Just One Shade Of Gay

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I always hear of these romance books, where the billionaire CEO falls for the young hot female assistant. I never thought I would add a number to the cliché quota, but here I am, changing my rules and making excuses to have him around me, preferably sinking down on my lap while I talk to investors over the phone. The way he follows my every command whether in bed or out of it, draws me back to him. Like an itch, you can’t scratch, like a drug you find yourself particularly dependent on. Jaden Bruce, will be the death of me and all my senses.

Romance / Erotica
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¤ Ch.1 ● Guy ¤

Another Thursday night spent in the dark. I watch everyone touching, kissing… fucking. I watch them all, always, but I never bring myself to join; until today. I see his wavy blond hair that never seems to be in place, and I know it’s him.

I’ve been coming to Thesaurus for months, every Thursday without missing one. At first, I thought it was a club for people that enjoys kink. Oh, they enjoy kinks, alright! So much so that they go at it right there, in the middle of the club.

I don’t know the guy’s name, I just know I always see him here with another guy, and they never join. I know how bad it is that I want to see them join the platform, they are together after all and I’m definitely not into cheating, but if seeing them together, is the only way I can see the blond guy naked, then bring it.

Tonight, however, all that has changed. My guy joined but his boyfriend didn’t. And I see as he climbs the two steps that it takes to get to the middle of the show; a guy already waiting for him with a grin. I would be smiling too if the guy was coming my way. He looks nervous as he approaches the center of the room and I know… I fucking know that I shouldn’t be doing this, but I do it anyway.

Being here is like joining the Fight Club. You don’t talk about it in the outside world and you respect the rules. Thank God one of the rules is that anyone can join whoever is on stage as long as all parties consent. When they ask the usual question of who wants to join, I make sure I’m already there to be the first to speak.

My guy looks me up and down and bites his bottom lip, releasing it as a smirk gives away what he just did. They both nod to the host and I am granted permission to join them; I couldn’t care less about the other guy. In fact, don’t ask me what he looks like because I don’t know.

I am so drunk on this man that I can barely understand what is going on. There are fingers, lube, kisses, rimming, nail scratching, biting; and I’m only taken out of my cloud when I hear my guy say, “I want both of you inside me… at the same time," and my eyes widen at the notion that yes, this guy that I keep calling ‘my guy’ is about to take us both.

He is the biggest one of us three, which is lucky for him because with two dicks as big as his, we would split him in two. And I hate that I have to share him with this other guy but if it is either that or nothing then the decision is made.

I step back so I can see how he sinks into this other guy. His broad shoulders and built back look delicious as he surrenders with a shudder. He gives a nod and the guy begins to thrust upward, making my guy throw his head back with pleasure and I just stroke my dick behind them, enjoying the view of him stretched around the guy’s cock. The stranger whispers on Blondie’s —my guy’s— ear and they both look at me; my cue that I can join.

I couldn’t have run faster as I take the rest of my suit off and kneel on the bed behind them.

“Relax for me gorgeous,” I tell blondie, and if the moan he just let out only by my words is any indication, this will be exactly as good as I imagine.


He drags the word as I begin to push inside him, the pressure of another cock already inside him, making the tight hold euphoric and I doubt I would ever come down from this high. I’ve never DP’d before and now I see all I’ve been missing out.

The ride starts off slow, giving us time to get used to this sensation but once we get comfortable, we find an exquisite rhythm that puts us on edge. The stranger and I both concentrate on blondie’s pleasure, but I can tell he is more interested in being touched by me than the other guy.

I whisper promises that I know I can’t keep, while I slam my hips back and forth dragging our orgasm.

“You are so fucking gorgeous!” I say, “I’ve been wanting to pin you down and fuck you for months now. I’ve been waiting to sink deep in this ass and damn it, it’s better than any of my fantasies.”

He moans a loud “oh God,” and rests his head back and on the crook of my neck. I close my eyes and for a minute it feels like we are the only ones here. Then I hear a moan coming from the audience that reminds me I’m not the only one inside him.

“Make me come, please,” he says the words to me; I know he does. I wrap my arm around him and take the other guy’s hand to grip Blondie’s dick— not because I care but because we are supposed to be putting up a show, the three of us. I put my hand over his and we both stroke blondie’s cock at the same time.

I feel the squeeze of his ass all down to my balls, he clenches even harder and I feel the warmth coating my fingers as I let myself go into the damn condom that keeps us apart. I hear the stranger grunt and I know he is coming too, but again, I couldn’t care less.

I pull out of him and I’m about to pick my clothes up from the floor when blondie turns around and his eyes lock on mine. It’s like he is seeing me for the first time, his cheeks all pink giving him a boyish look but his body full of muscles that prove he is all man.

I take a step toward him and that’s when I see it. I see the panic in his eyes as if he just realized what he did. He looks to the audience, back at me, then to the host; and he jolts away almost tripping over his own feet. The host pulls his arm to ask and make sure he is ok, he nods and smiles but leaves to the private room and I don’t see him for the rest of the night.

I don’t know what this all means, but I do know one thing… this won’t be the last time I’m inside him.

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