One Night With Jolie

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“Of course I can cook, did I not prove that with my bacon cobs?” Jax huffs, grinning at me over the counter. He’s turning the roast potatoes in goose fat, sprinkling more chillies and garlic on the paler side. “My dad loves spicy food, so mum taught me spicy roasties.”

“I’m not sold on the idea of them,” I laugh, tilting my head to look at him. “But I’ve always said I’ll try anything once.”

“Anything?” Jax asks, sliding the tray back into the oven.

My stomach growls and he grabs an apple, slicing it effortlessly before loading it onto a small plate.

“Nutella or peanut butter?” He asks, dropping the knife into the sink with a clatter.

“Nutella,” I respond instantly, and he rolls his eyes as he turns to one of the glossy cupboards, shifting tins and jars around.

“Women and bloody chocolate,” he mumbles, before brandishing a jar in the air triumphantly.

“Women?” I echo, as he dips his finger into the pot, groaning as he sucks the chocolate off.

“Yeah, you got me. I make a mean Nutella cheesecake,” Jax says, heaving a generous dollop of Nutella onto the plate beside the chocolate. “Dip your apple in that.”

He slides the plate towards me, and I tuck in, the cool, crisp apple contrasting beautifully with the thick, gooey chocolate. I barely look up as I inhale the plate, wiping it with the final apple slice when I’m done.

“See? Good, right?”

“Can I have another?” I ask, as Jax nods, turning to rinse the knife.

His hands glide over the blade effortlessly, and I watch as he repeats the process with the apple.

“How the hell are you single?” I wonder aloud, and he looks up with surprise, his eyes glinting with amusement.

“I’m kind of hoping I’m not single, Jolie.”

My stomach bursts with excitement, my cheeks flushing at his words.

Jax is too beautiful to resist, and he’s a gentleman to boot. His lethal good looks only enhance the person he is, which makes saying no harder than anything I’ve experienced before.

He makes me hungry, and not for food.

“Uh oh, you’ve got that look in your eyes again,” Jax points out with mock fear. “You’re scaring me.”

“I bet it takes a lot to scare you,” I muse, now dipping the apple directly into the Nutella pot. My tastebuds scream with delight, the zingy apple and sweet chocolate combination just too much for them to handle.

Jax gazes at me as I lick my finger, and the muscle in his jaw tenses.

“Earth to Jax,” I laugh, as he blinks, looking back at me.

“Sorry, you distracted me.”

“Such a charmer,” I sigh, continuing my apple feast. “But you’re pretty easy on the eye.”

“I’m glad you think so, because I was going to ask if you wanted to spend the next thirty minutes those sexy potatoes need in the oven in my bed.”

“I swear that’s all you think about,” I tease, as he throws his head back laughing.

“Says you. Alright, tell me about your business. I asked you before and you didn’t answer me.”

Jax leans on the counter, his gaze holding mine as I try desperately to remember what I do for a living.

“So, I find bargains and sell them on,” I begin, licking my fingers.

“Yeah, on car boots right? That’s where I saw you that day.”

“Yes,” I nod. “Car boots, charity shops… jumble sales. You’d be amazed what people will just throw away.”

“Like what?” Jax frowns.

“Well, I found a ring once. I don’t normally pick jewellery up, but this was just beautiful. It was old, but I knew once it was cleaned up it would look beautiful on. I was going to keep it, as it fit my finger.”

Jax is intrigued, leaning closer with his eyes wide. “What was it like?”

“Well, it had what looked like a silver band, and a green stone that was held in place by a thick silver circle, with little crystals either side. It reminded me of a mood ring.”

Jax nods, and I continue.

“So the woman accepted ten pounds for it, which I almost didn’t pay. I thought it was a lot for a second hand piece of costume jewellery,” I smiled wryly, remembering the day I took it to be cleaned.

“So what happened?” Jax asks.

“I had it cleaned, and the man asked me how long I’d had it. I told him I’d not long had it, but something in his expression told me to be careful. I took it back, going via a valuer I knew of through a friend.”

“You’re kicking me, Jolie,” Jax groaned as I smiled, enjoying his enthusiasm.

“It was worth nearly seven thousand pounds,” I revealed, as his jaw dropped.

“No fucking way.”

“Way,” I laughed. “It was enough to start me off, put it that way.”

“That’s some profit,” Jax smiles, his eyes twinkling as he reaches over for my hand. “You’ve clearly got an eye for treasure.”

“I love hunting down treasure,” I admit. “It’s my favourite part of it all.”

“Can I come with you and hunt for treasure?” Jax asks, a boyish smile overtaking his face. “We’ll go together, I can take the day off tomorrow and we can go exploring!”

“Really?” I wrinkle my nose up. “You want to sift through dusky charity shops with me?”

He walks around the counter, lifting me from the stool as he kisses my hands. “I’d fucking love to. I wanna get lost somewhere with you.”

His voice sends goosebumps over my skin, but his words touch my heart in a way I didn’t think was possible anymore.

“Get lost with me then,” I mumble, kissing his mouth, as he tugs me towards the stairs.

“Deal, but first, let me turn these potatoes down, real low,” he murmurs, jogging back to the kitchen. I sit on the bottom step, leaning back as I stare at the high ceiling. I can’t help but envy Larah for getting to decorate this house with Jax.

“Or you can stay right there,” Jax grins, his eyes journeying down my body, his hand moving to the tent in his joggers.

I love that I have that effect on him.

“On the stairs?” I scoff, getting to my feet as Jax swaps positions with me.

“Listen, these stairs need to be blessed, so if you wouldn’t mind sitting on my dick or my face, I’d be eternally grateful,” Jax growls, tugging me down onto his lap.

His lips are brushing against my ear at first, but then they’re on the soft skin above my collarbone, his hands removing my shirt easily.

“I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you,” he murmurs, his mouth meeting mine as I tug at his bottoms. “Ever.”

“So prove it,” I mutter.

Sex with Jax can be one of many things. It can be hours spent rolling around his enormous bed, or it could be fast and furious in the shower. This, however, is something different.

It’s raw. It’s animalistic. It’s passionate.

My hands are clawing at his back as he enters me, hissing out my name as I hold onto the stair rails, loving the support it gave me. I’m bouncing on him effortlessly now, and his face is making me want to melt into a puddle of orgasmic beauty. He’s holding my hips, and his groin is massaging my clit, making me almost angry with desire. I drag my fingers through his hair, yanking it back so I can feast on his mouth, groaning into him.

“Fuck, yes!” I’m shouting, not giving a fuck about anything but this. I’m seeing stars, but Jax hooks his mouth around my nipple, biting softly as I cry out.

“Yes,” he gasps against me, and I am almost there—

Boom. Boom. Boom.

The pounding on the door vibrates around the house, but we’re so close we can’t stop.

“Jax!” I moan, as I feel my orgasm slip away. “I can’t.”

Jax growls with frustration as he glares at the door. “Whoever is on the side of that fucking door is dead.”

I tug my shirt on, aware the buttons have popped off in our excitement. The shirt isn’t mine, it belongs to Jax, and it’s the third one I’ve had on today. I frown at the floor, staring around for the stray buttons when I hear the one voice I wouldn’t ever want to hear at this precise moment.

Why the hell—

“Hello, lovebirds.”
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