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The Contestant (18+)

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Chapter 2

The crowd cheered and all I wanted to do was step off the stool and kill my bestie while I bolted out of this place with a new identity.

Ugh. What the fuck, Mia?

“So, we have two contestants. Firstly, we have the beautiful Christina. A fiery woman who loves action movies, cars and her absolute passion is food. Her friend has brought her onto the show without her knowledge. Christina, do you want to say hi to everyone in the audience?”


The host talked louder into the microphone cutting off the obviously furious woman.

“Okay, we’ll come right back to you, Christina. Our second girl, Ruby, was also brought here by her friend, Mia. She loves animals, swimming and is also a fan of food. Italian being her favourite. Let’s welcome them both!” The crowd cheered again, and my burning face could have lit this set on fire. “So, ladies. The game is about to start. Each of you are going to ask three guys questions. Based on their response, you will be able to choose a guy to go on a date with. Keep in mind you will not be able to see these men, but you will be able to hear them.”

Ugh. Deep breaths, Ruby. It will be all over soon.

“Okay, Christina. You’re up first. There are three men sitting on stools. The audience isn’t able to see them, however, once you make your choice, we will bring out the lucky guy to meet you.”

“Fanfuckingtastic,” Christina muttered, and I chuckled. Her sarcastic tone echoed when she spoke into the microphone.

“Christina. First up is John What question would you like to ask him?”

“Wait. Not only has my friend brought me here under false pretences, but I have to sit here and think of a question to ask the men too?”

“Um, yes. Christina, that’s exactly how it works,” Miguel replied.

“Fucking great,” she whispered, and the audience snickered. “Ugh. Okay. John. What is your favourite thing to eat?”

“You can ask anything you want to know, Christina. Anything at all,” Miguel reminded.

“I realized that, Miguel. I’m asking the dude what he likes to eat.”

“Okay, John. Care to answer?”

John hesitated before he responded. “There’s a few things I like to eat. One being something I can’t mention on live T.V., but I’m sure you can guess what it is.” There was a resounding Ohhhh from the crowd before he continued. “The other thing is anything chicken. Chicken pot pie, chicken stew. BBQ chicken. Marinated chicken. Yeah, pretty much chicken.”

Well, that turned sexy real fast.

Christina chuckled, surprised by his answer.

“Okay. Thank you, John.” Miguel cleared his throat. “Next question goes to Alvin.”

“Okay, Alvin. I’ve got a good question for you. Do you think it’s right for your friend to drag you unexpectedly to a dating show and would you forgive them if they did?”

“I could have guessed that question was coming. What do you say, Alvin?”

“Be honest,” Christina urged.

Alvin chuckled before he spoke, “Well, I guess it would depend on the reasons why they dragged me here in the first place. I, personally, wanted to come here as I have tried other ways to meet girls, and I wanted to do something different. As for forgiving them, that would be up to you if you wanted to forgive your friend.“”

“Right. You’re no help, Alvin,” Christina sighed, and the crowd laughed.

“Okay, last guy is Rowen. Go head, Christina.”

“Okay, Rowen. I’m into BDSM. What do you think about that?”

He responded quickly. “I’m not into BDSM. I’m more of a traditional kind of guy.”

Christina wined in disgust. “Ugh. Disappointing.”

Guess she’s not into boring.

“Okay, Christina. You’ll get some time to think about who to pick. Audience, which bachelor had the best response?”

Most of the voices which yelled out were screaming number one A few twos echoed, but I couldn’t hear anyone shouting three.

“So, Christina. Have you chosen a suitor?”

“I need more time to think.”

“Fair enough. Christina, for now, we’ll go to a commercial break, and when we return, we’ll be speaking with Ruby!”

I sat on the stool, reached around my head, and removed my blindfold. I turned to the woman next to me and smiled. She had taken hers off too.

“I’m Christina.”

“I’m Ruby.”

“Looks like we’ll be looking for some new friends, huh?” I chuckled. She ran her fingers through her dark brown hair and her flushed cheeks looked as bright as mine felt.

“I’m so sorry. Forgive me,” Mia whispered. I shifted my attention to my friend who stood next to me. “I can’t stay up here too long, but please don’t be mad.”

I shook my head and shot daggers at her. “You and I will discuss this shit later. I’m fuming, Mia!”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

I could see here half-assed apology was bullshit. She blew me a kiss and turned away from me. My attention shifted back to Christina.

“Good luck. I hope your guys are going to be better than mine.”

“Yeah, thanks. I can’t believe I’m here right now.”

“Yep. Me neither.”

A voice echoed over the speaker. “Okay, we’re on in five. Four. Three. Two and...”

“Welcome back to The Contestant. Before the break we met Christina and Ruby. Two women who will choose a bachelor to date. Now, we’re going to meet Ruby. Mia tells us Ruby loved all things animals. She even works at an animal shelter. She loves to cook and described her best friend as the most supporting and giving person she’s ever known.”

Yeah, that’s not gonna get you points, Mia. Nice try.

“So, Ruby. There are three new available and very sexy bachelors sitting on a stool behind the curtain. First up is Owen. Why don’t you ask Owen any question you like?”

My heart thundered and I was sure it could be heard through the microphone attached to me. I cleared my throat and wiped the sweat from my hands onto my new dress which Mia had clearly bribed me with.

“Okay, first up is Owen.”

Oh, God. What the hell do I ask him?

A faint taste of blood filled my mouth when I chewed on the inside of my cheek. “Okay. Um. What’s the first thing you notice when you meet a girl?”

“Hmmm,” Owen paused for a moment. “The smile. If she’s got a gorgeous smile, I’m hooked right off the bat.”

Damn. His voice is sexy.

Sweat still dripped from my forehead while I thought of two more questions to ask.

“Next, we have Philip, who was also dragged here against his will. Ruby, do you have a question for Philip?”

“Fuck. This sucks.” Philip breathed into the microphone.

“Remember, Philip. You’re on live T.V.,” Miguel reminded him.

Philip sighed a deep breath. I knew he didn’t want to be there anymore than I did. “I hadn’t forgotten.”

“Hi, Philip. I’ll ask you the same question.”

“How original,” he snarked. I raised my brows and listened to his response. “Well, I’m not looking for a girl right now to be honest, but if I were, she would have to be attractive. Tall. Long legs. I wouldn’t care if she had a good personality or not, as long as there was a physical attraction.”

The crowd went quiet, I could hear someone in the back row coughing.

Well, Philip definitely wouldn’t go for someone like me. Damn. What an egotistical ass-.

“Wow. Okay. Thank you for your um, illuminating response. Finally, we have Carter, who wants to be here. So please, Ruby, ask Carter a question.”

My hands were in my lap; my thumbs fidgeted. I took a deep breath and sighed. “Okay, Carter. Describe your perfect date.”

“Oh, that’s easy. I’d find out what the girl liked to do, and I’d organise to do it. If she likes walks on the beach, I’ll drive her down with a blanket and picnic basket with food I’ve prepared for myself.”

Okay, Carter. Not bad.

“Well, Ruby, it looks like you have a decision to make. We’ll find out who each of you have chosen right after the break.”

I brought my attention to Christina. “What kind of answer was that from Philip?”

She chuckled. “Right? I think he needs to wake up. Girls don’t want guys like that, no matter what they look like. He did sound cute though.”

I nodded in agreement. It was something I had noticed with Philip. Actually, with all of the guys. Their deep voices resonated through my body.

Christina’s friend ran up to her and pulled her in for a hug, but the furious girl pushed her away. “Not a chance in hell.”

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic. You know you needed this.”

“Are you kidding me? You’ve brought me on live T.V.!”

Her friend smiled and shrugged her shoulders before she turned her heels and walked away. I shook my head when Christina brought her attention to me. “Can you believe her?”

Another countdown resounded through the speakers before Miguel continued to talk. “Welcome back everyone. If you’ve just tuned in, you’re watching The Contestant. Two women, Christina and Ruby, have asked three different guys three questions and will choose a suitor based on their responses.” Miguel turned to Christina. Have you made your decision?”

She tightened her lip and nodded. “Whatever. I choose number one.”

The audience stood and stomped their feet. I could feel the vibrations beneath me.

“Great choice, Christina. We’ll introduce you to the suitors in just a moment. Let’s find out which guy Ruby has chosen.”

Oh, God. Who do I pick? I mean I know who it won’t be. Shit. Why did she bring me here?

“Ruby? Did you hear me? You need to make a choice. Everyone is waiting for you and you’re on live T.V.”

Miguel pulled me from my thoughts, and I shifted my gaze toward him. He wore a huge grin across his face, but the sweat which dripped from my forehead to my eyes made it harder to see his figure. After I was unable to choose one person, Miguel informed me picking two was an option.

“I think I’ve made a decision. I’d like to pick two and three.”

“Two? Are you sure about that?” Christina asked.

I narrowed my eyes before they went wide. “No. Shit. Sorry. Not two. Definitely not two.”

Miguel smiled and the crowd stood up and cheered.

Oh, shit. That was close. What the hell was I thinking?

Christina turned to me and chuckled. “Man, I wish they told me I could pick two.”

“Would you have?”

She shrugged her shoulders before she shook her head. “Nah. One was good enough. I just hope he doesn’t mind getting tied up,” she winked.

Miguel strolled up to Christina and I. “Okay, ladies. Are you ready to meet your men?” We both nodded and turned to the curtains. “Okay, John. Please come out and meet Christina!”

The crowd stood and thundered while a man stepped out from behind the curtain. He took one look at Christina and widened his eyes. A smirk appeared on his lips while he ran his fingers through his dark brown hair.

“Oh, yeah. I’m definitely tying him up,” Christina whispered, not realizing her microphone was still on. John chuckled before he pulled her in for a hug.

“Okay, two love birds. You may head backstage to get to know one another.”

Christina and John walked away, hand in hand, and through the backdoor entrance.

Miguel turned to me. “Okay, Ruby. Two men will fight for a chance to be with you. Let’s invite them out! Owen and Carter, please step from behind the curtain.”

Two guys both walked out and looked at each other with a grin before they caught my gaze. Both men swallowed hard and their eyes moved up and down my curvy figure, stopping briefly at my breasts before their attention shifted to me.

Owen and Carter had similar features. Short hair and a fine trimmed beard. One had golden brown eyes, while the other was a light blue.

“Wow. You’re gorgeous. I’m Owen.”

He pulled me in for a hug and I clung onto him, almost falling off the stool. He took a deep breath and pressed his lips gently on my flushed cheek.

When Owen pulled away, he stepped aside, and Carter stood in front of me. His smile reached his blue eyes and I couldn’t help but smile back. “He’s right. You’re gorgeous,” he winked, and leaned in to kiss my other cheek, but neither of them could help the flames which ignited my body.

I took a deep breath and stood. Owen and Carter each took a hand and led me to the back entrance. When we went through the doors, someone was standing on the other side waiting for me.

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