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Crystal Harris had left home when she was sixteen to attend boarding school, after her father had died leaving her step brother Benjamin Danvers to fill his role of Alpha. On her eighteenth birthday he ordered her to return home or he would cut her money off. When she got too the Red Blood Moon Pack she was ready to battle for her freedom, she would comply with his wishes ,but she was going to make his life a living hell. Uncanny though how Crystals we’ll laid plans was blown out the window, with what she discovered .

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Chapter one

Crystal Harris looked down furiously at the letter that her Step brother had sent her, he was ordering her home. If she didn’t comply with his orders he was going to cut her money off, the nerve of this arrogant s.o.b.
“ What’s wrong Crystal, you looked pissed ,” observed her friend Brianna, her blue eyes speculative.
“ Its a letter from my over bearing step brother, “ she admitted crossly her hazel eyes angry.
“ Ohhhhh the Alpha, “ giggled Brianna seeing the look in her friends eyes.
Crystal didn’t answer immediately, she was too furious planning if she was forced home by Benjamin she was going to make his life miserable. She should have known the minute he learned she had a boyfriend at school he would react badly.
Crystals thoughts went to Jerod Matthews, her boyfriend of a week. He was extremely handsome with jet black hair and dimples on both cheeks, his muscular built attracted many girls but he had eyes only for Crystal. Jerod was from the Super Moon Pack up north, his father was the Delta of that pack, so he was a future Delta himself, a plan began forming in her mind her hazel eyes alight with mischief.
“ Brianna what would you say if I invited you to my pack for a few weeks.” Asked Crystal.
“ I’d love too, maybe your brother and I will turn out to be mates .” She joked good naturely .
“ I would wish you good luck, any one that is mated to him, will be signing a death warrant.” She muttered nastily, Crystal was not a mean person she was actually the opposite, but for some reason he rubbed her the wrong way.
“ What will you do about Jerod ?” She asked Crystal with genuine interest.
“ Accompanying us of course .” Said Crystal her hazel green eyes filled with determination.
“ Oh boy, this will be very interesting, “ groaned Brianna taking a pillow from her bed and covering her head comically.
“ You bet “. She muttered.
When Crystal asked Jerod to accompany her and Brianna to her pack, he was all for it, they has finished their studies and just had their graduation three days ago. The three of them packed up their stuff and sat outside waiting on Benjamin’s Delta to come pick them up, her step brother was busy with pack business so he couldn’t make it. When the camouflage green Land Rover pulled up the Delta got out , his dark brown eyes held surprise on seeing three people instead of one. He packed their luggage in the back and ushered them inside the vehicle. The drive to the Blood Red Moon Pack was a very scenic journey, they drove through three small cities before entering into the territory of the Blood Red Pack, the forest here was much greener and larger than the other cities they passed. Crystal felt a sense of pride in seeing her home once more, as the vehicle drove into the compound, a community of small houses were scattered around a much larger and extensive one, the main pack house and her soon to be jail for a few weeks thought Crystal.
When the vehicle came to a stop, a few of the pack members who took care of the main house stood outside waiting to welcome her home. Benjamin was no where to be seen, she was thankful for that, she wanted to get settled before their confrontation. They were taken too their rooms Jerod and Brianna were taken to the south wing of the house and she was shown not too her old room, but next to the master bedroom. She fumed knowing that it had to be Benjamin who had ordered that so he could keep an eye on her.
The elderly pack woman unpacked her clothes for her, she smiled when she was finished “ Anything you need you just call me , my name is Annabel .”
“ Thank you Annabel.” She smiled warmly at the woman .
Crystal was left alone to take a rest after her long journey, grabbing a pair of cut off jeans and a purple navel breaker, she headed to the shower, stripping she took a leisurely shower washing off the sweat and dust from her skin, she walked back into her bedroom and made her way to the window that over looked into the forest.
She stood deep in thought her memories taking her back in time, Crystal had been ten years old when her father had taken a woman from another pack with a small son as his second wife, Crystal being young developed a close relationship with the young boy who had been several years older than her. They had always been close, Benjamin had always taken the blame for any mischief that she had done, cause she had been a real hell raiser, when she turned fourteen her feelings changed towards Benjamin and his towards her. Where before he tolereted her behavior he was now always on her case, it made him very angry whenever she was around the opposite sex. It really got bad a month before she turned sixteen, her father passed away from a fever, she had been very withdrawn and kept more to herself, Benjamin and his mother Leah tried to get her to go out and socialize, with no results. It took a new family who moved to their pack, to get her to come out of the cocoon she had buried herself in. There were two sons in this new family one about ten and the other seventeen his name was Drew Thompson, Crystal had her first shift when she was fourteen so she had gone for a run to escape the confines of her life, she had been sitting under a shaded tree watching birds fly and bunnies ran around, when she heard a twig break behind her. A grey wolf with brown eyes peeked at her from around the tree, she sniffed the air making out his scent, lemony citrus, it was the new kid Drew.
“ What do you want .” She mind linked him grouchily.
“ Same thing you want, peace and to be left alone.” He mindlinked back honestly.
She turned back her head and put her snout on her outstretched paws, the kid came and sat beside her but not to very close. After that they became friends, they were never seen without each other, Crystal avoided Benjamin choosing to make Drew’s family her surrogate, she was often over at their house, coming home only to sleep.


Crystal had not thought about this for two years, she had blanked it out of her subconscious but being back here, had bought it all back. It had been the day of her sixteenth birthday and Drew had asked her out on a official date. They were going to the movies, she had dressed in a black skin tight jeans and gold colored navel braker top. When Drew had come for her , she had been walking downstairs when she rounded a corner and ran straight into Benjamin, both his arms went around her waist and she could have sworn he pulled her closer in his embrace, “ Where are you off too in such a hurry .”
“ Drews taking me to the movies ,” she said casually.
“ Today is your birthday, I thought we could have done something together.” He said his amber gold eyes gleaming down at her, she felt uncomfortable under his gaze.
“ I already have plans.” She muttered pulling out of his embrace, and walking away without a backward glance.
The movie was a great one, they had not come back after the movies but gone on to a late night diner and had a late dinner, when Drew pulled up to the Pack house, he got out with her and walked her too her door, they stood outside chatting for a few minutes, and Drew did something totally unexpected he pulled her closer and kissed her lightly on the lips, Crystal closed her eyes the kiss was her first and very pleasant, she felt nothing earth shattering .when the kiss ended Drew looked at her like if he expected to see something in her hazel green eyes, he laughed and shook his head almost sadly.
“ Good night Crystal, it was a pleasure spending your birthday with you.”
“ No, thank you Drew for making it a memorable one, Goodnight Drew.” She waved and walked inside.
Crystal made her way up to her room quietly, not wishing to wake up Leah who was not feeling well or Benjamin either. She made it safely into her room, turning around to lock her door when a huge hand slammed it shut, she smelt him so she knew it was Benjamin, his woodsy smell always sent pleasurable tingles along her body, giving her goosebumps.
Crystal spun around to give him a piece of her mind, but instead a pair of lips smashed down on hers, forcing hers apart he ground his mouth into hers, both her hands were held in his larger ones preventing her from trying to get away, the kiss changed it became hungry, coaxing his tongue finding its way into her mouth, this kiss made her toes curl, goosebumps to erupt all over, her ears began to wring, what the hell was happening ?
Benjamin pulled away, gasping for breath, his head touched hers as he got himself under control, when he spoke his voice was filled with angry menace .” Never let me see Drew Thompson’s hands on you ever again, or any other man do you understand me Crystal.”
Crystal stared at him, but her anger rose and with hazel eyes spitting anger, she pushed him away . “ Don’t you ever touch me again.”
“ Well see .” He threatened as he pulled her door open and walked out .
The next morning Benjamin’s Delta Lucas , told her to pack she was going to boarding school, she had been very grateful to escape her step brother, when she had left she vowed never to step foot on the Blood Red Moon Pack ever again. Now here she was the same place she had never wanted to be again. A door slamming give her a sense of dejavu as she turned around to face her tormentor Benjamin. Her hazel eyes widened at his appearance, he looked rugged and muscular, he was sporting tatoes on his very huge biseps , his hair was longer but still black gold , it was his amber eyes that pinned her to the spot, it gleamed only the gold reflecting in them. Crystal visibly swallowed as he stalked towards her, she stepped back forgetting the window behind her. Benjamin stood in front her inhaling roughly as if fighting for control of his wolf.
“ Our little mate returns.” He said passionately, as he pulled her towards him, his male lips locking with hers in a kiss that threatened to devour her. Crystal felt herself being swept up in a tidal wave of passion and desire, what the hell was going on here. When her brain clicked on what he had said her hazel eyes opened in horror.


“ No, No, No.” she muttered pushing him away, which was hard because in the two years she had not seen him, he had grown in his Alpha strength he was much more muscular and broader. He said “ mate “ I can’t be so unlucky thought Crystal in horror.
“You heard me Crystal, I’m your mate, “ he clarified his amber gold gaze one of posession as they traveled from her light brown hair to her pocket sized Venus body, she had filled out in all the right places, very sexy her breast heaving in anger his eyes glazed over in hunger wanting to feel them in his mouth. He had always known deep down they belonged together, it was confirmed the day she ran into him in the hallway, that night he couldn’t help himself he had to taste her pink pouty rosy lips.
“ I don’t want or need a mate.” She said vehemently her hazel eyes spitting fire into his amused but very determined amber ones.
“ Yet you have one, you will behave accordingly or it will be hell to pay, that little pup you bought with you, don’t let me catch him sniffing around your skirts .” He said coldly his eyes predatory and territorial, as they locked with her defying ones. Benjamin knew she would disobey him, it will be his pleasure in being able to finally teach his little hell cat whom she belonged too, his wolf Chaos wanted to take control and mate with her, Putting his scent on her and marking her, Benjamin fought for control of his wolf it was too early to take her, she needed time to adjust first of being his mate and the packs Luna.
A knock on her bedroom door, interrupted what she was about to say, Benjamin used this distraction to exit, without the big blowup he had been expecting.
Opening the door, he nodded his head to the blond, blue grey eyed girl standing outside. This must be Crystals friend Brianna, “ She’s all yours “.
Briana stood gawking at her friends, step brother, he was handsome and rugged “ wow “ as he made his escape. She sensed a disagreement had transpired between them both, looking over at Crystal she came into the room and closed the door behind her.
“ Everything ok Crystal .” She ventured tentatively , her blue eyes taking in her friends agitation.
“ I’m going to tell you something, but let it remain between us.” Said Crystal degectedly.
“ Sure, of course you know I can be trusted .” Murmured Brianna truthfully.
“ It appears my Step brother and Alpha, is my mate .” She said emotionlessly .
“ What, “ exclaimed Brianna in horror.
“ Exactly my reaction also.” She said sitting on the edge of the huge bed .
“ You’ll have to stay clear of Jerod, Crystal.” Advised Brianna her blue grey eyes troubled on seeing the way her friend lifted her chin stubbornly, Oh, Oh, she thought this is going to end badly.
“ My bro —- Benjamin will have to learn he does not get everything his way .” She said determinedly.
“ A mate bond is different Crystal, and he is an Alpha very territorial.” She pointed out sensibly .
“ I will regect him. “ she said angrily.
“ He does not look the type to allow you to do that, I’m guessing he’ll do everything to make sure that it happens.” She said to Crystal .
“ Well see Brianna. “ she said .
Later that night both girls dressed for dinner in formal wear, it appeared that there was to be a celebration for Crystals return to the pack.Brianna was already dressed and sitting on her bed waiting for her to finish dressing , coming out of her en-suite bathroom , she twirled around for her friends inspection. The dress was a slinky dark green one that hugged her curves with a slit at the front of her left leg, the only jewelry she wore was a slim gold chain with an emerald hearts on it, small matching studded earrings hung from her earlobes . The green dress made the green flecks in her eyes almost glow .
“ You looked good too eat .” Teased Brianna, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively and comically.
Both girls burst out laughing uproariously, they were still laughing when they entered the great hall, where everyone was gathered , Crystal stared dumbstruck at the hall, there was balloons and crepe paper chains even a big sign that said “ Welcome home Crystal”.
Crystal looked at everyone and smiled tentatively, ignoring the amber eyes that looked her over possessively he was dressed in a black dress pants, white shirt and matching black jacket, he never liked ties she could remember.
“ Thanks everyone for going through so much trouble to welcome me home .” She said smiling openly, her hazel eyes glowing with gratitude. She heard a male voice curse, looking over at Benjamin she couldn’t help it but smirk at the dark spot on his jacket, where apparently he had spilled his drink that he had been holding, glancing up he caught her look and his eyes grew stormy with retribution.
Brianna seeing the exchange between them, grabbed Crystals hand and steered her towards the refreshment table that was laden with finger foods and drinks. “ Looks like a storm was about to hit, so I decided to calm it .” She muttered quietly.
“ Thanks Bri .” She smiled at her friend gratefully.
They were giggling like a couple of girls, tasting the finger foods, when a male cleared their throat behind them, they both turned and looked into the dark brown eyes of the young man standing behind them.
“ oops were we blocking you .” Asked Brianna giggling nervously.
“ No.” he muttered looking at Crystal , “ I guess you don’t remember me Crys .”
Crystal stood looking at him, he looked vaguely familiar, her hazel eyes widened when she realized who he was. “ Oh my God , Daniel Thompson is that you all grown up. “ she squealed excitedly, grabbing him and hugging him In her excitement .


A low but angry growl reached her ear, she quickly released her strangling hug on Daniel. That warning had come from Benjamin glancing over at him through lowered lashes she saw his amber eyes spitting anger over at her, turning her head away she smiled triumphantly a plan forming in her mind.
Brianna scolded at her, the only person who had seen the small interchange between her and the Alpha.
She threw her friend a worried look, this small vacation was going to be very interesting, deep down she knew Crystal was going to lose this battle of wills between her and Benjamin, besides mates rarely separated they were mated for life.
“ Where’s Drew, is he here also ?” Asked Crystal her hazel eyes searching around for her long ago friend.
Daniel looked away his hand creeping up to massage his neck uncomfortably, he seemed to make a decision looking over at her he said seriously. “ Can we talk somewhere a little more private ?”
“ Sure is it okay, if my friend Brianna stays with us .” She asked sensing he really needed something from her.
“ No it’s not a problem, it’s fine .” He said.
Crystal and Brianna were led by Daniel to the garden at the back of the pack house, the garden had a circular waterfall and around it were a circular bench to sit, the garden were laden with fruit trees and beautiful flowers of every species, the smell from the roses teased the nostrils with its pleasant smell, Crystal sat taking in the beauty and tranquility of the garden she had grown up in playing hide and seek and running around catching butterflies .
“ I really need your help Crystal, when you were sent to boarding school Drew became out of control. I think your friendship with him was the glue that kept him together, I know he felt you were mates but it seemed that he found out it wasn’t so.” Admitted Daniel his voice filled with deep concern.
“ I never guessed Daniel, we became very close yes, it was never my intention to leave I was ordered to leave and now I’m ordered back again.” She admitted truthfully.
“ I know Crystal, anyways he started hanging out with some rouges,” said Daniel his voice laced with concern.
Crystal and Brianna glanced at each other with mirroring looks, “ What exactly do you think Crystal can do for him, is he here in the pack ?”
“ I’m hoping that now that Crystal had returned to the pack, he might make contact with her since they had been friends before her leave .” Admitted Daniel his eyes hopeful.
“ I take it he has left the pack hur ?” Asked Crystal finally getting the gist of the Conversation.
“ Yes .” Said Daniel quietly.
“ I’m not sure how we’ll be able to help, but we’ll try .” Said Crystal including Brianna, who nodded her consent.
Crystal stiffened visibly when she became aware of a citrusy woodsy scent behind her, Brianna stuttered nervously “ Hey there .”
“ Everyone’s asking for you three, what’s so secretive you guys had to come out to the garden? “ asked Benjamin his amber eyes suspicious.
“ They were telling me about all their mischievous pranks, lol .” Laughed Brianna hollowly.
“ Oh yeah gave me a few grey hairs, the bunch of them .” Laughed Benjamin coolly, his amber eyes glinting down at Crystal.
Brianna saw the possessive look Benjamin threw Crystals way, her friends back was turned towards him so she didn’t see it. Glancing over at Daniel she saw his brown eyes puzzled at the propertiery way Benjamin was looking over at Crystal.
“ Why don’t we go join the party,” suggested Brianna hurriedly.
Everyone got up hurriedly, Briana linked her hands through both Crystals and Daniels and propelled them out of a sticky situation. The rest of the night they talked and chatted with other young people in the pack, everyone was genuinely happy to see Crystal return to the pack. Jerod and Daniel struck up a friendship to both girls amazements, So the four of them became a group laughing and fooling around to Benjamin’s annoyance. The entire night he was not able to get her alone she was well guarded among her friends.


One week after Crystals return to the Blood Red Moon Pack and it seemed she had never left, everyone had welcomed her three friends as well. Everyday they helped around the pack whatever they could help with and left to visit the little village with its small restaurants and village life.
The four friends were often seen visiting the restaurants and small movie town, in all Crystal had been successfully keeping out of Benjamin’s way.
“ How would you guys like if I joined the Blood Red Moon Pack ?” Asked Jerod out of the blue, shocking everyone who was seated in Daniels sports car, they were on their way back to the pack after viewing a movie.
“ That would be cool .” Said Daniel excitedly.
“ You know I was thinking along the same line .” Admitted Brianna laughing her blue eyes alight.
“ Are you guys sure . “ asked Crystal worriedly.
“ Yes .” Chorused both Jerod and Brianna honestly.
“ Okay, I’ll have to talk with Benjamin about that, he is the Alpha after all.” Said Crystal dreading being alone with him, since she had been avoiding him like the plague.
The rest of the drive was done with the four planing what advantages it had in the pack for them, Daniel dropped the three of them off at the main house promising to meet up early the next day, their plan was to start training .
Crystal made her way tiredly upstairs to her bedroom, she didn’t stop in her bedroom but headed straight to the en-suite bathroom, she removed her makeup and stripping she stepped into her shower, taking a short shower she towel dried herself putting on her pajamas a black shorts and matching spaghetti strapped top, combing out her hair she made her way back into her bedroom, her door being opened and Benjamin stepping into her room stopped her from sliding into her bed.
Crystal was pinned by a pair of smoldering amber gold eyes, she watched him stand leaning against her bedroom door with his hands in his pockets, his eyes traveled from her bare feet with hot red nail polish on her toenails, upwards to her bare shapely legs the black shorts that hugged her curves lovingly and the thin top that she wore. Straightening from leaning against the door he made his way straight towards her. Crystal didn’t move she stood her ground stubbornly, she will not be intimidated by him.
Lifting her head almost challengingly her hazel eyes locked with amber gold ones, “ What exactly do you want Benjamin .”
He watched her with hooded eyes, “ What I want baby will blow your fucking mind .”
“ Don’t call me that Benjamin,” she said angrily.
“ Why .” He asked stubbornly, his amber eyes heated .
Crystal made a step to move away, but he was waiting for it, he took his hands so fast out of his pockets and grabbed her pulling her close to his heated body, she was left speechless .
“ Do you have any idea what I want Crystal ?” He asked his hand gripping her bottom and pulling her into the hardened ridge between his legs. Her hands came up between them to push him away but instead he pulled her closer trapping both her hands between them.
“ Stop ,” she hissed out at him furiously.
“ No I won’t stop not anymore .” He said determinedly.
“ Why for Christ sake .” She growled angrily.
“ I’ve kept my hands of you since you were fourteen, I have always known you were mines,” he said possessively his amber gold eyes determined.
“ No, you were my brother .” She said in anguish.
“ I’ve never felt brotherly towards you Crystal,” he admitted to her his hands stroking her buttocks .
“ No, I don’t want to hear this .” She almost sobbed trying unsuccessfully to free herself again, she had idolized him, she knew she had felt the change in him when she completed her thirteenth birthday, he started treating her differently, she had foolishly thought it was because she had discovered boys.
“ I’ve wanted to fuck you since you’ve had your first change and I realized we were mates,” he admitted hotly down at her.
Crystal stared at him in horror, he had known they were mated since her first shift, she remembered that was when she had gotten rebellious, skipping school , getting into trouble. It was also when she had gotten close to Drew. Crystal swallowed her throat getting dry as what he admitted sunk in, subconsciously she had known there was something binding between them.
She licked her lips nervously, how was she going to get out of this embrace, Crystal was looking down suddenly she heard a deep growl and Benjamin pushed her towards the bed, she was taken by surprise and felt herself falling with him on top of her. His lips crashed down on hers devouring her mouth, she gasped as his tongue drove deep into her mouth, feeling an answering flick of desire starting in the pit of her stomach , Crystal felt herself responding to his lips kissing him back, feeling her response he groaned in her mouth as he deepened the kiss, his hand creeping under her top kneeling her bare breast, She was so caught up on his lips she did not feel his hands pulling her shorts of until his finger inched their way inside her lace panties, dipping into her heated wetness and stroking her flesh, she groaned as he continued to assault both her mouth and vagina, they were both devouring each other’s mouth, suddenly his finger dipped deeper mimicking his tongue inside her mouth, Crystal felt her legs fall wider apart as he played her like a fiddle, her hips bucked beneath him as his fingers dipped deeper and faster, she was moaning as unknown waves of desire racked her body, she screamed as she got her first orgasm, he deepened the kiss capturing her scream with his lips.
“ Oh god baby, tell me that was your first orgasm.” Benjamin asked possessively his amber eyes coldly looking down at her.
Looking away she didn’t lie. “ Yes .”
“ I will be your first in everything, or there will be hell to pay do you understand me Crystal.” He said possessively.
Seeing the rebellion in her hazel eyes his amber gaze turned menacing , “ Promise Me .”
She nodded that look in his eyes scared her a bit, it bought back memories of him being very high handed with her when she had turned twelve, never letting her be alone with any male wolves.
A knock on her bedroom door, made both of them split up, Benjamin got off from unstop of her helping her gather her clothes together, he sat on her computer chair looking innocent.
“ Coming .” She called out walking towards her door and opening it wide to see Brianna standing outside her bedroom door , not waiting for an invite Briana barged in, when her eyes dropped on Benjamin she stopped her mouth opening in shock.
“ I was just leaving, Crystal we will continue this another time .” Said Benjamin coolly .
“ Did I interrupt something ?” She asked pinning Crystal with blue eyes.
“ Er, not at all .” Laughed Crystal nervously.


It was another week that Crystal and Benjamin’s part crossed again, after that encounter in her bedroom she had begun to make sure that she was never alone. Every time she thought about their last time together she blushed guiltily. In her eighteen years she had never been intimate with anyone a few kisses but nothing serious like that, never having the urge to have sex or be with anyone like that. It had taken her by surprise how much Benjamin’s kisses and caresses had affected her, and what he had done with his fingers how it had made her feel, she felt herself blush every time she remembered what had happened.
Today Brianna and Jerod were being introduced to the Pack as official members, there places and positions outlined to them and the rest of the pack. Crystal stood to the side as Briana and Jerod stood in front of the pack. They both looked nervous when Benjamin walked up to them and faced the pack members. He motioned for Crystal to come stand beside him, when she looked over at him confused his eyes turned flinty.
“ Now Crystal” . He mind linked her angrily. “ You stand by my side as my Luna.”
She looked over at him angrily, her hazel eyes mutinous as she walked slowly towards him, Briana and Jerod looked on puzzled at the exchange between them. When she stood within reach of him, he pulled her possessively against him.
“ Crystal and I would like to introduce our two new members, Briana and Jerod. They have both expressed their wish to join our pack.” He said in his Alpha voice, pulling Crystal close to his side.
The pack got to their feet and applauded the two new members.
Benjamin continued talking when the applause quieted down, “ Briana has a Medicinal background, so she has expressed her wishes to join our hospital, as for Jerod he has expressed his wish to join our hunters force, he has great tracking abilities and would like to work his way up to higher ranks.”
After talking about some other pack business , the meeting broke up. Benjamin held on to Crystal after the meeting leading her to his study, pushing her inside first he followed her and closed the door behind.
“ What now .”she turned around angrily, at his manhandling of her. He was leaning against the door watching her with predatory amber gold eyes. She refused to show she was intimidated by his look she arched one of her eyebrows at his. Benjamin let his gaze travel from her feet encased in white running shoes, to her shapely bare calf’s and thick shapely legs, she was dressed in a hot cut off red shorts fringed at the legs, it hugged her ass lovingly, the top she had paired it off with was a matching navel breaker that bared her flat toned stomach, she looked hot and he wanted to rip it off and bare her naked, taking her over and over again. He felt his erection straining against his jeans, his blood heating up in desire, every time he was this close to her his body reacted with a mind of its own, he knew it was his wolf Chaos that wanted to bend her to his will, force the bond between them. Benjamin didn’t want his wolf to control this he wanted to groove in this new part of their relationship, he had been a friend and brother to her in her young age, now he wanted to work on their bond, the desire he knew they shared for each other, he knew she had the potential for great passion and desire but only with him he thought possessively, he captured her hazel gaze with his now smoldering amber ones, reaching down behind his back he snapped the lock closed making sure of their privacy. Crystal watched him walk slowly towards her purposefully feeling trapped .
“ I want you to feel exactly what I felt the minute I got up this morning.” He said his voice husky as he stopped a hairs breath in front her, pulling her into him, she felt his erection. Benjamin watched her hazel eyes burn with desire, it was the mate bond she couldn’t fight it. Watching her lick her lips nervously he lost whatever control he had. They both moved her hands pulling him closer as there mouths melded hotly together, she kissed him back as they both groaned tongues mating as they kissed hungrily. She felt his hand cup her breast kneeling them caressing them, helping him pull her top off he backed her up to his desk bending her back on it as his mouth covered the peaks of her breast sucking and pulling her nipples, her moans drove him wild. Benjamin unbuttoned her pants pulling both her pants and panties down, his finger found its way inside her slickness as he finger fucked her while sucking and licking her breast. Benjamin felt her nearing her climax as she moved her hips fucking his fingers, oh god he wanted so much to open his pants and push his cock deep inside her, fucking her hard till they both came. He fought for control it was to early when he fucked her he wanted to possess her body, mind and soul. Crystal shattered around his finger, holding on to him for dear life, he kissed her mouth deeply and she clung to him unashamedly pushing his fingers deeper inside her pussy as she came, they kissed eating each other’s mouth .
“ I’m going to enjoy fucking you for hours .” He vowed passionately, his amber gold eyes filled with passionate promises.
Crystal blushed, what hold over her did Benjamin have, she would be blue mad with him and the minute his lips touched hers every rational thought flew from her brain. “ It’s called chemistry, we love what mate does to our bodies,” giggled her wolf Gaea.
Benjamin helped her off the desk, assisting her with putting her clothes to rights. He noticed her evasive glances, she was embarrassed about her bodies reaction to his. Before she could push away from him, he lifted her chin her hazel eyes encountered his amber ones, “ Don’t be embarrassed about your bodies reaction to mines baby, you fucking rock my world , just as much as I do yours.”
Crystal blushed never less, from being a person with no passion and desire , she suddenly felt bombarded by desire with the one person, she never dreamed it would be possible a man she loved in a brotherly way, but if she was being honest with herself. Crystal knew the last year before he sent her to boarding school and she had started becoming interested in the opposite sex, she had started to romanticize him.
Before she left, Benjamin said. “ Give this thing a chance Crystal .”


Benjamin had been away attending a meeting for all the Alphas of the Packs. Jerod, Briana, Daniel and Crystal decided to take a run, since coming back here to the Blood Red Moon Pack none of them had shifted and taken their wolves for a run. The foursome shifted and ran into the forest, Crystal was leading the pack she turned around to see where the others were seeing them hot on her tail, she barked happily leading them all to a spot she had often visited when she was a younger wolf. Her tan and black pelt glistened as she sped towards her spot, it was close to a hidden glen, water fell softly in the glen almost musically, she flopped down on all fours drinking from the cool water, Briana came behind her also dropping on all fours her red pelt glistening , the last two were Jerod and Daniel their black pelt shining in youthful health.
They had all been frolicking chasing butterflies and bunnies, enjoying the freedom to be themselves when the uncomfortable prickly feeling of not being alone assaulted them, the four friends stood together flanking each other protectively searching around them, “ We are surrounded, hold formation” mind linked Crystal.
The four friends, watched as four huge wolves emerged from behind the trees, flanking them on all sides. Crystal’s hazel eyes watched as the largest wolf a grey with brown eyes , walked up straight to her. She stepped back defensively baring her teeth threateningly. The other three wolves barked at her defensive and protective stance mockingly. The grey wolf mind linked the rest of them and they sat on their haunches with watchful eyes .
The grey wolf walked closer sniffing the air, he moved very close to Crystal his snout butting her snarling teeth, a warning growl emitted from both Daniel and Jerod, but the grey wolf stood looking at her. “ Why did you come back ?” The grey wolf asked Crystal by mind link.
Crystals hazel eyes widened in recognition, this grey wolf was Drew. “ It was time for my return.”
The grey wolf, her old boyfriend stood looking at her, his brown eyes glowed coldly, pushing her away he growled “ You should have stayed away , if I ever find you alone in these woods I will get even with you for leaving me.”
With that threatening mind link he turned and dashed away , the other three wolves following him closely, they disappeared like phantoms just as they had appeared silently and without a trace .
They did not waste any time, they made their way to the pack houses, shifting back the four sat on the training field.
“ Listen we need to keep that encounter between us .” She made them promise.
“ Was that him ?” Asked Briana her blue eyes wide as saucers.
“ Who ?” Asked Jerod puzzled.
“ My brother, he’s a rouge now Jerod.” Answered Daniel degectedly.
“ What did he say to you Crystal.” Asked Jerod quietly.
“ He didn’t want to find me alone in the forest, he’ll make me pay for deserting him.” She said quietly, her hazel eyes troubled.
All three of them turned worried eyes on her, “ You need to tell the Alpha.”
“ No .” Chorused Daniel, Briana and Crystal.
“ Why not “. Asked Jerod puzzled.
Briana and Crystal shared a look between them. “ Benjamin is my mate”.
“ He’s your brother.” Said Jerod angrily.
“ Step brother, his mom married my dad when both his father and my mother died.” Admitted Crystal.
“ I never had a chance didn’t I ?” Asked Jerod laughing good naturedly.
“ My step brother and I have a love hate relationship, I’m not sure I want him as a mate.” Said Crystal truthfully.
“ I’m not sure he’ll let you, I’ve noticed the possessive way he looks at you, I was confused at first but I understand the looks now.” Said Daniel observantly.
“ Let’s keep this all to ourselves ok, I really would like to help Drew though.” She said sadly.
The other three nodded their heads in agreement .” It’s going to be hard though, he’s holding you in mind for leaving .” Said Briana .
“ I know.” She muttered unhappily her hazel eyes troubled.
The four friends parted after talking for another hour, after promising to do everything to help Daniel return to the pack and keep Crystals secret.
It was another week that Benjamin was away, the pack members started coming to her asking advise on pack businesses, unknown to her it was all a plan to get her to learn her duties as the future Luna. Crystal ordered supplies for the hospital, the kitchens and visited the sick in the hospital. She even had to do some books in Benjamin’s office, putting her skills learned at her boarding school. It seemed all of her subjects were off use to run a pack, it suddenly dawned on Crystal that Benjamin had selected her subjects for her the bloody wily fox, so he had been preparing her for the role of Luna and his mate.


Another week passed and no sign of Benjamin, today Crystal found herself supervising the younger members of the pack, who joined the army of the Blood Red Moon Pack.
She had help from Daniel and Jerod, who were the trainers, with Briana sitting and watching the training, Crystal sat beside Briana watching a young female wolf struggling to keep up with the basics of the training , after seeing her getting red in the face she got up and made her way towards her.
“ Hey, what’s your name .” She smiled kindly at the girl, her hair was in a pony tail, her black shorts and standard uniform of white T-shirt was soaked with sweat, her beautiful face red in concentration.
She looked over at Crystal and blushed .” My name is Sammy.”
“ How would you like if I became your personal trainer for a few weeks? “ she suggested kindly.
“ Aren’t you the Alphas sister?” She asked shyly.
“ Yes that I am, but Step sister .” She corrected her hazel eyes meeting Brianas comical ones .
Crystal trained the young wolf Sammy tirelessly, after a couple of hours of Crystal’s patience and guidance Sammy got the basics down pat. They trained for a couple of hours more and then stopped the classes until the next day.
Crystal walked into her bedroom in exhaustion, making her way into her en-suite bathroom she stripped and got in turning the shower on in full blast, letting the water soak into her sore muscles, working with Sammy had taken a lot out of her but she had enjoyed every moment of it, seeing the look of gratitude shining in Sammys eyes as she got the hang of the basics. Switching the shower off she towel dried herself wrapping the towel around her nakedness, walking back into her bedroom she made her way to her drawer taking out Lacey blue panties and matching bra, turning around she almost screamed Benjamin stood leaning against her bedroom door, amber eyes smoldering. .
“ Don’t you ever knock ?” She muttered angrily, her senses on high alert picking up on his arousal.
He didn’t answer, but locked her door and walked towards her predatorily, she didn’t move but stood her ground refusing to acknowledge she had missed him, the way her senses sang in answering passion smelling his arousal and being turned on by it. Benjamin watched the play of emotions chasing around her beautiful face, he never knew what she was thinking but he smelt his little minxes arousal. His wolf chaos was purring in his arousal, he wanted to rip that towel off her and bury himself to the hilt inside his little mate, fucking her till she screamed his name over and over .
“ Why knock, when the first thing I wanted to do the minute I got home was this.” He murmured hotly, pulling her roughly into his arms and capturing her lips with his own in a mind blowing kiss, he seemed as if he wanted to draw her soul,through their locked lips. Crystal leaned into him kissing him kiss for kiss, her tongue sliding inside his mouth just as he was doing hers, in their heated embrace her towel became loose, Benjamin dropped it around her feet, parting her legs his hand crept down between her legs and she opened them for him , Crystal moaned her pussy wet and slick as desire hit her , he stooped picking her up and walking towards the bed not breaking the kiss, he laid her on the bed , Benjamin stood looking at her for a minute she looked fucking hot , he wanted so bad to take her, but not yet he needed to teach her a lot first .
Crystal felt no embarrassment as he admired her body , she revealed in his enrapture with her body, he joined her on the bed his hand sliding between her legs once more sliding into her wetness, she bit her lips and watched him visibly swallow , he kissed her with a groan plundering the sweet nectar from her mouth, he trailed a path of kisses down her neck, his lips captured each of her breast laving them and sucking them into his mouth, she whimpered in desire as his lips traveled down her chest , moving along her flat stomach, he parted her vaginal folds touching her gently, Crystal’s gaze was held captive as Benjamin bought his mouth to her vagina, wait was he going too, yes he was.
When his tongue slid along the center of her pussy, parting the lips with his tongue , she moaned grabbing a handful of the bed covers in ecstasy, god he was eating her pussy nibbling sucking and sliding his slick tongue inside her, she felt her eyes roll back inside her head when she orgasamed she shook under his wicked tongue.
Crystal looked away from his smug expression, that yet again he had shown her that her body belonged to him. She didn’t want to be held captive by her desire for him, Crystal vowed she would make it hard for him to just walk in and possess her body and soul. Benjamin watched the stubborn set of her determined little chin, he may have conquered her body but her mind was another matter entirely, she was determined to fight him tooth and nail, but her determination only made him want to possess her even more, Crystal will be his, she had been since the moment she had placed her tiny hands in his all those years ago. He vowed she would accept this bond between them and more.
“ I’ve got to go Baby, pack business,” he said kissing her lingeringly then got up and walked to the door. Benjamin opened it but turned around and said sincerely. “ Thank you for looking after the Pack in my absence.”


It had been two weeks that Benjamin had returned from the Alphas meeting, pack business had settled like before . Today Sammy and Crystal were doing hand to hand combat, she had improved a lot since Crystal had taken on her as a personal trainer. They had been going at it for about an hour when Crystals wolf Gaea picked up a scent foreign to the rest of the pack members.
We are being watched, from the forest .”
Drew.” She mind linked her wolf Gaea. “ It’s dangerous for him to be this close too the Pack.”
“ Why don’t we take a break for today,” suggested Crystal looking over proudly at Sammy.
“ Thanks Crystal .” She said laughing self consciously . The both of them walked hand in hand splitting up at the main house, Sammy verging to the left to her house after waving Crystal bye.
Crystal mind linked Daniel, Jerod and Briana to meet up at Starbucks, making her way up to her room she tried to not run into Benjamin. She wanted to talk with her friends before anything got in the way, a plan was forming in her mind, but she needed her friends to have her back.
Taking a quick shower she pulled on skinny jeans, a green vest and matching jeans jacket, she purposely kept to the back of the house to not run into Benjamin, successfully sliding into her black Lamborghini she turned the engine on and drove off with a squeal of tires. The minute the main house was out of sight she slowed down to a more sedate pace, she never drove reckless even though she had a sports car, she took her safety as a driver seriously especially too other drivers using the road. Young people today took their lives and the lives of others as pawns in their games. Drinking and driving putting not only their lives but others at risk. Crystal had witnessed a lot of young people at boarding school, rich students living the high life with their parents money, just going from one party to another, living a life of alcohol and drugs.
Turning into the parking lot of Starbucks, she noticed Daniel’s black Jeep parked already, she drove next to it and parked her car. Crystal secured her car, making her way to the building, pushing the door open she took her sunglasses off and made her way to the three familiar faces seated around a table in the corner. Sitting in the vacant chair next too Jerod she expelled her breath.
“ Drew was just outside the pack today.” She said with concern.
“ Is he crazy .” Said Jerod incredulously.
“ He’s going to get himself and us in trouble .” Said Daniel almost resignedly.
“ Why is that ?” Asked Briana.
“ When Crystal was sent to boarding school, Drew started leaving the pack and meeting up with the rouges, at night he sneaked them into the storage rooms so they could get food and other stuff, it got bad when they raided the wine cellar one day. A rouge got drunk and attacked a young wolf, he raped her and beat her up very badly, she died a week later. The Alpha gathered an army and hunted the rouges, but before he killed their leader, the rouge told the Alpha about Drew’s involvement , he was killed in front his men. When the Alpha got back to the pack, he called Drew out he was banished from the pack.”
Said Daniel his brown eyes filled with tears.
“ I’m sorry Daniel,” said Crystal taking his hands in her smaller ones comfortably.
“ Its not your fault, you never knew how much Your presence in Drew’s life really meant to him.” He said with a catch to his voice.
“ If he was banished from the Blood Red Moon Pack, why is he showing up knowingly putting himself in danger ?” Asked Jerod puzzled .
“ He’s obsessed with Crystal, now that she has returned, he cannot help but gravitate towards her.” Said Briana understandingly .
“ This is not going to end well for us.” Said Jerod watching Crystal seeing the wheels turning in her brain, but hell he loved adventure.
“ Were going to help him, if he’s looking for me, then we’re going to go back to the forest where he will find me.” Said Crystal determinedly.
“ What do you think, the opportunity to meet up with you will be too much of a treat, one he won’t be able but to indulge in .” Asked Daniel hopefully.
“ Yes.” Answered Crystal.
“ You do know, we might end up just like him, banished from the pack too.” Said Jerod comically.
“ Not when Crystal and Benjamin are mates,” said Briana cattily.
“ So do I have your cooperation .” Asked Crystal .
“ Yes “ . The three agreed.
“ But we be very, very careful around the Alpha.” Said Jerod determinedly.
“ Thank you all for trying to help my brother,” said Daniel humbly.
They all laughed , they ordered drinks and a pizza, they sat eating and laughing and talking but no more was said about their plans to help a banished friend. Anyone seeing them would think they were just a bunch of young people having fun .
They all walked out together, stopping by the vehicles parked side by side, Crystal offered to take Briana back to the pack in her vehicle, they agreed pulling out one behind the other they drove in that formation till they got to the pack compound, Daniel honked his horn as she pulled into her parking spot in front the house. The two girls got out of the car laughingly, talking a mile a minute. Neither of them noticed the man standing watching them with interest.


It was two weeks later the friends got the opportunity to put into practice what they had vowed to do, shifting the four entered cautiously into the forest, Crystal felt unseen eyes on them, but leading the way she forged forward. The foursome made there way towards the hidden glen they had encountered Drew and the other rouges before. They sat relaxing for an hour but he didn’t approach them, they knew he was there , his presence was felt .
Crystal mind linked her friends “ Let’s go, he’s playing hard to get .”
The two boys flanked Crystal on either side as they moved away from the glen, Briana brought the rear up the three protective of her, making sure she was not harmed. They were nearing the borders of the Blood Red Moon Pack, when a large wolf stepped out in front them. The group stopped both Daniel and Jerod taking up fighting positions , the black wolf let out a bark of mocking laughter.
“ Do you think if I wanted her, you three could stop me ?” He mind linked them icily .
“ They wouldn’t have too, I would stop you .” She answered him coldly .
His brown eyes found her hazel ones , walking up too her intimidatingly she stood her ground “ Always trying to fight for the weak .”
“ That’s me .” She answered proudly.
He backed off suddenly his black ears perking up, warning yelps were heard from his rouge watch outs , it seemed some hunters from the pack were close . Drew and his rouges disappeared into thin air, the four friends didn’t hang around they couldn’t chance being caught in the same spot the rouges were spotted. When they breached the perimeter of the pack they were met by a huge brownish black wolf, with smaller wolves behind him. When Crystal saw the amber gold eyes she knew who the wolf was, he made his way towards her, he nuzzled her neck, licking her ears and snout. “ Are you all Okay?” He mind linked her.
“ Yes why ?” She asked innocently.
“ Rouges spotted, you all go home , we’re going to do some surveillance.” He ordered quietly.
They all scampered away splitting up , Crystal gave all of them a wordless warning look, which they all nodded too understandingly. Making her way up to her room, she took a shower and crawled tiredly into her bed. Some time during the night she got up not knowing what had awaken her. Then she heard it, getting off her bed hurriedly she made her way towards the window, standing and looking out she saw a pair of eyes glowing in a thicket of trees and a wolfs sorrowful howl.
Crystal knew it was him, it tore her heart apart to know he was in that much pain, but she had a mate one who had shown his possessiveness since she had become off age. They were not mated her and Drew but they had shared a very close relationship, in his eyes she belonged to him.
What a tangled web she thought bitterly , Benjamin had already shown he would not accept her rejection, in truth she didn’t know if she wanted to reject him, the passion and desire between them was intense Crystal had never felt that strong pull from anyone of the opposite sex, only with him.
She walked back to her bed, sinking into the inviting softness, putting her hands up to her face, covering it with her hands. Sliding down her cheeks two fat tears drops fell, more joining those until she was full on crying.Crystal didn’t know how long she cried for but she fell asleep, not waking until late the next morning .
A light tap on her door awoke her, Briana mind linked her from outside “ Its me .”
Come in” .
Opening the door Briana poked her head cautiously inside, seeing Crystal’s red puffy eyes and nose, she rushed over to her hugging her comfortingly. “ What happened did you and the Alpha have a fight .”
“ No, it was Drew, he came late last night and howled close to my bedroom,” She said sadly.
“ Is that why the Alpha left with some hunters and trackers ?” Asked Briana.
“ I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to him since we came out of the forest yesterday.” Admitted Crystal worriedly.
“ They won’t find him or his rouges.” Said Briana soothingly.
Crystal got off the bed, she walked into her en-suite bathroom to shower, promising to meet up with Briana, Daniel and Jerod in the kitchen for breakfast. She dressed casually in a green skinny jeans, white tank top and pushing her feet in white sneakers she made her way downstairs , where the other three were having breakfast. She poured herself some coffee and took two slice of toast, she sat down to eat. After breakfast the group moved outside just watching the army of the pack go and come. It seemed they had combed the forested area but came up with no trace of the rouges. All four friends exchanged looks of relief.


Crystal, Jerod, Briana and Daniel were training in a small group, it was made mandatory by Benjamin, because of the presence of rouges in the area, he wanted the younger members to be skilled to protect themselves and other members of the pack. The four friends partnered each other, following the guidance of the leader of the army the Beta Sampson Smith. They were tirelessly training hand to hand combat, when Crystal felt someone touched her on her hips, she knew by his scent who it was, he nuzzled her neck . “ How about sparring with me baby .” He said for her ears only.
Briana smirked over at Crystal, giving her a wink, knowing full well she was at the top of her class back in school. Benjamin was in for a big surprise.
Crystal turned smiling innocently up at him, her hazel eyes unreadable as she met a pair of amber gold eyes. “ Sure why not, I’m sure you have lots to teach me.”
His eyes flared at her words, his mind conjuring what he’d really like to teach her, so he did not see the punch when it came, she hit him squarely under the chin, the look disappeared from his eyes to see her grinning up at him, a brow lifted mockingly.
Benjamin smiled inwardly, so his little hell cat had some moves apparently, he wanted to see how much she really knew, they both squared off after a couple of jabs and blocks. He was impressed she was damn good, he had to make it a point to check up on his mates skills.
They were attracting attention from the rest of the pack members, they knew there was nobody who could beat the Alpha or come even close, but it seemed Crystal was the exception to the rule, she hit just as hard as he did, blocking and jabbing all his attacks. Briana, Jerod and Daniel stood apart from the crowd hiding their smirks as Crystal hit the surprised Alpha a drop kick , almost landing him on his ass.
He counter attacked with a scissors kick, pulling her feet from under her, Crystal landed on the ground beside him. Everyone applauded it had been a very long time that they had been entertained with a good sparring .
Crystal turned and bowed to Benjamin mockingly, “ A worthy opponent .” Benjamin’s amber gold eyes promised retribution later. She knew she would have to be cautious he wanted revenge.
Crystal sashayed away, feeling those amber gold eyes following her until she was out of sight, she was greeted by her three friends, their faces all reflecting mirth.
“ Heard you were the top of your class.” Guffawed Daniel his brown eyes comical.
Crystal pretended to dust herself off, laughing her hazel eyes full of mirth, with Jerod and Briana joining in the merriment.
“ How about a movie guys, after that display of bravado on my part, I need protection,” she wiggled her eyebrows comically.
“ We are happy to be your body guards mi dear .” Joked Daniel.
The four friends parted after promising to meet up in an hour, Crystal made sure Benjamin was tied up, he was busy talking with his Beta and Delta. She hurried away unaware that he turned his amber gold eyes following her escape, later tonight baby he promised himself.
Crystal met up with Briana outside her bedroom and they made their way downstairs, where Jerod and Daniel stood waiting for them.
“ Finally, we’ve been waiting for only like two hours,” Complained Daniel cheekily.
“ We did not .” Said Crystal defensively hitting him playfully.
“ Well I’ve enjoyed waiting, you girls look hottt .” Said Jerod wiggling his eyebrows playfully at Daniel, he got an elbow digged in his side by a laughing Briana. They walked outside all laughing hysterically, a playful argument started about which vehicle to use , they ended up all piling in Daniel’s Wrangler Jeep.
They were so engrossed in their fun and playful arguments, they didn’t see the determined and smoldering pair of amber gold eyes that followed the vehicle until it was out of sight.
The movie was a comedy, they all enjoyed it too the fullest, after they didn’t want to go home so they ended up playing some video games at the movie town.
“ How about we grab something to eat ?” Suggested Jerod rubbing his stomach, he blushed beet read when it growled loudly.
“ Ok Burger King or , Pizza Pizza ?” Asked Daniel laughingly.
They decided to go to Burger King, after ordering they sat chatting a mile a minute, “ I forgot to ask you guys, how did your parents react to you joining the Blood Red Moon Pack ?” Asked Crystal with interest.
“ My Dad has not spoken to me since I told him I joined this pack.” Admitted Jerod unreadably.
“ How does that make you feel ?” Asked Daniel.
Jerod shrugged his shoulders, “ I never wanted the position of Beta, I’ve always wanted to be a warrior or hunter, but my Dad refused to let me make my own decision, it’s why I got sent to boarding school.”
“ So if you didn’t become the next Beta, whose going to take over from your father ?” Asked Crystal pointedly.
“ My brother, he’s one year younger than me.” Answered Jerod.
“ Did he want the position ?”Asked Briana.
“ Very much, I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a solution, until Crystal suggested we come here, the Blood Red Moon Pack is talked about a lot, I’ve heard lots about it before meeting Crystal and had thought about visiting .” Admitted Jerod honestly.
“ Glad I was of assistance.” Crystal laughed.
“ How about you Briana ?” Asked Daniel with genuine interest.
The waitress bought their orders so the group talk stopped for a few minutes , while they sorted out their orders.
“ My parents were killed by rouges, my Mother’s sister and her husband took me in, but being elderly I guess having a young adult wolf to look after kinda was too much for them, so I was sent to boarding school, I decided to follow medicine just like my parents, they were our pack healers.” Said Briana quietly.
“ What made you decide to join our pack though ?” Asked Crystal kindly.
“ You’ve been like my family since you arrived at boarding school, it’s like having a friend and sister in one, you are my only family Crystal.” Admitted Briana her blue eyes earnest.
Crystal got up and hugged her friend comfortingly. “ I’m very glad I met you, I’m honored to be your surrogate sister.”
Jerod and Daniel got up and hugged both girls as well, in a group hug. The conversation veered to less emotional stuff, as they enjoyed their burgers and fries. It was late when the friends pulled into the pack compound, they all bathe each other good nights as they all went their separate ways. Crystal, Jerod and Briana were greeted by Benjamin’s Beta Sampson Smith.
“ Hey guys, you had a good time at the movies ?” He asked with genuine interest.
“ It was great, “ choroused the three laughingly.
“ I’m happy to hear that, I have a message and warning for you four since Daniel isn’t here, you can inform him tomorrow. The Alpha was called away not sure for how long, but he said you are not to go into the forest while he’s away.” Relayed the Beta authoritatively.
The three nodded their heads, although they would like too disobey, it was an order from the Alpha and they would not put the Betas position in jeopardy. The Beta excused himself after wishing them a good night. They retired shortly to their beds, since it had been a really long day.


Benjamin had been gone for five days, the four friends stayed on the compound and trained, helping out wherever they were needed. Every night Crystal saw those eyes in the forested area just outside her bedroom windows and heard the lonely howls. She vowed each time she heard him, they would try to help Drew. During the day while they were out in the training fields she felt unseen eyes following her, she knew he was risking his safety by trying to be close too her. Each time she felt his presence close to the pack, she held her breath until he left.
It was two more days before Benjamin’s return, Crystal had gone up to shower so she was not aware of his return. Stepping out of her en-suite bathroom she stepped into her bedroom, wrapped in a towel with not a stitch of clothing. His smell hit her immediately, raising her head her eyes were caught and held by smoldering amber eyes, her eyes widened as he turned locked her bedroom door and pocketed the key.
Crystal visibly swallowed her throat going dry as he turned, his lips stretching in a smirk. Shit it was time to pay the piper, she thought remembering the last time they had been together. “ I’m going to fuck you for hours baby, it’s been on my mind since we last parted.” He murmured thickly.
So saying he walked towards her with slow predatory steps, unbuttoning his shirt as he came nearer shrugging out of it he threw it on the floor, his hands went to the zip on his jeans, Crystal couldn’t find her voice, she was mesmerized by his muscular chest, ink was on every inch of his skin, he looked hot, she felt herself grow wet at the mountain of hotness in front her. She didn’t fool herself by voicing a refusal, Crystal wanted him.
Benjamin dropped his pants, but kept his black briefs on, he saw her eyes on his engorged cock straining against the material, since driving into the pack all he could think about was her, he parked his vehicle and went up to his bedroom, he showered and walked straight to her bedroom determinedly.
Crystal watched him pluck the towel from her clutching hands, it pooled at her feet, she stood unashamedly in all her beauty as his eyes devoured every inch of her nakedness, they moved as one lips meeting lips as they clung together, “ Oh God baby, yesss .” He groaned thickly.
Benjamin lifted her and walked to the bed, putting her down he stood looking at the inviting enticement of her naked body, he hooked his fingers in the elastic of his briefs pulling it down slowly, he watched as her eyes flared at the sight of his cock, he took his hand and ran it along the length slowly and watched her eyes follow the movement.
“ Like what you see baby .” He asked huskily, his cock hardening like rock when she swallowed and nodded her head shyly.
“ Yes .” She said softly.
“ You’re going to feel every inch of it soon, in that sweet pussy of yours.” He promised passionately.
So saying he got on top of her, capturing her lips in a demanding possessive kiss, they clung together kissing deeply, Crystal felt his naked flesh heat her already heated skin, her body burnt all over where ever he touched oh god he was good, was her last rational thought.
“ I want you to lay back baby, I want you to enjoy every thing I’m doing to this delectable body of yours.” He husked thickly, his hands caressing her breast kneeding them, holding her hot hazel gaze he bent and took her nipples in his mouth, sucking them deeply into his moist mouth, he watched her close her eyes biting her lips as she pushed them further into his mouth, he took his time loving both her breast in his mouth biting the tips lightly, kissing down her flat stomach he bit her lightly, reaching her legs he pushed it open holding her gaze as he slid his finger inside her, stroking her until she started moving her hips, he licked his lips slowly and watched her as he bought the tip of his tongue and licked her clit, she groaned thickly, he opened her further and ate her pussy until she was trashing under him, he felt her nearing climax and bit her as she came screaming, he pushed himself up as she opened her hazel eyes, palming his cock in his hand he ran his hand along the length pumping it, with the other hand he parted her pussy reading her for his possession.
“ Look at me baby .” He ordered hotly his amber gold eyes liquid pools of desire. Crystal looked up at him as instructed, he positioned himself between her legs, touching the tip of his cock to her clit, her eyes flared in renewed passion, he ran it along her moistness as he stopped at her entrance, he slowly pushed inside taking his time, as her pussy stretched to accommodate his width, he eased into her slick wetness, he saw her eyes dilate momentarily with pain as he breached her maiden head, he pushed a little until he was lodged inside her deeply. Benjamin lay on top her gathering her in an embrace.
“ Your pussy is so tight baby, it grabs my cock so snug.” He groaned thickly , his lips crushed hers ,she clung to him the pain was gone, although his cock felt uncomfortable it also felt good, he rocked his hips pulling in and out of her slowly, her hands caressed him as she followed his lead.
“ Yeah baby, you feel so fucking good.” He husked between deep kisses.
His hips moved up and down, pounding into her, she felt so many deep waves as desire flowing from their joined bodies, her eyes closing and opening with desire, she moaned as his cock pounded into her, she kissed him wrapping her legs around his hips embedding him deeper within her pussy, they bit and licked each other as they made love Crystal felt him quicken his trusting, as her vagina grabbed on to his member as waves of desire washed over her.
“ Yes baby come with me .” He encouraged thickly his voice grew hoarse with pent desire, Crystal felt an intense and unrestrained excitement start in the pit of her stomach, making her toes curl into the bed as she surged towards Benjamin’s trust, the starburst of emotions erupted where they were joined intimately as she orgasmed and felt his cock twitching inside her as he spilled his semen deep inside her womb. He did not move, instead he continued to nibble her lips as they kissed she felt him still strong inside her, she moved and he hissed deepening the kiss his tongue delving into her mouth, he started up the trusting again this time much slower, Crystal knew what to do now she moved her hips under him, meeting his trust for trust, soon heated moans were heard softly as they both explored what they had found in each other’s body, he flipped her on top of him, letting her ride him, her hazel eyes flared into his almost golden pools of molten hot desire, she rode him circling her waist slowly, as he trust into her, he groaned when Crystal leaned forward running her tongue along his lips he opened for her letting her taste him the nectar of his mouth. Benjamin’ s last rational thought before he was swept away by his little minx’s possession of him and his cock, was he knew it would be special between them, she was truly his, had been the moment she had put her hands into his. He closed his eyes and rode the surge of desire she invoked in him, he watched her eyes as she climaxed and met her in his own orgasm burying his cock deep within her womb he spilled inside deep, the after shocks of their shared orgasm continuing long after.


Benjamin stood watching his woman beating the stuffing out of his Beta, his thoughts went back to a month ago when they had become intimate, he couldn’t keep his hands off her now he had made love to her and made her his. They made love anywhere they felt like it, his office, the kitchen , this morning he had walked into her bath opened the door and bent her over in the bathroom from behind and taken her, his desire for her body was insatiable. Crystal was like sex on feet, he had been doing his books in his office, but he couldn’t get her moans out of his mind. It was why he was here standing looking at her beating his Beta to a frazzle. Unknown to Crystal, Benjamin motioned for Sampson to end the fight, seeing the heated look he sent Crystal the Beta laughed shaking his head.
He waited for her to go up too her room before he followed her, she was naked and about to step into the shower, turning she smiled beguilingly at him, his cock immediately hardened he diverted off his clothes walking into the shower she had left the door opened for him, Benjamin spun her around roughly capturing her mouth in a deep devouring kiss, he grabbed her around her waist and pushed her up against the wall, his cock slid into her inviting slickness, she gripped his waist with her legs as they made love they were evenly matched in their desire for each other, kissing and fucking hard they moaned, he unhooked her legs from around his waist and slid out of her, spinning her around he mounted her from behind holding her waist as he pounded hard into her, when he felt her nearing her climax, he pulled her hair too the side and bit down on her neck, marking her, when he bit her the orgasm they shared was much more intense than previous times their wolves meeting. Crystal leaned into him still joined with him intimately, he pulled her closer his hand palming both her breast possessively kneeling them, one of his hand crept down to her pussy feeling where they were still joined he leaned on the wall of the shower pulling her against him, his finger found her clit caressing it as he started pounding into her again, she moaned pushing back on his trust, he kept slamming into her keeping up the pace as they again felt a shattering orgasm. After they showered laughingly between kisses and caresses, they made it to the bed and collapsed naked entwined, Benjamin caressed her as she fell asleep in exhaustion, he felt his cock harden as she turned towards him her breast flattening against his chest, taking her leg he draped it across his waist, he slipped his engorged cock inside her pussy and closed his eyes and fell asleep. Now that he had marked her, she would be in heat, he was all for that, he could spend all day in bed just making love with his little hell cat.
Crystal opened her eyes slowly feeling the heaviness between her legs, Benjamin was asleep but his cock was hard and joined with her, the mark on her neck felt hot, she moved and felt desire unfurl deep within her stomach. An idea came to her mind she smiled, extracting herself she lightly moved him till he was lying on his back, he didn’t wake, she checked him to see if he had awakened he was breathing evenly, her hazel eyes feasted on the sexy man lying peacefully at her side, she lightly ran her fingers down his muscled chest , along his flat stomach, her eyes watched as the nearer her hand got to his cock it seemed to twitch and grow larger, she was so engrossed on his cock, an idea formed in her mind, she slid quietly down his body palming his cock in her small hands, it felt soft but hard and muscly, she licked her lips ,what would he taste like she wondered, putting action to thoughts, she bought her mouth close to his cock, taking her tongue she lightly touched the tip, a small sticky substance came out of the hole in his cock, she licked again, tasting him sliding her tongue along the length, she remembered a porn video she had come across once the woman had moved her hand up and down the mans cock, while she licked his cock. Crystal became aware that she was being watched, her hazel eyes encountered hot amber pools, he was watching her with interest.
“ Do you want to taste me ?” He asked thickly.
She nodded her head, taking his cock in her hand she opened her mouth and slid him inside, she mimicked what she remembered and watched him almost come of the bed, he tasted good like honey , she had been busy pumping his cock and sucking him when she was pulled up suddenly and his cock slammed into her pussy as he made two hard trust and they both came.
“ You are incredible baby .” He said kissing her deeply.
“ Why did you mark me .” She asked.
“ We belong to each other, I’ll never let you go.” He said possessively his amber eyes darkening .
“ I’m not going anywhere Benjamin .” She said quietly.
“ It’s time everyone knows you and I are mated, it’s time for you to be proclaimed my Luna .” He said huskily.
Crystals thoughts went to Drew, will he sense the mate bond between Benjamin and her, she really wanted to help him.
“ Ok Benjamin, it’s fine .” She said, “ But can we wait a few days more please.”
He looked at her, his eyes unreadable, finally he nodded his head, “ Well announce it on the night of the mating ball.”
“ The mating ball ?” She asked confused.
“ Yes, the Alphas of the other packs, wants us to host the mating ceremony this year, it’s the reason for the meetings I’ve been attending.” He admitted informatively.
“ Oh .” Said Crystal understandingly.
“ So it’s settled, we let the rest of the pack know I’ve found my Luna.” He stated determinedly.
“ Yes, when is it going to be ?” She asked .
“ In three weeks .” He said .


Crystal contacted the other three to meet with her, a plan was forming in her mind, she knew the others would follow her lead. She was warned by Benjamin to not venture in the forest not until they had flushed out the rouges. The four friends drove a little away from the pack house but stopped where they would not be observed, they shifted and trotted into the forest bordering their territory, Jerod and Daniel were on either side of Crystal with Briana bringing up the rear. They were making their way deeper into the forest, when a large grey wolf stepped in front them.
“ Why are you four here again ?” He mind linked them.
“ Drew can we talk please ?” She begged him.
He stood watching them, his brown eyes unreadable, he motioned for them to follow him. The four hesitated for a few seconds but followed eventually. Drew led them to a clearing on top of a mountain, from up on the height you can see all around, the view was beautiful.
“ Be quick I don’t want the others finding you here,” he said coldly.
“ I want you to come back to the pack.” Said Daniel by mind-link.
“ Don't you remember I was forced out.” He said angrily.
“ Because you broke the rules,” said Crystal in defense.
“ You could appear before the Alphas court,” suggested Jerod sensibly.
“ A young wolfs life was taken because of me, do you think I’ll get a fair trial ?” Asked Drew bitterly.
“ If you are acquitted, will you return too the pack ?”asked Daniel.
Crystal had done some Law in boarding school, her mind was racing, if he asked for a trial she could get him off, he did not rape or kill the girl.
“ I’ll represent you Drew.” She volunteered her hazel eyes compassionate.
“ Let me think about it, I’ll have to defect from the rouges,” he said resignedly.
“ Everyone’s missing the real problem here,” said Briana calmly.
“ what’s that ?” Asked Jerod puzzled.
“ Benjamin.” Answered Crystal, she had not voiced her concern to the others yet, he had banished Drew from the pack.
“ Yes your brother .” Mocked Drew angrily, his brown eyes flashing. He walked up to Crystal his eyes snapping angrily. “ You and your brother seems real chummy Crystal.”
Everyone visibly froze forgetting the most important thing, Drew’s attachment to Crystal. Suddenly Drew sniffed the air, walking closer to her, he stopped a hairs breath from her, “ You smell like him .”
Briana stepped in front Crystal, with her snout she pushed him away, everyone watched Drew and Briana froze in shock.
“ He’s not her brother, he’s Crystals step brother, no relation.” She defended heatedly.
“ What does that have to do with anything .” He asked her softly.
“ Never mind, think about what we suggested,” she said instead not answering him.
“ We need to leave Crystal, hunters and trackers from the Blood Red Moon Pack,” said Jerod hurriedly.
“ Your stepbrother is with them,” said Daniel looking at her pointedly.
“ You need to leave Drew now.” Suggested Crystal nervously.
He didn’t wait , turning he glanced over at Briana but Crystal, Jerod and Daniel missed the look, they were anxious for him to leave before the group was upon them.
“ What are we waiting for ?” Asked Jerod antsy.
“ We won’t make it.” Said Crystal she sat down and waited for him, feeling his anger at her disobedience, the others followed suit. When the hunters and trackers found them they were sitting leisurely , the largest of the wolves made his way to the tan and brown wolf, he nuzzled her neck licking her snout.
“ You disobeyed me, you will have to be punished .” He said by mind link coolly.
She bowed her head submissively to show her repentance, the four was escorted back to the pack house.
Crystal was pacing up and down her bedroom, nervous about Benjamin’s reaction to her disobedience.
She was not sorry, Drew needed their help and Daniel, Jerod and Briana was with her every step of the way, if only she could ask for Benjamin’s help with this, but he had been the one to banish Drew from the pack.
When she had been sent to boarding school, Crystal had felt betrayed so she had not stayed in touch with anyone from the pack, feeling guilty now about her desertion of Drew, she knew if she had to go against Benjamin to help him, she would. Once she had some form of support from her friends she knew they could pull it off.
Crystals bedroom being kicked shut, had her spinning around in trepidation, facing Benjamin she swallowed , he looked livid his amber eyes snapped fire at her, his masculine lips a straight line, he ran his hand agitatedly through his wet hair, seems he had a shower to cool off before coming here to confront her, she had also taken one, she was still in her robe with nothing beneath it .
“ How long have you been meeting up with Thompson?” He asked softly, his amber eyes watchful.
“ Awhile .” She answered truthfully, not liking the quietness of his voice.
“ Awhile,” he repeated in that same deadly quiet voice, Crystal felt very uncomfortable if he was angry and shouting at her she would have felt better.
When he locked her bedroom door and walked further into the bedroom, she felt the fine hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. He started removing his t-shirt and taking his pants off, he faced her when he was naked, his expression had not changed, his eyes unreadable, he watched her frozen too the spot , she was watching his hand pumping his cock as it hardened in his hand, Benjamin sat on a straight backed chair that she sat on when she did her makeup.
“ Come here .” He commanded his hand continuing pumping his cock.
Crystal refused to move, this was not normal, he never had sex with her on a chair, besides she felt his anger bouncing off him, he watched her his amber eyes hard and predatory.
“ If I have to come get you, it will be worst baby .” He said icily.
Crystal walked slowly, feeling like a condemned prisoner, she stood a little away from him, Benjamin glanced up at her and said unreadably. “ What are you wearing under that ?”
She visibly froze .” Nothing .”
“ Take it off Crystal.” He commanded his hand still pumping his cock.
Crystal untied the belt of her robe, letting it slide off her nude body, she watched his amber eyes travel from her toes, to her bared thick muscled legs and lingered at her pussy, then he watched as she breathed in his eyes taking in her flat stomach, higher up to her breast the peaks hardening under his gaze, when his eyes met her hazel ones, he saw the answering flick of desire in their depts.


“ Come here .” He motioned for her too come closer.
Crystal stood a hairs breath from him she said with a slight tremor in her voice . “ What is this about ?”
His amber eyes grew flinty and cold as it met her distrustful hazel ones, taking her hand in his free hand he said . “ I’ll tell you what this is about Crystal, and you better answer truthfully.”
“ I’m not a liar Benjamin .” She said coldly.
“ Have you been allowing that scruffy runt to touch you ?” He said each word slowly but icily.
“ No.” she said angrily trying to pull away, but he kept a tight hold on her hand. Benjamin took both her hands in his pulling her closer, when she was close enough he positioned her over him surging inside her with controlled force, his look did not soften when he heard her shocked gasp as he pounded inside her hard, he had never used such force with her intimately before , she felt her pussy growing wet and slick as he pounded into her hard showing her who was the master of her body, she orgasmed three times as he kept pounding inside her.
“ You belong to me never forget that.” He said harshly, Benjamin got up still embedded deep inside her womb and moved with her towards the bed, he maneuvered them both on the bed. Crystal felt him surge deeper inside her as he lay on top of her, he looked down at her his amber eyes reflecting his displeasure at what he felt was her disobedience. He lowered his head capturing her lips in a deep kiss, his hips circling and then surging forward as he trust inside her. Crystal felt the answering renewal of desire as he again proved to her, who her body really belonged too. He groaned thickly as she met his every thrust, they clung together, kissing and caressing each other, till they both orgasmed together.
Benjamin untangled himself from her, easing his weight of her and unto the bed beside her, he turned her around cuddling her from behind, Crystal heard his even breathing as he fell asleep.
She could not sleep, no matter how tired and exhausted she was, her mind going around in circles, Drew needed her help and he was going to get it no matter what Benjamin said or did to her. Crystal knew she had her friends support, this time they would have to be careful how they met up. They needed to meet and plan how to proceed with his defense, if they had Benjamin’s help it would be easier, but it seemed he was still against him. Crystal had to not only do this for Drew but also for Daniel, he missed his brother, he had been alone since their mother’s death one year ago. These people were her friends, Benjamin was her mate but friendship should be just as strong as a mates bond. She finally fell asleep, unaware that Benjamin had awoken, he lay watching her sleep, she belonged to him, he would never allow that young pup to take away what was his. Benjamin’s thoughts went back years ago to when he had come to this pack for the first time, Crystals mother had passed away and her father the Alpha was looking for a widow wolf to look after his daughter. Benjamin’s father had died when he was six, rouges had attacked their small pack and killed out a lot of the members, his father included. Her father was one of the Alphas from the other packs to come to their rescue, helping them bury their dead.Since his father the Alpha was dead and Benjamin had been to young to become the new Alpha, the rescuers gave the survivors a choice to join any of the Alphas Packs, his mother had chosen to join the Blood Red Moon Pack.
The moment they drove into the pack compound and Crystal had come running to her father, who had scooped her up and lifted her high in the air, the sound of her laughter had sent shivers down his spine.
The Alpha set her down, taking her hand in his he walked her over to Benjamin and his mother, placing her little hands in his, the Alpha said. “ Meet your step brother Benjamin.”
Before his mother passed away, after he had sent Crystal to boarding school she had confessed to him. The Alpha had never slept with her, she was just there to look after Crystal and give him Benjamin a real home. Looking down at her as she slept, he felt a wave of tenderness towards her, he would protect her with his life, nothing nor anybody was going to separate them.
When Crystal awoke the next morning she was alone on the bed, the indentation on the spare pillow next to hers signified she had not slept alone, Benjamin had slept the entire night next to her.
Her thoughts went back to the events of the day before, she would have to play it safe for a few days, not venture into the forest searching Drew out. Jerod and Daniel would have to be their go between for awhile.Crystal couldn’t risk Benjamin getting on her case again, she blushed thinking about his brand of punishment.
Getting off the bed she showered quickly and changed into a jeans shorts and pink strapped vest, she donned a pair of pink sneakers and cautiously made her way downstairs,Crystal needed to meet up with the others and found out what had happened to them after they were all escorted back under guard to the pack compound. She was sneaking out the door when a hand touched her on the shoulder, she almost had heart failure but it was just Briana about to sneak into the house to see her.
“ Jeeze you scared the shit out of me.” She said quietly, watching a guilty Briana .
“ Are you ok ?” She asked quietly.
“ Yes where are the guys ?” She asked equally quiet.
“ Behind you “. Murmured both Jerod and Daniel making both girls jump.
They sneaked out to the hospital wing where Briana was working , she took them to her office making sure they could not be over heard, the four looked uneasily at each other.
“ Did you guys get punished ?” She asked with concern.
“ No the Alpha said we will not be punished, but the next time we may not escape this lightly.” Answered Jerod .
“I’m glad to hear that.” Crystal said breathing a sigh of relieve.
“ How are we going to help him now ?” Asked Daniel worriedly.
“ For now you two will be our go between, Briana and I will remain on the compound, we will meet here and make our plan on what strategies we will utilize to help him. “ said Crystal.
“ Ok that sounds great .” Said Jerod and Daniel laughing .
The plan worked for two weeks, the friends planning all their moves from Brianas office, Crystal contacted the Alphas Law Centre, asking for all literature and Laws of the packs, she spent most of her time reading up on what she thought would help Drew, she wanted to build a strong case that would get him reinstated back into the pack as a member. Everyday she did extensive research and made notes on her note pad on how to build her defense for Drew.
Benjamin was busy going back and fort organizing the preparations for the mating ball, she knew it would take a lot of preparation, the venue, the decorations, the food and the security of all the Alphas that would be attending along with their unmated pack members, it was going to be a huge event. Crystal had volunteered to help where ever she was needed but he told her cheekily, he wanted her not to tire herself out, he had better use for her at night. She had blushed because she knew what he was hinting at, every night he taught her another way that he was the master of her in the bedroom. Crystal
had to admit he was an incredible lover, she found herself looking forward to their shared intimacy each night unashamedly.
Today the four friends had decided to help out with the preparations of the mating ball, it was in the next two days. There were lots to do, tents to be erected , a stage in the center , technical wirings to be put in place for the lightings and microphone, also huge speakers placed where everyone could hear. Tables and chairs for the guest to be seated , then larger tables where the food section would be, Crystal and Briana found themselves supervising the decorations and flower arrangements, when they were done they both sat down grinning the placed looked beautiful.
Jerod and Daniel came and sat looking exhausted, they had moved and placed so many tables and chairs, they may dream of them that night.
“ Tired .” Asked Briana chuckling at their faces.
“ You think ?” Asked Daniel mockingly.
The four of them burst out laughing, they joked around resting and just sitting and admiring their handiwork. They split up when the place started to get darker. The four were tired so they didn’t go out they decided to rest up for the next day. Jerod and Daniel jokingly planning to meet their mate at the ball.
“ How about you Briana, are you anxious to find your mate tomorrow .” Asked Crystal with interest.
“ My mate, ummm no I’m not ready yet .” Answered Briana evasively.
Crystal looked over curiously at her friend, why was she acting so weird suddenly, some people didn’t want a mate, they were contented to stay single. Briana was a young wolf so she had a lot of time, who knows her mate might be in the ball tomorrow. She really hoped so, Crystal wished all three of her friends could find their mates and find happiness like she had done.


The next day the guest from the other packs started arriving, the Alphas were staying with Benjamin and her at the main house. The other guest were being put up in smaller guest bungalows, which were cleaned and prepared for their arrival. Benjamin had hired some domestic help from a company in one of the bigger towns, to help with the large volume of guest that would be arriving.
Today the four again were kept busy, showing the guest to their allotted bungalows, Crystal and her friends were busy making sure everything was in order. When Benjamin came looking for her, his amber gold eyes looked nervous, grabbing her hand he propelled her to the parking lot.
“ Where are we going ?” She laughingly asked .
“ I need you beside me too welcome the Alphas.” He muttered nervously, his amber eyes not quite meeting hers.
“ What a baby .” She said mockingly, he stopped and grabbed her, crashing his mouth down on hers possessively, he did not stop until someone whistled appreciatively.
Crystals cheeks was beet red as they broke apart breathlessly, to face the handsome young man and his pregnant mate, the young Alpha had deep blue cobalt eyes and jet black hair, he was very rugged and handsome, the young and very pregnant woman at his side her turquoise eyes smiling into hers, her red gold hair artfully arranged on her head.
“ Welcome to the Blood Red Moon Pack, Alpha Kade Duvall, “ said Benjamin laughingly. “ This is my Mate and soon to be Luna, Crystal Harris.”
They shook hands respectfully, Alpha Duvall turned to his mate and introduced her. “ This is my mate and Luna Jenna Anderson Duvall.”
Both women embraced, feeling a closeness develop between them.
“ What’s holding up this line ?” Came an older voice behind the young couple.
The young couple turned and smiled at the owner of the voice, Alpha Kade shook hands respectfully with the older gentleman, and his Luna hugged the older couple. When the older gentleman looked over at Crystal she realized they were related, the older man had turquoise eyes just like the young Lunas, the older couple seemed to be her parents they all bared a stringing resemblance.
“ Let me introduce myself, since these young folks seemed to have forgotten me .” He joked taking Crystals hand in his. “ I am Alpha Dean Anderson of the Moon Eclipse Pack.”
“ Hi, Welcome to the Blood Red Moon pack, I am Crystal Harris .” She introduced herself shyly.
“ My Mate and Luna.” Said Benjamin pulling her close to his side.
They were shown soon after to their rooms, the other Alphas were starting to grace them with their presence, the place buzzed with activity as the guest started arriving. Crystal and Benjamin were kept busy greeting guest and other pack leaders, she did not have much freedom to meet up with her friends, other than to wave at them, because they were also scurrying around helping the guest with one thing or other. Soon it was time for dinner Crystal made her way upstairs tiredly to get a well needed breather and to shower and change into formal wear, collapsing on the bed in exhaustion she lay resting for a few minutes, glancing over at the clock she groaned pushing herself up to go shower and change.
Crystal was busy soaping up her skin when she smelt him, he had come quietly into the bathroom, pulling her against him she felt his erection, desire immediately surfaced between them, turning her around his mouth crashed down on hers, lifting her up with soap and everything he surged inside her, she immediately clamped her legs around his slim hips as she clung to him, they both groaned as desire sprung between them.
“ I couldn’t wait till later to fuck you baby.” He groaned thickly kissing her deeply as he surged in and out of her, his amber eyes smoldering.
“ I’m glad .” She said thickly as she kissed him back and heard him groan. There was no more words just groans and moans as they kissed and caressed each other till they orgasmed as one.
After between kisses and caresses they showered and exited the bathroom, Benjamin leaving her to go dress in his room, Crystal opened her vanity and pulled out a green off the shoulder, evening dress, the dress reached her mid thigh. She was putting on the finishing touches on her make up when Benjamin walked into her room, he was dressed in a black tuxedo with matching black pants and a green bow tie, he looked dashing and handsome, his amber eyes took in her outfit and he wolf whistled.
“ You look sensational baby .” He said lifting her hand up to his lips and kissing it gallantly.
Crystal blushed with teasing hazel eyes she did a deep curtesy and said coyly. “ At your service Sir “ .
“ Once it’s my service and nobody else’s .” He said possessively.
Crystal tiptoed and kiss him lightly, he cooled off immediately, trying to deepen the kiss, she laughingly shook her head playfully. “ You’ll eat my lipstick “.
“ That color would look good with my black tuxedo.” He joked kissing her very lightly, watching her light pink lipstick with comical amber eyes.
“ Come on we’ll be late for dinner.” She said walking towards the door and opening it.
“ Coward “. He mocked his amber eyes filled with mirth.
“ Nope not coward, prudently .” She said smartly, her hazel green eyes candid.


When they got down to dinner everyone was already there, Alpha Kade Duvall watched them with a
knowing smirk, Crystal looked away self consciously did everyone know they were having sex.
Benjamin guided her to the head of the table, seating her at the right hand side of his seat , he remained standing but took his champagne glass and taking her hand he motioned for her to stand. Together they raised their glasses in a toast.
“ My Luna and I would like to welcome you all to the Blood Red Moon Pack, I hope our single wolves would be fortunate to find their mates during the mating ball.” Said Benjamin clinking his glass to Crystals. Everyone had risen their glasses and drank to his toast with shouts of agreement. After that they were all served their dinners and while they ate they chatted, Jenna was seated next to Crystal and her mate the Alpha sat across from her on Benjamin’s left, the two were chatting about the packs.
“ Have you settled into your life as the Luna ?” Jenna asked Crystal striking up a conversation .
“ I’m getting there, I’ve known these people all my life.” She answered truthfully.
“ I heard you were sent to boarding school for awhile.” She asked curiously.
“ Yes Benjamin, thought I needed the break .” She said unreadably, her mind drifting to Drew.
“ Your lucky, I’ve only known pack life, “she admitted truthfully.
Crystal changed the subject . “ when’s your pup due .”
“ In a month “ she said smiling her turquoise eyes growing soft as she passed her hand, on her swollen stomach. Crystal felt eyes on her, turning she encountered a burning pair of amber eyes, an unreadable expression on his handsome features, he looked deep in thought.
“ Soon you’ll be having your own little pup.” Said Jenna laughingly. Crystal blushed they had not discussed pups, or their future together yet, they were to caught up in the passion and desire between them. Crystal didn’t answer she just smiled.
The rest of the dinner was done in silence, only the clink of glasses, knifes and forks cleaning out plates, the dinner was enjoyable, everyone had choices between decadent flavored desserts or fresh fruits. After dinner everyone either sat chatting about the upcoming mate ball tomorrow, and others moved to the dancehall where music was being played.
Crystal excused herself going in look of her friends, they had not been able to meet up and chat since the full preparations of the mating ball had began, they had waved in passing each other since they had all been kept busy. She found the three of them laughing and talking about some funny incident that had occurred during their supervision.
“ Hey guys .” She greeted them all.
“ We thought the Alpha was not going to let you lose tonight ,” joked Jerod laughingly.
“ I escaped .” She said comically, her hazel eyes mirthful .
The four friends burst out laughing, they sat relaxing and just giving little antidotes of incidents that had happened to them during the day. Jerod was the one who bought up Drew and the conversation changed towards him. Just that day Crystal had gotten a reply from the Packs Judiciary System, they invited her to gather her information and her client and choose a day for a hearing, the Jury would be three Alphas of neighboring packs. Crystal told her friends what the letter had said, Daniel said he would go meet Drew and relay the contents of the letter to him.
The friends split up after, each heading to their rooms. Crystal made her way up to her bedroom, she stripped and got into her shower, taking a quick shower she pulled back the covers and the minute her head hit the pillows she was out like a light. It was the wee hours of the morning when she felt a muscular pair of arms pulling her against a muscular furry chest, she smiled smelling his citrusy cologne, closing back her eyes she fell deeper into sleep .
The next day, the day of the mating ball, she dressed in a white dress with spaghetti straps, she donned a pair of flat heeled sandals, Benjamin had gone to his room to change, she was clasping a thin gold chain on her neck when he walked back into her room dressed in a white pair of trousers and a white long sleeved silk shirt, white dress shoes on his feet, he looked hot and handsome.
“ Are you ready baby .” He asked thickly, his amber eyes caressing from her feet to her head.
“ Yes .” She answered.
They made their way downstairs and out to greet some guest who lived close by, guest who did not stay on the packs compound. They then made their way to where everyone was eating and drinking, young unmated males and females trying to find their mates. Benjamin led Crystal up on the stage and walked with her to the microphone. Testing it he spoke into it.
“ Ladies and Gentlemen, Alphas and Lunas my mate and Luna and myself would like to welcome you, to our pack and this years mating ball site.” He said calmly into the microphone. Everyone burst into applause and cat calls. When the crowd quieted down he said.
“ Before we begin the mate seeking part of our event, I would like you all to join me, in my own ceremony of pledging myself to my mate Crystal and introducing her to our pack as their Luna.” He said his eyes possessive and heated.
Crystal blushed she had seen the little altar with an arch made from flowers and wondered what it was for, now she knew. Looking over at her three friends she saw their smug smiles so they had been privy to this little plan of Benjamin’s. The Packs Priest walked unto the stage ,he stood close to the altar the crowd grew silent as Benjamin took a blushing Crystal too the altar, they stood hand in hand facing each other, the Priest said a few words about their union, Crystal saw Daniel made his way up on the stage he handed Benjamin a jewelers box, opening the box he took out a chocolate diamond encrusted ring and placed it on her fourth finger of her left hand, the Priest then placed a mans ring in Crystals hand a wedding band with a single chocolate diamond , she slipped the ring on his fourth finger of his left hand,
Crystals hazel eyes was caught and held by glowing possessive amber ones, the Priest took both their hands bearing their rings and said a quick prayer over their joined hands, “ I now pronounce you Alpha and Luna of the Blood Red Moon Pack.”
Benjamin pulled her into his arms, taking her lips in a very possessive and heated kiss, she kissed him back to the loud applause and cat calls from the audience . Crystal pulled away from his embrace in embarrassment his eyes dark in his desire he whispered for her ear only. “ Later baby, I wish I could fuck you right here.”
She blushed her hazel eyes shying away from the depth of his desire, they were congratulated by the other Alphas. Benjamin walked hand in hand with Crystal and said into the microphone. “ Go find your Mates .” There was shouts of laughter as the unmated males and females mingled in the crowd looking for their mates .


The Alphas and mated pack members, mingled and oversaw the mating ritual, there was much laughter and merriment as werewolves searched for their mates, it was very emotional to witness wolves that had been searching for years finally found their mates and young wolves who found their mates on their first year of coming into their werewolf powers, Crystal and Benjamin sat chatting with Alpha Kade and his father in law the alpha of the Moon Eclipse Pack Dean Anderson, and their lovely Lunas.
Crystals attention was on her friends, really not following the conversation of the Alphas, Jerod had found his mate , she was from the Red Blood Moon Pack and surprisingly to Crystals student Sammy, they were both seated in a corner looking very cozy and intimate, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes deeply, Crystal smiled indulgently, she looked around for Daniel he was just showing another member of the Blood Red Moon Pack a young red haired, green eyed beauty who Crystal had seen working and assisting Briana with the patients in the pack hospital. Looking around curiously she could not find Briana any where, it seemed her friend had simply disappeared, where was she and what was she doing ? Hell did she find a mate or was she hiding in her office .
Crystal began to get worried about her friends absence, when there was no sign of her for several hours, she didn’t want to use mind linked with Jerod or Daniel because she didn’t want Benjamin to be involved, nor did she want to intrude on their privacy, since they both seemed so engrossed in their new mates.
Crystal made an excuse about seeking a washroom, she smiled innocently at Benjamin promising she would be back in a short time, she made her way to the pack hospital thinking she may have been checking on her patients, but she was told that Briana had passed through their three hours ago, maybe she was in her office thought Crystal, making her way towards Brianas office she heard muffled voices coming from inside.
“ She’s outside .” Said a some what familiar voice. Crystal pushed the door open and stared in amazement at the scene that greeted her eyes, Drew and Briana were locked in a heated passionate embrace, her friends clothes were almost gone, she stood locked in Drew’s muscular arms, only in a scarlet red thongs and matching bra, there was a flurry of activity as Briana tried to make herself presentable, Crystal hid her smile as the look on Drew’s face reminded her about how Benjamin often looked at her.
Crystal laughed she couldn’t help it at the some what guilty look on both their faces, her memory flashing back to the incident on the mountain, when Drew had tried to get close to her and Briana had stepped in the way, their frozen looks as they had both stared at each other, it had been the mate bond they had both felt. Crystal felt pleased that the moon goddess had paired off two people she thought highly off.
Crystal turned giving them enough time to tidy themselves up, she closed the door and turned around facing them, Drew looked down self consciously, Briana fidgeting with the buttons of her blouse.
“ So you two are mates ,” she said calmly, her eyes unreadable.
Both Briana and Drew looked over at her incredulously . “ How did you guess .” Asked Drew in amazement, his brown eyes shocked.
“ I thought back at our last meeting on the mountain, there was a moment when you both looked as if you had both gotten shocked. I had not thought much of it, because I was in deep shit at the time, so forgive me for being occupied at the time.” She chuckled in remembrance.
“ Yes you sure were, I saw the ceremony today, so Benjamin and you are mated.” Said Drew calmly his brown eyes unreadable.
“ Yes .” She answered simply.
“ It explains a lot, his possessiveness of you, I had always thought it was suspicious how he always got hot and bothered whenever the opposite sex was around you.” Murmured Drew thinking back to the past.
Crystal blushed remembering how annoyed she had been with Benjamin on those occasions, she had behaved very badly on one or two occasions when she had witnessed his strong arm tactics.
Drew laughed at her expression, “ Hell if you were my mate, I’d do the same thing, but I have my own mate now to worry about.”
“ Yes, what a tangled web.” She acknowledged.
“ What’s going to happen now Crystal ?” Asked Briana quietly.
Crystal looked over at her frightened friend, walking towards her, Crystal hugged her reassuringly.
“ We do what we said we would do Briana, we get Drew a fair trial and I’ve been thinking maybe we may need Benjamin’s help as well, but for now we try our best to do everything for him to get a fair trial.”
“ I hope he will, since he was the one who banned me from the pack.” Said Drew quietly.
“ You need to leave here Drew, before you are found, until we can get you reinstated back into the pack.” Said Crystal worriedly.
“ Listen to her Drew, she’s right.” Said Briana tremulously her blue eyes fulling worriedly with unshed tears.
Drew pulled them both into an embrace, he nodded in agreement, making his way to the door, he stood looking longingly at Briana, then he disappeared into the shadows.
They were both about to make their way to the ball, when the door opened and Benjamin walked inside his amber gold eyes finding Crystal and relaxing when he saw both girls embracing each other.
“ Everything ok here ?” He asked casually.
“ Yes, nothing to worry about .” Said Briana hurriedly.
The three of them made their way back to the ball, they sat relaxing and enjoying the ambience of the ball, everyone seemed to be having a great time, those who had found mates in secluded corners kissing and fondling each other, some dancing with their mates staring dreamily into each other’s eyes. Then there were the others who had not found mates, enjoying the drinks and eats.
Crystal was beginning to fell tired, Briana had already made an excuse and gone to her room, there was no sign of Jerod and Daniel, she guessed they were with their mates or maybe they had also retired to bed.
Benjamin glanced over at her, she was looking exhausted, he got up and making their excuses to the other Alphas, he escorted her to their room, he helped her undress and guided her to the bathroom, helping her shower quickly, he got her settled in bed, just embracing her, Crystals eyes closed the minute her head touched the pillows.


Alpha Kade Duvall of the Harvest Moon Pack and the Alpha of the Moon Eclipse Pack stayed for a few days more after the mating ball. The other Alphas and most of the guest had already departed for their own packs. So the four friends had to put their plans on hold until it was safer, Drew continued to sneak into the pack hospital to meet Briana, with Jerod and Daniel keeping sentry.
Tonight Benjamin wanted to take both Alphas and their Lunas to dinner, in one of the larger towns, where there was dinning and dancing after wards, before Crystal went up to shower and change, she made a side trip to Brianas office, wanting to make sure that the young couple were being precautious.
Crystal tapped on the door before entering, muffled noises were heard from the inside, she waited patiently before hearing Brianas voice saying breathlessly . “ Come in .”
She entered seeing Drew looking at her a bit embarrassed, wondering why he would feel embarrassed she understood when Briana came into view, her neck bore his mark, which meant they had mated.
Crystal shook her head and smiled, “ Congratulations .”
Drew clasped his hands on his neck and mumbled “ I lost control of my wolf .”
“ Is that so, “ she muttered hiding her laughter successfully.
“ Is everything alright Crystal ?” Asked Briana changing the subject.
“ Yes it is, just wanted to come warn you both to be careful, Benjamin’s taking the Alphas to dinner and dancing tonight, I was on my way to shower and change, though I would drop by before I left.” She said calmly.
“ Thanks for dropping by Crystal, appreciate it.” Said Briana walking up to her and hugging her tightly.
Crystal hugged her back, her hazel eyes watching Drew over her friends shoulder, a stern look in them, warning him silently to be careful with her, he nodded in understanding.
Briana walked Crystal to the door, as she walked out of Brianas office she squeezed her hand reassuringly, on her way to the main pack house she saw Jerod and Daniel chatting away, but keeping a watchful eye out none the less.
“ Hey Crystal,, taking a night stroll.” Called out Daniel.
“ Yeah thought I’d check up on Briana, we’re heading out for dinner tonight,” answered Crystal glancing around cautiously before she added warningly . “ Be very careful, keep a close watch on them while their together and when he’s leaving make sure he’s not observed .”
“ Yes. ma’am .” They both answered.
Crystal watched them both sternly, until the three started laughing, she waved at them as she made her way to the main pack house, she hurried upstairs opening her bedroom door Crystal stepped inside her room quietly, a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and a pair of familiar lips nuzzled her neck from behind.
“ Where were you, it’s almost time too meet up with the others, we need to hurry.” He said between kisses to her neck.
“ Thought I’d check up on Briana before we left for dinner.” She answered truthfully.
Turning her around his amber gold eyes looked into her hazel ones curiously, “ You two are very close aren’t you, even those two boys .” He said observantly.
“ Yes if I had siblings I would wish they would be like Briana, Daniel and Jerod.” She answered honestly.
“ What about Drew, how do you feel about him.” He asked out of the blue, his amber eyes watchful.
“ Drew had always been just my friend Benjamin, he was a friend when I really felt alone,” she admitted truthfully.
“ I was here Crystal, you could have come to me .” He said his amber eyes painful.
“ You were part of the problem, I didn’t understand back then why you had shut me out.” She said painfully remembering how alone she had felt, when from being her constant friend he had avoided her every opportunity he got.
“ Crystal when you turned fourteen and started to develop, I was confused because I wanted to touch you intimately, I got aroused when you hugged me, your smell drove me crazy, I didn’t understand what it all meant, until my mother explained to me, it had been the mate bond.” He confessed his amber eyes heated in remembrance.
“ Ohh .” She said with understanding.
He held on to her hips and pressed himself against her, “ It got really bad the day of your sixteenth birthday, when you crashed into me, I wanted to crush your mouth under mines and slam you against the wall and fuck the daylights out of you.” He admitted passionately.
“ Instead you waited for me that night in my room.” She said in remembrance.
“ I saw you kissing Drew, it made me see red, I waited until you got to your room to tell you I was sending you off to boarding school, but all I could think about was how much I wanted to taste you, I knew I frightened you and you needed time to grow up, because of the kind of relationship I wanted with you.” He said his amber eyes going to her lip.
“ What kind of relationship?” She teased him.
“ This kind .” He murmured thickly, his mouth crashing down on hers devouring her lips, like a starved man, he backed her up against the wall, and pushing her skirt up, he unzipped his pants freeing his engorged penis, he slid her black lacy panties to the side and drove inside her, they kissed hungrily as he hiked her legs up around his waist as he pounded into her until they both came, nibbling her lips his amber eyes liquid pools of desire, he said between nibbles “ That is how I wanted to fuck you that day, on your sixteenth birthday.”


Crystal and Benjamin walked downstairs about an hour late, when Alpha Kade Duvall and Alpha Dean Anderson saw them, they both had identical smirks on theirs faces, Crystal glanced away in embarrassment at their knowing glances. She met a pair of amused turquoise eyes, Luna Jenna winked at her conspiratorially, Crystal couldn’t help it she smiled guiltily.
“ Passed by your bedroom about an hour ago, heard some thumping noises,” said Alpha Kade Duvall innocently his cobalt blue eyes filled with devilish humor.
“ Maybe a board got loose, he was hammering it.” Said Alpha Dean Anderson, his turquoise eyes filled with laughter, he elbowed Alpha Kade Duvall in the ribs playfully.
“ I think you’re imagination is working overtime,” mumbled Benjamin with a very straight face. “ I’m starved let’s go.”
“ Told you I heard hammering coming from their room, see he’s worked up an appetite for food now.” Burst out in full laughter Alpha Kade Duvall.
Benjamin took Crystals hand and led her to the car not answering, his lips twitched with held in laughter. The other four people got into their vehicle and drove behind Benjamin.
When they were seated in the car, both Crystal and Benjamin started laughing. “ I’m embarrassed were we that loud ?”
“ I don’t think so, but remember wolves have sensitized hearing, and they both are Alpha wolves.” Explained Benjamin, then added sexily. “ I don’t care, I was fucking my woman .”
Crystal blushed as his hand that was not on the steering slid under her shirt and delved between her legs, “ Behave, or you may end up giving them a bigger show.”
“ Who cares, I can’t be this close to you, without wanting to be inside you.” He admitted thickly.
Crystal blushed beet red, although he was saying exactly what she felt, he smelled her arousal and his breathing quickened, “ You need to think of something else or I’m pulling this car on the side Crystal.”
She laughed she couldn’t help it, Benjamin joined her, the lights up ahead and the increase in traffic on the road had Benjamin turning his attention to their surroundings, they drove for another fifteen minutes before he switched on his right indicator and pulled into the huge Mall, he searched for a secluded parking spot with two spaces, the other vehicle bearing the Alphas and their Lunas pulled into the empty spot beside them, getting out of the car Benjamin walked to her side of the car and opened the door, taking her hand in his he helped her out, he armed the security device in the car, then guided them over to the other car, where the Alphas were also helping their Lunas out of the car.
They were attracting some attention from other people, as the three couples walked towards the entrance of the Mall, the three men all bore the same look on their extremely handsome faces, watchful and alert looks, the three couples exuded power around their aura. The security came scurrying to open the doors for their entrance, flanking the group as they escorted them to the executive restaurant, they were greeted by the owner of the restaurant a very secluded and private section of the restaurant was referred to them. Other dinners watched the group with open curiosity written on their faces, both humans and wolves were in the establishment. The humans just thought they were extremely wealthy people, the wolves knew they were the most three powerful Alpha wolves in the district.
The waiter seated the six at a private table, handing them all menus the waiter handed a wine menu to Benjamin, he browsed through choosing a Pinot Noir wine, everyone sipped their wine while they perused the menu, they all ended up choosing the same dish a Cuban Mojo Chicken, it was a dish that consisted of lean pieces of chicken, that had been marinated in tangy mojo sauce, with stewed black beans and healthy brown rice, followed by a refreshing lychee & lime sorbet.
They sat chatting after dinner, the men drinking brandy and the women opted for liqueurs, the three Alphas were discussing their packs, the everyday running of it and the tough rules they had to adhere too. The three started talking about rouges and the many packs they had over run, killing, raping and kidnappings.
“ Do you know both my mother and I were kidnapped by rouges?” Asked Jenna engaging Crystal in conversation.
“ No, I had no idea .” Said Crystal honestly, her hazel eyes touching on Jenna’s mom and her in shock.
“ Yes Jenna was very young, when rouges attacked our pack, killing many and kidnapping most of our unmarked females.” Admitted Celia Anderson.
“ It’s how I met my mate, they continued to kidnapped our females, so we sought his help in finding our women and the rouges responsible for it.” Said Jenna.
“ Did they attack and kidnapped you too .” Asked Crystal curiously.
“ No, it was my own fault I was kidnapped, I left the pack compound when I wasn’t supposed too.” Said Jenna blushing guiltily.
“ How did you escape .” Asked Crystal with interest. “ Are all rouges dangerous ?”
“ No not all rouges are dangerous, the one that took me was not mean and cruel, but he wanted something that did not belong to him, me.” She admitted quietly.
“ He challenged Kade to a fight to the death, “ said Celia Anderson informatively.


Crystal stared at both women in horror, “ I’m guessing he’s dead.”
“ Yes, I think he welcomed death, the alternative would of been more dangerous for him,” said Jenna her turquoise eyes serious.
“ He would have been sentenced to a hearing by the Alphas Law Centre, “ said Celia.
“ The rouges would have been sentenced, by being locked away from society for each women they had kidnapped.” Said Jenna.
“ How many women were kidnapped ?” She asked with interest.
“ One hundred and seven women, they would have been sentenced to one hundred and seven years ,” said Celia.
“ They wouldn’t have survived that, “ said Crystal thinking about Drew and Briana, she would do everything in her power to help him.
She was bought out of her deep thoughts, when the men got up and made their way to them, Benjamin walked over to her, taking her hand in his he walked her to the dance floor, she noticed the other Alphas had done the same with the other women.
“ You three were having some serious conversations, what about ?” He asked curiously.
“ They were both kidnapped by rouges,” she said looking over at the other two couples.
“ Yes, the rouge challenged Kade for Jenna.” He said coldly.
Crystal glanced up to see Benjamin’s jaw tighten and his amber gold eyes flash. “ Anyone who tries to take you away from me, I will kill.”
She knew he was referring to Drew, how was she to answer when she needed to protect Briana and Drew. “ I’m sure they would be very stupid to even try.”
He pulled her closer, Crystal felt his arousal rub against her stomach, glancing up she encountered hot amber gold ones, his breath was getting raspy as his eyes dropped to her moist pink plump lips, “ Do you know what I wish ?”
She licked her lips nervously “ What .”
He pulled her closer, his mouth going to her ear, he whispered thickly . “ I wish I could take you right here on the dance floor. “
They both broke apart when Alpha Dean said across from them . “ More hammering tonight .”
“ May be we should volunteer to help him out.” Said Alpha Kade looking innocently down at his very pregnant wife, she playfully swatted him hard and the scoundrel shouted out with laughter.
Benjamin groaned and only for her ear alone he said comically. “ Kill me please .”
Crystal couldn’t help it she laughed, the other two women joined her in laughter. They went back to their tables to have one last drink before heading back to the pack compound.
The men all sat down a bit away from the three women, they were laughing and talking with Benjamin, he listened his cheek stained with a slight dusting of pink, what ever they were talking to him about they were making him blush, Crystal hid her smile with a smirk.
“ What are you smirking about .” Asked Jenna with interest, her turquoise eyes curious.
“ What ever they are talking about is embarrassing the hell out of Benjamin.” She chuckled mirthfully.
Crystal had just taken a drink from her liqueur, when it all came spilling out at what the older Luna asked . “ So when are you two planning on having pups .”
Jenna and her mother laughed at the comical expression on Crystals face, “ We haven’t discussed it yet.”
“ With all that thumping we heard, you should find the time my dear.” Suggested Celia seriously, her aquamarine eyes thoughtful.
Crystal blushed they had both been so engrossed with each other and the passion that they had felt, they had been careless about birth control, she could already have a pup growing inside her. Glancing up she noticed the shocked look on Benjamin’s face as well, but then it changed the look of pure possession reflected in his amber gaze, if she was having a pup he would be alright with it, Crystal instinctively knew that.
“ Yes it’s a conversation we need to have.” Admitted Crystal honestly, her hazel green eyes grateful as she glanced over at both women and smiled in gratitude.
They were laughing and talking about pups names, when Crystal got a mind linked message from Briana, “ we are being attacked by the rouges, Drew, Jerod and Daniel are trying to help keep them at bay, the hunters and trackers are fighting but we need you and the Alpha here.”
“ We’re on our way Briana, keep the formation, defend the children and younger wolves.”
Crystal looked over at Benjamin, he was looking at her, he whispered to the two Alphas seated beside him and they all got up hurriedly. The women also grabbed their coats and quickly dropping some bills and a huge tip, the three couples walked out of the restaurant with other patrons watching their hurried exit, no one challenged them because it was like the power they all exuded separated them from everyone else.
The drive to the pack house was done in record time, before the cars came to a halt , the three men and Crystal had shifted into their wolves, Crystal pushed the older Luna with Jenna to safety inside a bunker to keep safe, there were already some of the older women and the children of the pack hiding in safety.


Crystal made her way towards the hospital, searching for Briana, she fought and killed two rouges before she reached it, she saw her friends defending the sick that was inside the hospital from rouges.
why did they attack .” She mind-linked Briana who was fighting to the death with a huge black rouge.
Crystal’s wolf Gaea was large for a female, she tackled the huge black rouge, they fought rolling around trying to get the killing bite, Crystal finally got the huge rouge on the ground, going straight for his jugular she ripped it out, he lay dead under her feet.
“ Drew told them he was leaving the pack, he had found his mate.” Said Briana .
Crystal was busy fighting another rouge, when he was roughly tackled to the ground by a very huge black wolf, she heard his neck snap and he lay dead. The black wolf nuzzled her neck and licked her snout comfortingly.
“ Are you ok baby,” asked Benjamin’s with his wolfs voice chaos.
“ Yes, “ she answered him licking his snout reassuringly.
Drew came up to Briana nuzzling her snout gently, Benjamin growled warningly his scruff standing up in anger. “ You, I should have known.
“ Stop Alpha, he’s my mate, he came to warn us about the rouges plan to attack the pack, he stood and fought against them, while you were getting here. “ said Briana fearlessly stepping in front her mate to protect him.
“ Is this true Crystal, he’s not here to take you away from me ?” Asked Benjamin possessively.
“ Drew and Briana are mates Benjamin, “ she said honestly.
Crystal watched as Benjamin calmed himself, turning towards the thick of the fight, he nodded his head the wolves, Crystals, Brianas, Jerod, Drew and Daniel’s they followed his lead, they stood as one with both Alphas joining them and the Blood Red Moon Pack army stood their ground, the rouges attacked but they were greatly out numbered, a bloody battle ensued , the three alphas majestically fought to protect the vulnerable pack members, Crystal and her friends fought just as valiantly protecting the pack and each other’s backs, at the end of the blood bath, every rouge lay dead on the ground, the three Alphas and Crystal and her friends stand to protect their pack, would be talked about for generations after.
After the fight the rouges bodies were placed in trucks and driven to a spot where they were all buried by the army, then the place was cleaned up by the Alphas and Crystal and her friends, when the clean up was through, there was not a sign of the great battle that took place.
Exhausted after the deadly battle and clean up after, Crystal and Briana released the women and children from the underground bunker, they had been hiding in, calming the women who had lost mates and the young pups who had lost parents, pulling themselves together, they tended to the wounded, bandaging up the lightly wounded, and finding beds for the more seriously wounded hunters and trackers, Jenna and Celia were a great source of help working tirelessly beside Crystal and Briana.
Crystal noticed Jenna holding her back and wincing, she walked over to her and said gently. “ Come you need to eat something and rest Jenna .”
“ I am tired but there’s so much too do,” she said quietly.
“ You and the pup is what’s important, “ chided Crystal leading her to a private room, she gestured for her to lie down and rest. Jenna didn’t protest she lay back and closed her eyes tiredly, Celia came into the room her aquamarine eyes filled with concern.
“ Jenna are you alright .” Asked Celia.
“ Yes Mom I just feel really exhausted .” Said Jenna tiredly.
“ Do you want me to get Kade ?” Asked Celia soothingly.
“ No Mom, he’s probably busy with Dad and Alpha Benjamin, I’ll just rest now.” She said closing her eyes tiredly.
“ Ok sweetheart I will not be far away, mind link me if you need me please.” Said Celia consolingly.
“ I will .” Said Jenna drifting off to sleep.
Crystal and Celia left the room, leaving the low lights on, closing the door quietly they made their way to the rest of the patients who needed help. Drew and Daniel came bursting into the emergency room with Jerod between them, there was blood flowing from his shoulder, Crystal and Briana immediately helped him on the gurney and started cutting away his T-shirt to see his injuries.
“ What happened ?” Asked Crystal with concern.
“ It’s deep Crystal he’ll need stitches, his wounds needs to be cleaned first.” Said Briana, gathering the necessary supplies she got started working on cleaning up his wounds.
Seeing Daniel looking pale at the big gaping hole on Jerod's shoulder, Crystal guided them out of the emergency room and out into the corridor.
“ How did it happen .” She asked her hazel eyes serious.
“ There were some rouges hiding out in the store room, they attacked us when we went to gather some supplies, “ said Drew angrily his brown eyes murderous.
“ Ok gather a small search group, and comb the entire compound, see if there’s more hiding, where’s Benjamin and the other Alphas?” She asked .
“ They took a search party to the rouges hideout, I told them where to go.” Admitted Drew.
“ Ok let’s try and keep our pack safe, gather the search party, “ She ordered calmly.
“ Yes Luna Crystal.” Said Daniel with respect.


A group of twenty rouges were found hiding in an old abandon house, they were rounded up and put in the small holding cell of the Pack. Drew and Daniel volunteered to guard the rouges until Benjamin and the two Alphas came back from rounding up the rest of the rouges.
Crystal made sure the rouges were secured and added some more guards to help Drew and Daniel with the prisoners, checking on the kitchen she made sure hot meals were being prepared for the sick in the hospital and the returning hunters, trackers and Benjamin and Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean. Crystal made a check on the nursery of the young pups, making sure they were safe and their baby sitters, the pups were being kept occupied by games and stories being told by their care takers.
Everything was running smooth, the pack was secure and everyone was pitching in helping with restoring order to everything.
Crystal made her way back to the hospital, just in time to assist Briana with Jerod, he was fretting not letting her stitch him up, his mate Selena was by his side.
“ What’s going on here .” She inquired commandingly.
“ I don’t want her to see this Crystal, she’s having a pup.” He said getting agitated .
“ I don’t want to leave him.” Said Selena tearfully.
Crystal walked up to the young girl and hugged her comfortingly, “ Listen do you care about Jerod .”
She nodded her head, her blue eyes filing with tears. “ He needs to be stitched up, or his wound won’t heal properly, maybe it’s best you wait out in the hallway.” Suggested Crystal in a no nonsense tone. Selena nodded respectfully and looking over at Jerod she smiled gently at him, before walking out to sit in the hallway until they were finished with Jerod.
“ You’re a great Luna Crystal, thank you .” He winced in pain.
“ Thank you , let’s get you patched up.” Crystal helped Briana by handing her the implements to stitch him up, wolves had great healing abilities, but the stitches was to ensure the healing will not be unsightly. Crystal knew that in a few hours Jerod would be healed completely once his body had rested.
Briana stitched him up , bandaging his wounds, with Crystals help they got him in clean clothes and settled him in a bed, Selena was allowed to come back in and stay with him while he healed slowly.
Crystal and Briana left the couple, making the rounds to make sure everything was working smoothly in the small pack hospital. They went into her office where she had a small seating area to relax, they both poured hot cups of needed coffee.
“ I hope everything is good with the Alphas, and they could successfully flush out the rest of the rouges .” Said Briana a bit exhausted .
“ I think we need to secure some more beds just in case.” Suggested Crystal taking a much needed sip of her coffee.
“ I think it’s a good idea.” Agreed Briana.
The women finished off their coffee and went to make sure there were extra beds, enough bandages and medication for every injury. Crystals thoughts went to Benjamin she had been trying to keep busy, so her mind would not think up tragic results, she was worried they had been away for awhile, and not one of the Alphas had mind linked any of their Lunas.
They had just finished restocking the supplies and were about to leave the hospital, when Celia came hurrying in her eyes a bit panicked .
“ Is Jenna alright ?” Asked Crystal quickly.
“ I think she’s in the early stages of labor.” Said Celia.
“ Well she’s in the right place, don’t be alarmed Celia.” Reassured Crystal as the three women hurried to the room that Jenna had been resting in, when they pushed the door open it was to see a profusely sweating Jenna, Briana got busy immediately, checking her pulse and timing her contractions she made notes, Crystal stood soothingly holding Jenna’s hand, with her mother sitting on the other side.
“ Has there been any news from them ?” She asked between winces of pain and breathing exercises.
“ Not yet, we need to concentrate on you and your pup Jenna, they can look after themselves.” Said Crystal trying to assure her.
“ She’s right sweetheart, let’s concentrate on bringing this pup into this world, what a beautiful gift for their return.” Said Celia patiently.
Jenna nodded the three women helped her with her breathing, giving her encouragement as she pushed, when she was dilating and the pups head was crowning, they wheeled her into the birthing room.
Crystal and Celia stayed with Jenna, while Briana did her work in getting the pup to birth safely, at the end of an hour Jenna made one huge push almost stopping the flow of blood in Crystals hand that she had gripped a gusty cry came from the pup, all three women laughed to hear the healthy cry.
Briana cleaned up the pup, wrapping him up in a blanket she handed the pup to Jenna.
“ We have a boy .” Said Briana smiling tiredly.
All the women laughed when the small pup looked up curiously at them, his lime green eyes made them all gasp, he was gorgeous.
“ What a heartbreaker .” Chuckled Crystal falling in love with the young pup immediately.
“ Crystal why don’t you hold him, while I clean up Jenna.” Suggested Briana her blue eyes sparkling with mischief.
Crystal looked down at the cute little pup, nestled in her arm's feeling a fierce protective likeness for the pup. His lime green eyes looked up into her face trustingly, she felt a strange pull to this boy for some unknown reason. He cooed up at her trustingly she couldn’t help it she laughed.
She held him in her arms walking with him as they wheeled Jenna back into the room she had been resting in before, Crystal handed him over to his grandmother Celia as she helped a sore Jenna settle in her bed, Briana was wheeling in a bassinet to put the pup within easy reach of his mother Jenna.
A flurry of activity was heard outside, the door opened and in walked a flustered Alpha Kade and Closely followed by Alpha Dean, Crystal and Briana escaped from the room leaving the family to bond over the new member of their family.


Crystal went in search of Benjamin, she found him with his soldiers, he was helping the injured out of the vehicles and some wolves were killed, their bodies been removed to the morgue.
Seeing her he walked over to her, he looked exhausted and there was dried blood on his clothes, she was not sure if it was from the fight or if he was injured and he had already healed.
“ Are you alright ?” She asked holding on to him as he embraced her.
“ Yes, it was a very horrible fight, I lost my Beta and Gamma, some of our hunters and trackers, thank god Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean were there with me.” He said in exhaustion.
“ Let’s get you cleaned up .” She said briskly, pointing him in the direction of the pack house, he nodded tiredly. They made their way towards the pack house, after making sure the dead were moved to the morgue and the badly wounded to the hospital. Walking into their bedroom Crystal helped Benjamin to undress shooing him into the shower, she called down to the kitchens to order some food for him.
The cook bought up some club sandwiches and hot steaming coffee in a tray, she laid everything out and sat waiting for Benjamin to come out of the shower.
He came out in his boxers, with a towel draped around his neck, there were some scratches and cuts on his body , one a bit bigger and deeper than the others, she sat him down to eat and went to the medicine kit in the bathroom, taking out gauze and disinfectant and salve to take care of his deeper cuts.
Crystal walked out of the bathroom with the items in her hands, seeing that he had already cleaned out the sandwiches and sat sipping his coffee.
“ Let me take care of these cuts. “ she said placing the stuff down on the table.
Benjamin opened his legs and pulled her between them, she took the gauze and disinfectant to clean out the deeper cuts, he winced when the cuts stung with the disinfectant, “ Sorry .” She murmured soothingly.
“ Not a problem baby.” He said thickly his hands grasping both her buttocks as he pulled her into his growing erection.
“ Behave, I need to get these cleaned and bandaged .” She admonished.
“ Hmmm, I got my own personal nurse.” He murmured nibbling her breast through her blouse.
“ Will you behave. “ she giggled as he continued to nibble her breast.
Benjamin sat quietly as she applied the salve and put bandages on the deeper cuts, his amber gold eyes smoldering as she moved away and walked to the bathroom, Crystal stripped and walked into the shower, taking her time she lathered herself washing the sweat and grime of the battle from her body, Crystals thoughts went back to Drew, she had to get Benjamin’s help with his being reinstated back into
the pack.
“ What’s taking you so long in there .” Came Benjamin’s voice from outside.
Crystal creamed her skin, cleaned her face with astringents, putting face cream, spraying a liberal amount of her scent “ The One by Dolce and Gabbana “ .
She walked out to see a very naked Benjamin lying in all his glory, he sat with his head leaning on the head board of the bed, and his hand stroking his engorged member, his eyes captured hers in a hot look that almost melted her to the ground, with the hand that was free he beckoned for her to come close, his sensuous male lips tilted in a wicked smile. Crystal blushed but making her way to the bed she decided to turn the tables on him, she slowed her steps, taking her time she unbelted the short black silk robe she had donned in the bathroom , she let the silk material slide down her shoulders and pooled around her legs, she had put on a black with red edges Lacey pantie, with red ribbon ties at each side of her hips, she slowly untied one side and almost laughed aloud when his mouth opened and he held his breath.
Crystal got on the bed slowly making her way up to the big sensuous man with his hand furiously pumping his engorged member, she smiled into his predatory amber eyes,holding his gaze she lowered her mouth just above his penis, and taking the tip of her tongue she lightly ran it at the top, she heard him hiss hotly, as she slowly opened her mouth over him, taking him deep inside and mimicking what his hand had been doing, he groaned closing his eyes in utter bliss, she continued for awhile, then sitting over him, she kissed him deeply as he surged deep inside her, they kissed and made love, Benjamin slamming hard inside her, he pulled her off him and turning her around he entered her from the back, holding on to her waist on both sides he pumped harder, inside her they both groaned as passion burnt out of control between them., flipping her on her back he lifted her legs high and got between them entering her again keeping up with the pounding , he kissed her as she held him close meeting his trust and impaling herself on his penis, they kept up this until he started moving faster as he felt her climax nearing , they both climaxed as one he was still strong inside her, he continued to move within her, the embers of the fire igniting again, as they again played the dance that lovers do together.
A long time after they both lay wrapped in each other’s embrace, a sheet pulled up over them, Benjamin lay with his eyes closed running his hand caressingly over her stomach.
“ I’m going to represent Drew as his Legal Adviser,” she said quietly.
Benjamin’s hand stilled on her stomach. “ Do you think he has a good chance .”
“ Yes I believe he does, if we get Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean to testify on his behalf, his timely warning about the rouges attack on our pack.” She said pointedly.
Benjamin didn’t say anything for awhile. “ I was wrong for banning him from the pack, but I was angry at him for bringing those rouges into the pack, a life was lost Crystal.”
“ I know .” She said soothingly.
“ I was very jealous of him too, he missed you after you left for boarding school and every time I saw him I missed you more.” He admitted his eyes not quite meeting hers.
“ Is there anything you can do for him now?” She asked softly.
“ Only the Alphas Law Centre can get him reinstated into the pack, it’s the Law Crystal, we may be an individual pack, but we have rules and regulations, guidelines that were made Law so the packs can be run successfully.” Explained Benjamin, his amber eyes helpless.
“ Will you testify in his behalf Benjamin ?” She asked pointedly, her hazel eyes pleading.
“ Yes I will, he helped the pack at the risk of his own safety, by letting us know what the rouges were planning, he even fought alongside us protecting the pack.” He said humbly.
“ Thank you, I think we have a good chance of this being successful.” She smiled with gratitude.


For the next two weeks Crystal worked on Drew’s defense, Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean, even their Lunas volunteered to testify in his behalf, in all she was confident that the case she was building was a strong and winning case.
Jenna’s young pup was growing up nicely, whenever Crystal was around his lime green eyes followed her every where, he was a truly adorable little pup, even Benjamin made time to play with him.
Crystal was sitting playing with the pup they had named him Brent, he was pulling Crystal face close to his she kissed him on his nose and he cooed up at her. Jenna and Celia smiled indulgently down at the baby in her arms.
“ The Alpha keeps looking over at you Crystal, I think he’s jealous.” Teased Celia her aquamarine eyes teasing.
Crystal followed her gaze and saw Benjamin looking at her with a dreamy expression on his handsome face, when he saw her watching him, he blushed and looked away, he was with Alpha Kade, the Alpha told him something and he nodded his head in agreement. Then they both looked over at her, Benjamin’s face determined. The baby’s giggling caught her attention again as he pulled a lock of her hair and put it in his mouth, she laughingly took it out of his mouth and cuddling him on last time, she handed him over to his mother .
“ I’ll see you ladies later, I have some calls to make, I need a date to be set for the hearing soon.” She said informatively.
“ Good Luck .” Both women said with genuine interest.
“ Thanks.” She said smiling.
Crystal walked towards the main house, Drew and Briana met her before she entered the house. “ Hey guys I haven’t seen you two in awhile.”
“ We’ve been busy doing some catch up. “ Joked Drew pulling Briana close to his side.
Crystal laughed the three sat down at the front of the house, there was a bench with an umbrella close to the entrance of the house.
“ What can I do for you two ?” She asked quietly.
“ We wanted to know the latest with Drew’s case.” Said Briana worriedly.
“ I have been working on credible witnesses, my plan is to let the Committee of the Alpha Law Centre, make their decision based on Drew’s early warning of the rouges attack on this pack, my defense is based on his self less act, that could have resulted in his death, not only that but he fought alongside us to protect the pack.” Stated Crystal.
“ You’ll make a damn good defense Lawyer, “ stated Drew admiringly.
“ What about Benjamin, is he willing to help ?” Asked Briana quickly her blue eyes worried.
“ He will testify on Drew’s behalf.” She said reassuringly.
“ Thank god ,” exclaimed Drew his brown eyes filled with relief.
“ Who else is going to testify.” Asked Brian curiously.
“ I believe that people with power and great standing in our packs will be good for Drew’s case, so I’ve asked both Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean to testify about his great help to this pack, his act of humanity saved many lives.” Said Crystal passionately.
“ Wow you’re good .” Said Drew with deep respect .
“ Thank you, both Lunas have also volunteered to testify on his behalf as well.” She admitted smiling.
Briana got up and hugged Crystal, with tears of in her blue eyes, she said. “ You are the best, I’m proud to have you as my friend and Luna.”
Crystal hugged her back tightly, “ Friend and Sister.” She corrected warmly.
They parted a short time after, with Crystal promising to let them know when she had the date confirmed for the trial. She made her way inside the house heading straight for the study, Crystal dialed the contact number for the Alphas Law Centre, after a brief wait she was connected to the appropriate section that set the dates of trials.
Crystal got to her feet and walked to the window that over looked the back of the house, the forest looked so green and serene, who would think that it held such dangers. If Drew had not warned them about the rouges planned attack, there could have been such a tragedy, yes life’s were lost but a lot was saved as well, including Drew’s he could have been killed if the rouges had known he would let their secret out.
Gaea her wolf said “ You will be great, don’t worry, I have faith in us and the legal system, we will get Drew reinstated into the pack again.”
“ Thank you Gaea.” She said gratefully,
Crystal stood looking out at the forest, deep in thought, she was unaware of a huge black wolf, sitting on his haunches looking up at her, his amber eyes thoughtful. She was so unaware of her qualities, and her abilities, she was an exceptional woman, caring and thoughtful. The perfect Luna for his pack.


Crystal was busy preparing her defense, she had taken over Benjamin’s office to prepare her witnesses, working with them preparing them for her questioning. Jenna was with her, Crystal was going over her Affidavits Jenna read over the document and checked for mistakes, everything was correct so she put her signature to the Affidavit.
“ Wow Crystal you should take up this professionally.” Suggested Jenna with admiration.
“ I’ll think about it .” She said pleased that her efforts were appreciated.
Crystal had already drawn up Affidavits for each of her witnesses, Celia, Alpha Kade, Alpha Dean, Jerod and Daniel. Only Briana, Drew and Benjamin remained to read and sign their Affidavits.
“ After the hearing, we’ll be leaving for our return to the Harvest Moon Pack.” Said Jenna her turquoise eyes sad.
“ The pack needs you and the Alpha Jenna, I’ll miss you all terribly.” Said Crystal with understanding.
Jenna got up and embraced Crystal, “ You’ve been like a sister to me, and Brent adores you.” She chocked back emotionally.
“ The feelings mutual Jenna, the pack and my friends will miss you all.” Admitted Crystal feeling moisture gather in her own hazel eyes.
“ Will you and the Alpha visit us , you’ll be welcome anytime.” She said invitingly.
“ I’m sure we will, with a couple of tag alongs, “ said Crystal laughingly.
“ They’ll also be welcome, you have great friends, you’ll also meet my two close friends.” She laughed good naturely.
Briana and Drew came in after Jenna left, both of them wearing solemn looks on their faces, “ Jenna looked a bit sad .” Said Drew observantly.
“ Yes their leaving after the trial, their pack needs them.” Said Crystal equally sad.
“ I’m sure they’ll be back to visit, or you and the Alpha can go visit them “. Suggested Briana helpfully.
“ Well all take a trip and visit them.” Said Crystal with determination.
“ I think the Alpha has some competition, from young Brent.” Chuckled Drew his brown eyes mischievous.
“ I have noticed he has a strange likeness to you , it’s almost unnatural.” Said Briana seriously.
“ Come on he’s just a young pup, Crystal and Benjamin are mated .” Said Drew pointedly.
“ I have to admit, I am strangely drawn to him yes, I’ve never been this drawn to a pup before.” Admitted Crystal a bit confused.
“ Maybe because you were there at his birth you know,” suggested Briana, she had a strange thought but dismissed it as being unnatural.
“ Let’s get down to business shall we ?” Suggested Crystal changing the subject.
“ Yes let’s please, I want this over with, I want to start my life with my mate.” Said Drew with determination.
Crystal handed them both their copies of their Affidavits to read over, there was a few changes that Drew wanted done to his copy, she made the necessary changes and Drew put his signature to the document, Briana read her copy making only one change and she signed her copy as well.
They sat chatting for awhile after, they were comparing stories about school days, when a knock sounded on the office door.
Benjamin poked his head in he was there to read his copy of the Affidavit and sign, since the attack by the rouges Drew and Benjamin had not been face to face. He walked into the office closing the door behind him, he eyed Drew coolly.
The atmosphere in the office changed , Crystal held her breath, she hoped Benjamin would not cause a scene. Benjamin shocked everyone by walking up to Drew and taking his hand in a hand shake, clearing his throat he said respectfully .” I want to firstly congratulate you both on your mate bond, secondly I want to say thank you for alerting us of the attack by the rouges.”
“ Everyone I care about belongs to this pack, I could not stand by and watch the rouges destroy and kill people I consider my family.” Said Drew honestly.
“ I’m sorry for making you feel unwelcome in my pack, I have been jealous of your relationship with Crystal for many years, “ admitted Benjamin contritely, his amber eyes honest and open.
“ I accept your apologies , I hope we can start back afresh Alpha Benjamin.” Said Drew respectfully.
“ Will you do me the honor of becoming my Beta, I have already asked your friend Jerod to be my Delta.” He said unreadably.
“ Did he accept .” Asked Drew curiously.
“ Yes he did .” Admitted Benjamin.
“ I’ll be honored to be your Beta Alpha .” Said Drew accepting respectfully.
“ No, thank you for accepting, I made a mistake two years ago, I’m trying to correct a wrong I did out of jealousy.” Said Benjamin contritely.
“ What do you say we wipe the slate clean, and we start over .” Suggested Drew with a small smile.
Benjamin turned to Crystal she had sat quietly, just listening to the exchange between Drew and himself. She smiled encouragingly over at him, her hazel eyes reflected understanding that he needed her support by just being present, when he made peace with Drew.
“ I can do that, to show how much I appreciate your forgiveness, I’m going to throw a get together for both of you to celebrate your union and also a farewell for our friends the Alphas and their Lunas.” Said Benjamin laughing with everyone else laughing too in relief.
“ Let’s keep this celebration after the trial, what say you Crystal ?” Asked Briana looking over at her friend.
“ I think it’s a wonderful idea.” Answered Crystal smiling at everyone.


Crystal got out of the black Range Rover and stretched her legs, two other black range rovers pulled up alongside Benjamin’s, they all looked up at the very impressive seven story building, built with glass windows that reflected the blue skies around it. The Alphas Law Centre was really a huge building with numerous offices of legal teams working to keep law and order in the packs.
Everyone got into the huge elevator and Benjamin punched in the 7 th floor, where the cases were held, when the elevator reached the floor they were greeted by armed security, they were all searched and made to go through scanners. Security guards escorted them down a corridor that held six doors, above the first was written “ Family Court “, the second “ Industrial Court “, and the third door they were taken to read “ Criminal Matters “ .
The Security guards opened the doors and ushered them inside, there were chairs on one side of the room written “ Defence witnesses “ on the next side “ Prosecution witnesses “ on either side were chairs for both parties, in the front of the room two tables where the Lawyers and their clients sat. One huge table with three office chairs.
When everyone was seated a door opened and three men entered the room and sat in each of the three chairs. Crystal and everyone else got on their feet as a voice over a speaker said “ All arise, the Alphas are in chamber “.
“ Please take your seats” said the Alpha in the middle, he was a black haired grey eyed hunk of male, very handsome, his name on the sign in front him read Anthony Steel Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack.
“ Today we are here to decide if Drew Thompson, should be reinstated back into the Blood Red Moon Pack, am I right Counselor Harris ?” Asked the Alpha to the right of Alpha Steel, his emerald green eyes capturing Crystals inquiringly his name sign in front him read James Malory of the Silver Moon Pack when she nodded he turned his blond head and looked over at the Alpha seated on the left hand side of Alpha Steel.
“ Let Security bring in from the Prosecution side, the rouge leader that attacked the Blood Red Moon Pack, he will stand trial for his crimes along with the rest of his rouge pack.” This Alpha looked hard and menacing his silver blond hair was long it reached his shoulders but he did not look effeminate he looked like a pirate from a ship, his electric blue eyes looked like they could see into your soul, he was muscularly and very handsome his name according to the sign in front of him read Michael Stuart of the Full Moon Pack.
Everyone watched as the armed security guards escorted a tall, black haired man, with numerous scars on his face, he looked menacingly over at Drew and then Crystal, he licked his lips lavisciously his grey eyes slowly traveling down her body, a low growl came from behind her, it was Benjamin.
“ Let’s invite the Prosecution and their witnesses into the room now please.” Stated Alpha Michael Stuart, his electric blue eyes hard as they landed on the rouge who was still staring at Crystal indolently.
“ The Court invites the Prosecution and their witnesses “ invited the security guard over a microphone.
Everyone stood on their feet as the Prosecutor and his witnesses came into the room, the Alphas motioned for everyone to be seated.
“ Court is in motion .” Came the same voice over the microphone.
“ Mz. Harris You can call your first witness.” Invited Alpha James Malory.
Crystal stood and addressing the court, she said in a clear voice. “ My first witness is Jerod Mater.”
Crystal asked questions of Jerod, about his first meeting with Drew, their moves to help him and finally to the day of the battle. It took thirty minutes of getting a picture of Drew’s wish to leave the rouges and lead a life away from the danger of the rouges. The Prosecutor grilled Jerod for fifteen minutes, but to no avail, looking over at the three Alphas she felt proud that they looked like they favored Drew.
“ Call your second witness Mz. Harris.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel, his blue eyes direct with interest.
“ I call Daniel Thompson to the stand.” Said Crystal.
She asked Daniel about his relationship with Drew, then led the questioning to the first time he had asked her to help Drew, until the day of the battle. He was crossed examined by the Prosecutor.
Crystals third witness was Briana, she led the question to her first meeting with Drew and subsequently to her finding out they were mated, then to the battle itself. So far Crystal had created a look into Drew’s life, his character the things he stood for, doing the right thing although he was banished from his pack, standing up and fighting for the said pack, she had successfully made the Alphas identify with Drew’s case.
The two Alphas were her next two witnesses, they were questioned about the timely warning from Drew, the saving of the community and his help in fighting for a pack he did not belong to anymore, and least but not last his own safety was threatened if he had come forward to warn the Blood Red Moon pack of the attack. The two Lunas testifying only cemented on the fact that what Drew did not only saved the lives of the witnesses but others in the pack, and the future life of a Alpha of the Harvest Moon Pack.
Crystal looked at the three presiding Alphas, they all looked in favor of Drew, but Benjamin still had to testify and Crystal still had to cross exam the rouge.
The Alphas convened for an hour lunch, they were invited to lunch by the three Alphas, some would argue that it was a conflict of interest, but Crystal didn’t mind she wanted to help her friend, so she got Benjamin to accept the invitation.


They were all escorted to a restaurant across from the Alphas Law Centre, the group were shown to a private room, the place was tastefully decorated, in the middle of the room was a huge table which they were shown too, seated just like the courtroom the three Alphas sat.
Crystal was shown to a chair on the left side of Alpha James Malory, Benjamin was seated across from her and close to Alpha Michael Stuart, the others were seated with their Lunas and mates.
“ I know this may feel uncomfortable for all of you, but the reason for the invitation to lunch, has nothing to do with this case, but the fact is rouges are becoming a huge problem for all the packs.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel.
“ The Alpha of The Waxing Crescent Moon Pack, which so happens to be a female by the way, her name is Jay Summers, she had encompassed a huge army to deal with rouges specifically.” Said Alpha James Malory his green eyes on Crystal.
“ What has that got to do with us though .” Asked Benjamin not liking how the three Alphas kept eyeing his mate.
“ We are offering your mate Alpha Danvers, a position with the Alphas Law Centre,” answered Anthony Steel his grey eyes direct and determined.
“ What exactly will I be doing for the Law Centre?” Asked Crystal her hazel eyes watchful.
“ We need your expertise as an unbiased District Attorney, Mz. Harris.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel.
“ Are you sure I can handle this position, being offered ?” Crystal asked pointedly, her hazel eyes serious.
“ We’ve done our research on you yes, you were an exceptional law student, your Professor at your boarding school said, you were top of the class and extremely smart. “ said Alpha Michael Stuart.
“ I’ll need some time to think of your generous offer, Alphas.” She murmured none the less.
“ You have a week.” Said Alpha James Mallory smugly.
The Alphas wanted Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean, along with Benjamin to assist with training their pack army’s to assist the other packs against the rouges, apparently the rouges wanted to create an uprising to challenge the Alphas of the different packs for leadership. The Alphas all agreed to create a special branch in their soldiers specifically to combat the uprising.
After lunch the group split, Crystals group was escorted back across the street to the Alphas Law Centre and into the courtroom. They were all awaiting the three Alphas reentry into the courtroom, it was fifteen minutes before they walked back in, seating themselves in the same order as before.
“ Court convenes”. The same voice was heard over the speaker system.
“ Mz. Harris, call your next witness please.” Invited Alpha Michael Stuart.
“ My next witness is Alpha Benjamin Danvers.” She said smiling calmly, her hazel eyes were caught and held by amber gold as he sat in the witness box.
“ Alpha Danvers, when was the first meeting between Drew Thompson and yourself ?” She asked pulling her gaze from his smoldering amber ones.
“ It was in the early stages of my taking over the leadership, of the Blood Red Moon Pack, his family had asked to be allowed to join the pack.” Answered Benjamin.
“ So Drew Thompson, does not really belong to the Blood Red Moon Pack, is that what you are saying Alpha Benjamin ?” She said pointedly.
“ Yes.” He answered his amber eyes glowing with understanding where she was heading with her questioning.
“ What is the reason if you know, that Drew Thompson got involved with the rouges.” She asked her eyes apologetic as she looked into his direct gaze.
“ Drew had gotten close to a member of the pack, and when that person was sent off to boarding school, I believe he felt abandoned and got involved with the wrong company.” He admitted unreadably.
“ What exactly led to his exile from the Pack, Alpha ?” She asked.
“ A few rouges were invited into the pack supply house by Drew, I believe they got into the alcohol cabinet and got drunk .” He said his amber eyes becoming unfocused as he went back into his memories.
“ I understand that this may be difficult for you to remember, but I need you to please tell us what happened after.” She said quietly.
“ It was late when they finished drinking, the others had probably all passed out, but this one rouge went outside and a young female wolf was passing, he grabbed her and took her too the forest, where he sexually assaulted her, beat her very badly, she was all torn up and bloodied, she died in my arms.” He said bitterly tears glistening in his amber eyes.
“ I’m sorry Alpha, what happened after .” She asked unemotionally, trying not to think about the picture he had painted with his words.
“ I saw red, I knew he was not responsible for her death but if he had not gotten involved with the rouges she would have been safe and alive. I gave him an ultimatum leave the pack or I was going to press charges.” He said coolly.
“ I’m guessing he choose exile.” She stated.
“ Yes, “ he said his amber eyes troubled.
“ In your opinion Alpha, does the selfless act on Drew Thompson’s part that saved hundreds of life and I might add at the risk of his own life, make up for his mistake that led to that innocent female wolves life being lost ?” She questioned.
“ Yes I do, I want to thank him yet again for his timely intervention.” Answered Benjamin his voice and eyes grateful.
“ Thank you Alpha, you may step down please.” She smiled over at him, her hazel eyes promising a reward later, when he passed her he winked over at her teasingly, she blushed and looked straight into a mocking pair of emerald green eyes, a lifted blond eyebrow Alpha James Malory hid a smirk behind his hand that was under his chin.
“ Any more witnesses Mz. Harris .” Questioned Alpha Anthony Steel his grey eyes glinting over at her .


“ Yes, my next witness is Drew Thompson.” She said her hazel eyes serious.
Drew walked up to the witness box and sat down his brown eyes looking briefly at Briana gaining moral support from his mate before turning his attention over too Crystal.
“ Mr. Thompson why did you choose to help a pack that had exiled you .” She asked pointedly.
“ I did it for a number of reasons, I was tired of trying to save this rouge pack, their ideology that anyone that did not belong to the rouge pack was an enemy, I had chosen to walk away from the Blood Red Moon Pack, because I believed I deserved to be away from the people I loved, I had already lost the most important person in my life at the time, believing that she abandoned me.” He said truthfully, his brown eyes reflecting the past pain.
“ I never ab ....... “ said Crystal forgetting they were in the court and representing Drew, she looked up a bit confused as three pairs of different colored eyes were looking over at her with keen interest.
“ So you believed in your heart you were unlovable .” Said Crystal instead.
“ At the time yes”.
“ What changed .” She asked unreadably.
“ When she returned to the Pack and found her mate, which was not me.” He admitted truthfully.
“ Ok, did anyone offer to help you get back into the pack .” She asked quietly steering the questioning into another direction.
“ Yes a group of friends and my brother Daniel, they set out to find me and help me return.” He said honestly.
“ Am I to understand one from this group later turned out to be your mate ?” She questioned calmly .
“ Yes, it’s when I realized not only did I have to protect my family but my mate as well. A few days after finding my mate, I over heard a plot to attack the Blood Red Moon Pack. “ Admitted Drew honestly.
“ Did they want to attack because you had found your mate .” Asked Crystal curiously, never thinking to ask Drew the reason before.
Drew looked uncomfortably over at Benjamin, the courtroom got very silent waiting for his answer, finally he looked over at Crystal and said. “ It was because of you Crystal .”
Crystal looked over at Drew in confusion and shock, she did not get to ask the next question, it came from a totally different voice, a voice with no interest in this at all .
“ why because of Mz. Harris .” Asked Alpha Michael Stuart, his electric blue eyes steely as they seemed to pin Drew to his seat on the box.
“ The Rouge leader, wanted to take Crystal away from Alpha Benjamin.” He said, then added. “ The rouge that attacked and killed the female werewolf was his younger brother, Alpha Benjamin hunted and killed him after the attack.”
“ So what you are saying Mr. Thompson, is that he was seeking revenge for the death of his brother ?” Asked Alpha James Malory his emerald green eyes flashing.
“ Yes Alpha.” Answered Drew.
“ Alphas in light of this new information, may I ask for a short recess ?” Asked Crystal needing some time to gather her wits, remembering how the rouge leader had stared at her insolently.
“ Granted Councillor, the Courts will reconvene in thirty minutes.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel his grey eyes glancing over at her in compassion seeing that she was shaken up by the turn of events.
The Alphas sounded the gavel and the noise in the courtroom resumed, Crystal felt a pair of familiar arms turn her around, she was escorted out of the courtroom and into a private waiting room, the others followed them into the room. Benjamin had pulled her into his arms the minute they had entered.
“ I’m sorry Crystal,” said Drew apologetically.
“ Did you know about this Benjamin.” She asked looking up at his amber gold eyes, a wary look entered his amber gold gaze.
“ I suspected but I did not know for sure, I saw the way he looked at you on entering the courtroom, I wanted to rip him apart.” Admitted Benjamin angrily.
“ Will you still cross exam him, or do you want to pass.” Asked Jenna compassionately, her turquoise eyes worried.
“ I started this and I will finish it, he did not succeed in his plan, he deserves the capital punishment for all the lives that was lost and I will make sure he gets it.” Said Crystal steely, her hazel eyes filled with determination.
“ That’s more like it, you have the power to make sure he pays for the lives he caused to be lost.” Said Alpha Kade Duvall he had his arms draped around Jenna’s waist.
“ I will make sure of it,” stated Crystal .
“ Listen Crystal you are the only one here, who can make sure this particular rouge does not hurt another wolf, or cause a death.” Said Alpha Dean, everyone shook their heads in agreement.
A tap on the room door was heard alerting them the break was over, everyone filed out of the room giving Crystal and Benjamin a brief moment to themselves, she looked up into his amber gold gaze and smiled reassuringly.
“ I’m very proud of you baby, proud to know you and proud to be your mate, I know in my heart you will be a very successful District Attorney,” said Benjamin admiringly.
“ So you want me to accept the Alphas offer .” She questioned her hazel eyes inquisitive.
“ Can you think of any other way to fight these rouges, other than by war fare, meaning more blood shed and deaths.” Asked Benjamin looking down at her questioningly.
“ No, it’s the best opportunity introduced to us.” Said Crystal in agreement.
“ So it’s settled ?” Asked Benjamin his amber eyes direct and watchful.
“ Yes I’m going to accept the offer.” She said with acceptance.


When Crystal and Benjamin walked into the courtroom everyone was already there, the three Alphas were already seated.
“ Court is convened “ said the voice from over the speakers.
“ So good of you to grace us with your presence Councillor once more .” Exclaimed Alpha James Mallory with a teasing smile.
“ Will you be continuing your questioning of Mr. Thompson, or is there another witness you wish to call Mz. Harris .” Asked Alpha Anthony Steel.
“ No your Honors, I am finished with my questions, I would like to cross examine the rouge leader though.” She said coolly.
The Prosecutor cross examined each of Crystals witnesses, but she had done a very good job of preparing her witnesses, none of them fell into the traps the Prosecution brought up.
The Prosecutor called six members of the rouges and questioned them on the stand, each one of them relayed a different scenario to the events of the attack.
Crystal was given the opportunity to cross examined the six rouge members, at the end of her questioning she unearthed the plot to attack the Blood Red Moon Pack, kill the male wolves including the present Alpha and take all the female wolves for themselves.
The Prosecution called its last witness the rouge leader, he was very rude and surly to the Prosecutors questions, choosing to watch everyone with hatred and malice, the Prosecutor gave up and said .” Your witness Councillor.”
Crystal got to her feet and walked in the middle of the courtroom, looking up she saw the rouge leader watching her indolently.
“ Will you state your name for the court please.” She said in a clear icy voice, her hazel eyes cold.
“ Philip John, Leader of the rouges .” He muttered proudly.
“ Mr. John, can you tell the court please, in your own words why you attacked the Blood Red Moon Pack, “ she asked coldly.
“ You know why I attacked the Pack.” He said his eyes rude and angry.
“ In your own words please, I’m not the one on trial Mr. John.” Reprimanded Crystal icily.
He stared at her mutinously, not answering her questions. Crystal looked over at the three Alphas who were watching the rouge like he was some slimy creature that came out from under a stone.
“ Let it be known to the courts, the witness refuses to answer for his crimes.” She said her hazel eyes hard.
“ Answer the questions of the Councillor, “ Ordered Alpha Michael Stuart icily, his eyes menacingly .
“ I attacked the pack because your Alpha took the life of someone I loved.” He answered coldly.
“ What about the life he took, did that life not deserve justice ?” She questioned icily.
“ No, why should some nobody have justice.” He answered insolently.
“ Her name was Julianne Maters, she would have been twenty years old today. Julianne was a university student home for the holidays and she was majoring in Veterinary Care.” Recited Crystal her eyes hard and unforgiving.
“ So .” He said belligerently his eyes cold and emotionless.
“ She deserved justice and so do all the wolves you killed and hurt, on the day of your attack on the Blood Red Moon Pack.” She said icily.
The rouge shrugged his shoulders, as if it was all a waste of his time, glancing around Crystal saw the same look written on each face, they were all angry that the rouge showed no remorse for the life’s he took, or the lives he destroyed by taking loved ones. The three that really got her attention was the three Alphas presiding over this matter, all three of them looked as if they were fighting to keep their wolves at bay. The cavalier way the rouge leader had spoken about his crimes, as if lives mattered nothing.
Crystal felt sick to her stomach but she would get justice for the ones who were not present or who had lost their lives, because of another’s warped sense of justice.
“ Order in the Court please.” Came the disembodied voice from over the speakers once more.
“ So you planned this surprise attack all by yourself ?” Asked Crystal her hazel eyes direct .
“ Well of course, I couldn’t trust anyone informing the Alpha about my plans. “ He answered proudly, when he saw the triumphant look on Crystals face he got quickly to his feet and tried to launch at her.
Nobody saw Alpha Michael Stuart move but the rouge leader was slammed against the wall, with the Alphas hand around his neck. There was a murmur of confusion as everyone realized the danger that Crystal had been in, but for the timely intervention of the Alpha.
She felt Benjamin at her back, his hands having grabbed her out of harms way, he had also noticed the moment the rouge had realized she had tricked him, into admitting that Drew had not been a part of the planning of the attack, both the Alpha and Benjamin had moved as one, only his attention had been on Crystal and her safety, the attention of Alpha Michael Stuart had been on the rouge.
Alpha James Malory walked over to Alpha Michael Stuart and handed him a pair of handcuffs made of silver, while one Alpha held him securely, the other slapped on the silver handcuffs to restrain the rouge.
He winced in pain, as the silver burned into his flesh, his eyes glared over at Crystal being held securely by Benjamin. He was reseated in the box, both Alphas resuming their seats.
“ Please continue Mz. Harris .” Invited Alpha Anthony Steel, his grey eyes Stoney as they glared over at the rouge, with a warning, to not cause any more upsets.


Crystal had leaned against Benjamin drawing strength from his comforting embrace. “ Are you ok ?”
“ Yes. “ she whispered for his ears only, he took the comfort of his arms from around her waist, and made his way back to his seat.
Crystal gathered her strength and courage to continue, her line of questioning. She faced the rouge unafraid, he was looking at her bitterly and filled with hatred.
“ You have admitted to this court, that you planned your revenge all on your own, without the help of any other rouge or Mr. Thompson.” She questioned coldly. He nodded his head in agreement.
“ Answer the Question,” said Alpha Michael Stuart.
“ Yes by myself .” Said the rouge his eyes and voice cruel.
“ Let it be known to the court that this rouge has taken full responsibility for the planned attack, and the attack by itself. Let it also be known my client was not involved and deserves to be reinstated once more into the Blood Red Moon Pack.” Said Crystal addressing the court.
“ Any objections from the Prosecution .” Asked Alpha James Malory.
“ The Prosecution rest, your honors.” Said the Prosecutor.
“ My colleagues and I would like to take an hours break, while we make our decision please Councillors.” Stated Alpha Anthony Steel.
“All arise please, while the Judges leave the chambers.” Came the disembodied voice once more from the speakers.
Everyone got to their feet as the three Alphas exited the room, making their way to their private chambers to make their ruling. Crystal was followed out by everyone else in her group to the private room they had been shown too before.
They were served light refreshments finger sandwiches and coffees or sodas, Crystal poured herself and Benjamin a coffee preparing his to his liking and handing it over to him. Taking hers she followed him to a plush leather lounger chair to rest and drink her much needed coffee. The others choose coffees and the younger ones choose sodas.
Briana settled in a chair across from her, with Drew joining her also. “ Thank you Crystal.”
“ It was my pleasure, I promised to help Drew before you two even found out you were mated.” She said softly.
“ I’ll never forget your trust in me.” Murmured Drew his brown eyes honest and grateful.
“ You’ve always held a special place in my heart Drew, you were like the brother I never had.” She admitted truthfully.
Benjamin held her hand soothingly, clearing his throat awkwardly he said quietly. “ If I wasn’t so jealous of your closeness none of this would have happened.”
“ Its over now, there is a well known saying, everything happens for a reason in our lives.” Said Drew philosophically.
“ True, because of it, a lot of lives were saved .” Said Briana, squeezing Drew’s hand reassuringly.
“ What say you all we join the fight, to stop future attacks on packs from the rouges?” Suggested Alpha Kade Duvall.
“ We’ve seemed to be already in the fight sweetheart, remember the rouges that brought us together?” Exclaimed Jenna, addressing her mate.
“ Yes we have, this Female Alpha Jay Summers I’m thinking of joining her with the full support of our pack of course.” Proclaimed Alpha Kade Duvall.
“ Yes I’ve been thinking of this also, since the three Alphas brought it up, I think it’s a good cause ensuring our future children and grandchildren do not go through what we have at the hands of these rouges.” Said Alpha Dean his aquamarine eyes on the rest of them.
“ You’ve made a valid point, one of great interest to all of us present here.” Admitted Benjamin seriously.
Everyone nodded their heads in agreement, each thinking of a rouge that had impacted their lives in some shape or form.
“ How about we get through this trial first and then we can get together and see what happens,” suggested Daniel .
“ I think it’s a wonderful idea, we can give our full concentration in getting rid of these rouges.” Agreed Jerod.
“ Briana you’ve gone very quiet, what’s wrong.” Asked Crystal noticing the way her friend was biting her lip worriedly.
“ Are you sure, that Drew will not also be held for the crimes of the rouges .” She admitted her blue eyes worried.
“ Briana, I’ve been steering this trial away from the crimes of the rouges, and focusing all attention on Drew’s timely intervention by letting us know the rouges were about to attack. I have faith in myself that I defended my client aptly.” Said Crystal soothingly, Briana smiled gratefully .
“ I keep forgetting our Professor, was very impressed with you and he was a man very hard to impress.” Said Briana smiling her blue eyes sheepish.
Crystal laughed remembering her Law Professor, they had butted heads many times especially when they were doing mock trials, he was often upset with her for the approach she took in defending her witnesses, but at her graduation from his class he had admitted that he was very proud of his prodigy.
“ I take it you excelled at Law ?” Teased Benjamin good natured.
Crystal smacked him playfully in the chest, everyone laughed it was a sort of relief from the hours of stress and uncertainty, the mood lightened considerably after, the group telling jokes about stuff in their packs, before long it was time for them all to reconvene back too the courtroom.

The group was escorted back to the courtroom, where they were shown to their seats to await the Alphas return. It was a full ten minutes before the three entered through their private entrance seating themselves in the same order as before.
“ Court is convened .” Came the same disembodied voice from the speaker's.
“ My colleagues and I have come to a decision after a very long and difficult deliberation, “ Alpha James Mallory addressed the court.
“ Yes in light of Councillor Harris’s evidence and very ingenious representation, we believe we have come to the right decision.” Alpha Anthony Steel said coolly.
“ But before we make our decision known, we would like to have a small talk about an issue arising from this case.” Alpha Michael Stuart enlightened the courtroom at large.
Everyone sat patiently as the three Alphas got up from behind the table they had been seated at, making their way in the middle of the courtroom, the three stood facing the people looking with interest up at them.
Crystal couldn’t help but admire these three very masculine and handsome Alphas, the three combined were a force to be reckoned with. Alpha James Malory was about six feet tall, his blond fly away hair looked untidy but in a sexy way, his emerald green eyes held and captured when they were trained on a person, he was slim waisted, but with a broad muscular chest, denoting he worked out to keep in fit shape, his mate would definitely have her hands full with him.
Alpha Anthony Steel, was just as tall as Alpha James, but where he was slim waisted this Alpha was hard and toned muscled, his broad chest rippled with muscles whenever he moved, his black hair was short and worn army style close to the scalp, he was a very handsome man, with striking grey eyes, eyes that give you chills, because they reflected the owners sense of a no nonsense attitude.
Alpha Michael Stuart in the other hand Oozed sex appeal, but in a dangerous way, his electric blue eyes saw straight through your soul, of the three Alphas he looked the more dangerous, he was about six one in height, broad, muscular, his biceps thick and muscled, his thighs toned and muscled, he stood strong as an ox, his shoulder length silver blond hair only added to his handsomeness, a woman had to be strong to hold on this one she thought smugly.
“ Everyone looks a bit confused, but bare with us please.” Chuckled Alpha James Mallory.
“ There has been a number of attacks by rouges on smaller and vulnerable packs, what my colleagues and I have decided to do is enlist the help of bigger and more stronger packs to take as you may a few of the smaller packs under their wings, look out for them assist where help is needed.” Suggested Alpha Anthony Steel, heads nodded in agreement to the proposal.
“ And last but not least, we are going to head up a special branch, to combat the uprising of the rouges, anyone interested in joining this special branch, after this hearing the forms can be filled out and dropped off at the mail box out front, “ invited Alpha James Mallory.
The Alphas all made their way back to the Judges Podium And took their seats, Alpha Anthony Steel took the gavel and hit it, his voice clear and loud said .” Court is in secession “.
“ After hearing from both parties, the witness and the prosecution, my colleagues and I have come to the decision that Drew Thompson is innocent, based on Councillor Harris skillful defense we have also come to the conclusion that Drew Thompson is a hero, he should be commended for his bravery both in his timely warming and fighting alongside a pack he was cast out off. It shows the debt of his loyalty to people he thinks a lot of and a pack he considers his own.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel.
“ It’s men like Drew Thompson we need to head up this special branch, his sense of right in defending the weak and making the right choices for the good of the wolf community.” Stated Alpha James Mallory.
“ Think if we all banded together, against the rouges we can eradicate the ones that are a danger to us and our communities,” pointed out Alpha Michael Stuart.
“ We rule in favor of Drew Thompson, that he be reinstated into the Blood Red Moon Pack and from what I have been told, Alpha Benjamin has offered the position of Beta to Mr. Thompson, we believe that he would make a dedicated and loyal Beta.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel, taking the gavel he hit it . Adding in a clear booming voice. “ The courts rule is for Drew Thompson.”
Crystal got to her feet and smiled gratefully at the three Alphas, she was crushed in a pair of masculine arms, it was Drew. He was laughing ecstatically, she hugged him back and smiled over at Briana who looked on with relieve reflected in her blue eyes.
“ Thank you Crystal, you’ve given me back my life.” Exclaimed Drew with deep gratitude and affection.
“ You’re very welcome, all I ask is you keep Briana happy and safe.” Said Crystal pushing him away so she can look at him sternly. Briana walked over to them draping her hand around Drews waist she smiled happily at them both.
“ I promise .” Said Drew with determination.
Benjamin came up to her hugging her close, he smiled down at her. “ You’re a force to be reckoned with, I’m very lucky to be your mate.”
“ Yes you are very lucky .” She agreed teasingly.
Benjamin whispered in her ear very quietly. “ I’ll show you exactly how lucky I am later.”
“ Promise ?” She teased back.
“ You bet your life.” He murmured hotly making her blush scarlet.
Benjamin moved away to chat with Alpha Dean, Crystal found herself with Alpha Michael Stuart she smiled politely as he approached her, taking her hand in a handshake he said “ I wanted to congratulate you on a spectacular win Mz. Harris, you are a gifted Lawyer.”
“ Thank you Alpha Stuart.” She smiled her hazel eyes sincere.
“ I really do hope you take the position of District Attorney, you’ll be very successful in that position .” He said his electric blue eyes unreadable.
“ Move over Stuart and stop monopolizing the Councillor’s time.” Came a mocking voice from behind Alpha Michael Stuart.He was elbowed aside by none other than Alpha James Mallory his green eyes filled with teasing mockery as they settled on Crystal.
“ Councillor Harris my congratulations to you on your victory, I do hope you accept that offer you’ll do great.” Said Alpha James Mallory his green eyes sincere and direct.
“ You two always competing for the fair damsel, “ muttered a disgruntled voice from behind both Alphas.
“ Because you’re always so slow.” Mocked Alpha James Mallory his green eyes flashing in annoyance.
“ Anyways, Councillor great job you did today, I hope to see more successful cases from you, but it would please me immensely if you wore the title of District Attorney in your future successes.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel his grey eyes serious and honest.
Before Crystal could answer, she smelt her mate close and turning she smiled up at him, wrapping her hand around his waist she turned too the three Alphas and said pointedly. “ We will make our decision and let you know what we decide .”
The three Alphas laughed their eyes filled with respect as they saw the bond between Crystal and Benjamin, his amber gold eyes held a warning for the three men, one they respected albeit reluctantly.
“ We’re having a farewell get together, for Alpha Kade Duvall and Alpha Dean Anderson, it would be our pleasure if you three joined us.” Invited Benjamin his eyes including the three Alphas.
“ We’d be honored to attend Alpha.” Alpha Anthony Steel accepted for them all.
Benjamin and Crystal watched the three Alphas walk around chatting with their group of friends laughing and chatting, they both looked at each other and smiled at the happiness on their friends faces.
Crystal felt a sense of peace that she had accomplished what she had promised and now she was being offered a position a lot of wolves would be honored to be offered, deep down she knew she would accept, she felt it’s her calling in this fight against the rouges.


Life resumed as before in the Blood Red Moon Pack, Drew and Briana were given a house, she had been doing some renovations and decorating it up. Drew had encouraged other members of the pack who belonged to the hunters and trackers, to join the special force to combat the rouges he had settled into the position of Beta like a duck to water.
Today they were decorating the great hall to host the farewell party for the Alphas and their Lunas, and Crystal and Benjamin was planning a secret ceremony for Briana and Drew to celebrate their union as mates. Everyone but the couple knew of the plan, Jenna and Celia had been busy preparing the decorations and Crystal had been ordering the food and refreshments, along with the entertainment.
Crystal had called both of their parents and invited them to the celebration, it was to be a surprise appearance, she was laughing smugly to herself as she made her way pass the study, when it suddenly opened and a pair of muscular arms pulled her inside.
The culprit caged her in against the now closed door of the study, his laughing and mischievous amber gold eyes looking down at her.
“ What do you think you’re doing ?” She said sternly, but burst out laughing when his eyes smoldered hotly.
“ Thought I’d practice my hand at mate abduction .” He said seriously but his eyes were filled with laughter.
“ That is a crime ....... she was cut off when a pair of male lips crashed down on hers hotly, she kissed him back as he molded her body into his, Crystal felt his erection staring against his jeans, she reached out and lightly ran her hand along its length, he groaned in her mouth pushing against her hand. She felt his hand slip under her top and lift it over her head, leaving her with only a cream sexy lace bra, she unbuttoned her jeans and he helped her get them off, reaching behind her he locked the door ensuring their privacy. Benjamin took her to the love settee in his office tumbling her down on it, he quickly unzipped his jeans taking both the pants and jocks with it, pulling his t-shirt over his head, Crystal watched him move towards the settee then sat lay next to her, he pulled her on top of him, claiming her lips in a hungry kiss he surged in one motion deep inside her, she matched him kiss for kiss and touch for touch, when the climatic moment was upon them, Benjamin surged deeply inside her as she orgasmed sending him into his own climax.
“ God woman every time you take a piece of my soul.” Benjamin murmured kissing her hard, as he stayed her from moving from on top of him.
“ I guess that means, you belong to me now .” She joked cheekily.
“ I have belonged to you since the first moment we met, it just took you longer to realize that you belong to me too.” He said passionately, his amber eyes honest and direct as they look into her hazel ones.
“ I got there eventually didn’t I .” She joked in embarrassment.
“ I have been thinking since I saw you holding Brent, would you like to have a pup with me ?” He asked his amber gold ones quite not meeting her hazel ones.
“ You do know, since we’ve mated the first time, we haven’t been using protection ?” She asked laughing.
Crystal watched him register what she was alluding too, his eyes glowed and then he blushed guiltily. “ I didn’t think of that.”
“ Well it’s not if, it’s possibly when .” She grinned down at him teasingly, he swatted her bare buttocks playfully, as she squirmed he growled sexily.
“ If you keep squirming around like that, I can keep practicing until we get it right.” He threatened jokingly.
Crystal watched with lowered lashes, a devilish look entering her eyes, she moved a little and he grabbed her pushing harder inside her, she moved again and he groaned holding on to her hips as he pulled in and out of her, they both felt the embers of passion igniting again, consuming them like flames to tinder.
A long time later they were both up in their bedroom, when Drew rang them on the phone to say, the three Alphas had arrived. Benjamin left Crystal to shower and dress while he went and greeted the Alphas and settling them comfortably in the guest rooms .
Crystal dressed in a pink strap dress with a flared skirt, she flat ironed her hair, leaving it long and loose, she applied a slight dusting of face powder, and a touch of pink lip color. She was searching for matching shoes when Briana tapped on her bedroom door.
“ Come in “, she invited loudly.
Briana opened the door and walked in she laughingly said. “ You need to hurry, Benjamin needs rescuing from those three Alphas.”
“ Why would he need rescuing .” She asked puzzled her hazel eyes confused.
“ Those three have this weird sense of humor, they have been grilling him as to why you weren’t there to welcome them.” Enlightened Briana.
“ Oh, poor baby.” Said Crystal and both Briana and her burst out laughing.
“ Come on let’s go rescue the poor sod .” She giggled her blue eyes filled with laughter.


When they walked into the foyer, they saw not only Benjamin but Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean, along with Jarod and Drew, if it would not look rude, both Briana and Crystal would have both burst out in laughter again, because the men all had the same expression on their faces, like they were all in a dentist chair sitting when he pulled out his tools to pull teeth.
“ Welcome to the Blood Red Moon Pack, Alpha Steel, Alpha Stuart and Alpha Mallory, I’m sorry I was not here to welcome you at your arrival.” Smiled Crystal graciously, she was doing fine until she glanced over at Alpha Dean and Alpha Kade Duvall, she burst out laughing at their comical expressions.
It seemed to be an ice breaker, because everyone joined in the laughter, “ I was beginning to think these Alphas didn’t have a sense of humor .” Muttered James Mallory his green eyes filed with devilish humor.
“ Sorry about that but we were not sure how your reactions would have been to our pack.” Said Benjamin honestly, his amber eyes resting on the three visiting Alphas.
“ This pack is just like any other, maybe a bit smaller but we can see your members respect and love both you and their Luna.” Said Alpha Anthony Steel his grey eyes sincere.
“ Thank you .” Said Crystal simply.
“ So Whats for dinner, lunch was a long time ago.” Said Alpha Dean, earning a playful swat from his Luna Celia, everyone laughed again.
“ Shall we adjoin too the dining area.” Said Benjamin holding Crystals hand as they led the way the others following close behind. Benjamin sat at the head of the table, with the three Alphas seated to his right and too his left sat Crystal and Alpha Kade with Jenna. They were served chicken Caesar salads, followed by bang bang stir fry shrimp noodles, for dessert they had two choices cheese and crackers or strawberry sorbet. After dinner everyone sir-joined to the entertainment room, the talk generating to the attacks on the neighboring packs.
“ Why is this Alpha Female so against the rouges, that she formed an army to combat them ?” Asked Crystal curiously.
The three Alphas glanced at each other, Alpha James Mallory was the one who explained though with everyone listening attentively.
“ Alpha Jay Summers was only sixteen years old, when rouges attacked and killed both her parents, being that young you would expect her to not retaliate, but you’d be wrong. She gathered the army that remained of her pack and hunted those rouges and killed them, she’s still looking for the leader it’s the reason for her living right now to make him pay for his deeds.” Said Alpha James Mallory seriously.
“ Thats a very horrible experience .” Exclaimed Briana.
“ Yes it was, for years she has been extending a helping hand to anyone who has asked for help with rouges,” said Alpha Anthony Steel admiration in his tone for the female Alpha.
“ Alpha Jay needs a lot of help, because this fight has not only been hers, but it has become every Alphas and his pack members .” Stated Alpha Michael Stuart seriously.
“ Yes we’re beginning to see that,” said Alpha Kade Duvall gravely .
They all parted company an hour later, the next day was the farewell get together for Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean and their Lunas, both Alphas promised to join forces along with their packs in the fight against the rouges, also promising to bring others on board the fight.
Crystal and Benjamin walked into their bedroom and showering they tiredly climbed into bed, but sleep seemed to be eluding them tonight despite being tired with the preparations for the farewell get together.
“ I feel like where about to embark on a battle of, good over evil.” Said Crystal quietly.
“ We just may be Crystal, rouges are very evil they leave bloodshed and death everywhere.” Answered Benjamin pulling her closer into his body.
“ Are you ready for this battle ?” She asked sadly.
“ We need to be baby, I want our future pups to be safe, their futures secure.” He said softly.
“ I think this will be a very long and tedious battle, it feels almost like the calm before the storm.” She murmured worriedly.
“ What ever happens Crystal, know I will protect you and this pack with my life.” Said Benjamin sincerely.
“ I know, it’s why I didn’t fight the mate bond between us, once I had gotten use to the idea.” Said Crystal honestly, playing with the hairs on his muscular chest.
“ I wasn’t going to give you a chance to reject me Crystal, you are mines.” He said tightening his hold on her possessively.
“ I know we belong together ,” she corrected quietly.
“ Yes we do baby, what ever the future holds, it’s you and me all the way.” He said with determination.


Crystal and Benjamin made their way to the great hall, to see everyone gathered already awaiting their arrival. They made their way to the podium that was erected in the middle of the hall, Benjamin walked over and took the mike in his hand.
“ Ladies and Gents we would like it if everyone took their seats please,” said Benjamin in a loud voice, everyone obeyed and seated themselves watching expectantly. He handed over the mike too Crystal and stepped in the back of her as she spoke in the mike.
“ Briana and Drew can you please join, Benjamin and myself on the stage please.” Invited Crystal laughingly at the puzzled expression on both their faces as they got up and walked unto the stage. When the couple came towards Crystal and Benjamin, a curtain was parted uncovering a small alter and the pack Priest waiting with his bible, along with both Brianas and Drew’s family.
Briana hugged Crystal and Benjamin, smiling her thanks as both Drew and her walked towards their parents hugging and kissing them.
Crystal took Benjamin’s hand in hers and made her way towards the alter taking their places as the Alpha and Luna of the pack, the Priest motioned for them all to stand alongside the couple as the ceremony begun. Drew smiled his thanks over at them both his eyes glistened emotionally as he said his vows and Briana said hers. As they all looked on with pride and joy.
After the ceremony everyone moved towards the dancehall where a live band was playing Benjamin took Crystals hand and guided her to the dance floor where he pulled her into his arms and started to sway to the melody of the waltz.
“ How do you think they took the surprise .” Chuckled Benjamin.
“ Very well, they looked pleased .” She said glancing over at the couple in question, dancing away lost in their own little worlds.
They had been dancing for about thirty minutes, when someone tapped Benjamin on his shoulder, it was Alpha James Mallory. “ Can I cut in .”
Benjamin looked like he was going to refuse, but Crystal squeezed his hand reassuringly. “ Sure.”
“ Hello there, may I have this dance mi lady, “ he bowed gallantly his green eyes filled with devilment.
Crystal couldn’t help it she giggled. “ Of course Mi lord.”
He twirled her around, Crystal laughed good natured winking over at Benjamin as they wizzed passed him, he shook his head and smiled. Taking the hand of Luna Celia he guided her over to the dance floor and they danced not as flamboyantly as Alpha James Mallory of course.
“ I have to admit your mate is very likable, I admire him very much, especially in having such an accomplished Mate and Luna as yourself.” He teased her his green eyes twinkling.
Crystal blushed. “ Thank you, haven’t you found your mate yet Alpha Mallory ?” She asked.
“ No, but I’m not in a hurry.” He answered casually, his eyes glancing over at some of the single female pack members.
Benjamin tapped him on the shoulder, “ I would like my mate back please Alpha Mallory.”
“ Of course Alpha Danvers.” He said placing Crystals hand in Benjamin’s, as he made his way over to a red haired blue eyed female wolf, he had been eying.
Both Benjamin and Crystal laughed jovially, and continued dancing as they watched the others do the same, everyone was having such a wonderful time, Crystal glanced over at her friends all dancing with their mates, how long will they be happy and carefree like this, before they were once more attacked by some marauding rouge pack. It was really a fight to keep happy and safe, just like the nine wolf communities, they all had some form of evil to deal with, the human population had criminals and drugs to deal with, the wolf packs had criminals of a different caliber.
Crystal vowed to do all in her power to protect those she loved, even if it meant her death. She knew in her heart that they would fight equally by her side, just as diligently.
Two years ago she never knew when she set off for boarding school, that her life would be like this now, a man she thought she hated was now the love of her life, that he would be her mate for life, or that she would defend the pack against rouges alongside her friends and win. That she would be starting a career as a District Attorney helping fight for were folks against rouges.
“ Penny for your thoughts.” Said Benjamin looking down at her inquiringly.
“ Just thinking that two years ago I never dreamed my life would turn out this way.” She answered truthfully her hazel eyes open and honest as they looked up into his amber gold ones.
“ How do you feel about it .” He asked casually but his amber eyes reflected that her answer meant a lot to him.
“ It means the world too me, you mean the world to me Benjamin.” She said simply, he stopped in the middle of the dance floor and kissed her hard and possessively, they broke apart as clapping and cat calls sounded from all around them.
“ You have always meant the world to me Crystal, I’m happy to hear you finally feel the same.” He said for her ear alone earnestly.
The rest of the get together passed uneventful with everyone enjoying the open buffet style food and open bar, the festivities went on until the early hours of the morning.


The next day everyone pitched in cleaning up, it was now after lunch when the three Alphas came towards Crystal and Benjamin with their luggage’s in tow behind them.
Alpha Michael Stuart was dressed in black Levi jeans and a white printed t-shirt, on his feet he wore black boots, his electric blue eyes sought and found Crystal with baby Brent in her hand, she had been trying to gently take a piece of paper from his hand she was laughing with him and scolding him gently.
“ Is this your little pup .” He asked with interest, Crystal laughed and said “ No I wish, he belongs too Alpha Duvall and Luna Jenna.”
“ He is an adorable pup, may I hold him .” He asked looking down at the pup, who on hearing his voice he looked up, his lime green eyes curious about this stranger, the pup extended his little arms for him to be taken.
Crystal laughed she didn’t think Jenna or Alpha Kade would mind, so she handed him over to Alpha Stuart, the little pup gurgled with interest promptly pulling the Alphas nose and laughed in amusement.
Both Crystal and Alpha Stuart laughed, “ Well I think you have a friend there.”
“ He’d be my only friend then.” Alpha Michael Stuart admitted smoothly.
“ I don’t believe you, you seemed to be good friends with Alpha James and Alpha Anthony .” She said looking over at the two in question as they stood chatting with Alpha Dean and Benjamin.
“ Business Colleagues, not friends .” He corrected coolly.
“ Oh, I’m sorry.” She said feeling awkward.
“ Don’t let it bother you, I’d much rather you be my friend.” He stated quietly.
Crystal looked up at him a bit confused, was he hitting on her, he must know she had a mate, she felt relieved when he took her out of her misery by having to say something that put him in his place. “ Both you and your mate of course.”
“ We’d be honored Alpha Stuart.” She smiled pleased she had not mistaken his interest in her, he did seem to her to be a loner.
Brent was handed over to her giggling as he was tickled by the Alpha, “ Well I’d better say farewell to the others .” He said smiling down at her, as he once more grabbed the handle of his suitcase and moved to the others.
Crystal waved as he walked away, she made her way over to Jenna and Celia, who were also standing by several suitcases, on seeing his mother and grandmother Brent squealed out excitedly launching his little body at Celia his grandmother with all three women laughing at his antics.
“ I want to thank you Crystal, for all your hospitality that was extended to my mate and I while we have been you’re guest at the Blood Red Moon Pack.” Said Celia with deep gratitude.
“ Its been our pleasure in having you as well Luna Celia.” She said sincerely .
Jenna surprised Crystal by embracing her, she hugged her back, this woman had been such a comfort to her thought Crystal, she felt her hazel eyes tear up a bit to see her leaving but she knew their pack members had been long without their Alpha and Lunas presence.
“ I’ll miss you so much.” Said Jenna with a hitch to her voice.
“ Believe me I’ll miss you just as much Jenna, but we can always visit each other anytime.” Stated Crystal gathering her wits together, no use both of them getting emotional.
For some unknown reason Crystal felt a deep bond with Jenna and little Brent, as if they had some spiritual ties somehow, it was weird but as young as the little pup was, she knew he felt that bond as well, his lime green eyes often followed Crystal when she was around him.
“ Yes that’s true, it’s just I’ve gotten so used to seeing you everyday, that it’s going to be hard not seeing you.” She admitted sadly, her turquoise eyes fulling again emotionally.
“ Tell you what I’ll give you my cell number, and we can use WhatsApp , we can do video calls, how’s that .” She suggested helpfully.
“ Thank you that would be great.” Smiled Jenna her eyes lighting up.
They stood chatting about this and that, when Briana, Drew, Jerod and Daniel came over to play with Brent and to say their goodbyes to both Jenna and Celia, they all exchanged phone numbers promising to keep in touch. Crystal glanced over at Benjamin he looked over at her with a grimace on his face, it seemed he was being ganged up by all five Alphas, but he winked teasingly over at her making her laugh out loud. Alpha James Mallory and Alpha Anthony Steel made their way over to her group of friends.
It seemed everyone was taken in by the young pup Brent for some unknown reason, he was passed from hand to hand and chuckled gleefully up at everyone who held him.
Crystal had been chatting with Briana and Jenna when Brianna said warningly. “ His Majesty’s are here.”
“ Luna Jenna, Luna Crystal and Mz. Briana, we’ve come to bid you all lovely fair ladies farewell.” Said Alpha Steel jovially his grey eyes filled with mockery.
“ Sorry to see you all leave.” Said Crystal honestly.
“ Oh we’ll visit again, you can depend on it.” Came the ominous statement from James Mallory, his green eyes glued to Crystal .
“ Nice to hear that.” She smiled .
“ Now anytime you two lovely ladies decide you’re tired of these Alphas of yours, give James and I a call.” Said Alpha Steel teasingly his grey eyes glancing both at Jenna and Crystal, two loud growls came from the Alphas being talked about warningly.
“ He’s joking .” Said Alpha Mallory mockingly over at Benjamin and Alpha Kade.
The rest of the conversation was strictly about the rouges and their help in combatting them, the three Alphas did not get on anyone’s nerves or bad side , soon they got in their camouflage Land Rover and drove away with a honk of their horns.


After the three Alphas left, Jenna, Celia, Alpha Kade and Alpha Dean stored their many luggage’s in the boot of their black Land Rover and after checking to make sure everything was stored they turned to the group to say their goodbyes.
Alpha Kade shook hands with all her friends and Benjamin, he hugged Briana and Crystal promising that he would bring his family over again fora visit.
Taking Crystals hand in his, his cobalt eyes open and honest, he said earnestly.” I want to say Luna Crystal, I am very happy to make your acquaintance, my mate loves you like the sister she has never had, my son seems to think you have magic coming from you, I want to thank you for being with my mate at our little pups birth and being a part of my family, anytime you need assistance in any way don’t hesitate to contact me, “ said Alpha Kade with heartfelt gratitude, he hugged her briefly then got behind the wheel of the black Range Rover.
Alpha Dean also took her hand in his, but where Alpha Kade said a lot he said looking over at Benjamin. “ Everything Alpha Kade said I agree and say the same, only anytime you want to dump Alpha Benjamin call me up .” then he laughed as his mate Celia connected him a playful punch, everyone joined in the laughter at the elderly pair, bickered as he was pulled towards the vehicle all the while laughing.
Jenna embraced Crystal one last time with Brent in her arms, he surprised everyone by holding on to Crystal and kissing her playfully on the mouth, when she pulled away laughing she felt herself sway dizzily. Benjamin steadied her with a hand around her waist.
Jenna laughed as she hugged her again, but she whispered softly in Crystals ear .” I think my son and the pup your carrying are mates.”
Crystal hazel eyes reflected shock, as they looked into Jenna’s turquoise eyes that was filled with joy, she had been feeling very tired lately, slightly nauseated and dizzy at times but she would have never guessed what Jenna had known by probably just watching her these few days.
Jenna got into the vehicle and handed over Brent to her mother Celia to put in his car seat, they all waved as the vehicle pulled out of the parking lot.
“ What did Luna Jenna say to you .” Asked Benjamin curiously his amber gold eyes questioning.
“ Later .” She promised her hazel eyes shying away from his suspicious ones.
“ I’m hungry who else is .” Said Drew laughingly.
They all agreed to have a light dinner, they discussed the rouge committee and the news coming from the smaller and bigger packs, soon everyone left one by one , leaving only Briana and Drew.
Benjamin and Drew left to go over see some pack business, Crystal and Briana were left todo the clearing up of the dinner dishes and the tidying up.
Crystal had been drying the dishes while Briana was washing up , when she said . “ I’m pregnant Crystal.”
Crystal walked over to her friend and hugged her, “ So am I “. She admitted softly.
“ I know, I’m a Doctor remember I guessed when you looked unwell before, I’m also guessing little Brent and that pup your carrying are mates .” She said her blue eyes serious.
“ Jenna believes so too.” Said Crystal honestly . “ I haven’t told Benjamin yet .”
“ Tonight’s a good night Crystal, it’s just you two in this house now the guest are all gone .” She advised seriously .
“ Have you told Drew yet .” She asked Briana.
“ Yes he knows .” She admitted .
“ Benjamin wants a pup so I’m not worried,” she said laughing happily.
Both girls finished washing up and drying the dishes, they tidied up the kitchen and the dinning area, then made themselves hot cups of chocolate tea and sat down reminiscing about school and laughing like a couple of lunatics about the pranks they had pulled on friends and teachers alike.
Crystal and Briana decided to go to bed since Benjamin and Drew still had not come back from a run around the borders, they had gone out to check on the borders surrounding the pack.


Crystal showered and got into bed naked, pulling up the covers around her nakedness she lay in the dark in deep thought. How her life had undergone a drastic change in just two years, she had gone to boarding school hating Benjamin for sending her away, unaware that the only reason he had sent her away was to prepare her for a life as his future mate and to keep her away from other male wolves.
Now she was his mate and Luna, carrying his pup. What will this pup be like apparently it was a girl who was already mated to Alpha Kade Duvall and Jenna’s pup Brent, who would have thought any of this would happen to her. She has done a very good job of defending Drew and offered a top position in the Alphas Law firm. She had a successful career ahead of her, one where she would make a great difference in the fight against the rouges.
She had fallen asleep, when she felt the bed dip under Benjamin’s weight, he nuzzled her neck licking where he had marked her. She groaned coming awake as he pulled her against his naked chest, she giggled as he sniffed her.
“ What are you doing .” She asked sleepily.
“ You’re scent, it’s changed somehow.” He said a bit puzzled.
Crystal turned around to face him, she could not see him clearly in the darkness of the bedroom but she saw the curious look on his face. “ I’m having your pup.”
Crystal was crushed against his chest, his lips finding hers in a deep kiss robbing her of breath temporarily, when he broke the kiss he said “ I’m excited , I knew there was something different chaos has been hinting to me about that, I told him to shut up for putting ideas in my head, he hasn’t spoken to me in two days hence the reason I took him for a run today.”
“ You’re wolf is mad at you .” Joked Crystal teasingly .
“ Yes, now I’ll never hear the end of it .” Groaned Benjamin comically .
She couldn’t help it she started laughing at his pained expression, she sobered remembering she still had not told him, their unborn pup was female and already mated to Alpha Kade Duvall.
“ Our pup is female by the way .” She said casually watching him as he went still.
“ How can you tell so early, is that the usual thing .” He asked seriously.
“ No, because our unborn pup already has a mate.” She said softly.
“ Let me guess Alpha James Mallory or Alpha Michael Stuart ?” He asked in a pained expression.
She couldn’t help it she laughed deep bellyful of laughter, he sounded so full of horror at the thought. “ No it’s Brent .”
“ Brent as in Alpha Kade Duvall and Luna Jenna’s pup ? “ he asked incredulously then he remembered the kiss the little pup had dropped on his mates lips, he had seen red but chaos had laughed at him saying it was a harmless kiss .
He started to laugh, between his laughter he explained to a puzzled Crystal. “ When I saw the pup kiss you on your lips, I got angry and chaos was rolling with laughter at my anger, he told me it was a harmless kiss.”
They both started to laugh at that, little did they know that the union between Alpha Kade Duvall pup Brent and their future pup would go down in history, as the most powerful Alpha and Luna couple, that they would play the largest part in the fight of the rouges. That they would be gifted with special abilities when they both meet and mate their powers would be given to them.
Crystal and Benjamin cuddled together, his lips claiming hers in a deep drugging kiss, soon groans and moans were heard as the couple came together as one, Benjamin pulled Crystal on top of him and gently entered her, he took his time trying not to be to rough with her, in her condition, they kissed and he pumped gently into her as he heard her ecstatic groans as her desire unfurled inside her spreading through her body especially where they were intimately joined, when the climatic moment was upon them they came as one, the after math shocks wracking them both long after the moment had passed .
As the couple embraced in the relative warmth and safety of their bedroom, in another pack not so far from theirs rouges were attacking a female Alpha, trying to Kill her just like her parents many years ago.


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