Alpha Aurora

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In the first book in the Dire Island Series. Aurora has lost masses but has gained noticeably more. With her new found Alpha status, Alphas from all around Dire Island want her pack. Will her mate want the same, or will she be enough?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Journal Entry:

June 18th, 2016

I guess June is never meant to be my month. A month that is supposed to be filled with happiness and expectancy, only brings me despair and anger. Ten days ago, my father passed away preceding my mother’s death on September 24, 2014. As werewolves, my father lasted longer than anyone would have thought without his mate. Usually they will take their own lives a couple days after because the feeling without their mate becomes unbearable. My father was the Alpha of the Accalia Pack on Dire Island, Dire Island consists of over 20 packs. All living in tranquility. Since my father’s death I have become Alpha of the pack. I am the only living child of the past Alpha, so the title belongs to me, however some men and their egos refuse to accept a woman as Alpha. Since I am 22 years old and still unmated, Alphas from all around Dire Island have come to see if I am “their” future Luna. They have not cared to come into our territory before, hoping the Accalia pack would have their Luna. They only care about one thing and one thing only. Power. If I become someone’s Luna, my pack will automatically become my mates. Now that said Alpha would have two joining packs instead of one, becoming the most powerful pack on the island. Such a sickening thought of my pack being in the hands of a narcissistic Alpha male.

“Aurora!” “Stop writing in the pity journal and get down to the kitchen!” “Alpha Lance and Alpha Hunter will be here any minute!” “I bet you’re not even dressed yet, so unless you want to meet them half naked, I suggest you get your ass out of bed!”

“Seriously Sage, first of all it is not a pity journal, it’s just a safe place to write down my thoughts!” “And second do I really have to meet them?” “It’s not like either of those two condescending egomaniacs are my mate.”

“I know Aurora, but you need to find your mate soon!” “Your wolf is weaker without one!”

I was surprisingly shocked how hard that statement hurt. I was not really comprehending when I screamed back.

“NO, SHE IS NOT!” “She is stronger!” “I don’t need a stupid Alpha to help me run this pack and if you want me to find my mate so bad, maybe you should be spending this time looking for yours instead of worrying about me!”

Shit, I did not mean for that to come out of my mouth. I could tell Sage was hurt by the long pause she took; I could practically hear her low growl from 3 floors up.

“I have been looking, as should you, just come down!” “Now!”

I threw my journal and pen down on the bed. Grabbed my fuzzy pink pillow I use for late night cuddles and slammed it into my face, letting out a frustrated scream. As much as I hated to admit it, Sage was right. My wolf longed for a mate, one she and I could share our burdens to. Someone to hold me at night so I would not have to use a pillow that’s 22 years old and smells like body odor. I wanted that special someone, but these last few days have made me realize that this person will just use me to get to my pack, no matter our feelings for each other. So, I have not been looking, I am disappointed he will not be the same one I see in my dreams at night. I was taking it day by day. Step by step. All I knew today was, neither of these two bozos were going to be my mate. I got out of bed, threw on a black tank top, jeans and black boots. As I stood there, I could not help but admire myself in the mirror. I was 5’7, athletic build. I had light brown hair and dark brown eyes. The spitting image of my mother, she also graced me with her hourglass figure. Goddess! I felt hot. Too bad I was not meeting anyone of importance today. I walked out of my room shutting the door behind me. Just as I entered the hallway, the smell of cinnamon rolls caressed my nose. I raced down to the pack kitchen, shoving anyone who got in my way. Our amazing cook Melody already had a plate to hand to me by the time I stepped into the kitchen. She must have smelled me coming. She was the best cook on the island and her cinnamon rolls are legendary. A recipe that has been past down since the beginning of Dire Island. All the Alphas wanted her at their pack house. But when I was 5, I persuaded Melody to take our cooking position. What can I say? I was 5, cute and loved food. Still do. I walked over grabbing the plate and sat down at the kitchen table next to my 4 best friends since birth. I would trust them with my life, and they have made this transition to Alpha tolerable. We have always been together, from bottles to bitches we say. Sage is our main healer; she is incredibly smart and can outwit anyone with her intelligence. It is rather comical to watch an Alpha or Beta become utterly speechless by what comes out of her mouth. Storm is her twin sister; they both have gorgeous dark brown hair that complement their sky-blue eyes. Storm is one of our warriors, she is tough as nails. She is a quiet person, but the quiet ones are the ones to look out for. She has kicked everyone’s ass, including a couple Betas. Maia is another warrior; her dad was my fathers Beta. She is extremely loyal to the pack and to me. I guess being raised in a Beta household does that to people. She is probably the prettiest out of all of us. She has blonde hair like the sun and dark blue eyes that challenge the ocean itself. She is not a big person when it comes to change. She favors consistency. She spends every early morning training. No matter the weather or circumstance, she even trained the day of my father’s funeral. I guess it helps because she can kick some serious ass. Finally, in our bottles to bitches’ crew is Raven. Her parents gave her that name the second she came into the world because of her jet-black hair and as if she could not get hotter, she has hazel eyes that change with her mood or what she is wearing. She is our best hunter in the pack. She can do shit with a bow and arrow that would terrify you. She can hunt anything because her tracking skills are the best. She considers herself a lone wolf. She spends a lot of time out in the woods by herself. Since I do not have a chosen Beta or Omega, it has just been the 5 of us. Trying to keep this pack functional. I honestly would not have it any other way. The strange thing is that all of us are still unmated. I would have thought at least one of us would have found our mate by now. Usually you find them the moment you turn 18. We all are 22. Maybe all our mates are in the same pack, but I have never heard of that happening. It would be sweet because we all are so tight knit. The thought of one or all of them leaving to be with their mates makes my stomach turn into knots. Just as my train of thought grew deeper. I was hit with two disgusting scents. The Alphas were here. I slowly stood up and headed towards the entryway. The girls followed close behind me in hope they might find their mate. The door swung open and I was greeted by the older Alpha of the two, Lance. He was Alpha of the Storm Forest Pack. It is said he is a dickhead and ruthless. As I greeted him with a subtle smile staring into his cold eyes, I was relieved he was not my mate.

“Your beauty is anything but a rumor.” Hissing through his teeth as he gently kissed my hand. I carefully pulled my hand away from his cold disgusting lips and tried to not look like I was going to vomit.

“Well thank you. I sure hope you enjoy your stay here at the Accalia Pack.” Just as Lance was about to respond Alpha Hunter entered the door. The girls did say he was easy on the eyes and he was. He was about 5’10, broad shoulders. He was wearing a skintight red t-shirt, black jeans and red sneakers. Fitting for the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. He is much younger than Alpha Lance. Lance is 39 years old. He had a first mate. She died in the war between his pack, the Blood Moon Pack and the Ash River Pack. They are the 3 closest to the Accalia Pack. My father stayed neutral during the war; he thought the risk was greater than the reward. Lance still drawing breath proved to me, he never genuinely cared about his mate. Not like my father and mother.

“Good morning Alpha Aurora, thank you for letting us stay.” “I’m sure, I’ll enjoy everything Accalia has to offer.” Giving me a subtle wink.

“It’s our pleasure Alpha Hunter, Raven will show you to your rooms, I hope you find them most comfortable.”

Please moon goddess let me survive this encounter with these pathetic Alphas. Alpha Lance nodded following Raven out of the room. Alpha Hunter brushed by leaning to whisper into my ear.

“I know I would find my room more comfortable if you were in it.”

Um ew! Disgust washed over my face and I could not control it this time. Thank the goddess he was next to me and not in front of my face.

“And please, call me Hunter.” “It won’t be long before you’re screaming it anyway.”

He walked away leaving me speechless and I got chills. Not the good chills. The bone curdling chills that made me want to throw up my cinnamon rolls. After standing there for 2 minutes not saying a word, Sage decided to break the silence.

“Who the fuck does this guy think he is?”

’An Alpha Sage, he thinks he’s an Alpha and he is, unfortunately.” “It seems Alpha Hunter wants a taste of me whether I’m his mate or not.”

“You seriously wouldn’t like that body on top of you?” “I mean I would not mind if he wanted me to scream his name.” Maia said with a chuckle as a blush crossed her cheeks

“Come on Maia, Aurora is not you, she would chop his Alpha hood off.” “We all know she has been saving herself for her mate.” “Our Alpha saving herself for a mate she has no interest in finding.”

“Your sister said the same thing Storm, does it really appear I don’t want to find him?”

They all three stared at me with that “uhh duh” look. I huffed and realized my friends just wanted me to find happiness. They could feel what I was missing, I could feel it too.

“Lets just get this day over with, they’ll both be leaving tomorrow by sundown.”

We all went our separate ways to start our day. I headed towards my office. It was my fathers and right by the kitchen! Which I loved. Melody always brought what she made in while I was in there. I did not change a thing about my father’s office. It was an arched dark wood door with a iron wolf head knocker that has been in my families possession since the beginning of the Accalia Pack. I opened the door and was greeted by my father’s scent. It was still there, but with each passing day the scent grew faint. Sometimes I was scared to go into the office, in fear his scent would no longer be there. My father’s dark wood desk was in the middle of the room with windows all around. He loved to look out and enjoy the view of families playing with their kids, warriors training, and teenagers performing their first shift. The walls were a rich shade of blue, my mother’s favorite color. He painted the walls to remind him of her when he spent long hours in here working. I slowly sat down and stared at the mountain of work I needed to get done. As I was getting lost in the paperwork, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” I shouted not lifting my gaze from my work.

“Well you don’t see this at all. A she wolf sitting in an Alphas chair.”

I slowly lifted my gaze into Alpha Lances eyes, which he hated. He came in and sat down in the chair in front of my desk. I was too invested in my work, I forgot to smell who was at the damn door.

“Ah, I’ve heard you were sexist, it seems that rumor was true, just like my beauty.”

“Careful girl.” He tried to say all stern, it almost made me chuckle. “You are without a mate, making you vulnerable.” “Say…why haven’t you’ve found your mate yet?” “Many Alphas wonder if he even exists.” “It seems you’re too invested in your pathetic pack.”

Oh, trust me, I wanted to launch over the desk and rip his tongue out. I was heated and my wolf wanted to come out and show him just how “pathetic” my pack was. I had to reign in my wolf. This is what Alpha Lance wanted, he wanted to see if he could get my wolf worked up, but I was not born yesterday. I was not going to give him the satisfaction of me losing my cool. I had to be completely unbothered in my response but also stern. This was my pack; he was on my territory.

“My mate is out their Alpha Lance; I haven’t found him yet because I have been busy keeping this pack as strong as my father left it.” “The true fact of the matter is that you, a 39-year-old Alpha is intimidated by a 22-year-old she Alpha, the first she Alpha in wolf history I believe.” “Now, let us get to the real reason you and Alpha Hunter have graced me with your unwanted presence.” “You were hoping this beautiful, young she Alpha was your mate, so that you could take this pack for yourself.” “Now that you have discovered that we are not mates and never will be, you are flying on the seat of your very expensive pants, thinking you can intimidate me.” “This pack will be belonging to me and to only me until I produce a male or female of my bloodline.” “Not you nor my mate will take that away from me.”

I could tell I hit a nerve, everything I said was the truth and he knew it. This pack belonged to me and I would protect it and everyone in it with my life.

“We’ll just see how long your reign will be Aurora……”

“It’s Alpha Aurora and will forever be Alpha Aurora.” “You may leave the same way you entered, I am very busy, as you can see.” “A pack won’t run itself.”

“I need safe passage to leave your territory. “As you said, we are not mates and my presence is no longer required here.”

“Oh, of course you will have safe passage, Maia and Storm will escort you to our border.” “I hope you enjoyed your brief visit.”

“It was truly enlightening, Alpha Aurora.”

And just like that, Lance got up and strutted out the doorway, shutting my door behind him. I was relieved, one Alpha gone, one more to go. Just as I was about to continue my work my door slammed open and a very pissed off Alpha Hunter was in the doorway.

“You kicked Alpha Lance out of your territory!”

Oh goddess! The Alphas and their false ridiculous story telling.

“Excuse me Alpha Hunter but I did not, he asked for safe passage, I happily granted.” “As we are not mates, he realized his presence was no longer required so he took his leave back to Storm Forest.” “Why do you care?” “It was only a couple years ago your pack was at war with his pack.”

He was still pissed, and I was rather enjoying it. I guess it is just my day to piss off Alphas.

“We have since rectified the war that happened and now, we are on good terms.”

“Why are you not on good terms with the River Ash Pack as well then?”

I hit a nerve; I did not mean to. I was genuinely curious. He took notice and calmed down, slowly walking to the chair and plopped down. He looked genuinely sad; it almost took me back for a second.

“The River Ash Pack, actually the Alpha of the pack killed my father during the war,” “Me and him never got along, we are the same age and was destined to lead our packs.” “Before the war, our fathers were good friends.”

“That is an unfortunate circumstance but that is the cost of war, surely your father knew that?”

“Of course, he did, he did not think, however, his best friend would be the one to end his life.”

“Well he didn’t kill your father for no reason.”

He was pissed again; it seems he knew the Alpha of the River Ash Pack had a valid reason, but his vengeance was getting in the way of truly accepting it. He brushed it off, seeing I was trying to figure it out before responding.

“Has the Alpha come to see if you are his mate?”

“No, I thought Alpha Aaron had his Luna already, did something happen?” “I was unaware.”

“Aaron is no longer Alpha he has passed the position on to his son, Asher.”

Asher, Alpha Asher, Aurora, Alpha Aurora, Asher and Aurora. I quickly snapped back to reality, wow that was weird.

“I hadn’t heard, in any case Alpha Asher has not come to the territory nor have I sent an invitation to him.”

His name rolled off my tongue like it was the first word I have ever spoken, it felt sweet and buttery against my tongue. How can a simple name like Asher get my panties in a wad? I was seriously losing my mind without my mate.

“Good, don’t.” “Asher is unpredictable, just like his pathetic father.” “It seems he has no interest in you anyway since he has not come yet.”

No interest?! My wolf was pissed. How dare he is not interested in the first she Alpha in history. We are hot, any Alpha would be lucky to be our mate. Alpha Hunter took notice that I was getting pissed. He quickly changed the subject which helped me stop thinking about Asher.

“It is very unfortunate that we are not mates, I truly do think you are very beautiful.” “If you never find him, make sure you give me a call, I will be in your territory faster then you can say my name.”

I chuckled; he was nice when he was not acting out with his alpha hood. I nodded giving a tiny smile.

“I will take my leave; I don’t need escorts.” “I’m the fastest Alpha on the island.” “I hope you find what you’re looking for Aurora.” “Any man would be a fool to reject you.”

He gave me a big smile, shook my hand and left the office to head back to his pack. After that encounter, I could not get any work done. My mind took over. Rejection, would my mate really reject me? The thought never crossed my mind. No interest in me, in me. Every Alpha from all over the island has come to see if I am their mate. Yet this one Alpha has no interest. Maybe, he is just interested in me and not this pack like every other Alpha that has come, maybe except for Alpha Hunter. Maybe he does not want to make the first step. Maybe I should invite
Asher and his friends to the pack for a visit. So, the girls can try to find their mate of course. They all have been dying without one and being a good Alpha, I need to help. Okay that is what I am going to do. Fuck all this paperwork. I need to write a letter to Alpha Asher and get it sent promptly. Just before I started writing my wolf whispered inside me, sending those breath-taking chills down my spine. “Asher.”

To be continued:

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