One Night With Jolie

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“Can I ride with you to the party?” Angel asks Rad, who is perched on his motorbike. Rad doesn’t even look up as he shakes his head.

“Nah. Sorry.”

“Are you going?” She asks, folding her arms at him.

“No,” Rad says, nodding at Danny, who is hovering nearby. “But Danny is.”

“You're not going?” I ask, as Jax peers at his phone.

“Nah, Stone needs me. Apparently the Rollers are planning on jumping into our territory tonight.”

I nod, knowing exactly what that meant. The Stolen Rollers were enemies of The Iron Villains, but it was rare that the two crossed paths.

Usually, they knew better.

“Heard from the ex?” I ask, as Rad stiffens, lifting his eyes to mine.


I feel like someone has squeezed my chest tight.

“What?” I demand, and Rad frowns at me.

“Her name. It’s Jolie.”

No fucking way.

“Jolie?” I repeat, and Rad sighs, shoving his phone into his pocket as he eyeballs me.

“The fucks wrong with you?” Rad chuckles.

“Just an unusual name,” I mutter, stroking my temples.

Don’t say I’ve fucked Rads ex.

“Jolie Summers. Fucking beautiful but a handful.”

It’s her.

“Rad, man…” I begin, shoving my hand through my hair as he shrugs.

“Fuck her. Plenty more fish in the sea.”

Relief sweeps over me, and all I can do is nod.

What the fuck can I say? I got your ex pregnant?

Jesus Christ.

This is fucking messy.

Rad starts his bike, the loud roar filling the garage before he nods at me, peeling away down the street. I turn back to see Angel and Danny slipping into his car, and I flip the lights. Locking up takes all of twenty minutes, but I’m in no rush.

I survey the forecourt, the immaculate cars shining beneath the floodlights. I flip the switch, plunging it into darkness.

I’ve got an Iron Villains girl pregnant.

Congratulations, Jax. You’re a cunt.

I groan, sliding in behind the wheel. Jolie said she wasn’t with her ex when we fucked, so technically I’d done nothing wrong.

But brothers are honest with each other.

Rad will always be a brother.

I’ll talk to Jolie first. Then I’ll tell Rad. If nothing else, at least he’ll leave her alone.

She won’t fucking lay with me anymore.

Rad's words echo in my ear, and I can’t help but smirk.


She’s pregnant, and the thought of her fucking Rad whilst carrying my baby makes me feel sick. I mean, it’s up to her what she does, but that shit is a little too close to home for my liking.

So she likes bikers.


Rad will lose his shit when I tell him, but it’s got to be done. I’ll go see him tomorrow.

I punch in the address into the sat nav, my eyebrows furrowing when it brings it up as a previous destination.


A sharp laugh leaves my mouth, and I’m fucking dazed. How is this woman popping up everywhere I go?

I laugh bitterly, slamming my hand on the volume button. Guns and Roses blast into my ears as I drive, weaving in and out of traffic with ease. I don’t think twice before I park across Jolie’s drive, glancing at her house with curiosity.

It's dark, and her car is there. So she must be sleeping. Either way, she would know it’s my truck. It’s got the garage name printed all over it.

I hesitate, swinging my keys around my fingers as I glance across the road, my eyes scanning for number fourteen. It's obvious which one it is, because of the music seeping out through the open windows.

I hope he has invited the neighbours, otherwise he will make enemies for life.

I chew on my lip, debating whether to knock on Jolie’s door.

She might be asleep.

It’s seven pm.

Fuck it.

I rap on the door, telling myself it was totally acceptable to be checking on the mother of my child. Plus, I was genuinely in the neighbourhood. No excuses needed.


She did say she was going out.

I wait a little longer before moving away, heading towards the party. I’m not staying.

Show my face and fuck off home.

Some chick answers the door, her gaze sweeping over me appreciatively as she bites her lip.

“Hello you.”

I nod at her, noting the decent rack she’s sporting over a tight leather crop top.

Party girl.

I scan the room, not recognising anyone there. Pushing through the bodies, I make my way into the kitchen where someone hands me a beer.

“I’m driving,” I reply, refusing the bottle.

“Come on boss, I’m sure you can afford a cab home,” a deep voice chuckles, and I turn to see Frank, my top salesman grinning at me.

“Frank,” I greet him, taking the bottle reluctantly. “Where’s Chris?”

Frank nods towards the open patio doors that lead out into the garden, which is lit up by candles in little lanterns along the pathway. People are huddled around a table, and I spot Chris with his back to me. He’s got his arm slung around some girl, and I can only assume it’s his hot neighbour.

“Chris,” I call out, as he twists his body around, his dark eyes clocking me.


People scoot up so I can sit down, and I sit beside the busty girl from earlier, who winks at me with her lips hovering over the bottle.

“We meet again,” she purrs, and I give her a thin smile.

“Nice house,” I say, when Chris nods eagerly, gesturing to the woman beside him.

“Thanks. Boss, this is my hot neighbour,” he laughs, leaning back so I can see the woman properly.


There, with Chris’s arm draped over her, is Jolie. She’s wearing an oversized shirt with a belt, and cowboy style boots that accentuate her tanned legs. Her hair is softly curled, and I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful in my life.

It can’t be.

The disbelief is accompanied by anger, then jealousy as Chris tugs her towards him, murmuring something in her ear. Jolie pales, and stares at me as I stand, shaking my head.

“Excuse me.”

I’m trying to remain calm, but I’m shaking. Heels click on the floor behind me, and I keep going until I feel a hand on my arm.

“Wait,” a breathless voice says, and my heart sinks when I see it’s not Jolie. “If you’re leaving, why don’t I come with you?”

It’s the girl from earlier.

I lift my gaze back up to the garden, as Jolie and Chris appear to be in deep conversation.

“No thanks,” I mutter, tugging my arm away from hers.

Chris is tilting Jolie’s head to his, and her eyes are wet with tears.

What the fuck is going on?

Jolie stands up, and Chris watches her leave, his eyes narrowing at me.

This isn’t my fucking fault.

“Jax,” Jolie says, her voice like an angel. Her bottom lip quivers as I clench my jaw, trying not to lash out.

“Is there anyone you’re not fucking?” I snap, unable to control my temper.

The hurt in her eyes makes me regret my words, as she pushes past me.

“Jolie, wait,” I groan, following her outside. “What the fuck was that though?”

Jolie continues to walk towards her house, refusing to answer me.

“So you’re fucking Chris?” I call out, and she stops, spinning on her heel, her eyes filling with partially burnt embers.

“For your information, I haven’t fucked anyone since you,” she spat, her eyes filling with tears. “Not that it’s anything to do with you, Jax, but you insist on fucking judging me!”

She whirls around, and without thinking, I grip her wrist, tugging her back towards me.

“Get off me,” she sobs, and I realise I’ve really hurt her feelings.

“No,” I growl, walking her backwards towards the wall of her house as she shoves me hard in the chest.

“Take your hands off me! How dare you—”

“Are you?” I ask, tilting her chin back to look at me. My hands release hers, but she remains where she is. “Are you fucking him?”

My voice is low now, and she is staring at me, an unreadable expression on her face. Her lips quiver as they part, and I allow my gaze to journey down her plump lips, her chest that rises and falls with each breath she takes. The shirt she has on is split over her thigh, and I want to trace my fingers over it.

“No. But I want to,” she hisses, glaring at me. “So fucking bad.”

I arch my brow at her, my finger running over her lips as she closes her eyes, tears spilling down her cheeks before she falls into my arms, sobbing.

Fuck, this girl has issues.

I take the key from her hand, sighing as I open the door. She flicks on the light switch, and as I turn to close the door, I see Chris jogging over to us.

“For fucks sake,” I mutter, standing aside so Jolie can see him.

“Are you alright?” Chris demands, glaring at me when he sees she is crying.

“I’m fine, I just need to talk to Jax,” she forces a smile, and he nods stiffly. “I’m fine, Chris.”

I fold my arms, glaring at him as he sends me a side look.

“You’re the father, aren’t you?”

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