Yeah! My Love Story, Nevermind!

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|| UNEDITED || "I love you, Aelys" Leo said, out of the blue. "Dude, why on earth do you have to say that? When I know you don't love me." I snapped, turning on my heels and walking away. • Beautiful, Kind and Caring. Aelys Thomas has everything a boy would want. Her life seems perfect but is not. You will always see her smiling but no one knows if its genuine or not. Things start changing when her first ever crush breaks her heart. When she faces heartbreak for the first time. From grades to friendship, everything seems to slip away. Now meet Leo Richard. Handsome, fun-loving and flirty- he used to be everything Aelys loved, her first crush. The one who broke her. With a smile that can win any heart, he was confident that he can never be ditched until he faces it. He realised what love was and who genuinely loved him when his girlfriend cheated on him. • Have you ever wondered what you would do if your long lost love comes back? Will you accept or ignore? Or if you realised you made the wrong choice in relationship? Full of drama, right? That's what happens when Aelys and Leo cross path again. From love and romance to heartbreak and depression. Wait! Did you expect it to be a love story with full on drama? Well, you guessed it right!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"My love for you is a journey, starting at forever, and ending at never."
- annonymous


Here I was, standing in this magnificent castle, in front of this hot and charming prince, my oh my, he was remarkably attractive. I was so engrossed by his presence that I couldn't move.

Oh lord, he continued to march towards me, and shit, he was close. I think I will faint at this point.

"Would thou fancy a dance with me, beautiful?" asked Prince Charming whose, aura beamed like the sun was about to shower its brightness on us. Damn! I was astounded that I didn't collapse yet.

"Oh-oh, Wh-oh- yes, of course, I-I would love to." I stuttered. Ugh, why did I have to stutter in front of him?

He seized my hand and led me to the dance floor. He enveloped my hands around his neck and laid his hand on my waist. A shiver raced down my spine at his embrace. We began swaying in sync to the melody and I caught my monstrous hippopotamus stepsisters glaring at me.

'Huh! Who asked you both to shred my dress? Karma is a bitch darling! Go to hell!' I thought.

Pleased with myself, I drew back my attention to the hottie before me.

The night flew by so quickly. My prince and I are now in the backyard, holding hands, gazing at the night sky.

He suddenly grabbed my cheek. Looking at him, I got lost in his beautiful eyes. I didn't notice him moving closer. So close that his breath mingled with mine, so close, even closer and suddenly I feel tickles on my feet. I pulled away.

"What happened, lady love?" questioned the prince.

"Oh, nothing I felt tickles on my feet, maybe it was the grass," I replied, smiling sheepishly.

I looked at him again and went closer to finish what we had started. He didn't hesitate to approach closer. Suddenly, I felt someone slap my feet and the next thing I know is that the prince is yelling. When I see his face, it changed to my mom's face.

"Get your lazy ass up child, you are gonna be late for school! How many times do I have to tell you to sleep early, no one listens to me in this house."

I jerked awake and saw no castle, no backyard, no prince. Instead, saw my pink teddy bear staring back at me from the opposite side of my room. I remained in my bedroom and my mother was yelling at me to get up from my bed. I raised my head just a bit to peak at my mom picking up my scattered garments and putting them in my cupboard.

Ugh, why did she wake me up when I was having the moment of my life?

"Now will you wake up or should I slap your face next?" asked my mom, fuming and grabbing my drawing pencils and book to put them in my drawer.

"Yeah yeah, I am up, chill!" I answered, rubbing my eyes and stretching just as a yawn escaped my mouth.

"I am going downstairs to get the breakfast ready, get down in ten minutes," mom said, walking away.

As soon as I felt my mom's footsteps wither away, I bounced back to my comfortable pillow and bedsheets and tried to conclude my fantasy. But just as I was about to re-enter the dream, my mom called from downstairs.

"Aelys, go to the washroom and freshen up, do not even think of going back to sleep."

That was my mother. Fleur Thomas, the laziest yet the most hardworking woman. It's a weird combination to exist in a person but my mother can prove almost any conception wrong. She loves to sing and she indeed is a great singer for which makes her hardworking. Her voice could make any man drool. That proved why my dad mostly stayed on a love trance when mom sang. By far she was the sweetest and the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Even though her figure was round and had not much of a fair skin, she looked gradient, especially her cheeks. All round and chubby. She could be annoying too, suppose when she came to wake me up or yelling at me to go study when I was day-dreaming. But honestly, everyone was annoying when they try waking me up from my fantasy.

I opened my eyes and groaned loudly. Lazily, I walked towards the bathroom and saw myself in my mirror. Black hair was stuck all over my face which was flushed due to lack of sleep. Remind me not to stay awake late at night reading memes. A groan escaped my lips as I stared at my brown eyes. I quickly brushed and completed my regular bathroom rituals fearing that my mother will stomp in any minute again.

I hate taking baths. I know that it's unlikely and completely out of character but I can't help my distaste in taking baths. Though, that doesn't stop me from taking regular baths. Since I hate my bad hair day more than baths. And as for now, bathing proved to be a fifteen minutes negotiation for me to smell and look good. Wrapping the towel around my flesh, I wrenched out the uniform in my cupboard and gave myself an invisible slap when a few clothes dropped on the floor at my domestic violence on my uniform. I quickly stuffed them on my cupboard again and put on the uniform hating every minute of it.

Who even likes to go to school anyway?

Moving towards my dressing table, I pulled open my makeup drawer and applied some mascara and lip gloss to brighten my already drooped face from the half-finished Cinderella dream. Oh, God! I don't even look like Cinderella! I have darker skin than her. What can I say? God gifted me more melanin than I required or wanted. I looked towards my makeup drawer again and scoffed at the eyeliner and foundations. I got up abruptly and stabbed my foot on the furniture. Glaring at everything in my surrounding until the pain ebbed away, I cursed myself and looked toward my shelf to search for a nice storybook to keep me company if I decide to go to the library and have a day to myself since I realized that I have a very bad mood today. The reason being my half-finished fairy tale.

My eyes skimmed through the huge book collection trying to get my attention fixed on any of the goddamned book but it unfortunately didn't. I groaned again. I need a new book to read as soon as possible!!! Or I'll go insane from the tragedy that's hitting my life every minute.

Okay, maybe that's extreme. But I still need a book!!!

I quickly opened my phone to check Wattpad and Inkitt, to see if the books I am reading had been updated yet. No such luck. Rely on me to show you how to live the worst possible life.

Mom's voice sounded again from downstairs. Whining to myself, I got down.

At the table, an omelette and a glass of milk stared back at me with eagerness. Or maybe the eagerness was coming from my mother since she didn't end up burning the breakfast today, at least. She seemed to be in a good mood opposite to what she was just half an hour ago. She was humming along with a tune and loading the dishwasher.

I quickly turned to my meals and shoved the food down my throat as being late was a red card. I heard my father call out for me from the front yard. Shouting a 'Coming!', I kissed my mother's cheek and rushed outside.

My father's car was a Renault Triber. It's beautiful, with a vibrant burgundy for its body. I loved it. He had even planned to buying me a car but considering that my driving skills were below average, he refrained from it. Thus started my daily routine of either dad dropping me off at school or Aela, my best friend, picking me up on her way to school.

I got in the car and turned the volume knob for the music right up to the full volume and started relaxing. I looked towards my dad who rushed inside the house again probably forgetting to pick an important document. Our house was a two-storyed one. With blue painted walls and black roofs which sat languidly on the top. The windows were surprisingly tall and a few flowers were kept on the widow shade to decorate the house during Christmas.

However, we had left them there since it did look good. The house covered a small area and had a small garden adorning it. They were the choices of my dad since he loved gardening. The left part is still empty where I have promised him to help on my next vacation.

At last, I caught my father hurrying down again to the car, a folder in hand. He always managed to forget something.

Forgetting important things and remembering unnecessary things were the specialty of my father, Thibault Thomas. The exact opposite of my mom and very much similar to me. He is funny, sarcastic, and open-minded. No wonder where I got my sense of humor from. Though if you looked at him, he is as round as my mother but fairer in complexion with black straight hair, brown eyes, and a moustache to add his good looks. When it comes to his working qualities, he is very hard working. He couldn't stay calm without finishing his job. He loves sports to it's extremes especially table tennis and soccer. Did I mention how romantic he is? He definitely loved my mom more and doesn't bother mentioning it. Not that it mattered to me because they were very cute. Where do you think I got my fantasy dreams from?

He got in and placed the folder in the back seat. "Come on, Aelys. Who listens to loud music early in the morning?" my dad asked, breaking into a smile and punching the car key to start the car.

"Your princess, me. Aelys Thomas the Great," I answered, grinning from ear to ear but bad mood suddenly vanishing because of the wind and the abrupt aroma of nature.

My dad chuckled and held up his hand in surrender and started driving.

As we reached my school, I kissed my dad on his cheek and rushed inside. Our school was pretty basic like any other school. As I reached my locker. I noticed my best friend, Aela, standing near my locker with her books in her hand.

"Hey, Petite!" I called out excitedly and waved towards her.

Her last name 'Petite' suggests, she surely is petite. That's what made her earn the nickname 'Petite'. Aela had a round face with beautiful brown eyes. Black hair flowed from her head to a little above her elbows which was usually kept free and open. In short, my best friend was gorgeous.

I still remember everything that happened on the day we first met. It was in junior high. She was the new student, drop-dead gorgeous, and faced no issue in making the guys go crazy. I was sitting on my seat when she entered our class with Mrs, Durand. Mrs. Durand introduced her to the class and asked her to sit wherever she wanted. I was minding my own business almost paying no attention as to what was happening when a voice halted my movements.

"Do you mind if I sit beside you?"

I looked up at her awestruck and nodded my nod as words got stuck in my throat. I noticed that the seat beside me and the seat beside an American guy was empty. Even when I assumed a girl like her to go sit beside him, I was surprised when she reached her hands forward for a handshake.

"Hello, I am Aela Petit."

"Hey there, I am Aelys Thomas." I shook her hands almost scared.

That was our first meeting and throughout the class she blabbered. About her family, her exes, about herself. She asked about this school, the guys, the girls, about me, my family, my relationships.

I got to know her favourite band being one direction and favourite among them being Zayn Malik. After she finished ranting she started singing 'Best Song Ever' which was her favourite song back then. Now, she is into k-pop, Jungkook to be precise.

That's when I realized she was as crazy as I was and since then our friendship grew stronger and stronger day by day and now we are best friends.

The school bell rang to indicate the time and I quickly took out the books from my locker.

Mark from our English class passed by and sent a 'What's up' in our direction and we both nodded in acknowledgement.

She looked at me as soon as he disappeared from our line of vision, "You're late Ael! Class starts in five minutes."

I rub my neck and respond, "Yeah, I know I was-"

"Dreaming of snogging my prince charming but my mom woke me up," she said, cutting me off looking bored as hell.

I glare at her but she gives me an expression that says do-you-really-think-I-am-scared-of-you? I huff in defeat.

"You can be more excited to see me at least." I made a puppy dog face. She returned a dead-panned look at me.

"Anyway-", I sort out to change the topic.

"-Why did Mark acknowledge us? Did you sleep with him?" I narrowed my eyes at her. But she just rolled her eyes at me.

"I was drunk. He was drunk. Shit happened. Plus he was good in bed. Forget it!!" I made a gagging face.

"I don't wanna know about your sex life. It's gross!" I made a disgusted face.

"It's called the Wild Life, Aelys. You should try it sometimes."

"No thanks. I am fine. Come on now!! We are going to be late!"

I hooked an arm around her and we both walked to our first class, English, and sat on the third last bench because avoiding the attention is our goal - my goal, at least. Aela just tags along.

Our English teacher, Miss Durand came in soon and greeted us.

"Good morning class, I will be taking attendance, and then we can proceed with our chapter," she said with a radiant smile.

Following the attendance, she started with the chapter that was left incomplete from the previous day.

Likewise, other classes also flew by with Aela and me sulking half the time. At lunch, we went to the cafeteria and stood in line for food. Today's special was Indian food. They were serving a round flatbread with potato stuffing known as Paratha and a lime pickle, Aachar, to go with it. I love Indian food. It's so delicious.

"Oh, Aela!" I suddenly began, my mouth already stuffed with food.

"Hmph!" she grunted. Her focus was on her phone probably surfing through Instagram.

"I have to go visit the mall again. I am out of books!" I hollered. She looked at me indiculously.

"I have heard people run out of toilet papers. I have heard people run out of lotions. But never in the name of God have I ever hear someone run out of books!! Honestly, what in the name of lord you do with them? Eat it or something?" she whined.

"Please Aela!!! Just this once!"

"How about you add 'Again' in there?" she glared at me.

"Aela... " I said with my puppy dog voice and pouted.

"Please!!! I'll buy you a chocolate chip cookie."

"A whole box of them?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Yes! A whole box of them plus a chocolate ice cream!" I made an excited face. Believe it or not but I knew what exactly makes Aela Petite tick.

"Fine. You've got yourself a deal." She started munching on her food again. But suddenly stopped and facepalmed herself. Hard. Her pale skin burned red within seconds and I started laughing.

"Ael, don't laugh, moron, I forgot to get my computer book which I took home for studying and the next class is a computer lab. Gosh! You know our computer teacher is a living Bellatrix Lestrange. What am I going to do?" she said turning pale as the anxiety began kicking in

Our computer teacher is scary. Indeed, she's scary. When she teaches it's as if she was sleeping, but if she caught anyone sulking, her glare would be enough to make you feel as though she had cast the very worst of Forbidden Curses, Crucio.

"Chill, dude there are extra books in the library, We could go and get it from there," I said and focused back on my food.

Damn! I think I need to plan a trip to India for food. And of course a small trip to the library before that.


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