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Unbreakable Vow (COMPLETED)

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He is a billionaire and she is the daughter of the late servant of his grandfather. is the status only barrier between them OR Subhadra Raizada, the arrogant and prideful woman? Will Subhadra let them get married or will she play cards to separate them to save her family pride.

Romance / Fantasy
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Arnav Singh Raizada is coming from London today. Servants of the RM were busy, making arrangements… no-no… Subhadra Raizada was making the servants dance by her orders. Her grandson Arnav is coming to India who worked for the AR branch in London for two years after finishing his studies at Oxford University.

Arnav is going to put his legs on the motherland almost, after ten years. In these years, he was not allowed to step into India. Not because he was not interested. Subhadra didn’t want him to come to India for a reason.

Arnav’s mother Ratna was so happy about Arnav’s comeback. She was allowed to meet her son yearly once. That means; she met her son for only ten times in the past ten years. She was taken to London by her husband to meet her son every year. Whenever she goes to London, Arnav fights with her for making him stay away from her. But Ratna was helpless. She silently sheds tears and eats her son’s wrath every time.

Ratna was squeezing her hands in nervousness and Arvind knew her state of mind.

“Why are you looking nervous?” he asked as if he doesn’t know.

“Chotte is coming today. What if…?”

Cutting her,

“Don’t think much. It’s already decided. We can do nothing going against Maji.”

“What about the PROMISE? Is not there any value of it?”

“There is no use of thinking of it. So, don’t stress yourself.”

“This is not done.”

“Ratna, I warn you. If Maji hears you talking about it, she may get furious.”

Ratna sighed.

At the same time, Subhadra entered in like a storm as if she heard their talks. She stood in front of them with her head up.

“Listen, no one will remember anything about the past to Arnav. Understood?”

She turned to leave the room; she looked at Ratna, hearing her question which she didn’t expect.

“What if Chotte has not forgotten anything yet?”

Subhadra was dumbfounded by the question. Is it possible not to be forgotten? Arnav was fourteen years old at that time. Subhadra sent him far away from India only to keep him away from the memories. Arnav never spoke about it in the past years with her. And she believed that Ratna also would not have reminded him anything. No… there is no chance for him to remember it. She left the room without uttering a single word. But her mind got clouded with tension. Arnav was not a fourteen-year boy now. He is a man who could handle an AR’s London branch all alone. It needs not only brilliance but also guts. What if he shows that brilliance and guts to her? But… being a billionaire… being a Raizada blood… would he even think of a low-status girl? No… never… he is Arnav… her grandson… he will surely be like her who is fond of status and money.

Subhadra made herself up with her own excuse unaware of the truth.

To be continued…

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