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Zoe Kilmer has always been a talented drumer, but she never imagined that she would become apart of her all time favorite band, the buzzkills... as an assistant that is. The band has no idea of the talent she possesses until the drummer of the band quits and they had Zoe look for another drummer. She then suggested to be the new drummer of buzzkills. Along her journey, Zoe becomes romantically attached to the very sexy singer of the band, Storm, who takes her on the wildest ride of her life.

Romance / Drama
Arabella Cintron
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(1) tea spill

“Shit!” I yell as coffee spills all over my not-so-waterproof computer, and I dab at it with my napkin.

I have been jobless for 2 weeks now and I’ve had no luck finding a job for anything music-related. I’m a music major, graduated a year ago, and I thought I had the perfect job working at a music studio, but my asshole boss was constantly harassing me after telling him I wasn’t interested.

I didn’t want to lose the job, but I also had enough self-respect to walk away from something that could have lead to rape.

As I quit that day, Peter Holseve, the manager of one of my favorite bands, The Buzzkills, offered me a job.

I didn’t immediately accept since he didn’t make it exactly clear what my job would be, but at this moment his words fill my head.

“I have a great opportunity for you, it beats working at this shit show. Here is my number if you want to talk about it.”

As I stare at my resume on my computer. I decided I’ve had enough.

I’m going to call Mr. Holseve and tell him I’m interested. I have bills to pay and student loans to get rid of.

I reach for my phone and call his number. Mr. Holseve wasn’t always the kindest person to talk to but he was a very good businessman. It’s just what I need right now.

Mr. Holseve: (“Hello, this is Pete speaking. Whatever you have to say make it quick before my sandwich gets cold.“)

I take a deep breath.

Zoe: (”Hello Mr. Holseve. It’s me Zoe. I’ve been thinking about the offer you made me two weeks ago and I wanna know if that offer still stands.“)

Mr. Holseve: (“It’s about time you came to your senses Zoe. I know how good you are with everything related to music and I want you to be an assistant for Buzzkills.“)

I gasp loudly into the phone, not quite understanding my luck right now.

Mr. Holseve: (“I take the sudden intake of breath that you’re interested?“)

Is he kidding? Working for my favorite band seems too good to be true. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if I had to clean after their shit if it meant I could work for them.

Zoe: (“Yes, I’m interested.“) I say trying to act cool.

Mr. Holseve: (Wonderful. I’ll call you tomorrow to explain what it is you will be doing.)

With that, he hangs up and I’m shocked into silence.

“Holy shit!” I do a happy dance as I reach for my phone to play some music on my Bluetooth speaker.

Ironically the first song that the phone plays is one of Buzzkills songs called “Down with the dirty minds.”

The lead singer and guitarist, Storm, sings his lungs out effortlessly sounding sexy and slightly raspy. I used to get off on the idea of being with a rock star like him and have him corrupt me into being his bad girl, but I know that’s an unrealistic expectation, and a dangerous one.

Still, that doesn’t stop me from watching their live performances on YouTube and fantasizing.

30 percent of the songs were about heartbreak, 20 percent were about love, and 50 percent were songs filled with filthy, sexy as hell lyrics. It suited them perfectly since they all looked like sex Gods with ripped, tattooed bodies.

“Down, down, and dirty with your down and dirty mind.

Feeling your sexy body, molding to mine.”

I headbang and sing along to the song that puts me in a sexy mood.

The bassist Steel flicks his curly blond hair back and winks at the camera. Jax, the keyboardist, lets his fingers slide across the piano smoothly while smiling to himself, as his long dreadlocks swayed from side to side. Grayson, the second guitarist and the one who plays most of the solos nods towards his brother keal the drummer of the band.

Storm’s raspy voice is meant to sing this sexy music. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to work for these guys and not swoon 24/7.

*knock, knock.*

I walk up to my front door in my purple rain pajamas and see my mother standing there with a big bag of Caramel popcorn and DVDs.

“Hey mom, come in, I’ve got some good news to share.”

“Oh, how I love good news.” She says as she walks in and I close the door behind her.

“Well go on, tell me the good news.” She says as she sets her things down on the couch and faces me with an eager smile.

“Well, if found a new job, and it’s way better than my last one.”

“Darling that’s wonderful news! What’s the job?”

“I don’t know yet, but I know that I will be working for my favorite band, the buzzkills!”

Her mouth drops in shock.

“You mean those very talented handsome men that sell out every one of their shows?”

“Yes! I’m so excited!” I tell her and she hugs me tightly.

“I’m happy for you my dear, but perhaps you should tell your father about this. You know what his opinions would be.” She warns me and I nod in agreement.

“How is dad, by the way?” I ask her and she shrugs.

“Hell if I know. I try to call him but he ignores me.”

I pout and sigh, and mom strokes my cheek.

“No sad faces tonight. I’ve brought over our favorite movies to watch and a bunch of tea to spill.”

“I’m more of a coffee person mom.”

“Oh I know, that’s why I’m going to spill the tea.” She says with a giggle. Mom works at the Hard rock hotel and serves many celebrities. She always comes by to share juicy secrets with me, and watch movies.

I put in a movie as I fetch us some blankets and open the bag of popcorn.

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