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Chapter 9- My flower girl

“The sound of rain needs no translation.” - Alan Watts

Jax’s POV

Shit! No one was supposed to be here except Kitten and the house keepers. Dad must have cut his business trip early.

"Hey Dad, your home early,” I made it sound as lax as possible. Like I wasn’t hiding anything. My dad glared at me.

You’re not fooling anybody, boy. Why is this human here?

Dad, I heard him growl.

Alpha, she’s my mate. Not human. You will give her respect.

She’s human.

I knew if I mind linked him any longer that Mercy would catch on. I let go of Mercy.

“Go check on the quiche,” I told her. “I need to talk to my Dad in private.”

She hesitated, I nodded saying I would be okay. She left and I couldn’t help but stare at her ass.

Following my father to his study I hoped that I wasn’t making a mistake telling him right away. My father gripped his desk chair, as if the leather was the neck of his enemy.

“Are you positive that she’s your mate?” I growled at the thought that she wasn’t.

“She is I confirmed it yesterday, Alpha.” I hate calling my father Alpha but he demands it.

“But she’s human,” he pointed out. My father could be a moron sometimes.

“Wolves can’t have human mates, we all know this. She must be a supernatural or one of her ancestors are.”

Witches are the only ones who can have human spouses. All the other supernaturals need to have a supernatural mate. Other wises there would be no way to reproduce. Mercy must have some sort of witchy ancestor.

“What’s her last name? We can have it looked into. She’s obviously not a wolf or vampire. Our genes are too dominant.”

“Hart, Alpha.” My father looked surprised.

“Does she by chance have a brother named Daniel Hart?”

“Yes she does... Why do you ask Alpha,” I heard the rumors about her brother and it seemed like the work of a vampire or witch.

“No reason. Go back to your mate and don’t tell any of the pack until we can find where she belongs too.” His words were clipped. His mind was somewhere else, I could feel it.

When I walk into the kitchen. I see Mercy next to a golden brown quiche. She was trying to cut a piece.

“Here let me help,” I took the knife from her and cut the quiche into sixths. I plopped two pieces on a plate and headed towards the table. I pulled Mercy into my lap.

“Is everything okay with you and your dad?” Kitten sounded concerned.

“Yeah we were just discussing his business trip.” I held a fork full of quiche to Mercy’s mouth. She took a tiny bite.

“Mmmmm, I know how to cook.”

“That was all me Kitten. You were just there to make it look all cute.” I bopped her nose and she giggled.

God, what is this girl doing to me?

I finished up the rest of the plate. Mercy put half of it into a bowl so she could give some to her mom. I took her out to the back of the yard. The rest of the pack wasn’t moving in until next year. I didn’t have to worry about Mercy spying any stray wolves.

“You want to walk a trail? It goes through the forest but it’s very pretty in weather like this.” Mercy nodded and followed me.

We walked on the trail, Mercy would pick some flowers and put it in her hair.

“What? It’s something me and my dad would do before he left. He would always say this one quote,” she pauses trying to think. ” ‘Deep in your wounds are seeds. Waiting to grow beautiful flowers.’”

“He is the main reason why I respect nature so much,” she continues.

“Your dad seems like a really great guy.”

“He was until he left.” She turned away so I couldn’t see her expression. But I could tell that she was sad.

“I got something you should see.” I grabbed her hand before she could protest and led her off the path. There was a meadow that had flowers all over it.

" What if we get lost?”

“Don’t worry I know the place like the back of my hand.” It’s true I could lead us back to the house blindfolded.

We reached the meadow and the expression on Mercy’s face was perfect. All you could see were flowers. In the middle of the meadow was a huge willow tree. It’s branches swayed gracefully in the wind. Mercy wandered through the sea flowers. Only stopping to smell a flower or stroke it’s silky petals. Eventually we had to go back.

Tracing our trail backwards, I noticed a smell. It smelt like sulfur. Fuck! There’s a rogue somewhere. There was no way that the rogue didn’t smell us. I could hear it approach us, it was picking up speed.

“When I tell you to get behind me you listen okay?” Mercy looked confused. ” Mercy! Just listen to me.” She nodded hearing how serious I was.

The rogue was roughly a minute to us. I started stripping down to just my underwear.

“Jax what’s happening? Why are you ge-”

“Get behind me now!” I shouted at her. She listened and stepped back.

The rogue exploded through the tree’s. I shifted and attacked the rogue. I didn’t care who it was. I need to protect my mate. We fought for what seemed like hours. I kept leading the battle away from Mercy. The rouge noticed that because it started heading towards Mercy. The rogue was about to pounce on her but I got it’s neck. My body knocked into Mercy’s, she fell over. I snapped the rogue’s neck and shifted back.

“Mercy? Are you alright?” I knelt down towards her, not caring if she saw my body.

“Dani.... He was right.” She murmured before passing out.

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