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Chapter 7- A kiss to end all kisses

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.“- Moshe Dayan

It was Friday, after an exhausting week I finally got to the day I was waiting for. Usually Gracie would’ve helped me pick out something cute to wear. But she dropped me faster than a hot pocket. So I had my mom help me pick out an outfit.

“Dress or Skirt?” My mom looked at the outfit carefully.

“Skirt definitely. Am I going to meet this young man?“My mom was taking this very well surprisingly. She told me that it was about time I started getting out there.

I exited out of the bathroom and my mom nodded in approval.

“You look beautiful Mer. Do you need any money?” Just as I was going to say no, the doorbell rang. I rushed downstairs and opened the door. There was Jax, he was wearing blue jeans and a button down shirt. His hair looked perfectly ruffled. In his left hand he had a bundle of sunflowers.

”Come in, I told my mom that I would let her integrate- I mean met you.” I smiled and dragged him to the living room.

“Hello Mrs. Hart. I’m Jax Hudson,” Jax handed my mom the flower. “These are for you Mrs. Hart.”

“Please call me Sofia,” she took the flowers. ” Very beautiful thank you. Where are you taking my daughter?”

“Well I thought we could go to the movies and then dinner,” Jax looked at me. “Unless you want to go to dinner first then the movies?”

“Either works for me.” I was too excited to care about the order of the events.

“Sounds fun, have her back by 11,” she gives me a hug and a kiss.

"Call me if you need anything.” Translation: Call me if you have a freak out.

“I will.” Translation: Never will happen.

I slid into Jax’s warm buttery leather seat. Ahhh how I love heated seats.

“I didn’t want to tell you in front of your mom. But you look gorgeous Kitten. Kinda makes me regret not asking you out sooner.”

I fiddle with the radio until I find my station.

“Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself. But we can tell who’s the best looking here.” I pointed at him.

Jax shakes his head. “You have me beat by a long shot Kitten.”

I blushed and looked down. We chit chatted on the way to the movie theater. Red Oaks is a medium size town so it doesn’t takes us long to reach the movie theater.

“Disclaimer I will not watch a horror movie or an action pack movie. So that leaves only Rom-com or chick flicks.”

Jax laughs and pulls me in closer to him. I breathe in his yummy woody smell. Mmmmmm.

“That’s fine as long as my Kitten is sharing popcorn with me, I’ll watch anything.” His voice gets huskier like he’s implying something much more than just watching a movie. Getting to the ticket booth, we both agreed that the only movie that was worth watching was Birds of Prey. I paid for the movie snacks after having to debate my way into my wallet. Jax kept insisting to pay for it.

We got into our seats, Jax chose a corner where no one would see unless they looked behind them. Which I don’t think would happen. Jax lifted up the arm rest and pulled me into his arms.

”Keep me warm Kitten?” I’m starting to love the nickname. I nodded and shushed him, pointing to the screen. He looked forward but I could still see a hint of a smile. Watching the movie was very hard because A. I was in a very cut-hot boy arms. And B. Jax kept moving his hand onto my thigh. Now I’m not usually like this but every time Jax touched me there were sparks of electricity. I’m not talking about static shocks, but tiny pleasurable shocks that left me wanting more and more.

Finally the movie and the torture was over. We made our way to the diner. It was the same one we had lunch at.

“Table for two,” Jax told the waitress. The same waitress that was flirting with him. Her face turned down when she realized that I was with him.

After ordering, we took turns playing a question game.

“What’s your favorite candy?”

“Reese’s, I’m a sucker for peanut butter.” I pocketed that information. Maybe on Monday I’ll bring him some.

“What happened to your brother?” When Jax saw my expressions he added. ” You don’t have to tell me I just wanted the real facts.”

“It’s fine,” I took a deep breath. ” Dani, he ran away during my sophomore year. He left a note saying he was going to find our dad. I would receive random emails saying that he was well and was close to finding dad. Till one day I didn’t get an email. This went on for months. In the middle of my Junior year. I think it was January? He came home but it wasn’t my Dani. He was rambling on about ‘the monsters are real’. H-he.” I paused I wasn’t ready to tell that part yet. ” He killed himself in front of me.” A tear ran down my face.

Jax grabbed my hand, “I’m sorry Mercy. I can tell how much he meant to you.”

I nodded knowing that if I spoke out loud I would break down into tears. We continued with our question game but this time stuck with lighter topics.

A girl sauntered her way over to our table and stopped at our table.

”Reed told me you were hanging out with a normie,” she sneered. ”I thought he was joking. Baby if you were lonely you know you could’ve gone to me.” She ran her hands down his arm and chest. Showing off a lot of cleavage.

" Amber we’ve been over a year,” Jax took her hands off of him.

“And,” she purrs desperately.

“And he probably doesn’t want any STD’s from you.” I hated how close she was to him.

“Excuse me?” Amber rose a skinny eyebrow.

“Your excuse, can you leave? This is a desperate free zone.”

Jax tries to hide a laugh. Amber goes red and gives me a nasty look before storming off.

“Are you done?” I asked.

“Yeah let’s go,” he gets up.

The car ride home was silent. I was so tired from the day that I couldn’t say a word. Jax pulls up in my driveway and faces me.

" I had a great time with you Kitten.”

“I did too.”

Jax rubs his thumb over my lip. I could see he was debating on whether to kiss me or not. Impatiently, I made the choice for him. I leaned over and kissed him. Sparks exploded, he was surprised at first but quickly kissed me back. Taking my face in his hands, he dominated my lips. I tug at my seat belt trying to get closer to him. He moved one of his hands down my back to my curves. I broke away breathless.

Jax smiled, “I’ve been waiting all week to do that.”

I bit my lip and looked back at his lips. Jax’s eyes darkened.

"Don’t do that Kitten. I don’t want your mom to see me claim your lips again.”

My head whipped in the direction of the house windows. Shit, he was right my mom was beeping out the window. I tell Jax goodbye and get out of the car. I watch him pull out the driveway.

Best night ever.


I would be mortified if my mom saw me kissing a guy period, not even at my wedding. How was this chapter? Did you guys

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