One Night With Jolie

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Christmas Day

Waking up in Jax's arms feels like Christmas morning every morning. But this time, it is Christmas.

I don't move, allowing my eyes to close as I snuggle in against Jax's chest, before the smell of whiskey almost chokes me. I make a face as I wriggle away from him, and he groans, reaching for me.

"Baby, come back," he mumbles with a yawn.

"What time did you and Jorge get to sleep, exactly?" I scold, pulling my robe around me. The wooden floor is heated beneath my feet, and I wiggle my toes happily, padding to the bathroom.

"It wasn't us, it was June," Jax protests, his voice thick with sleep. I glance back to see him throw an arm over his eyes, his tattoos making me almost salivate. My man is beautiful, hungover or not.

"June?" I snort, as Jax grumbles inaudibly.


I smile widely, stroking my bump as I take care of my business, brushing my teeth. I didn't want to hug anyone with morning breath.

When I come back, Jax is sitting up, his eyes drinking me in greedily as he pats the bed.

"It's seven am, we have time-"

His words are cut short by the sound of thundering feet across the hallway, and an excited gasp fills the air.


"You were saying?" I grin, dropping my robe to pull on my Christmas Pyjamas. Jax groans, rubbing his face as he heads to the bathroom, looking every inch the God that he is.

"Listen, it's Christmas fucking day. I will have you at some point, woman," he shrugs, walking into the bathroom. Biting my lip I glance towards the door, hearing the others calling out 'Merry Christmas'.

I'm pregnant. They'll understand if we're late down.

Slipping into the bathroom I find Jax leaning over the sink, toothpaste foaming his mouth.

"We need to be quick and quiet," I smirk, closing the door behind me. I slip out of my clothes, standing before him as he gapes at me. He snaps back to it, rinsing his mouth before he walks over to me, his lips meeting mine. The whiskey smell is fainter now, and I forget about it completely when he hoists me onto the bathroom sink, positioning himself between my legs.

"Is that comfortable?" he mumbles, stroking his finger against my clit. I shudder beneath his touch, but the porcelain sink digs into my ass.

"No, can I bend over?" I whisper, my mouth hot against his,

"Yes, you fucking can," Jax whistles, as he helps me slide down, twisting me around so I'm facing the mirror. My bed head and panda eyes make me look like I've already been fucked, but the sight of Jax gazing down with concentration as he rubs himself against my entrance makes me almost moan with delight.

"Jax, you need to fuck me, we have to go downstairs," I remind him, as his eyes meet mine in the mirror.

"Whatever you say, beautiful."

He enters me with ease, my slick walls allowing him easy access as the breath leaves my body. I'm rocking my hips backward, meeting every thrust as he wraps an arm around my chest, his lips on my throat. I'm so horny but we're limited on time, so I take my fingers, pressing them against my clit as Jax thrusts into me with a slow, steady rhythm.

"Jax! Jolie!" calls Lauren from downstairs, but I tune her out, the vision that is my boyfriend distracting me from anything right now. His blond hair mixes with mine as he drops his head onto my shoulder, letting out a cry of pleasure.

"Merry Christmas, Jax," I murmur, as he turns my face to his, kissing it deeply.

"Merry Christmas, baby."

We clean ourselves up and make our way downstairs. Jax is killing me in his thin t-shirt that clings to his arms, riding up to reveal the faint line of hairs that lead down to my favourite place. He sips his coffee, his eyes meeting mine as he smirks, dragging his eyes down my body.

Imogen rips through her presents like a tornado, beating any record I held as a kid. Wrapping paper covers the floor, as Jorge rubs his bleary eyes, sharing a look of regret with Jax.

"We drank all the whiskey," he says sheepishly. earning him a look of dismay from Lauren.


"Yeah, sorry," Jax pipes up, shooting June a look. "June just kept on pouring."

June looks up from her position on Larah's lap, her full pink lips curling into a smile. "Lightweights, both of you."

"Oh, my- Santa got me new dolls!" Imogen cries out, as Larah winks at me. I can't help but admire her, having previously wondered why she wanted Imogen to sell them in the first place.

It was to replace them.

"They're even prettier than my other ones!" Imogen exclaims, examining them closely. "Look, Jolie!"

I beam at her, as Jax strokes my back. "You like playing with toys, baby?" he murmurs into my ear, handing me a wrapped box. "I can buy you some, but not today."

I reach over for one of his presents, opting for the largest one first, and we kiss each other lightly on the lips before he opens his.

Larah and June are exchanging gifts, as are Lauren and Jorge. Imogen is knee-deep in gifts, blissfully unaware of what's taking place around her. Jax slides his finger beneath the wrap, tearing it open to find a cream leather-wrapped frame. He strokes it softly, turning it over as his eyes widen.

"Wow, baby," he says, his voice quiet. "Fucking wow."

I swallow, nervous about him showing everyone else, but he lifts his eyes to mine, asking for consent silently. I nod as he turns it around, and Larah and Lauren gasp.

"Oh, my God, Jolie, that's amazing!" Lauren whispers, smiling widely. Larah shakes her head, wafting her hand at her eyes.

"Oh, it is," Larah gushes, as Jorge coughs, looking at the floor.

"You can look. Jorge," I tease, as Jax pretends to narrow his eyes at him.

The image is of me, naked, but tastefully so. You can't see any of my private areas, but you can see that I'm naked, and gazing down at my bump. I opted for the sepia finish, and any areas where you might see anything intimate have been blurred out expertly.

"Thank you," Jax says, dropping the canvas to one side, dropping his mouth to mine. "It's perfect, like you."

I tear open my gift from Jax to find a journal, complete with a lock and key.

"I want you to tell me everything, one day," he whispers into my ear, kissing my neck softly. "I'll read it when you're done if you want me to. Sometimes it's easier to write it down than say it."

My eyes blur with tears from his thoughtfulness, and I swallow down a lump in my throat. We exchange other gifts, and Jax has remained thoughtful throughout, including the locket that contains a photo of us and our unborn baby, silk dressing gown, maternity clothes, spa days for me and Lauren, and countless pieces of jewellery and chocolate.

"You've really spoilt me!" I say, as he examines the new cufflinks I've bought him, especially made with our initials on. He loves his new watch, and he laughs out loud when he sees I've booked us a weekend at Harry Potter Studios.

"I know you'll love it," I tease, despite knowing it's for me.

"Lauren, you forgot this one," Jorge says, and we all glance over to see him holding out a large box. We've all finished wrapping now, so I laze back into Jax's arms and watch as I scoff on chocolate. Lauren looks embarrassed to be watched by everyone, but we can't help it. We're excited too, and it's Christmas after all.

Polystyrene falls all over the floor as Lauren reads the note on the top of the box.

"This is a lucky dip. You get three goes."

I arch my eyebrow at her as Jorge smiles, watching her dig around excitedly in the box.

A cake topper of a couple comes out, and Lauren holds it up as she stifles her laughter. "This is us!"

Jorge nods, as she shakes her head in disbelief. She continues to dig, and she pulls out a single blue carnation.

"What is this?" She frowns, twirling the artificial flower around in her fingers. She eyes Jorge suspiciously, as she rummages around for the final item. She looks up, and Jorge frowns.

"What's wrong?" he asks, his voice laced with worry.

"There's nothing else in here," Lauren says slowly, looking up at him.

"Are you sure? Empty the box," June chirps up, and we watch as she empties the contents to the floor.

"Nothing," Lauren says, searching through the polystyrene.

"Oh, it's here," Jorge laughs, patting his shirt pocket as Lauren laughs.

"What is it?"

Jax rubs my arm as Jorge takes Lauren's hand, lifting her up before he drops to one knee.

"Oh, my God!" Lauren whispers, her hand clamping across her mouth as I gasp, tears filling my eyes.

"Lauren, I love you more than I thought possible. You are the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last thing I think of at night. You're my best friend and my favourite person in the world. You've made me a better man, and I hope I can be a good husband. Will you be my wife?"

I can't see I'm crying so much, and Jax kisses my head, wrapping his arms around me as Luren nods, too choked on her tears to speak. She throws her arms around Jorge, and the pair kiss deeply as we all ooh and ahh accordingly.

"Well, this calls for an alcoholic breakfast if I've ever known it," calls out June, rubbing her hands together. "Lovely cranberry juice for you, Mama."

I get up, wrapping my arms around my best friend and Jorge, as Lauren and I squeal excitedly.

"A baby and a wedding? Who knew?!" Lauren gasps, holding out her hand for me to admire the large diamond cluster that adorns her ring finger.

I look up to see Jax watching me, with Imogen on his lap. Imogen whispers something to him, and he nods, winking at me.

My stomach erupts with butterflies, and I blow him a kiss. Imogen catches it and pretends to steal it, and I smile, holding out my arms as she comes to hug me. Jax's stare follows me wherever I go, as I hug everyone in turn, wishing them a Merry Christmas.

I call my Aunt, and she tells me she has lots of presents for Imogen for when she next comes over, and Imogen hops around with excitement, stealing the phone from me as she lists all of her presents one by one.

Lauren and Jorge have disappeared, but I can hardly blame them. Getting engaged on Christmas day with your friends around you has to be the best way to do it, in my opinion anyway.

What a day, and it was barely nine am.

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