5- Beware Angry Streetlamps

“She is delightfully chaotic; A beautiful mess.

Loving her is a splendid adventure.“- Steve MaraboliBeeppp beeeppp beeeeppp

I hit my phone, “There’s no need to scream at me,” I told it.

Last night- I mean this morning conversation with Jax was still fresh in my mind. He’s going to meet me before class starts.

Should I dress cute? No you don’t need to get all female over this. He’s just a guy. Maybe an extremely hot guy but still a guy. I keep telling myself this as I hop into the shower. But it doesn’t stick in my head. I’m putting on my really nice black rip jeans. And a tight dark green shirt.

Okay thats all the dressing up yo- I put on mascara.

No more looking good, you don’t need eyel- After messing around with the eyeliner I was finished. My hair needed no maintenance for once. I slipped on some black vans and grabbed my bag.

My mom was waiting downstairs, it was her day off so she usually hands me the keys and jokes not to wreck her car.

“I promise I won’t unless there’s a very angry streetlight nearby,” I kissed her cheek and ran out the door.

Pulling into the school’s parking lot I suddenly feel nervous. Is all this too much? Maybe I’m overdoing it, he probably think I’m desperate and-

Enough count Mercy, I count to ten. Daniel taught me this he said to pick a number and count. Imaging that every number is a worry slipping away. By the time I get to ten I’m at the spot and Jax was there with…. Is that doughnuts? I hope one of those are for me, I love doughnuts.

“Hey,” I fidgeted with my bag.

“Hey Kitten,” his eyes ran up and down my body. I felt where his eyes were.

“Here,” Jax hands me a doughnut. “ I didn’t know which one you liked so I just got sprinkles.”

“ Thank you, that’s my favorite,” I said in between bites.

“You got something here Kitten,” he points where. I wipe at the spot.

“Did I get it?” He shook his head and moved towards me. Wiping of the remains of the doughnuts off my lips. His eyes linger at my lips like he was contemplating on what to do next. My mouth opened a little. He moved forward…. Like he was going to kiss me.


We split apart, the bell breaks the bubble we were in.

Jax clears his throat, “I’ll see you at lunch Kitten,” and he walks away.

I look at the school bell before moving to class. Stupid bell.

I didn’t have any trouble until third hour. I asked Mrs. Van if I could use the bathroom. Coming out the bathroom, I was faced with my ex-best friend Gracie. Thankfully her bitch squad (Olivia and Oceania) weren’t with her.

“Soooo, I heard you and Jax Hudson were getting close,” she reapplied her mascara. One of the bitch squad members must’ve told her. “ I know you probably didn’t hear because your always in the trash. But Jax is Mine so back off sweety….. We wouldn’t want those rumors to restart again. Now would we?”

I had two choices to back off like she told me or to tell her off. I would’ve done the first option but her threatening to tell everybody that I was the reason for my brother’s death infuriated me.

“ Go ahead and do it. Because we have a date on Friday and he took me out to lunch yesterday. And,” I stepped closer to her. “If you ever spread a rumor about me or my brother again. I.Will.Ruin.You. Got it?”

I left Gracie with her mouth open and her eyes wide. I wasn’t sweet little pushover Mercy. My brother made sure of that.


Geez nails are out. I really want to know what happened to Mercy and her brother. Don’t you guys? Comment you

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