One Night With Jolie

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His lips brush softly against mine, and my fingers move instinctively into his hair, tugging on it as I moan beneath him.

He tastes so good.

His mouth moves to the soft spot on my neck, sucking it tenderly as I throw my head back and close my eyes. His fingers stroke my breasts through my shirt, as he moves his lips to my cleavage, my hands dragging his head up to mine.

“Kiss me,” I breathe, and he does, rewarding me with his soft lips. His fingers hook my underwear down my thighs easily as I gasp into his mouth, his lips leaving mine as he stares down, his forehead against mine.

“You’re so wet,” he mutters, dipping his forefinger into my intimate area, shockwaves resounding through my body. “This just won’t do, will it?”

He’s kissing me again, but this time his finger eases into me, his hand cupping my pussy as his thumb massages my clit. I’m not even sure what he’s doing, but all I know is I’m in heaven.

He’s kissing me softly too, adding another finger as I hiss, the build up in my stomach taking over my body greedily.

“Yes,” I whisper against him, his lips curving into a smirk against mine.

His fingers pick up pace, and my walls tighten around him as he allows me to ride his fingers, his mouth now back on my throat as he drops open mouthed kisses on my skin. My legs buckle beneath me, and it’s only when he pulls his fingers away from me do I snap my head to his in confusion.

“You might need to lie down for the next bit,” he says huskily, sucking on his finger with a satisfied grunt.

I steady myself against the wall, blinking at him as I watch the delicious act he’s performing.

“Your bedroom, Jolie,” he drawls, running his finger over my lips. I can smell my arousal on his skin, and it only serves to turn me on even more. My core is soaked, and it’s throbbing with need.

His heated gaze sweeps over me, his teeth sucking in his bottom lip as he watches me move towards the bedroom, stepping out of my underwear as I do.

“Lie down,” he instructs, and I oblige, my heart hammering in my chest at the thought of him fucking me. He drops to his knees, tugging me towards him roughly by my hips as I cry out with surprise. “Let’s get rid of this frustration, shall we?”

His fingers glide up my shins, stroking softly as he parts my thighs, his eyes settling on the mound between my legs. I feel exposed when he lifts my legs onto his shoulders, tugging me down so that his hands are cupping my ass. His breath is hot against me when he kisses my inner thigh, and I writhe against him impatiently.

“Jax…” I moan, his lips leaving a trailing blaze of fire in their wake.

More soft, wet kisses drag along my thighs, until his mouth covers my clit, his tongue flickering against it, volts of electricity shooting through my body as he does.

“Ahh…” I hiss, as his tongue moves slowly down my wet slit, plunging into my core as I gasp.

His mouth is ridiculous, sucking in all the right places as I buck against him. His fingers join the party, and his tongue resumes its attention on my clit. His fingers seem to know the speed I need, soft and slow at first, teasing me into oblivion the next minute, his lips and tongue alternating between sucking and licking.

“Jax,” I grind my hips against his open mouth and he encourages it with his hands, gripping my ass as he devours me. I’m lost now, completely at his mercy. My legs are tense, wrapping around his head as he plays with pressure, his hot breath allows no solace from his tongue or lips.

He’s insanely good at this.

We’re in a rhythm now, my hips rocking against his mouth as he bounces my ass against his palms, gripping my cheeks with each suck he makes. He moves back, his mouth swollen from its attack, as he drags his finger up and down my wetness, his eyes fixing on mine.

“Please, Jax,” I whine, my body trembling as he bites his lip.

God, he’s so fucking sexy.

His head dips back down, and it all happens at once- the flickering of his tongue moving in sync with his fingers as they fuck me, hips lips sucking my clit as I cry out, but he shows no mercy.

My core tightens, my skin slight with desire as I throw my head back, my hands gripping the sheets as I try to move back, the ball of desire threatening to make me come undone. Jax keeps me in place, and I lose the fight, a loud moan erupting from my lips as my body shudders, my eyes scrunching up tight. My body releases in waves, and I pray he doesn’t stop or move.

This is bliss.

My cries echo through the room as I release into his mouth, the feeling of his lips and tongue on me suddenly too much for me to bear. I’m so sensitive on flicker of that tongue could—

“Oh my God!” I let out a strangled moan, as Jax sucks on my clit again, and again.

I lose count of how many orgasms I have, and when he finally releases me, I’m in a lust filled haze, my body a dead weight on the bed, my eyelids heavy.

“Better?” He says huskily, but he sounds so far away.

“Mmm,” I mumble, scooting up the bed to rest my head on the pillow. It’s cool and refreshing, and sleep seems only moments away. His hands slide my shirt down over my thighs, dragging the duvet down before draping it over me.

I’m vaguely aware of him turning the light off, and I’m gone.

The sunlight spilling through the window wakes me before the knocking does. I frown, the haziness of sleep clouding my mind as I blink slowly.

I haven’t slept that well in ages.

The knocking continues, and I force myself up, trudging towards the door bleary eyed.

“Who is it?” I yawn, waiting for a response.

“Chris,” calls back the familiar voice, and I groan inwardly.

I’m wearing my clothes from last night, and I still need to sleep. I open the door, peering through it with tired eyes to see Chris looking at me with concern.

“Hey, morning,” he says softly, holding up a Starbucks bag. “I thought you might want breakfast.”

I open the door, stepping back to allow him to come in, my gaze sweeping over my drive.

Jax’s truck is gone.

I frown at the pang in my stomach, which isn’t related to hunger.

“Blueberry muffins, lattes and cheese and ham toastie. I didn’t know what you liked, so I grabbed a bit of everything,” Chris says, glancing over at me as he places the bag down.

“Chris, this is really nice of you, but—”

“It’s okay, Jolie. I know you’ve got a fuck load of drama going on at the minute, but I meant what I said last night,” he walks over to me, his fingers brushing against my cheek as he gazes at me. “I really like you. I know you’re pregnant with Jax’s baby.”

I exhale, my head spinning. I’m standing here with no fucking underwear on after getting ate out by my unborn child’s father, who has left without saying a word.

I don’t have time for this.

“Chris,” I say, licking my lips. “I need to sleep a bit more, I feel groggy. I’m sorry, I really appreciate this,” I wave my hand at the bags on the counter. “But I can’t do this right now.”

A roar of a truck outside tears my attention away from Chris’s sad brown eyes, and I frown as I peer out of the kitchen window.

Oh my God.

Jax pulls up outside, slamming the truck door behind him as he walks towards my house. He’s dressed in shorts and a simple t shirt, a cap over his still wet hair.

My ovaries dance excitedly, and I try to swallow down my need for his mouth on mine again.

“Jolie?” Chris says, arching his brow as there’s a knock at the door.

“Um, that’s Jax,” I mutter, avoiding his gaze. “Just… be nice.”

I open the door to see Jax, his stupidly beautiful eyes locking onto mine as he sweeps his gaze over me.

“You’re up,” he grins, before his gaze settles on Chris behind me. His eyes narrow and his smile fades, and the two men observe each other with contempt. “Chris. What a surprise.”

“Jax,” Chris nods back, and I lick my lips, unsure how I’ve got two heavenly men standing in my lounge whilst I’m knickerless. If only I wasn’t pregnant, this would be the best fantasy—

“I need to shower,” I say, wringing my hands.

“I bet,” smirks Jax, and Chris frowns, his eyes searching mine.

“I’ll go then,” Chris mutters, snatching up the Starbucks bags. “Didn’t realise I was interrupting something.”

“It’s not like that—” I stammer, as Jax lifts an eyebrow up at me. His gaze holds me captive as it roams over my body, memories of his mouth on mine filling my mind. I’m not even aware of the door slamming shut behind Chris, until I blink furiously. “Why did you feel the need to say that?”

Jax’s gaze hardens, and he nods at me. “Do you even have any underwear on?”

I flush, folding my arms over my chest.

“What has that got to do with anything?” I snap back, as Jax shrugs.

“So I bet you need a shower. Because from what I can recall, I left you with your juices running—”

I hold my hand up, silencing him.

“Don’t even think about finishing that sentence,” I warn, turning towards my bedroom.

Jax follows me, watching as I throw an outfit onto my bed. He leans against the doorway, studying my room with interest.

“How many bedrooms do you have here?”

I look over at him, before shrugging. “Two.”

“Can I see the other?”

“It’s got Brad’s things in,” I sigh, wondering when my life got so fucked up. “Just a few things he needs to collect. He doesn’t have anywhere to store them at the minute.”

Jax stares at me, before nodding. “I see. Can I have a look?”

“Why?” I frown, walking past him, purposefully holding my breath.

I can’t handle his scent today.

“Well, I thought it may be the baby’s room?” Jax says, rubbing his neck as I walk into the bathroom.

Memories of him pushing me against the wall last night welcome me as I walk in, but I turn my attention back to Jax.

“Oh. Yeah, of course. It’s at the end of the hall.”

“Enjoy your shower,” Jax calls over his shoulder, winking at me as he heads towards the spare room.

The bastard.

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