One Night With Jolie

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Holy fucking hell.

Jax’s nostrils flare as he glares at Chris, barely glancing at me. His jaw clenches, pushing himself up from the wall.

“You knew she was pregnant? And you’re still trying to get in her pants?”

Chris frowns, as though he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

I mean, when you say it out loud—

“Chris, you should go,” I say, walking towards him and pushing him out of the open door.

I need to get him away from Jax, now.

“Your baby’s father is my boss? Fucking hell, Jolie,” Chris snaps, shaking his head at me.

“Chris, just go. I’m tired, and I have to sort this out with Jax.”

Please, just go.

For a second I’m not sure Chris is going to leave, but then he backs away, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I like you,” he mumbles, and my head spins.

“Can we talk tomorrow, please Chris?” I say, aware his eyes are burning into me. The door is closed behind me, but I can almost feel Jax’s presence.

Chris really needs to go.

Chris glares towards the house, before striding away. My chest aches, not for the first time this evening.

What a fucking mess.

I heave a deep breath, praying it helps prepare me for the conversation I’m about to have with Jax.

When I walk in, he’s making tea. The image is so comical considering everything, I can’t help but laugh. His aqua eyes flicker towards me, narrowing them as he pushes a mug towards me.

I’m fucking dying at the sight of him, but he looks like he’s going to rip my throat out.

Bring it.

“We need to talk like civilized adults, Jolie.”

His voice is calmer now, but there’s an edge to it that tells me he is close to losing his shit.

“Then stop with the judgemental bullshit, Jax,” I say quietly, accepting the mug of tea.

“I’m sorry.”

I wait for him to add a ‘but’, yet he doesn’t.

“I’m just a little shook, you know? I don’t like the idea of you fucking other men whilst you’re pregnant with my child.”

“Right. But you know you have absolutely no say in that, don’t you? In the real world, as long as I’m not putting our baby at risk—”

Jax folds his arms, his muscles flexing as he glares at me, my core tightening at the way he tilts his head, almost like he’s not listening to a word I’m saying.

“Do you really like Chris that much? Or are there others?” The words roll from his mouth so easily I’m almost fooled into thinking he is giving me a compliment.

I open my mouth to respond, but I pick up my tea, sipping on the scalding liquid to silence my impulsive mouth.

He watches me silently, and lifts his eyebrows up.

“What the fuck, Jolie? Can you at least tell me what is going on, because if you’re slinging it around town—”

Don’t,” I warn him, gritting my teeth. “I’ve had it with your bull. I’m not even going to justify that with an answer, so fuck you.”

Jax pushes his mug onto the side with a defiant bang, and I jump as he walks over to me.

“In one day I’ve found out I’ve lost a fuck load of money through work, and then I’ve had to learn that you’re not only one of my friends ex, you’re also fucking another of my employees. Forgive me for being so fucking judgemental,” he hisses, his eyes searching mine as I gasp.


Jax nods with annoyance at my question.

“You know Brad?” I whisper, trying to steady myself on the counter beside me.

This isn’t real. I’ll wake up in a minute.

“Yeah, but I call him by his street name. Rad,” he says bitterly, and I close my eyes, lightheadedness taking over. “You’re the woman who broke his heart. The one he loves.”

I turn, stumbling towards the bathroom blindly. I reach the bowl in time, throwing my guts up as I sob.


I’m crying, but I’m trying so fucking hard not to. Jax thinks I’m a slut, and I can see why.

How do I explain to him that I’m not?

Better yet, why do I want to?

A hand rubs my back, arms circling my waist as I drag tissue towards my mouth. I’m tugged against his hard chest, and for a second I allow myself to rest there, allowing him to comfort me despite him being the one to hurt me.

“I’m sorry, Jolie, I’m just struggling with this,” he whispers, resting his head on my shoulder.

His scent reassures me, and despite wanting to be furious, I can’t.

I need to get away from him.

I stand, my hands trembling as I push toothpaste onto my toothbrush.

Clean your teeth. Focus on that.

Jax rises, gazing at me in the mirror from his position against the wall. I’m scrubbing my teeth so hard I can taste blood, the tears still spilling down my cheeks. I lean down, spitting and rinsing for an unreasonable amount of time, until I have no choice but to meet his gaze.

My rage rises to the occasion, and I’m so fucking grateful.

“Do you think I planned this?” I hiss, my eyes wide as I stare at him. “That my aim in life is to be a single mum?”

“No,” says Jax tersely, moving away from the wall. “But here we are.”

“You know Brad? So?! I’m not with him, Jax! I wasn’t when I fucked you, either. For the record, I haven’t slept with Chris. Yet.”

His eyes darken then, and he shakes his head, walking towards me.

I stand my ground, and his body presses against me, pushing me gently against the sink.

“What do you mean, yet? If you like him so much, I’ll fucking leave.”

My eyes drop to his lips, which are set in a firm line. My heart is beating erratically now, and I’m losing control of my senses.

“It’s not that,” I snap, pushing him away from me. “It’s these little stupid fucking hormones.”

Jax frowns, and I drag my hand through my hair.

“But seeing as though you don’t want me near any other men—which, by the way—makes zero fucking sense, I’ll just invest in a better fucking vibrator,” I exhale with frustration, moving towards the hallway when he stops me, his hand on mine.

“You’re horny?” He asks with surprise, spinning me around to that I have no option but to face him.

I suck in my bottom lip, annoyed that I’m already wet for this fucking man.

“It’s not me, it’s the hormones,” I mutter, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

Jax studies me, his hand dancing up my arm until it reaches my throat, his fingers dragging up to my lip.

“Why didn’t you just say?” He shrugs, his eyes focusing on my mouth as he places his hands either side of me. “All you have to do is ask, Jolie, and I’ll satisfy you.”

Oh. My. God.

“We don’t do relationships,” I babble, as he chuckles softly.

“You’re carrying my child. You’re angry and frustrated, and I can take it all away. Consider it my role as your baby daddy,” he murmurs. “Plus then you get satisfied, and I know you’re not putting yourself at risk with fucking strangers.”

He isn’t touching me anymore, and my body is screaming for it.

“It doesn’t make sense,” I swallow, pressing my hands to the wall behind me. “Chris isn’t a stranger—”

“No, he isn’t,” Jax whispers in my ear, his breath fanning my cheek as he moves back towards my face. “But he can’t pleasure you like I can. It’s your call.”

The bastard.

“But what if it ruins our—”

He moves back, and my fingers grip his biceps, the hard muscle making me shiver as they do.

“I’m so frustrated,” I admit, biting down on my lip. “I swear, if you call me a slut after this, I’ll kill you.”

Jax smirks, his finger trailing down my collarbone as I gasp.

“First of all, I don’t think you’re a slut. I’m just territorial over my baby, that’s all,” he whispers, his hand caressing my stomach as he talks. “Let me help you, Jolie.”

His fingers skim the bottom of my shirt dress, and my head moves back, my body aching for his touch.

Right now, I’d pay him to fuck me. I’m dripping wet, and he hasn’t done a damn thing.

It makes sense that it’s him, I try to rationalise as his finger reaches the lace of my panties.

“Jolie?” He repeats, his finger stilling.

I’m barely able to breathe.

“Okay,” I choke out, as he smirks again, moving his mouth to mine.


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