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Chapter 6- Not one of them

Jax was waiting for me outside the library. Before I could even ask how he knew he answered the question for me.

“Students are supposed to be in the library if they have a study hour right?” He flashes me a grin before escorting me to the cafeteria. Here’s the thing about my school. We’re so big that we have two cafeterias, well three if you wanted to count the outside patio. This is probably a good thing for funding. But I hate the overcrowding of the tables. The only way to get a table by yourself is if you have the plague.

“So we can either sit with your friends or eat with mine or neither,” Jax says.

“Uhhh yours,” it’s truly my only option. I don’t have any friends unless you count the one random dude on Instagram.

Alrighhtt,” Jax drawls out. “ I apologize for my friends in advance for they don’t know any better.”

Jax led me to a table underneath one of the ginormous windows. If you look closely one of the windows has a crack in it. Jax pulled out a chair for me.

“Uhh thanks? I suppose chivalry isn’t dead yet,” I hated chivalry. Like I know your being polite but I am very capable of pulling out a chair.

Jax gestured to the two guys across from “These idiots-”

“Your an idiot,” The blond hair guy retorted.

“As I was saying these two idiots are Rider and Reed. Yes they are twins even though they look nothing alike.” He’s right about that. Rider had blonde hair and brown eyes. His face was very mischievous, you could tell that he was always the student to get yelled at for doing some sort of prank. While Reed had… Ginger? Brown? Hair and blue eyes. His face was serious, he even looked kinda bored. Obviously those two were yin and yang.

“Hi I’m Mercy,” I offer a tiny wave. Ughh my shyness is coming through.

Reed looked up from his face. His face showed disbelief and maybe anger?

“You’ve been getting close to one of them?” Disgust shone in his voice.

“You won’t talk about her like that,” Jax said. The boys were in a death stare for what seemed like an eternity before Reed broke off. He obviously lost whatever staring death match they were in.

“Fine, but the Elders find out don’t come running back to me with your tail between your legs.”

“What’s your problem?” All three heads whip in my direction. Yeah even I was surprised about it.

“ I did nothing to you. And you’re getting into a pissy fit because I sat down at the table. Is it that time a month again? Because there’s no way your panties are in a bunch over this.”

Reed flushed red but decided to ignore me.

“Your fault Jax. I’m not bailing you out or going done with you for this,” Reed gets up.”Are you coming with me Rider?”

“No bro. Usually I agree with you. Not this time.” Rider shrugs his shoulders.

“Fine bro, it’s your funeral,” Reed gave me one more look of disdain before leaving.

Jax looked angry, he got up probably wanted to follow Reed but Rider stopped him.

“Don’t. Reed is upset right now let him calm down before talking sense into him.” Rider turned his attention to me.

“Hi sweetheart, I’m sorry about my brother. He’s not usually like this but like you said it’s that time of month for him,” Rider laughs.

“Man I never seen someone tell Reed off like that. We’re going to get along just fine.”

“I don’t like meanies, plain and simple.”

Jax laughed and slung his arm around my shoulders. “Then why are you hanging around me, Kitten? I’m the biggest meanie of all time.”

“ You’d like to think that….. But we all know you’re a big softy,” I poked his stomach to prove a point. But there was nothing soft there.

Lunch seemed to end pretty fast. Rider left with some over guy, saying something about a science project. Jax and I spent the rest of lunch talking to each other till the bell rang. He grabbed my bag and walked me to my next class. He stopped at the doors.

“ Hey about Reed? Ignore all of that he doesn’t like outsiders that much.”

“How am I an outsider? You guys are the ones who moved into my town,” I said jokingly.

Jax frowned at that. “You’re not like us. That's why. Don’t worry about it okay Kitten?”

He kissed my forehead and left. I melted into a pile of goo. That’s it I’m never washing my forehead again.



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